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Icici Bank — Credit Card charges in abnormal way

 striker007 on Feb 25, 2017
Hi, I am Ravi and I hold an ICICI credit card with 45000 limit.. I used it for 40000 and i used to pay the minimum payment every month.. Last January (2016), 42500 is outstanding on my card and I am unable to pay every month as i lost my Job.. A total of 15000 was paid against the card in 2016 and by November the bill reached 66720..

So a total of 39000+ charges were levied within 11 months which comes to 90% of the Principal amount.. when i asked their Executives about the huge charges, they are giving very rude replies..

ICICI simply looting people in the name of...
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Icici Bank — Regarding the exam (24.2.2017)

 vijes on Feb 24, 2017
Today i was about to write the exam at 9 a.m. at Edu surge centre in Mylapore. The actual batch time is 9 and there were different batch time allotted, like 9 a.m., 10 a.m and so on.. The centre doesn't has a proper server system for writing online exams. This is a very small centre and also doesn't have a proper system. Students who were allotted to write the exam at 9 were waiting nearly 2 hours outside and including me. I was waiting patiently for nearly 2 hours and I expected that they will call for biometric registration but no response from the invigilators. They were sincerely solving the...
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Icici Bank — Unauthorized usage of ICICI Bank credit card

 Vadivel G on Feb 24, 2017
Unauthorized transactions happened in my credit card for 3 times each for Rs.6400/- (Total 19, 200) on 22/02/2017 at 23.08 Indian time.
I received 3 messages in just 2 seconds from ICICI bank for these transactions.

These transactions were neither done by me nor authorized by me. I didn't receive the OTP for these transactions.

I received the message like "A transaction of IR 6, 400.00 on 22-FEB-17 on Card xxxxxxxx is made at STEAMGAMES.COM. This transaction has been processed without the additional factor of authentication prescribed by RBI"

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Icici Bank — Closure of Account

 arjunkl777 on Feb 23, 2017
Hi There,
I have given an application to Close my account 625501514574 on 14th Feb 2017. The account was is dormant stage so I gave the application to activate the account and I paid the outstanding negative balance and also gave application to closure(I am attaching all the documents below). Even after more than a week the account is not closed the SR number is SR457418945. I gave the initial request in Indiranagar, CMH Road Branch Bangalore, and I paid the outstanding amount in Domlur Branch and followed up with Domlur branch but even after visiting branch for many times my issue is not...
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Icici Bank — Surcharge issue

 CA Satvendra Singh Bhadoria on Feb 23, 2017
Dear sir,
I have seen in my account bank have been debited some rs. And confirm me that by bank executive this is a charged of using debit card on shopping fuel ticket. Name of charge is - surcharge. Is it valid because sbi not charged any type of this charge on my another debit card. And i am also paying the amt charges why should i pay this charge....
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Icici Bank — Credit card payment status 444341084707006

 leomukherjee on Feb 23, 2017
Some details of the case:
• i had lodged a complaint of lost card (444341084707006) in 2011
− however, the complaint was logged almost after 6-7 months of the card getting lost as i out of country and the card was lost in town (Dropped off from my wife’s purse)
− there was a dispute about the charges payable but ultimately we agreed to drop the case and pay out the agreed amount (As we were leaving country with family and did not want any financial disputes in record)
• the case dates back to 2011 and we have a confirmation of payment received & no dues
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Icici Bank — Debit card fraud, purchasing done

 udaykattimani on Feb 23, 2017
Dt: On 07.02.16,
A/c No:
Kindly of Fraud: Debit card purchase by fraud .
Used in Vodafone, kilckpay, Mindsarra, lost amount 20910/-

Received reply from ICICI bank, reply is myself is responsible,

how it is possible when card is with me, without PIN number, Grid details & without OPT my bank account is utilized ?

Why ICICI bank is not able to with draw money from the beneficiary if not able to identify the culprit...
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Icici Bank — Account got debited with 3500 rs.

 Prashant Kania on Feb 22, 2017
Today i.e. 22nd Feb, 17... my icici account has been got debited with around 3500/- rs.

There are 8 transactions with different amount.

- INR67.03 on 22 Feb. Info.VIN*GOOGLE *FIR.
- INR76.60 on 22 Feb. Info.VIN*GOOGLE *Zuh
- INR340.00 on 22 Feb. Info.VIN*GOOGLE *Zha.
- INR340.00 on 22 Feb. Info.VIN*GOOGLE *Zha.
- INR690.00 on 22 Feb. Info.VIN*GOOGLE *517.
- INR690.00 on 22 Feb. Info.VIN*GOOGLE *Alb.
- INR690.00 on 22 Feb. Info.VIN*GOOGLE *Alb.
- INR690.00 on 22 Feb. Info.VIN*GOOGLE *517.

I want refund...
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Icici Bank — Account not activated, it's been 20 days

 Koneni Ramanjulu on Feb 22, 2017
I have opened salary account in icici. Inform find below
Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing ICICI Bank as your preferred banker. Your request for opening Salary A/c has been initiated vide Request No 445-06710940..

My account not activated till now, if you guys does not activate tomorrow. I don't get salary of this month

You staff is not at all responding properly. It is in mindspace Hyderabad
I am planning to file complaint against bank

Try to fix this issue ASAP
This is my worst experience, that I ever had...
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Icici Bank — Fraud transactionss

 Maddy manohar on Feb 22, 2017
I made a transcation 3 times by mistake on airtel money and 15000 have been deducted from my account.

I got tanscation failure 3 times but the amount deducted. below is one of the message I received as transaction failed but amount deducted. please cancel my three transaction which are 5000 rs each which happened on evening of 22nd feb.

Bank Response : Do Not Honor
Transaction Failure ! Reference No: 14258376
Sorry, it appears that your bank has declined the transaction. Please contact your bank for clarifications. If the amount was debited from your bank...
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Icici Bank — Fully amount not dispatched

 keshavsinha99 on Feb 22, 2017

Fully amount not dispatched but balance get deducted

I am a customer of hdfc (a/c-50100035753101).

On 21/02/2017 around 17:45 hrs i had used icici bank atm (atm id-stchb372) in hsr bangalore for money withdrawal of 500rs but only 400rs is dispatched from the atm

I didn't get the money in my hdfc account was debited.

Please investigate and get it credited back to my hdfc account asap.

Please check the issue

Warm regards
Keshav kumar...
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Icici Bank — Need very urgent solution for employees issues at icici tower, hyd. - complaint - reg.

 alplcreditcard sections on Feb 22, 2017

We regret to inform you that, the present “VARA Enterprises” and the then company “3i infotech”, “Vikarta Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.” and have been harassing BPO employees of ALPL & Credit Card Section working for ICICI, ICICI Building, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad in many ways and treating as working machines. Here no one is taking care of the employee’s welfare. So we would like to notice some of the major issues which we have been facing to get rid of the problems of employees and indirectly to give better service to the company wholeheartedly.
The list of issues...
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Icici Bank — Money deducted for mab charge

 vinnunishu on Feb 22, 2017
Dear sir,
I'm vandana holding icici savings account for past 3 years. A/c# 141701522131 in marrathalli bangalore.
Without any intimation my account has been again and again debited. I have never come across something like this on a monthly basis.
Please take some action against the bank, if it is not complying rbi standards / guidelines.

12-01-17 MABChgs-Dec16+Stax 82.21 Dr 630.27

22-02-17 MABchgs-jan17+stex86.22 Dr 661.01

Why again nd again my money was deducted for Mab charges...Plz refund my money ..Nd how to close the bank...
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Icici Bank — Re: closure of d mate and trading a/c

 Rabindar Yadav on Feb 22, 2017
Dear concerned,
I have closed above mentioned a/c no. 3 years back. I have d mate a/c also linked with these a/c.
Above a/c was opened in katras (Dhanbad) branch by rupesh bhatt. When i told him to closed my d mate a/c then he suggested me to closed saving a/c. He said by closure of saving a/c, dmate a/c will automatically get closed.in place of these he opened new a/c in the same branch and he as taken 5, 000 cash from me for closure of dmate and saving a/c.
After few days i have confirmed from rupesh bhatt for the closure of dmate a/c, he told that you don't take any tension...
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Icici Bank — Regarding my otp number is not registered.

 Vivek Pillai on Feb 22, 2017
This is Vivek Sugumar, I am holding a ICICI Savings bank account for the past 2 years, But i am little unsatisfied with your services, Because I am tried many times to the nearest branch for at least 2 times per day, To change my activate number to my current number which i am using, My branch is in Trichy, K.K.Nagar. Below i am mentioning all my details below, I tired many times with ICICI customer service, but no use in that. If still you people never takes any steps, Then no use in using your online banking service, because the OTP i am not receiving to my current number, Because of this i can't...
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Icici Bank — Take immediate complaint against one assist-icici

 Bhu68 on Feb 21, 2017
One assist has automatically activated a plan and deducted rs-1799/- from my saving a/c. Without my permission. I don't need this plan actually. Please deactivate this plan and refund my money asap. Need to take immediate action on this.

My Icici card number ending 4 digit:8407
One assist id number: WPP-SR434044484

Make sure to deactivate this plan asap, if not.. I will complaint against this in Consumer court .
Bhuvaneswari S
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Icici Bank — About a fradulent transaction on my icici credit card.

 rlokineni on Feb 21, 2017
On 20th Nov 2015 I got an email from ICICI bank when i am going to my office in London, United Kingdom saying that my account is auto debited for an amount of 35, 250.00 for icici credit card bill payment. As far as i remember I have not made any credit card transaction in the month of October. I verified my inbox for emails from ICICI which i get for every transaction and I was surprised to see two emails in my inbox on the date of 24th October 2015. I am not using this card in physical form from almost last 18 months as I am staying in UK. They were used to purchase flight tickets by a travel...
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Icici Bank — Waiver of late payment fee of icici credit card

 Nitesh Bathla on Feb 22, 2017
Hi Team,

I am user of ICICI credit card since last 5 years and my most of banking transactions are with this bank but last month I was not able to pay the credit card payment because of my care taker also not submitted my payment to bank and that time I was in my home town for an urgent work so this payment was late, I ensure you that I will pay the next payment on time in future. I don't want the interest charges back but I am requesting you to waive off the late fee Rs. 750. I shall be very thank full to you.

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Icici Bank — Regarding icici bank account complain

 Ram_Nivas on Feb 21, 2017
I have been an icici account holder since last 1 years and have been using it as a salary account since then. When i tried doing an online transfer transaction, it is giving me an error that the account frozen/blocked. Bank has not given any reasons for it either. There was no communication in this regard. Its been 5 days that I am facing same problem. I also tired many times ICICI bank customer care but not able to communicate eve. single time.
Kindly help me out to resolve this problem.

Thank you
Mob: 9206252488...
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Icici Bank — Fake call

 kirankumarbv on Feb 21, 2017
I also got the call from the number 9136899276 on 27th Jan, saying ther r calling from Visa and took I debit card details and deducted amount Rs. 7999. Please don't believe these guys they are fraud.
other numbers involved in fraud are
Still now also the fraudster phone no's are working. They are busy in cheating other guys. Please take necessary action on them....
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