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 nitin_purdue on Aug 17, 2012
I had a word with one of the Dr Nigams Staff for stem cell hair transplant .
They claim by stem cell hair transplant they will be able to grow near to 10000 hair .
When i asked them whats the science or the name of research organisation behind this they told they have own lab worth Millions of dollars.
THE TRANSPLANTED CELLS MIGHT CAUSE CANCER or other deadly complications.
I dont know why in INDIA without any approval are these small clinics offering such things .
Few of the well known pharma companies into such development are

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[Jun 25, 2014] DR. Nigam Clinic customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Another disappointed person here who went with lot of hope to this so called Dr Nigam clinic...during the first session- the counselor (not sure if she was a doc) told me tht this procedure can give up to 10 lakh new hairs...i obviously didnt believe her but thought i would be happy with even 10% of what she is claiming.

I paid a whopping 1.5 lacs + medicines fee and went thru a painful process...they took out hairs from head and body, called me back in the eve and reinjected, same procedure was repeated after a month...and the worst part is there was not even a single doctor around. What are doctors for- for counseling?

Anyway, I still took the treatment with hope of getting some results. Its 3.5 months now. forget 10 lakh, not even 1000 new hairs. And more the time I am spending waiting for this treatment to work, more the condition is deteriorating.

Now what- they will give free transplant? If that is what I wanted- I could have got it done for 80, 000 and not wasted this much time.

Doctor service. — False treatment by Doctor.


I want to file a complaint against a doctor, He has given us a false treatment and when found the patient is not recovering, then he refused to give treatment in future.So kindly let me know the consumer laws regarding the same, means for poor, arrogant and unhelpful service by any Doctor so that we can fight against such one.

Kindly let me know if further details required by me.

I was thinking of checking Dr Nigams out.
How did you get to know about these things that they may cause cancer?
I want few sources. Please tell me more about it.
It's just fake, they make no stem cell reproduction and transplant.
Just remember this : the medical deontology doesn't allow to keep something secret. So, it can happen that some little personal surgery "tricks" are kept, but NOT a complete process like, for example, a stem cell baldness cure.
When you here about a "secret" hold by a "fantastic" doctor, just go away, it's never serious.

If you want real information, take a look on the international congresses about the subjects you are interested in.

Best regards.
Correction : "When you HEAR (...)", of course - sorry
Dr Nigam Stem cell is a bluff.Even they didn't have patent for that.Even normal FUT and FUE in his clinic done by technical staffs not by doctor.Even Enthesia injection also given by technician (unprofessional).I am planning go to consumer court against them.How come the technician do the surgery with out holding a doctorate degree.it is a illegal act.Dr's Nigam is doing lot of advertisement and making people fool.They are playing with people's emotion.who lost their hair.They are hoping they will get anything.
DRNIGAMS...WORLD'S FIRST HAIR MULTIPLICATION CLINIC..! Dear friends, I am dr rahul from dr nigam's clinic.Unfortunately none of the above posters are our patient, niether have any one of the above visited and met us.Let me clear some of the prejudiced concerns.1)we offer HAIR DOUBLING(only clinic in india), HAIR ACTIVATION, HAIR MULTIPLICATION.We are registered with independent institutional commitee on stem cell research.Regulations are different for medical procedure using minimal manipulation of stem cells and regulations are different for stem cell therapy for using stem cell as a drug with more than minimal manipulation of stem cells.Our GMP, GTP certified lab is FDA approved, can come and check our license.we have 5 plastic surgeons, team of dermatologist, 26 doctors, and technicians who perform hair transplant. technicians assist doctors in hairt ransplant across the world.we are one of the few clinics who even have an anaesthetician full time employed.Few of the above commentators seems to be our jealous competitors, best luck to them.for any query i will kindly contact me dr.rahul1970@gmail.com or call [protected] The policy is very clear at our clinic.Either u get hair on your scalp or we don't want any money from you.
i hav done stem cell hair multiplication treatment in october month of 2012 in dr nigam's clinic.. it is completely use less.. i hav paid t amount more than a lakh.. but t effect is not even worth for anything.. even though i hav not gone completely bald and i had hairs such that i can even cover my scalp completely.. i gone for treatment mainly for stoping hair loss and promote hair growth.. but no results i got so far.. all this is fake.. they r not even bother abt their patients after they have received the money.. my hair is keep on loosing.. nigam is putting a bond such that if u r not getting results you will be given backup treatments for the amount u paid.. that also valid for only three months.. i suggest no one should go for it.. useless.. worthless.. totaly disappointed..
i also dont know whether treatment at dr nigam will yield good result or not. the place itself look like a marketing or call centre like atmosphere and does not look like a hospital, can anyone tell me more details about nigams. Also i want to know which clinic is giving good treatment for baldness

dr nigum is a fraud.Untrained frustrated technicians who are not getting job anywhere r doing surgery at dr nigum clinic.actually they r making ur face permanantly damaged & ugly.only one or two qualified doctors r at nigum clinic.but they r not trained.they r taking experience by doing worst surgery on customer face &. making them PERMANANTLY ugly.They dont take any interest to give sufficint time in doing surgery because they r there only for monthly salary basis.At last it is the customer who face the worst experince at nigum's clinic.after surgery u have no choice to return.They r showing on their website''guarateed result on stamp paper''it is totally false because i have seen one customer's stamp paper in which they have mentioned that ''IF U DONT GET ANY RESULT BY STEM CELL WE WILL DO A FREE FUT''.Actually they r themselves in doubt about stem cell & they r doing clinical trial on customer by giving him false information.which is illegal.i think dr nigum is suffering from mania because he is comparing himself with DR CELIN GHO, WHO IS THE FOUNDER OF STEM CELL HAIR MULTIPLICATION BY TRANSECTING HAIR FOLLICLE WITH SPECIAL TECHNIQUE.Even dr gho is still taking time to launch this technique world wide & probably next 4-5 years he will try to launch this technique worldwide

Let me know if i can hire a lawyer to fire law suit against Dr Nigam.
I am planning to do so.Looks like you are in Bangalore not in Mumbai.
Please let me know if you can accommodate this in Mumbai.

Dr Rahul, You are a fraud person...I have full proof against Dr Nigam clinic about illegal practices.

Best Abhinav
I am from Kolkata and I myself underwent the Stem Cell Hair transplant in Dr Nigams Clinic in the month of September 2012. Let me share the story with everybody:-

The lady consultant who attended me was Naina, She gave 3 options
1. Fut Hair Transplant costing Rs 90000
2. Fue Hair transplant costing Rs 105000
3. Stem Cell Hair Transplant Costing Rs 120000

She asked me to go for Stem cell Hair transplantation and said if this procedure wont succeed, I will be given 3000 Grafts plantation free of cost thru FUE hair transplantation. She also gave me this written on a stamp paper. I went thru the procedure in the month of September 2012. There were no qualified doctor when the procedure started, Infact the technical staffs(Mostly Girl) were cracking jokes in Marathi and were doing it at the same time, They were plucking my grafts for the hairline and all of a sudden, there was a load shedding there(No electricity backup) and all the technician went away without intimating me. After waiting for 20 mins, I complained them that i was feeling as if they are experimenting with me, after listening to this, they sent one of the qualified doctor to attend me. After the procedure was complete i was asked to come back the next day for dressing, which was again done by the technical staffs and not by Doctors. I was then asked to wait for 3 months to see the growth, When I did'nt find results after 3 months i called them, and was said to wait for 6 months because some times hair growth may take 6 months. I waited for 6 months and called them for the 3000 grafts plantation which was promised to me. this time, i was asked to send pictures of my scalp to them, which i did the same very day. they said they would reschedule the session after reviewing the condition. After 8 months of the procedure, The conclusion is Stemm Cell didnt worked at all, Hair was was done with big gaps in between which resulted in my scalp looking weird. I give -10 out of 10. for details you can contact me on [protected]
I am curious. If this Dr. Nigam's hair transplant procedure does not work, why has none taken them to court? You can receive your money back (along with interest), and also, send him, and his team to jail. If what you say, is genuine, then, why has none done this, so far?
You can contact me, if this is the case. I am a lawyer.
mr.sanveer mehlwal how can anybody contact u...plz give ur email or phone no...
hello guys !

this is very enlightening... i appreciate and thank the people who have come and shared their experiences... god bless you guys... i was completely game to go for it... Thank god ..i went thru this...we patients however we smart may be ... but we get carried away as we need it more than they need to sell it... they take advantage of this. MOST IMPORTANT IS THIS PEOPLE PLAY WITH OUR HOPE AND FAITH...
So getting a cue from this ...i wont go for stem cell therapy.
is there anyone who has got positive results ..I SPECIFICALLY MEAN ..NEW HAIR REGROWTH FROM BALD AREAS (WITHOUT SIDE EFFECT ) from TVACHA.com (Dr. Amit Kharkhanis ) or RICHFEEL .
Please spread the word ... and how to keep this website away from people who pose as agents for corrupt doctors( i guess with their actual photos and phone numbers)


And above all..any one who hasgot results for new hair regrowth ...pls share ...very urgent
i mean new hair regrowth ... from anywhere... the above two mentioned look promising..but dont know if they are cheats ?
PLEASE HELP ME...PLS ...ALso is DHATRI or Kesh king hair oil... effective ?
Hello Everybody

After 5 months of posting my story, Finally I got a call from Dr Nigam himself 2 days. According to him, it is not possible for him to attend each and every operations as there are 8-10 operations done on a daily basis, He gets involve into operations of premium packages which starts from 3 lacs on wards, which sounded fair to me.

He sounded really concerned about the situation I had to face due to lack of communication by his employees. He has promised me full head of hairs, he will be giving me the most premium package, with all the advanced techniques, According to him the package is worth 5 lacs and this cost will be taken care by Dr Nigams himself.

Today I have written him a mail again confirming my dates, I am going for procedure on 29th of Sep, provided he confirms the dates.

I will keep updating everybody here if he lives up to his promise or not and if I get benefit out of this procedure or not.

I will be back with the outcome soon.

Navin Sharma
This is Navin Sharma Again from Kolkata...

On 29th of Sep I did went to Dr Nigams Clinic and this was the first time i met Dr Nigam personally.

We had a long conversation and he understood my situation, According to him it is not possible for him to look after all the clients personally and accepted the fact that there were faults in the way they were operating previously, but at the same time assured me that he has been taking care of the things personally and is streamlining the entire administration. He then explained me about the procedure i am gonna get, Rs. 10 lacs (USD 15400) worth treatment free under his supervision.

This is the procedure which has been promised to me in coming 6 months –

1 - 3 injections of Hair Multiplication+3D spheroid DP culture

2 - Body hair transplant+Hair doubling of 7000 grafts.

Then I underwent thru the procedure and they implanted 2000 graft of FUE again, Dr Nigam was not present during the Procedure, but this time he made sure that my procedure was done by a qualified Doctor. He said the actual procedure will be given after 45 days and fue transplant was done just to make sure that my hairline doesn't look weird.

Dr Khan, did a satisfactory procedure, I am waiting for the results now. Though, I am satisfied with the way i was treated this time, but only FUE is not what I was expecting. Dr Nigams said I will get a call from his clinic for scheduling the procedure after 45 days.

I just hope the treatment that i got was not because I wrote against him here.

I am hoping to get a call from clinic scheduling my procedure date.

Will keep you all updated


Navin Kumar Sharma
This is Dr Ashish from Dr Nigam Hair clinic.
Dear Adir and Others,
Kindly find below the pics of patients who have got positive result from Hair Multiplication. You can mail me at drashishhankare007@gmail.com, and I will provide you contact details including their Email Id and Phone Numbers. You can also call me at [protected], clear your doubts before you make any judgment positive or negative. As you can see in this thread there is only 1 poster who was our actually patient who is Mr. Navin Kumar Sharma from Kolkata. Apart from him none of the above poster is our patient. They could be our competitors and/or people making opinion by making phone call at clinic or getting influenced by what competitors have written. It happens in every industry.

1) We are the first and only clinic who can give you SCARLESS FUE (no white dots at donor).
2) We are the only clinic offering Hair Doubling and research based experimental Hair Multiplication with patient’s informed consent (which is not 100% successful but very promising and improving).

I request any person reading this thread to first call me, have all the detail information like
A) Success rate of different techniques
B) What is the stamp paper guarantee for treatment
C) Why one clinic should be chosen over others. How to make an informed choice
D) Reference Number and address of Patients to talk and meet in person

If you talk to me, be assured, whether you join us or any other clinic...You will be more knowledgeable scientifically and enlightened to make right informed, not prejudice or hearsay decision.
We have only 3 dissatisfied patients in entire Google who had grievance, they are (Navin Sharma, Nikhil and Viren they are being taken care of and will have good result in 1 year's time, Viren already has good results from HM therapy in 4 months).
Watch the thread, we are confident that Navin will get good result in next 12 Months as his treatment progresses to next session.





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