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 gora chatterjee
Today morning on my way to office I saw a small yellow bus ( WB-19 6458 ) was driving very recklessly and was overtaking cars very dangerously..Even it was nearly hitting my car although i was driving safely by the left lane...Request the concerns to pls take immediate action against this vehicle..

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drop vehicle — rash driving

on the 1st otoctober a white minbus with NOKIA logo driven recklesly brushed my car rg. no. ka 03 mk 327 and damaged my bumoer and the fender on the laft side and drove off without stoping at 6
;30 pm on Richmond road. i am unable to follow this vehicle becouse there was heavy trafic on this this road. i could not note the vehicle no.due to poor light. you could find the vehicle it would have my car paint on the right side of this vehicle. i excect a responce from your side by return mail. Balachandran
i am still waiting for a response by mail
yesterday i was go to my office in the bike. One person driving like rash on his demo car of ambal.. He is not an owner. That car no TN 380AS 7924

not driving a car in proper manner — INOVA about to crash Bike and a Female

I Want To Place a Complain About a Car(INOVA) not been drived properly as a CAR No: MH 02 BX 116... as was about to crash a Bike and a Female on S.V road VilleParle.
While coming from office, a T board Sumo car (TN 20 AB 8113) was rash driving and he was overtaking and hit our cab. Our cab driver stopped and asked him. The car driver was drunk. He didn't respond and started rash driving. He was not conscious and driving was not at all safe for public. Kindly take action..

Car number is TN 20 AB 8113

about a car driver — scolded badly

actually we arrived the central station on friday (11/03/2011) morning by yercad express from erode , we came to chennai for an operation for my mom . one car driver came us and ask for us . but we din giv him any assurance to take his car . he continuously make us trpuble . finaaly he ask us 650rs to go to valasaravakkam from central station .but we din accept for his cost . but he came with his car nearer to us . then we go for an another taxi driver he tol us that he will cum for only 300rs and we ready to go with him , but that guy who came to us before scolded us very badly and he also scold the car driver who came for jus 300rs . then i noted the number for that he tol me that "no problem u go anywhere ,do anything like so " wat to do . actually my mom , and dad both r heart patients, like these irritating guys my dad get so tensed coz of his bad words it hurts us alot coz we came here for my momz heart operation . coz of his bad words in the early morning we felt soo and it hurts alot . here is his car numnber TN 02 AB 8704 ITS A YELLOW COLOUR OMNI CAR .i wanna take neccesary action on him . irritating guys like him creates bad name to all of the car drivers . if any options to make complaint or take action means plz jus mail me to this id its my requst. kalyani.ganesh@ymail.com
Yesterday at 8:45 pm I was driving my car in Patna (Bihar) on Beley Road near High Court. The driver of An Scorpio, Vehicle No.(BR 27H 3990) was drunk and driving Very Rash. They stopped at Maurya Complex just opposite to Kotwali Thana and Buzzing publically.
A Pune car driver having car no. MH 12 FY 1653 hit my car and ran away...
be aware of this car...
today a ambassador car(KA 48 M 514) literary about to crash to my vehicle we stopped him but the driver was very rash.he stater yell at us and went off laughing as if he did some great work.i just want want to know where we complaint about his misbehavior and rash driving
I have also faced the rash driving issue yesterday when I were returning from the office, two bikers in very hurry hit me and when I stopped them, they were tried to hit me and used abusing words, I must say here that roads of Pune is not safe for 2 wheelers. I have noted down the bike number (MH12-HJ 66), . Also they were using fancy number plat (Black plate with black metal fonts) which is not even readable. But there is no point of it who is going to take action on it, RTO or Police. Because Police cannot take action until they have not harmed me. Should what should I do should we wait that these guys should do some loss of themselves or to other’s life ?

Gaurav Singh
Today while coming to office, two people were screaming very loud and their way of driving was also very rash. As I am a learner I got scared suddenly after hearing the scream and I was about to fall. I saw they were making continuous noise and then they were laughing at this act.
Their bike number is MH 14 - AJ 4170.
I have also faced the rash driving issue on 25th Jan 2012, when I were returning from the office one Tata Indica KA 02 P 9604 hit my bike and run away..

CAR Driving — CAR rash driving

This happened today, as I was heading towards my home with my bike. I was in my correct lane towards left side. There was a Tata Indigo Car ( MH 04 DE 6563) coming from opposite side. The car was coming to very awkward manner so I slowed down. However, The driver losted the control of the car and dashed me. I was about to fall but managed myself some how. The car was completed loaded with ( 6+1 driver). I catched the driver and scolded him for rash driving but he started arguing that it was not his fault. The fellow passengers accepted that it was their fault. The Car driver was drunk and was not ready to accept that. Kindly take strict actions against the driver and the car owner as this kind of situations may lead to accidents in future. Following are the details of the car

Car Make: TATA Indigo
CAr regn no: MH 04 DE 6563
Rash Driving

Today evening Hero Honda Pleasure Scooter (KA-51V 9721) he hit my leg when i was crossing the my vehicle about to crash to my vehicle we stopped him but the driver was very rash.i just want want to know where we complaint about his misbehavior and rash driving.

Accident happened at Chandapura near KEB Circle Anekal Main Road around at 8:30 pm the guy whos is driving he very young and very rashly driving.

Please any body take action against at KA- 51V 9721. I request you people to Cancel his License. because this should not happened any body.

This guys always rash driving told by other local residence peoples take against him.

No body sittied on back side my vehicle otherwise he hitted the that leg was fully damaged.
RASH DRIVING - TOYOTA INNOVA - BLACK COLOUR - UP 15 AD 8888 - driving like hell
today while driving a purple dio- MH12 FT 6207 hit my bike from the back while taking turn. The biker was was a reckless driver, after hitting my bike he din't even bothr to stop instead he raised the speed of the bike and continued driving as if nothing had happend, i tried to follow him but he was too fast, he was also about to hit one more vehicle but he somehow managed to escape. I request you to take action against this person. He was wearing spects and was young. In future this kind of driving can lead to someones loss. Its my kind request to take action against this person.
Today 10 September 2012 while coming to office, one four wheeler is in my back side and push hardly in my bike. i felt down. and i ask him that why you drive rush i will go with police. then he told me that i will do police of mine. and this person was drunk. so please take action if want safe kolkata. van no. is- WB 25E 4908. please take action about this rush driving. It is request to our kolkata police.
Today while taking my mother and my young niece to doctor, vehicle no. RJ 14 CM 4032 was driving very rashly. We nearly missed an accident. He sped up monstrously and most probably he was drunk. Please take action against him His car no. is RJ14 CM 4032.

Thanking in anticipation
Today 21 January 2013 while coming to office, one car no is "AP 09 BE 1441" black color TATA INDIGO push hardly my bike. I ask him why you are driving like this rush, he replied very rude and stopped car in middle of road and slapped me surrounding people stooped him. He look like educated person but talking vulgar language. I request you please take action on him.

Thanks in advance
Today Morning while i was on the way to office on bike, Car No: "AP29 BJ 9476" ( Owner of the Car) Drove very rash and hit my Bike and when questioned he was rude using bad, vulgar language.

Kindly take an action.

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