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ICICI Bank — Forde call for my credit card

 Thomas Moolan on May 29, 2017
Dear sir/Madam,
I Thomas Paul Moolan having your ICICI credit card no 4375510065616002
Today I had received a Forde call from this No:- 8874952529 and the lady who was talking to me she was having my complete details which includes my complete card details and she was having the details of my date of birth too.

We had used my card at the last time at Kings Electronic behind Dmart AIROLI Navi Mumbai
In this place we had submitted our complete detail of my card.
So we have a dought that this detail have been leaked from there.
So pls do the needful.
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ICICI Bank — Credit card annaual charges

 Rahul P Aphale on May 29, 2017

I would like to bring to your attention following facts about the unprofessional practice of ICICI Credit card division and bank and cheating being done.
I have applied credit card with reference to representative call from credit card department. Initially I was told this card is free for Wipro customer. I got ICICI card on 24th April 2017 and still I have not received credentials.
After ICICI charged me annual fee for ICICI credit card. Initially I was told this is free for you. Even if in verification call, I have cleared with them that I will require if...
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ICICI Bank — Credit Card Application - Hold

 naveenrajasekaran on May 29, 2017
I applied for an credit card and it was said that the card will reach me in 10-15 working days. But I haven't notified anything for almost a month and I couldn't connect to customer care also regarding this. Finally once i got connected and it was said I will get brief description why credit got cancelled via mail and he too didn't update me anything much in details. Finally I got a call from ICICI bank credit card team saying that we need to collect documents for credit card application from you sir. I told it was already over 2 months back. then she left the call and finally i got a letter to...
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ICICI Bank — ICICI Bank Icici bank mabchgs (minimum account balance) charges

 LD on May 29, 2017
Dear Sir,
I'm lakshmI holding ICICI savings account for more than 7 years. A/C# 020201513681 in punjagutta Hyderabad
Without any intimation my account has been debited. I have never come across something like this on a monthly basis.
Please take some action against the bank, if it is not complying RBI standards / guidelines.
09-03-2017 MABChgs-DEC16+Stax00 Dr. 690.00
09-03-2017 MABChgs-NOV16+Stax3.113.11 Dr. 690.00
09-03-2017 MABChgs-OCt16+Stax3.11 Dr. 684.80...
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ICICI Bank — Surcharge being deducted in hp pump

 varunjp007 on May 29, 2017
Hi, i have been deducted a surcharge on for swiping my hp coral card (Which is suppose to be a card for buying petrol) at an hp fueling station in bangalore. I don't think the customer should be making sure what swipe machine the fuel boy uses. Thinking of switching to citi bank credit card as they are better at this. Does anyone know the process to cancel a credit card....
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ICICI Bank — Auto debit to my account (VSI on a date in future)

 Thiyagaraj T on May 27, 2017
There has been auto debiting on my account that too on a date in future
(The actual transaction was made on 27th June 2017 but shows 29th instead)
AC No 614301527965
Transactions -
29/05/2017 VSI/1&1 INTERNE/20170527125008/0 Dr. 817.59
29/05/2017 VSI/ARSYS INTER/20170527124254/0 Dr. 755.39

There is no fullform in the legend for "VSI"
I did not authorize these transactions
No OTP was received

There is no option option for registering the complain in the system.

Please look into it
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ICICI Bank — Icici tax saving bond 032000 TSB one bondholder no 07490-496

I have purchased ICCI Tax saving bond
032000-TSB one issue date 27th May 2000. My Bond holder no.is 07490-496 certificate no 94601.
Due to my transfer I couldn't find out the status of subject bond.
Pl provide me the status to encash the same if it is due.
Dr R N Tiwari
KI B Aashna Lucknow
Email. Rnt_tiwari@rediffmail.com...
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ICICI Bank — Icici cheated in personal loan

 HydUser9247 on May 27, 2017
Cheated in loan account: lphyd0003578201.

Worst exp with icici. Worst behavior from relationship manager: sudhanshu 9948741515.

I already send so many emails and so many complaints to icici.

Didn't get proper resolution for any of the emails.

Why icici promised 11 % rate of interest
Why deducted insurance even i said not interested (It might resolve, soon. Insurance amount promised to me that it will credit back). This is the only thing reacted and taken complaint and in progress.
Why high processing fee. Why promised 999...
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ICICI — Unwanted deduction of Rs. 6204/- from my ICICI bank account.

 atul borse on May 27, 2017
On dated 23/05/2017 there is unwanted deduction of Rs. 6204/-from my ICICI bank account. And the reference is account statement stated as 4171844291/1205/IPRUGRPTERM/DC

My ICICI bank account is 049601502470, branch Bavla.

Kindly requesting you to return my deducted amount that is Rs. 6204/-

If this amount is deducted for any type of policy then to tell you that i am not interested in any type of policy for now.

Please do the needful as early as possible....
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ICICI Bank — Personal loan 2

 neelshubh1 on May 26, 2017
Hi i had 2 personal loans from icici bank, which i could not pay on time, Mr tanuj called me and i told him that i can not pay the whole amount, he offered me a settlement amount for both of my loans, i recieved a call from hyderabad office to verify the same. After that i received settlement letter from icici bank confirming the amount he gave me, so i paid the amount next day and he said i should get NOC in next 10 days, which i kept waiting, i tried getting in touch with him but he did not responded well, so i called icici back and shocker to hear that my account its showing open, they can see...
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ICICI Bank — Dd is not received after 3 months of closing a/c.

 brineshs@yahoo.com on May 26, 2017
I Brinesh B Shriram, I close my ICICI Bank A/c in February in worli branch, I got the Message of Closure on 10th of March, Service Request No is SR461664537, but my Home branch is MIDC, i visit the the worli branch March ending to ask the status of DD they told you ask the your Home Branch they will help you, then i visit the MIDC branch (Andheri). the attender name is Meenal Natekar they give the POD copy number which is dispatched by courier on March only, with the help of POD i enquired by brother on same day in 3 branches of they will not response, they told co-ordinate with your bank, then...
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ICICI Bank — Neft amount missing

 shardul phase on May 26, 2017
I have transferred amount with following details through an NEFT. But although amount is debited from HDFC account it is not credited to ICICI account.
As per trailing email from HDFC bank. NEFT is successful. Can you please help me to find where the amount is as beneficiary says amount is not credited to following ICICI bank account.

Beneficiary Name: Sneha Phase ICICI
Beneficiary's account number: 640501501013
IFSC code of beneficiary bank: ICIC00TVUCB
Transaction Value Date: 03/05/2017
RBI Reference number: N123170286101105
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ICICI Bank — Unnecessary charges imposed on the card

 mohit7287 on May 26, 2017
My issue is that I have made the payment of my card but i was sort of 377 bugs so 377rs was left on my card but the bank auto debit my card and imposed a charge of 450 rs as autodebit fee and do not informed me about that. Now when I call the customer care they are saying that I have signed the form about the details of the card but I never signed any form because I was offered this card on the call and I have not been informed anything about this autodebit procedures. My concern is that when I have paid the minimum amount due than why I have been charged for autodebit fee. If I am sort of some...
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ICICI Bank — Icici bank autopay failed due to insufficient balance

 Harikrishna Bajjuri on May 26, 2017
Icici bank has charged me around 500inr for the failure of autopay of credit card bill which i was not requested. When i approached customer care they told me i was requested this during the application of credit card with out my awareness.

Similar things happened like they call me as i accepted to open health insurance and asked me to pay 400/per day & they also opened an account of icici direct

Which all were the reason for multiple document during the opening of account and asked to sign on document....
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ICICI Bank — Error while making transaction : not resolved for last 1 year.

 karthikeyan thangaraju on May 25, 2017
I have savings account for almost 10 years in icici bank. I could not do
Online transaction getting error transaction is disabled for this user,
Please contact bank for further information, i have called nearly 10 times
To customer care and 20 times chatted no proper response they keep on
Saying to try again later. I have tried many times clearing my browser
Cookies and whatever i can do. Still didnt work. Really fed up with your
Services. This is happening for almost 6 months but not resolved yet. Few
Days before i also could not make fixed deposit...
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ICICI Bank — ICICI Bank has stolen Rs.21,660/- from my account

 Vibhushorey on May 25, 2017
ICICI Bank has stolen Rs.21, 660/- from my account ending with 5168 since 1st Feb, 17 and gave me total loss of Rs.50, 000/- by closing pre mature FDs without my permission. I have written to Senior Management and Nodal Officer but no resolution so far. No security of money in ICICI Bank.
Never open an account with ICICI Bank and do any transaction...
ICICI Bank is the worst bank I have seen in my Life.
Pl.help me to get my money back to my account.
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ICICI Bank — Blocking my refund from flipkart [Resolved]

 Amartya Bhattacharyya on May 25, 2017
Account number : 055801633052
Mobile number : +91 - 7331103952
Name : amartya bhattacharyya

Flipkart has refunded 404/- into my account but bank is blocking this amount. I it has been 1 month since flipkart has refunded this amount but bank is not crediting this to my account by sending irrelevant emails. I am tired of calling to their customer care and they asked to me wait and keeping me in the infinite waiting list. I want an investigation regarding this. Below mentioned is the flipkart transaction details -

Refund reference number: 85215227113716122437003
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ICICI Bank — Icici mba charge reversal

 Hassan Ahmed 12 on May 24, 2017

my name is Hassan Ahmed, i am a student as well as personal banking customer of icici bank since past three years. On analysing my saving account statements i found that the bank has charged me a total of inr 690/- as mab charges. This is ridiculous. And the best part is i have never been notified about the monthly deductions via sms or e-mail so i never get to know the charges, the charges were different each month ranging from feb 2016 to may 2017/- and totalling to 7300/-...

On speaking to my friends about this charges, they told their bank reverses them...with...
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ICICI Bank — Reversal of credit card over-limit fee

 noblemathewtm on May 24, 2017
I hold an ICICI credit card. Recelty I have purchased for 27, 000 using my credit card and converted to EMI from the store itself. Total Credit Limit in my account is only 30, 000. I was also convinced the by the shop manager that the process will be interest free. Only later i have discovered that the interest amount will be credited back to my card as a cashback.

So I assumed everything will be fine and since my credit balance didn't go over the credit limit and the EMI was interest free. I have made the purchase on 13-05-2017 and it is converted EMI on 15-05-2017....
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ICICI Bank — To unblock credit card [Resolved]

 kranthi912 on May 24, 2017
Hello Team,

I tried to contact your customer care number 7306667777 to unblock my card, the number is connected and i given inputs according to IVRS. but there is no useful and my problem is not solved. The IVRS of your customer care is not properly. it repeated the same statements again and again after i gave correct inputs.

Please unblock my card via this mail or call to my number and do needful for me.

Thank you in advance.

Kranthi Kumar,
+91 7207377225...
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