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 prakash7589 on May 15, 2011
Hi everyone,

I would like to inform you all expected parents that the post service of Cordlife company is not satisfactory, while taking the presentation the Executive said that the amount of Blood collected will be 100 to 120 ml, after collection i found that the blood volume is lesser than 60 ml. the executive said that it depends on patient to patient. i still remember that they said , they uses a 250 ml blood bag and average volume will be 100 to 120 ml. As per the contract, the sales executive mentioned that their pricing is not negotiable and i paid the complete payment, later i came to know that they are ofeering huge discounts of rs 20000 to Rs 25000. Every time we called up with Cord life customer service, we were given the same answer "We will raise this issue with the concerned department". i have paid the full payment and they cheated me and played with the emotion of expected parents.
by god sake, my child is fine but i would like to tell every parents to go through Cordlife's agreement and terms and conditions. They are misguiding the parents by telling fake things.
My baby's cord sample is still stored with them, as a result i am not giving the UIN number and my contact number and not to waste your hard earned money.

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Dear Folks,

Dont believe this complaint as Mr. Prakash is from Lifecell International. Also Mr. Prakash has posted another compaint from same id using city as manglore. How disgusting...Mr. Prakash dint even think that he is misguiding prospective parents who struggle to take right decision..

Pls check the customer complaints on Lifecell, you will realise that Mr. Prakash with the same user id has given response to the complaints of customers of Lifecell international. The date is also same as May 15, 2011.

I was looking to store the stem cells with lifecell for my baby but now i am not comfortable looking at the unethical practice lifecell has adopted for malligning other company. Also look at the responses Mr. Prakash has posted against compaints for life cell international - contact customer care. We all know that..

Prakash you are trying to complicate the small issues which can be resolved internally. Client has every right to put his grievance in public as he is not getting any clarification from the company.

You are only an Employee of the company and your job is confined to the profile assigned to you and not to indulge in misguiding the clients and you yourself are trying to get bad name to your company by writing unnecessary things.

Hi everyone,
If you click on the name of the complainant, you will notice that this user named prakash7589 has written five other posts for Lifecell International, which is CordLife's competitor. In one of his earlier posts in favour of Lifecell, he has requested a complainant not to "damage the reputation of a responsible company like Lifecell International" through public forums. However, here he himself is resorting to such tactics. It is clear that the user is a Lifecell employee who is trying to tarnish the reputation of its competitor through unfair means. I'm shocked to see that companies can stoop to such low levels to compete with each other.

I'm a prospective client looking for a reliable cord blood bank. I have not yet decided who to bank with, but after reading this post, it's definitely not going to be Lifecell.
mr prakash y un neccessary ur confusing to take right decision to parents

company dekho best hai cordlife
technology dekho best hai
really good company
main to kaho har kissi ko sirrf cordlife hi jaana theek hoga

Does anyone has some real experience to share about cordlife. Planning to go with them soon.
Chose cordlife as suggested by our doctor. 2 guys came to our place and gave an wonderful presentation. Our baby was delivered last month through C section and the cordlife people came on time and got the sample collected on time. We were really impressed so far. However we realised that were with some totally amateurish hands after one week only. These people started calling me up for the payment, whereas it was already agreed upon that they will collect the payment from the hospital where the baby was delivered, as it was a tieup hospital of my company and my company had by then paid the entire hospital expenses + the cordlife fees to the hospital. The cordlife representatives themselves had informed me before going for their service that, they will directly collect the some from the hospital as they too have a tieup with them. Then started a new trouble... These people started calling me saying that they have got the money but as the hospital has deducted TDS I have to pay them the difference amount of 10, 000/- then only they will be able to process my agreement copy. They were even trying to negotiate that amount to 2, 000/- as well, as if were in some vegetable market! They were interestingly asking me to go to the hospital, if I could negotiate it myself with them. My question is, when the entire fee of 95, 000/- is already reimbursed (without any discount) by my company, it should be between you and the hospital as to how you workout the payment amongst yourself (Its your tiedup hospital, as claimed by yourself only before I went ahead for your so called world class service). Why should I be involved in here? When I refused all these, today, even after passing of almost 2 months since the baby was delivered, I'm still waiting for my cordlife agreement to arrive. I dont know whether it will arrive or to expect the worst, whether they stored the stem cell of my baby properly, in the first place! if this is the way you handle your clients, especially when you claim to be a world class company? Now I'm contemplating going to the consumer court. Please suggest.

I am evaluating options for stemcell banking companies. I found cordlife good, as of now. Not confirmed if i am going for it.

The post which Mr Simply Dipu has provided actually is misleading. NON OF THE COMPANIES IN INDIA REIMBURSE YOUR MONEY FOR STEMCELL BANKING. this is not part of your medical insurance. not part of any medical reimbursement. So no point why hospital should pay for it. as far as i know it's a personal interest & you have to pay for it personally.

Basically, if you pay for it you will get it, otherwise no.

I am looking for a good trustworthy company for storing stemcell. if anyone can please help me out.


Julen C Mohanty
I had actually made up my mind for Lifecell. But looking at Mr. Prakash's post, looks like i have been fascinated about some false marketing gimick, as it's been shown here by Mr. Prakash.

I actually went to all the posts of Mr. Prakash, by clicking on the username hyperlink.

It's really disgusting, to see such bad way of doing marketing. Please try to win the race, not by cheating.

Hi all,
Could you please suggest me, if I can trust with Cordlife for my expected baby's Stem cell storage.

Please guide me properly, as I do not want to make any mistake here.

Sunil Pasunooti.
I am an expectant father. My wife is due next month. It was only a few months back we came to know about cord blood banking. I reside in Kolkata and Cordlife is the only company that provides stem cell banking in this city. Few days ago, I received a call from Cordlife. They told me that they would like to give us a presentation about cord blood banking. We are in a dilemma about this whole thing. Does anyone have any suggestion for me? Is Cordlife good and trustworthy? How much they charge and for how long?

I got associated with CordLife in Jan 2013 when I was 7 month pregnant and the contract signing went quite smoothly. The money was to be deducted via ECS for 1 year.
But, to my bad fortune, I lost my baby within few days of his birth due to some congenital disease.
To cancel the contract I contacted the same sales person who gave me the presentation.. She assured me that I do not need to do anything as she has taken care of the cancellation procedure.
But I was shocked to see that my EMI started from the month of May. I contacted the customer care service via email and phone and demanded an immediate cancellation of the contract and stopping the EMIs.
till now, I am following up with them on a daily basis but I am yet to get a response from them. Its already been more than 2 weeks and my next EMI is due in a couple of days.
This follow up is doing nothing but adding to the pain of losing a new born. Cordlife can not relieve me from the trauma of losing the child but I expected that they at least co-operate in cancellation the contract which is of no use to me.
Its really very very disappointing.

an unfortunate mom.
Bad company very bad service, They do not know of how to save a sample from bacteria or Infection. Have no customer service number. Keep on chasing on mails for any issue resolution. Anyways that will be of no use at all as well.

They will charge most of money for enrollment and then spoil your child's sample. Now do what ever you want.

BAD company and a Very Very Very bad service. Save yourself some pain and choose any other company but not this one.
I am an expectant father. My wife is due next month. few days back i came to know about cord blood banking. I reside in andhra pradesh. Few days ago, I received a call from Cordlife. and they gave a presentation about cord blood banking. i am in a dilemma about this.Does anyone have any suggestion for me? Is Cordlife good and trustworthy? How much they charge and for how long?

these all comments are fake about cordlife sciences india pvt ltd.
these comments are done by competators like life cell .
plz dont go through these fake comments cordlife is still best in all hv latest technologies and best services
Dear madhushree0011,

It's look like you are one of the employee of cordlife sciences india pvt ltd as you mentioned that "these comments are done by competators like life cell" with out any proof of those people and also you did not mentioned about you that you are not an employee of cordlife sciences india pvt ltd and a genuine user.
How can you measure any one without having any proof??

I am an user of this web site from gujarat and don't have any contact of both companies or any company like these one.
I have been cheated by Stemcyte for storage of the stemcells for my baby. Below is the detailed account of the event as how they happened. I feel I should have gone with Lifecell or Cryoviva. If I had gone with them, at least i would not be in this situations.

We were expecting twins. During our research, we had contacted all the blood banks in India and after careful consideration, at least we thought we were careful, we paid initial deposit to Stemcyte. On one of the routine visit to the doctor, she said that for twins, it is highly probable that you may get volume only for 1 of the baby and not the other one. When we discussed this with Stemcyte executive, they said post collection of the sample, lab will process only after your confirmation if the volume is less than 40ml. We were again relaxed. But little did we know that it was short lived.

On the day of the delivery, i was asked to sign a document where the executive said that if I do not sign, the blood collected would not be processed. That had a clause which said "I allow Stemcyte to Process blood even if it less than 40 ml". Now I was in a fix. reluctantly I had to sign.

When i discussed with sales executive, they said that I will be given a Call if sales volume is less than 40 ml and i should not worry. The call never came and I was handed a certificate which said the collected volume was 32 ml. This volume is of no use as it cannot be used for treatment.

I will never forgive Stemcyte for cheating with me and my family. Irrespective of the financial loss, as long as I am alive, I will never stop educating people about bad practices of Stemcyte, where they cheat people.

I understand that given India's legal system and deep pocket of Stemcyte, legal is not an option I can take.

If there is one advise I can offer to anyone reading this, don't save your baby's cells with Stemcyte.

Cordlife sucks no bigger penetration of partnership with hospitals, customers are levied on paying additional money for the stem cell collection. It has been 1 month I raised my concern on non transparency on the additional charges no resolution till now. LIFECELL is better than CORD LIFE.

Lifecell is good, I missed to investigate on the comparison.

I DO NOT recommend CORDLIFE at any time
I am an expected father. My wife delivery due in November. I got confused between Life cell and Cord life. As per the agreement and visibility it seems Cord life is better. But now Life cell provided community banking which confused me. Heard that 80 % of the diseases are cured from some other donor stem cell which is a benefit in community banking.

Which stem cell banking should I prefer Cord Life/Life Cell?

Nishant Taneja
All these are nothing but a money making agencies. I realised this when a few of my friends, who themselves are doctors said they never opted to store their child’s chord blood despite them being doctors.

Then why do some gynecologists advice to store chord blood? Because they might be getting commissions for referring patients to these money making businesses.

Don’t fall for the marketing/frightening tactics of these businesses/storage agencies. Like how an insurance agent frightens saying, what if you die suddenly, these guys frighten saying what if your child gets some rare disease, the probability of which is very rare. So, read my first point. Apply common sense. Save that money.

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