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Icici Bank — icici bank: imps fund transfer-timed out, money debited 21-feb-2019 [Resolved]

 ankitshaw on Feb 22, 2019
I transferred Rs 1, 45, 000 through IMPS on 21st Feb 2019 at 7.30 PM from ICICI A/C to Central Bank Of India A/C.

Transaction Remark : MMT/Ref[protected]/[protected]

The amount did not get credited to the Beneficiary Account neither was refunded back to my account.

But I got a message that said

"Dear Customer, IMPS Txn Ref[protected] for Rs.1, 45, 000.00 is timed out at Beneficiary Bank on 21-Feb-2019 19:07:19. Txn status will be updated by Bene Bank in 3 working days...
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Icici Bank — personal loan preclosure

 akghosh1232003@gmail.com on Feb 22, 2019
I had a personal loan account#LPCAL[protected] with ICICI bank of amount 420000. I have authorized my wife to foreclose my loan account. On 17/01/19 my wife was visited the ICICI Bank Ltd. IFSC Code: ICIC0006950. I also signed a check of ICICI bank of Account No#xxxxx1546144 for using foreclosure purpose. The Bank official denied the ICICI bank check which was signed by me saying signature is not matching.

Then my wife used her United Bank Of India check#090389 account#xxxxxxx293068 for the same. After 6 - 7 days later after enquiring got to know that the check has not been cleared...
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Icici Bank — flipkart debit card emi order cancelled but bank charged late fee & interest

 ThiruChouki Netha on Feb 21, 2019
Dear all please note that I had made a transaction at Flipkart by using my ICICI debit card EMI option but the same was cancelled by me within 2 hours and till date I haven't received any notification mail message from ICICI Bank and Flipkart as they are going to charge every month EMI and interest Plus taxes today we have checked our bank balance then got to know that bank has debited around 5500 rupees then we immediately approached customer support team and requested for the details they confirmed as they are charged for every month EMI late fee of these 6 months EMI which we are not aware and...
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Icici Bank — to know nfs transaction detail

 sirilokesh on Feb 21, 2019
In my bank statement it shows "nfs/01114037/cash wdl" and rs. 10, 000 has debited from my account. So how can i know where does this transaction happened i. E., in which city or town.

Is 01114037 is an atm id or else other. Please provide me where does the transaction happened.
Please provide me the atm address. Please provide the necessary details so that it would be very much helpful to me....
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Icici Bank — repayment from icici bank

 mmsrao on Feb 21, 2019
Hi, am an icici bank customer. 07-02-19 ecsrtnchgs charged 359.13 rupees. I don't know what the charges ecsrtnchgs... The bank hit the charges without my knowledge and without any confirmation through email or sms or any phone call. Please explain what the charge it is. This type direction is not good please return my charged amount. My email id is mmsrao. S@gmail.com

Thanks & regards,
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Icici Bank — icici fastag service

 Kannan87 on Feb 21, 2019
I already raised 2 complaints from dec-2018 for fasttag replacement and till they saying.

There is no proper customer service from icici and arrogant in treating customer.

Dailed customer care number and selected language as english but it was attended by hindi speaking person. I asked to speak in english "if you want to continue in hindi speak with me or disconnect it".

Customer id: 10130523
19/12/2018 19:45:41 cmp[protected]
15/02/2019 12:38:57 cmp[protected]

@icici, if you are not able to provide a service. Stop...
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Icici Bank — unknown amount debited

 Djrocks.ansh on Feb 21, 2019
Dear team,

I have an icici bank account and today 20/02/2019 six unknown transection happened in my bank account five time 413 rs. Debited and one time 190 rs debited. Can you tell me why this is happen and who will authorize you to debit my money without my permission and prior information? This is really pathetic.
I want my money back.

Arvind kumar verma
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Icici Bank — wrongful charging for mm service [Resolved]

 Ksrirams on Feb 20, 2019
I have never subscribed for the my money service and I have been charged Rs.354 as annual fee.

Need a refund of the amount and unsubscription from the service which I have never opted for. The bank is cheating us with such tactics and I should get compensation for this along with the refund of Rs.354.

Hoping for a quick resolution with refund and unsubscription from the service I never opted for....
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Icici Bank — money deduction without subscription

 YAMRESH on Feb 20, 2019
Hello I am Amaresh kumar. I am Fed up with ICICI account My Money Manger. I haven't subscribed never ever to My Money service but still annual fee for feb19-jan 354.00 rupees got deducted without any prior notice and any number of calls to Customer Care didn't help. Most annoyingly I can't even find 'unsubscribe' in the my money console.I really got pissed off.PleasE unsubscribe me from My Money service and pay back my money.
my accont no[protected]...
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Icici Bank — regarding two wheeler loan noc

 Suniel Parmar on Feb 20, 2019
Please provide the NOC of the two wheeler loan for the vehicle. Registration details are attached. The loan is paid long back but no NOC is received. Even the vehicle registration has expired & I need to renew the registration.
Please do the needful as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Vijaykumar Parmar
(M) [protected]
email :- sunilkumar.parmar@gmail.com...
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Icici Bank — wrong transfer please refund my money

 vipul.niknbd@gmail.com on Feb 20, 2019
Dear sir /madam

My name is Vipul goyal and my icici bank account number is[protected]. I am using this account from a long time but now I want to close this account because you are not resolving my problem from 3 oct 2018.
I would like to remind my problem that is I transferred 15000 rs to my father Hdfc account [protected] by imps but unfortunately by mistake this amount transferred to wrong Hdfc account no that is Parbir roi a/c [protected]. I request a complain in icici bank customer care and written request in icici bank and they give me 45 days tat for refund amount...
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Icici Bank — beneficiary account blocked or frozen

 Ammukuttu on Feb 19, 2019
Today i came to know that my account is blocked or frozen. I didn't get any information from the bank. I was unable receive money in to my account. As it is my savings account.. It your responsibility to inform the customer before doing anything. Why it is happening. When something is happening bank have to give information to the customer that something before they are doing. I don't know when it done. Today only i came to know this...
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Icici Bank — rude talk of the employee at icici ambattur

 Nisha Lee on Feb 19, 2019
To the person in-charge of bringing about a change in the staff quality,

Respected madam/sir,

Your staff manager at ICICI Ambattur Mr.Madan spoke in a very rude manner to the customer on call today. For a single EMI due he spoke and didn't let the customer get a chance to explain their stand. If this is the quality of staff you have, this is nothing short of harrassment. He said it's public money and spoke rudely. The customer explained that due to a sudden heart issue there is a prolonged constraint on the finances which however they are trying to sort out. For this...
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Icici Bank — bank cheating and fraud and harassment

 chandra Sudeep N on Feb 19, 2019
Hi team,

11 years back my mother credit card and we close that only.

Now after 10 years some bank people visited and harassing my mother on pay and asking proof we don't have proof of payment.

They insulted my family and my father admitted to a hospital.

Today they gave credit card "[protected]"

Mother and father age is above 50 years

Please help me.

Chandra sudeep n...
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Icici Bank — deducted money from my credit card without my permission

 Smaa on Feb 19, 2019
I received sms from icicibank that rs-1899/- deducted from my credit card to one assist plan. Without my permission.. I also got a mail from one assist team. I dont even know the company and this kind of unsolicited charging of my credit card and use of my card by the company is really a criminal act and the co. Please deactivate and refund my money asap date of incident : 18feb 2019
Oneassist relationship number : 6305103...
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Icici Bank — regarding bank 1400 bank charges

 pankajadv on Feb 19, 2019
Icici bank has charged me bank charges for rs. 1400 (Jan 2019 - rs. 700 and feb 2019 - rs. 700) mentioned as mab charged.

When i contacted the bank they said me that it is charged because you did not hold the minimum balance of rs.50, 000.

I said i have not opened the bank account for minimum charges rs. 50000 but it is opened for rs. 10000.

So why you are saying that my bank account has limit of rs.50000 then they said you upgraded it.

But i said i have not upgraded it and they have failed to show me the signed agreement of any.
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Icici Bank — deactivation of one assist plan of card protection

 Tulika Akhouri on Feb 18, 2019
I had got a call about the card protection plan, that time i found it useful but now, i want to deactivate my one assist plan of card protection as i do not find it is useful for me.

So please deactivate this plan as soon as possible and refund my money.

For this i will be grateful to you.

Thank you
Yours faithfully
Akhouri tulika srivastava...
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Icici Bank — home loan processing fee refund

 rajneeshcv on Feb 18, 2019

This is Rajneesh from Banglore. I have applied for Home loan. On discussion with the home loan dept, the processing fee of the home loan get debited only after the disbursement. I have cancelled the loan before it get disbursed. But the processing fee got debited from my bank account. Now i request for refund of the same.

rajneesh jain
Home Loan Application: 72611434...
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Icici Bank — refund of payments

 Tanishq Garg on Feb 18, 2019
This is to inform u that I have paid ₹4300-, 2times vide utr no.9 [protected]&[protected]against Bill no.166761 of THE VEDIC ERA PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL, RATTANGARH, SONIPAT, monthly fees with my upi id-[protected]@ybl.I also visited icici bank Atlas Road, sonipat branch many times regarding this, but they have no satisfactory answer.
Pls refund this payment.
With regards,
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Icici Bank — money transfer to wrong beneficiary [Resolved]

 Ash1sh on Feb 18, 2019
Dear sir, on 3rd jan 19 i had imps from axis bank to icici bank. By mistake amount sent to other beneficiary. I sent mail to icici imps query and axis bank online complaints as well but till date amount not received as axis bank executive saying complaint is closed now.
My account no-[protected] (Axis bank)
Beneficiary account no[protected]Icici bank)...
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