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[Resolved]  Cobra Group Of International — flurt and cheater

Youngsters dont go for this job...While joining they are telling salary of 12000 to 20000.but this people are not giving this salary peR DEAL THEY WILL GIVE YOU 200RS SO COUNT YOUR SALARY.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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cheaters agree that its nt a business
I got a mail from the Pinnacle Group saying your Resume has been shortlisted and stuff...I went for the interview...Early morning who the fcuk plays loud music man..I was like somethings fishy here...I was like forget it..Im thinking too much...Got through the 1st round and stuff ...2nd day..observing with the fellow and going door to door ..I was like why the [censored] are we going door to door..And when i asked is this what we are going to be doing to the senior person? i dont get an answer...i wus like somethings even more fishy...i knew id be selected..they called me sayin im hired n stuf...And just on ma intution and my personal reasons i was like fuc it and i didnt end up going...And then i came across this page and i was like relieved...So thank you all for alerting...Such companies must be BANNNNNNNNNNNNNED
thanx to all of you. I saved my today
!!!MUST !!!READ!!!

Guys Stop Blaming Poor people Because even the owner are unaware and are being used!!! the Company is basically from UK, So [censored] those foreigners and help those people who are caught in this buisness... Help those owners who have left the Cobra organisation !!! as thier money is also stuck
I have also worked with velocity...
These people create very big picture in front of new joinees but after some days he or she will come to know about the truth of the company, , , , , , ,
You know Mr AMIT BAID normally tells every one that his monthaly income is 4 to 5lakhs then why he is using MARUTI AULTO he can easly afford any big car...
he alyaws tells that he has three big houses one of them in LAVASA city then why he is staying at rented flat in SANGHVI...
An owner can earn 100000 per month then why SHIEW KUMAR comes to office by AUTO...cant he afford one bike after earning 1 lakh...
All these things are bull sheet...
you know if you become owner then you can earn 1 lakh but your office exp are 40000 and in rest 60000 you can withdrow or use 10% that means your monthaly income is 6000 only...

On feild you can not earn more that 12000 avrage monthaly but you spend half amount in travelling... that means after doing MBA you are erning 6000 and that to you need to work more that 12 hrs because office starts at 8:30 in the morning and arund 12 you go to field and near abou up to 8 you are on field then again you need to go back to office and can reach home up to 10 or 11 that means you are working more than 12 to 14 hrs
thanks to everyone for giving such a information regarding this company.
thanks to u all friends ...just today i had interview with this co. These people create very big picture in front of me too...thanks to u all ..that i got information abt this co. before joining this and leaving my current job..!!

Sameer siddiqui
nagpur [protected]
These people pay taxes as well so can not take any actions against them. They say these companies provide marketing and advertise services under that they are running there business.

We should take some actions against the NGO's bcoz its all about there business.

Bcoz the brackge of the amount they accept is:


For one chiledren : 1200
In this 1200 the person can earn 200 then owner take 100 or more than that. Then chairperson or any other owner takes 100 then support direct takes 60.

Out of 1200 these childrens get near about 100 or 200 out of 1200...

So think about these NGO's transactions.

Then also these organization pays very good amout to there employees.
CRy pays more than 40000 to Managers so they can earn through thses type of donations only...

We should take some actions against these types of NGO's first...

People in Cobra Group teach others to lie :
there FIve steps are

INTRODUCTION: Means ask permission to person to enter in the house if the doner says no then ask for water or something... How come these people ask their new joinees to enter any house without any information about the next person...

PRESENTAION: Inthis people give information about the NGO...

SHRT STORY: In this people take any odd figure or numer and tell about thses chilfdren are dying bcoz of somthing ...give donation for that...
In every season they change there story like in

rainy season : Childrens are dying bcoz of rain
Winter: Childrens are dying bcoz of cold
Summer : Childrens are dying bcoz of heat

On public holiday they say this is special campian for this day...

All this is bullsheet...

At least now youngster shoul read this information before joining
@yadnesh.wagh .. MIS REENA RAJPAL...

Sach bola to gussa aya
@yadnesh.wagh Miss Reena Rajpal

so at least use good language on portal dont show that you good for least
Miss Reena Rajpal...
Insted o[censored]sing these kind of lanuage... think about Anand Kulkarni... How you are going to promote him ok...
You have already accepted on portal that you are Reena Rajpal;...and if you are not then you must me know her right...

About my frustaration ...f--k off...i am not at all frustrated i think so you are frustrated
bcoz many people write bad things about cobra and you are only one who is protecting cobra so keep going on...

I think so you dont have any collage degree or other knowldge therefor you are working in cobra...
is orbit organization n al-ma a gd go bcz i got d mail tht i hv bn short listd so me out ...
plz tel me is orbit organiztn at andheri-e n d AL MA org. is a gd co.?

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