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[Resolved]  Coca - Cola Company — New 2-liter bottle

I don't like the new shape of the 2-liter bottles. They don't fit or sit up very well in the refrigerater. I know this seems like a small complaint, but it is very annoying when the bottle falls over everytime you open the ref. door. I do love the product though!
Glroia Kennedy
Bolivar, Mo.
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Aug 14, 2020
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New 2 Liter Bottle
The new 2 liter Coke bottle is too tall. It does not fit on the refrigerator door. This is a very big issue! Everytime I open the ref. door, the bottle falls out. I like coke and I like the new shape but I don't like it being taller. Keep the new shape but just make it shorter - the same height as the old bottle.
I was looking for the Coca-Cola website to complain about the design of the new bottles and as soon as I click on the page the very same complaint is already posted. I love the design but the bottle does not stand up in the refrigerator door and just like the complaint said EVERY time you open the door they fall over which becomes very annoying. I use to be able to have four bottles in my fridge at all time but now I only have room for two because they lay on their sides on the shelf in the door.

Just remodeled my kitchen with standard 2 liter bottle storage cabinet drawers. Everyone else's bottle fits fine. Coke's new bottle is 1 inch too tall now. Drawer will not close. Guess I can't buy Coke. They need to rethink this design change for their consumers instead.
I buy alot of 2 litre bottles... alot... too much... I ive in an apartment and don't have the luxry of having a place to store my extra 2 litre bottles so they just have to go in the fridge. This wasn't a problem until they changed the bottle and stupidly made it taller. Slightly wider would have been more manageable, but taller makes it not work in my fridge without rearragning the shelves and making the other shelves less functional. They been making them the other way since 1970 (Pepsi was the first), it seemed to work fine for almost 40 years, why must it be modified? I say instead of deforming the bottle so it doesn't fit in alot of people's refridgerators, bring back the wider, easier to handle and pour lip under the cap.

I guess Coca-Cola assumes everyone has a large refridgerator? Guess I'll just have to buy less Coke products.
What were you guys thinking? Did anyone do prototypical marketing on this thing?
It is about taste and convenience. The new bottle is like New Coke and going to be short lived. The first time you changed the taste, and now you have changed the convenience. The thing can’t fit in my fridge, and I like my Coke cold.
------Oops I guess you messed with the taste also since it is not cold now!
I agree 100%, why change the product when there was nothing wrong with it to begin with. Not to mention when products change it often turns out worse, as in this case. The taste of coke it weak and the ZERO Cokes are awfull, I purchased a 24 package of ZERO COKE and all but six cans sprung a leak in my refrig.which leaked onto my floor ruin my floor and also air vent below refrig.. Ask me would I buy this Coke agin absolutely not.
I'm surprise that I have not seen more complaint about the new bottle design. I have the same issue every time we purchase them and have decide to avoid them because of the storage inconvenience they create. I hope they will receive enough complaints to make them go back to a design that fits properly inside a refrigerator. I'm tired of having to lay the bottles down and risk leaking in the refrigerator because the top may not be screwed on tight enough by my kids. There may be some benefit to the manufacturer but that definitely does not take the consumer into consideration.

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