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[Resolved]  Cobra Group Of International — Dont go grils

For all girls ..... pls if you r from reputed family dont go in this company they are using very bad language in front of girls. girls if you have self respect dont go.

Mr hiren joshi and khitij gandhi is not safe for girls they r using very bad language.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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hi guys who have experience of cobra group, chennai, tamil nadu.

one of my good friend who has joined this group recently...i did'nt stopped her as she needed a job desperately in this recession period.

according to her, she has to promote "Reliance Big TV " in the city...

after reading the various complaints now i wonder that is this job suited for her because they don't pay basic and they have no respect for girls...

so, plz suggest me guys
Please dont go there(As these people make a fool out o[censored]r all and kshitij gandhi is all the time making a fool out of you all and ask him if he is so rich and has a high income why doesnt he drive a mercedes.
even i received an email yesterday from appco pvt ltd and from AUM organization...n i was preparing for the interview..thanks to this site...i've been saved from this fraudlent company...this is the mail i received


Your CV has been short listed for our company and we are conducting the initial round of interview with our HR Head on THURSDAY(14/01/2010) between 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

So, you have to walk in at the following address:
AUM Organization
1/5, 3rd Floor, West Patel Nagar,
(Opp. to metro pillar #206)
New Delhi - 110008

(You need to carry the print out of this e-mail along with your one passport size photograph and a copy of your resume.)

Call Timings : Between 11am to 5pm
Contact Person : Ms. Ritu Saxena/ Mr. Amit Kaushik
hey even I have received the same mail...thank god I am saved!!! I received it today and if I wd not have seen dis blog I have have gone for the interview.Thanks once again!!!
Hiii everyone,
am really thnkful to all of you guys out thr. I wz called up for the intrvw tmrw by so called an MNC, COBRA GROUP bt aftr goin thru all these ur blogs who wud even like to associate oneself with such orgniztns. Being a well educated I wud rather go for a small compny whr I can learn without losin ma self esteem than goin for this kind of brand who z full issuis n complaints. Tmrw it mght affect ma profile, so bettr to stay frm this kind of BIG BRANDS.
Thanks to you all once again. Keep on informin abt such cmpnies.

Gud luck to all. tk cr
hey! I too received such a mail inviting me for the interview and the sad part is that I went one day.I am already working in a reputed firm but an not very satisfied with my Job profile and so was planning to shift.Hence I went there and had an extremely bad experience.It was exactly the same as mentioned above.Same language, same dialogues and same process.I had a bad experience since I am an MBA from a good college doing job in good company already and just because i did'nt know about the cobra group i went to such a bad place with such dumb and stupid people.I would advice everybody not to go there until an unless you are extremely poor and have no objection to door-to-door selling.
I have also worked with velocity...
These people create very big picture in front of new joinees but after some days he or she will come to know about the truth of the company, , , , , , ,
You know Mr AMIT BAID normally tells every one that his monthaly income is 4 to 5lakhs then why he is using MARUTI AULTO he can easly afford any big car...
he alyaws tells that he has three big houses one of them in LAVASA city then why he is staying at rented flat in SANGHVI...
An owner can earn 100000 per month then why SHIEW KUMAR comes to office by AUTO...cant he afford one bike after earning 1 lakh...
All these things are bull sheet...
you know if you become owner then you can earn 1 lakh but your office exp are 40000 and in rest 60000 you can withdrow or use 10% that means your monthaly income is 6000 only...

On feild you can not earn more that 12000 avrage monthaly but you spend half amount in travelling... that means after doing MBA you are erning 6000 and that to you need to work more that 12 hrs because office starts at 8:30 in the morning and arund 12 you go to field and near abou up to 8 you are on field then again you need to go back to office and can reach home up to 10 or 11 that means you are working more than 12 to 14 hrs
this is the biggest company in the world...should make them stand in line n shoot in their ...mainly jyothish n prachi from providence
this is realy vry bad thing..they r making fool of others openly..nd flash their mind and convince to join..thanx a lot to this site if i dont c these complaints i wld join there was my interview nd i m selected bt when i searched about co it ws shocked.bull .stop doing al this.their fake wrking profile make freshers there no one to take action against them????????
i have worked there...pls don't go...kshitij.abhishek and hiren all are frauds...they'll give u no money nothing u spend u work...
ya i am fully agree with Dimple..

i also have worked with this frauds...

They all are lier...
be aware of all the frauds and dont go there for interview...

they just fool people n beg for money...
These people pay taxes as well so can not take any actions against them. They say these companies provide marketing and advertise services under that they are running there business.

We should take some actions against the NGO's bcoz its all about there business.

Bcoz the brackge of the amount they accept is:


For one chiledren : 1200
In this 1200 the person can earn 200 then owner take 100 or more than that. Then chairperson or any other owner takes 100 then support direct takes 60.

Out of 1200 these childrens get near about 100 or 200 out of 1200...

So think about these NGO's transactions.

Then also these organization pays very good amout to there employees.
CRy pays more than 40000 to Managers so they can earn through thses type of donations only...

We should take some actions against these types of NGO's first...

People in Cobra Group teach others to lie :
there FIve steps are

INTRODUCTION: Means ask permission to person to enter in the house if the doner says no then ask for water or something... How come these people ask their new joinees to enter any house without any information about the next person...

PRESENTAION: Inthis people give information about the NGO...

SHRT STORY: In this people take any odd figure or numer and tell about thses chilfdren are dying bcoz of somthing ...give donation for that...
In every season they change there story like in

rainy season : Childrens are dying bcoz of rain
Winter: Childrens are dying bcoz of cold
Summer : Childrens are dying bcoz of heat

On public holiday they say this is special campian for this day...

All this is bullsheet...

At least now youngster shoul read this information before joining
Hey guys let me tell my worst experience in one of their group called persistense.This cobra group works in different names in each city.
Here are the groups that i know in chennai
X-streem by Arul
Persistence by Sambaji Sinde
Unique by Subhangi
Providence by Jyothish Nair

Lemme speak about the first guy Arul.
He says he earns 1.5 lac to 2 lac as his salary but he comes in a bike which even workshop guys will refuse to repair
Comming to the second.She is such a stupid lady who uses all profanity and she says that she is earning 80k.But you know she comes to office not in her own vehicle, not even in auto but free lift by one of the other employee preyna
The third guy Sambaji, this guy is brother to Subhangi.He also comes in the free lift .you know subhangi, sambaji and preyna comes to office in a scooty.triples.they dont come through traffic area they .they use all the short cuts to escape from the traffic police.
The last guy Mr.Nair.He says he is earning more than 1 lac for 8 years but dont have a 4 wheeler
Please Indians dont get cheated by these fraud company's
I was there for 3 months.Did not get my pay.finally when i asked for my sttlement the reply was that i was paid in the form of cheque.
So dont ever get cheated by these companies.enquire people and then join any company .
But these people need to be taught a lesson.
All ...
I think u ppl are right...though I dint go there for the interview but the way those ppl kept sending me mails, made me smell the coffee..and finally blogs on this site helped me to take the right decision without spendings my efforts for that might be F*ing interview so thanks guys..
This is a bull- company.I'm telling this b'coz one of my very closed person worked their for a month & he looses 8kgs of weight.
Secondly, They'll do all kinds of glamorous thing to attract the freshers & youngsters.
But every one leaves the job within a month of joining.
They wont pay you but show u 12k - 20k on papers.
They use only slang language in office & in front of girls too.
No proper way of working & when u'll caught in some high-profile area while begging they dont even come for your rescue.
To Sum up, Good organisation because they employ literate beggars.They have the capability to transform any person into beggars & girls into...
Think before going their for an interview...gals & guys both.
I'll suggest better listen to the comments that u'll hear being an unemployed person but dont join this company & organisation...because you are not going to gain anything... u r just going to loose everyything...They all say that they are earning in Lacs but one day or other they'll ask u to lend money either this reason they'll put on or that reason...
I completely agree with the complaints and comments stated above. In addition i would like to throw light on something which everyone could not seem to have noticed that these AUM guys take the applicant to the site which could be any mall or bank or any commercial place and there they would ask the applicant to show their skills by speaking to people and try to shell out the money. whether he succeeds or not is another thing but the point is that even a employee would have done the same thing but the company has liability to pay him but here they have got the work done without paying even a penny. Negotiation skill can be checked in the office also there is no need to take the candidate to the site like mall or if they get 50 applicants daily and they work for them free of cost in the name of interview just calculate how much they have saved in a day and how much in a month and in a year.
thanku for saving my precicous day i about to go for interview...thnks
Guys, I worked there for two months, in Mumbai. Sep 2008 to Nov 2008. It's basically an organisation running their business worldwide, by tying up with different NGOs. Here, you have go to door to door (both in commercial and residential areas) and approach peaple for fund, for those NGOs. If they get convinced and issue you a cheque in the name of the NGO, a certain percentage goes to you, some to your immediate supervisor, some to the so called director of 'NIRVANA' Mr. Sukesh Khanna and some to the company in whole. If still there is some balance left in the fund that you have collected from the donor, then it’s go to the agency.

Trust me, you have no future in that company, it’s kind of cheat fund. You do work, but if people ask you, what do you do? You don’t have a answer then. No fixed salary is there. You work hard, but if at the end of the day you are not able find some donor, then you return empty handed. I earned some 10K in those days, and have not yet received the cheque.

However, it was great that I finally left the company, may be it was out of anxiety or frustration, but eventually it was good.

Don’t get into the trap if you still have time.
thanq frnds actully i have an interview in this week, so .iam saved from that people...thank god
thank u all... for creating such awareness...I received the mail stating that congradulations your cv has been shortlisted blablabla... I even went for 1st round of interview. They interviewed all joinees in common and the manager made a big film about the company. 2nd round invitation also sent to my mail and Me too went there. But the office door was closed and when I called the hr executive I dint get convincing answers.

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