[Resolved]  Express Avenue — Paying Rs.200 / - for just parking the vehicle without any intimation

I went to the newly opened shopping mall at Royapettah " EXPRESS AVENUE ".
It is so frustating to pay Rs.200 just for parking a TWO WHEELER.

1) Collecting in hundreds just for parking.
2) There is no intimation that this much amount will be collected per hour for parking.

Hope this issue will be taken care and restricted to at least such extent .
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Aug 13, 2020
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unbelievable & unexpected price just for parking . THIS SHOULD BE CONDEMENED
I too had the same experience yesterday when I parked my car at express avenue yesterday. While issuing car token while entering, they can brie[censored]s about the charges that we have to pay. It seems they collect double the charges during holidays and week ends. If briefing is not possible, they can prominently display at the entrance itself the charges that they levy so that we shall be prepared what to give give while coming out. They can also display it in their official web site alongwith other information.
This is toooooooooo much. What the hell are the regulatory authorities doing?

Stupid government. This should be immediately addressed by the concerned authority.
I too went through the same problem today evening when I went to "Express Avenue" with my family. We finished our shopping and got down from the mall even before it was an hour but because of the long queue and rush for the two wheelers to check-out, it took some 7 minutes late and they charged Rs. 20 extra. So, for two two-wheelers, we were to pay Rs. 90 for our 30 minutes shopping. To overcome this problem, management should do either of the below two :
* Management should place more check-out counters to overcome traffic.
* Management should provide the check-out time in the card, right when they take the two-wheeler on the basement floors itself.
Its high time the management acts to the situation.

All, please never go in two/four-wheelers for Express Avenue. Better take auto's/call-taxi's.
Agree to your comments. They charge Rs. 50 per hour for four wheeler and Rs. 25 per hour for two wheeler. Now they have kept a notice board with the fee list. But, it seems to be too high compared to other shopping malls. Even in highly crowded areas like Airports they charge only Rs 60 for two hours.

I had to py Rs. 320 for 6 hours, had to wait in the queue for almost 1 hour to pay the parking charges. Looks like EA management want to earn their investment through parking charges.

Guys avoid visiting Express Avenue mall in Chennai. Nothing sold out in market rate, they just rob your money. Avoid visiting this place with a 2/4 wheelers.

I agree too ..I paid a parking fee of 90 bucks for 4 Hrs..when i went to see an movie which costed 120 Rs..

They are thinking everyone has a dick heads !!! ..Still people have wage salary at 100 bucks per day..
An horrible maintenance and this is the last time i am going there for any [censored].
I also paid Rs. 180.00 which is very High, Tamilnadu Government has control the Movie Ticket pricing at Rs.120.00 as maximum, I think this is right time that Tamilnadu Government Fix "Maximum Parking Charges that can be collected for 2 & 4 Wheelers.

The Toilets are very badly maintained in the 3rd floor- Chennai Corporation should have a look towards the same.

The Food Court is not Hygenic as there is lot of rush and the Quality is not maintained.

In the Escape Cinema Canned Drinks are not sold at MRP. ( Does the act not valid for Multiplex and Airports of India)
They charged me Rs.145/- for my 4 wheeler... This is freakin' crazy... Its like buying an extra movie ticket for the car!!!
Moreover, the personnel was about to start a fight when asked the reason for such high rates.
When will these guys be actually educated rather than just looking like one!

Thumbs down for Express Avenue parking... very high parking charges... unfriendly staff... I'd rather park my car somewhere outside!
Express Avenue charges for Parking is high...
Shelling 200 bucks for a parking for a movie...when a movie ticket cost is 120!!!.
Will think twice or trice before going to Express Avenue...
Hi friends,

We went for movie at express avenue, while returning they have asked RS 175 just for parking the two wheeler, here the ticket is 120 only and parking charge is high,

In chennai all multi plex is collecting fixed price for parking who are going for movie, even through they are collecting RS 10 for 1 HR who are going to shopping.

Agree with u, yesterday I have paid 105 rs for four wheeler, the ticket is 120 only ...
I had this experience today but apparently, there are more sufferers I guess.Some have paid in hundreds for parking 2/4 wheelers!!! While inside, I felt Chennai has really something to showoff!! Watched Enthiran and left paying Rs. 60 for my two wheeler. While entering I saw a board saying experience the huge parking space we provide. Appo ve lightaa doubt aanen :) Was wondering how much it would’ve costed for my car. I am leaving my car/two wheeler hereafter at a friend’s place nearby when ever I plan to come back I’d rather buy a ticket for someone instead of paying for the parking here.
I had a bad experience with the parking rates, The arrogant staff looks us like debt paying goats for parking bills. Is there is a way to blow the whistle to the Govt authorities to wake up in controlling this theft ?
Totally agree with the comments above. Minimum parking charge of Rs150 for a 4-wheeler is absolutely ridiculous, whatever way you look at it. If the govt can impose max rate for a movie ticket, why cant they do it for parking charges
When I parked my bike outside once, the air was removed from the back tyre. When I asked a policeman where is a petrol bunk nearby he scored at me "can't you pay 10 bucks and park inside..." I was astonished... This meant that even if the policeman did not actually take out the air himself, he definitely was aware of this action.
Another example of an establishment in Chennai minting the public's hard earned money.. I've lived in most of the major cities in India and I find that the biggest looters of customer's money with least care for customer service is in Chennai.

I am not against collecting parking fee for vehicles but these are exorbitant rates. In order to ensure that people don't misuse the car park, they can probably have schemes such as waiving a percentage of car parking fee based on the shopping done.
Hi All,

I too totally agree. The parking guys dont even give respect to us. they feel as if we are caught and we can not escape from them .
I too had bitter experince . when i came out after watching a movie on a weekday, it was 3hrs and 1 minute. these guys told i need to pay Rs 60 for since i had crossed 3hrs span . i had a quarrel with the guys . they told that i can move out only after i pay the amount. i had no other choice but pay these guys.

Goverment should take some action agaist the regulation.

Express Avenue — Collecting high rates for parking

Express Avenue parking charges are very high... we are paying more Rs.100 for 4-5 Hours. This is quit higher than the Cinema tickes in Express avenue..... PLease take the necessary Action to reduce the parking Charges in EA.
Collecting high rates for parking
Express Avenue parking charges are very high... we are paying more Rs.100 for 4-5 Hours. This is quit higher than the Cinema tickes in Express avenue... PLease take the necessary Action to reduce the parking Charges in EA.
Parking Charges are too high at EA.

They should adjust the charges for any retail purchase. I paid Rs 135 for 5 hours. I kept the car at B1. After shopping, I came to place the bags. Since I didnt note down my car park slot number I enquired with a security and he said it is in B3. I was certain that it will be in B1, since i moved down only a single level from the road. But i went to B3 as per security's advice. Another security asked me to check B1 again !!!.

While exiting at B1 the normal exits were closed. Ther was no instruction as to where to go for exit. So i went to b2, B3 and exited. There the lady said since 'laptop is not working' only B3 exit works. For the Rs 135 paid, there is no service delivered, no sign boards to say 'Pl take exit at B3' etc..

In other floors, security person is not aware of what is where. We asked a person for escape cinemas and he said 'i am new. I dont know'. Later we found that he was standing very close to escape cinema. He should know at least the 10-15 shops near his area

Food court items are very very expensive. Sangeetha offers Idly for 43, Dosai for 64, Onion oothappam for 88, Briani for 145 etc..So you can judge..

Mall is ok, costs are exhorbitant.
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