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CIBIL have supplied me my CIR on 25.03.2010 In which they are showing M/s Barklays have issued two personal loan to me one on 02.06.09 and second on 10.06.09 both loans are showing sanctioned amount Rs. one lac and report to cibil the details of both loan on 28.02.10. Infact only one loan was booked in my name from barklays on 10.06.09 from paschim vihar branch , New Delhi and due to neglegence of Barklays' employees second loan was booked on 02.06.09 from Patel Nagar branch, New Delhi which was close at once which is not updated in barklays report. 2. ICICI bank have issued me credit card no. xxxx6000 which is close after making EMI of outstanding dues from Jan-2010 and all emi are going regularly whenever cibil report is showing another details of credit no.xxxx7006 and balance Rs.41838 which is wrong and report to cibil on 03.01.10. Please lodge my complain against cibil for delivery of fake and false information due to this my CIR is going to corrupt and bad. My Personal details are as below:
1. Nme Rajendra Prasad Saxena
2. Date of Birth-08.03.1960
3. PAN No. BABPS3931E
4. Member ID No. BF 99981002
5. Member Refrence No. DD 074907
6. Control No.426533287.
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Personal Loan — false report published

I never taken the personnal loan from any body or from bank or from credit card but on site of CIBIL shows personal loan in my name Rs. 1,60,000.00.

It is clearly forgery. I did not the name of bank or finance company.
the policly number OG[protected]-00000219


Credit Information Bureau (india)Ltd — Not issue credit report

I have submitted the request to give my credit report because one of my bank stop my loan application due to pending payment of my existing loan of before one year, but I had close that loan with forecloser option and paid the due amount.

Now I have send the application to CIBIL along with all the required document along with the payorder Rs142/- for getting my cerdit report on dated 11th may 2010. Still I do not receive any such report and even CIBIL office contact number also not answering.

I would like to ask that is this CIBIL also fraud to collecting money. How to contact them, please help me??
There is complete lack of professionalism at CIBIL. Measures should be taken to evaluate the worthiness of CIBIL itself first so that such cases will not emerge. Now the thing is CIBIL will easily pass on the blame to the Banks and their wrong reporting. Should not there be a mechanism where by for any wrong CIR data CIBIL with the concerned banks are charged a penalty and this penalty should go to sufferers like Mr. Saxena. What goes of CIBIL or the Banks when someone like Saxena's would be denied a Home Loan/Car Loan? Should not CIBIL be liable for this. Because this is caused by the incorrect data it is pumping out. If you are capturing the data and making money out of it you better be liable for it. Mr. Saxena please continue your fight. I hope the Consumer Forum will open its eyes to this issue soon and provides a quicker and effective solution.
yes this also happens with me >>

Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) — CIBIL Information false reports to make money


There is an organization called CIBIL on which most of the banks depend. This organization has the most pathetic way of harassing people. CIBIL furnishes a false report to the bank stating the loan applicant has an outstanding loan on his/her name, and these banks who depend on this lousy organization rejects the loans based on the false report. Then the candidate is asked to approach CIBIL through mail and the candidate doesn't get any response for 10 days. After repeated reminders, there comes the trick. CIBIL asks for money to furnish the report. Hard to believe? Believe it.. This happened to me.

I approached SBI for a site loan. I draw a salary of 50k per month and bank was very happy to sanction me 14 lacs and everything went fine until the CIBIL report furnished this false report stating I have an outstanding personal loan of Rs. 36000, and SBI gave me a control number[protected] and asked me to get loan details and get a closure report.

Meanwhile, I have paid the site owner an advance amount of 4 lacs and got the agreement. Agreement is valid only for 3 months. SBI has already consumed my 2 months' time from the date of agreement, for all their verification process, and now I am left with 1 month for the agreement to lapse. Now, I write to CIBIL asking for the details of the loan on July 30, 2010, and I don't get a reply. After reminders on reminders, I finally get a reply on August 9, 2010, asking for money to furnish me a false report that they have furnished the bank. Is this fair? First of all, they have entered some false details in the report without any clarification from me, secondly they demand money from me for my own report and that too after 10 days of my query.

Now, even if I pay CIBIL the money, they will take their own sweet time to furnish my report, then I make it clear to them that I do not have any outstanding loan, by then my agreement will be lapsed and the owner of the site will take a call to sell it to me for the same price or higher.

Because of this irresponsibility from CIBIL, I might end up paying another 1 lac to the owner of the site, which I want the CIBIL to pay me as compensation.

As a last resort, I am seeing if I can find any justice through this site.

Pl file a complaint in Consumer court and make this orgnaisation liable.While banks are provideing unscrupolous loans to defaulting builders retails loan seekers are suffering due to wrong and uncredible CIBIL information
I believe the credibility of CIBIL will take a beating over time
First of all It's the stupidity on the part of financial institutions who without Looking into the facts and figures of the borrower and verivefication of loans directly from the lender believe and trust the reports published by CIBIL ;without any application of mind blindly believe the false and fake reports of CIBIL, which has no locas standi at all.
In my opinion CIBIL and The institutions trusting on the false reports of CIBIL should be draged to the court of Law and Penalised heavily so that CIBIL should also first verify the facts before publishing any credit reports of any individual d be answerable and responsible for their acts.
It's realy rediculus and disgusting and CIBIL should be sued for their negiligable acts in court
Mudit Sawhney

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