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[Resolved]  Fake Astrologer In Orkut — never believe on online astrologer

many people have fake account in orkut i have no problem but some made this to earn money by wrong mean i caught by an astrologer fake account(nirvaan). They told me lie and conviced me they asked for money, they took money after that they are not responding!! what action can i take for these people kindly suggest me. I have only phone no. (they never respond ) and email id. I have been cheated by fake and lier people.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Orkut — Community hurting Indians

Respected sir,
An community in Orkut which named "we HATE INDIANS"
these type of communities have their descriptions as"India a Hindu terrorist country" and there are about 1000 of members are in that company we have given report abuse but orkut not even take single step to clear that .i request this complaint must make some change.
Its should be punished
Im also cheated by nirvaan.they have taken around 10000 from me after that they r not responding to me
Master Deepak Ji on KLOK 1170 AM mrning Masti and his masti of wife stealing, adultery, Black Magic(vodoo) Jadoo, Faith scams, (puja) Vastu (feng shui money scam) and sexual predator. Keep any women in your family away from his eyes as he undresses anyone of the female pesaution with his lustful eyes your Daughter, Wife, Mother Grand mother, mother in law, sister in law, niece, grand daughter there is nno limit to his lust, avarice for sex and his mystical balck magic, just GOOGLE his name Master ji, master deepak ji, master ji of milking and a PORNOGRAPHIC sexual video of him will show up starring Master Deepak ji aka (also known as) Deepak Kumar, Master ji, Master deepak Ji the Indian orno king, the Indian James Bond, Master of the chuth, master of the Chudai Khana, Master of the Raandi KhanaMaster the possibilities(sorry that was master cards saying) also his with a sexual twist no pun intended.Chuthia don't challange me you or your chuth ki Raands now you have Master Ji's Milking porno stories attached to your gandu name and it will only intensify, as i make you nanga to the whole wolrd tera dunya kathum hai, tera payse kathum hai, tum mera gandu hai, tera gand mera hai mather chauth ki aulad.
He loves Married women, even though he is married as his Tantric Jadoo appetite is voraciuos and he is a nymphomaniac and addicted to Sexual copulation especially with Younger women, as he is always surrounded by women just like James Bond or his hero Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) the Indian Sexual fiend who also had many sexual liasons wit Married and underage women. Osho loved Rolls Royces' and had as many as 100 Master Deepak Ji has A Blood RED Mercedes Benz "S" class ($100, 000) and a Black BMW 750 iL also ($100, 000) both appointed door to door in genuine (dead)COW leather hides of which it takes 6-7 per car to furnish, quite contradictory for a HINDU holy man and Hypocritical if you analyze and observe.
Master Deepak Ji on KLOK 1170 And now has a porno on the internet called Guru Ji Milking with him seducing married women.Master Deepak Ji and his sexual intrigue is now exposed as i use to work in his Hareem of women and saw his unwanted advances on all the workers.
Master deepak ji center of vedic astrology is a fake holy man and enjoys stealing peoples monies for a faith scam and stealing their wifes as he is so UGGGLY no Indian woman would go out with him if it were not for his money. Just look at his Kinky (Afro) and rubber lips he is half Indian and Half African based on his features. He is also now starring in many adult pornographic videos on the internet just GOOGLE : Master Ji milking and you will see this fiends hany work of "X" rated dirt and how he also worships the DEVIL and Money his god's and his only aim besdides stealing married women from their husbands in the Indian community.
Master Deepak Ji ejaculated inside his pet GOAT and wanted to father mini Deepak Goat children, but decided to steal married women from their husbands after he flashed money and lured the married women away from their hard working husbands, as before the married women he only had copulated with GOATS back in Punjab, India as he was from a VERY LOW caste and not a Brahmin or Pundit but untouchable as his family was renowned Goat ejaculators.
Master Deepak ji GOAT molestor and Chudai Khana Raja where his Hareem of lovelys are there for his personel chuth marouing as he is the Master of the chuth and Randi khana, he is now starring on GOOGLE Master ji milking, featuring his pornographic expoits and beastiality with a GOAT back home in Punjab, where he milks the male goat and swallows the male GOATS ejaculation. Master Deepak ji is the master of pornography, nudity and wife stealing as he cons his patrons out of their monies so he can milk goats and other mens married wifes, yes he only goes after married women. Master Deepak Ji the fake astrologer also is half Indian and HALF AFRICAN look at his curly worly hair and his overgrown (Angelina Jolie) lips not to mention his voracious appetitie for milking other mens wifes and before he knew what a woman was MALE GOATS in Punjab. He is the Punjabi/African James Bond who is a fake astrolger stealing money from people with Faith scams(Puja) as he owns a $100, 000 Mercedes S Class car with LEATHER (6 dead cow skins) for his pleasure, which HOLLY Hindu would do this? Master Deepak Ji, because he is half African and not pure blood Indian, his features spaek a thousand words. Master Deepak Ji now on GOOGLE with Guru Ji milking, his porno expoits for all to see, check it out its quite salacious and makes Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse look tame !
Master Deepak Ji the chuthia had has web site hacked by his own employee he tried to molest, th eweb site was hacked for over 60 dyas under "News update" with a shocking expose on his filandering, whoring, chuth marouing, bibi chori and fake astrological readings, if he can't see this how can he help you? he can't as he is a TABLA player who is a CHARLATAN and CHUTH MASTER !!!
The so called book ‘Divine Vastu Tips’ claimed to have been ‘written’ by Master Deepak is a purely an assorted compilation of different ‘Vastu Shastra’ articles found in different websites related to ‘Vastu Shastra’, over the Internet and fraudulently accredited as 'authored' by Master Deepak whose credentials are doubtful. He is hardly educated up to an elementary school and cannot write or speak a full sentence in English and coincidently with an existing criminal record in United States. He is not even a ‘Brahmin’ or ‘Pandit’ as claimed by him. He entered USA with a musical group from India as ‘Tabla Player’ and disappeared and applied for Asylum.He has not been granted US Citizenship due to many malpractices including fake marriage records in collusion with a Fijian woman, who was ‘paid’ for the ‘fake marriage’ to get US Citizenship. His address is 123, Wendy Court, Union City, CA 94587. His real home address is 8484, Willow St, Newark, California 94560 but on papers it is different. He paid ‘someone’ to compile all these articles in the form of a book for him. Later on he managed through an Indian Publisher ‘Future Point India’ to get it printed and presently selling this book ‘Divine Vastu Tips’ in United States. He has also ‘purchased ‘a book ‘Annual Horoscopes-2011’ from the same publishers (since they also upload the same contents on their website on weekly basis) and Master Deepak is selling this book in his own name. Please expose him and inform the competent authorities for plagiarism and the big fraud committed by him. Action can also initiated against the Future Point India for violation of laws. All these content details can be verified over the Internet itself.
Master deepak ji is the best astrologer in india and USA. Some people jealous from him thats why they are writing this kind of information every where on the internet to stop his business. but' master deepak ji is not gain the business from internet. People knows the truth about master deepak ji.
Master Deepak Ji the Chuth master & Lowra ki Raja is nothing more then a fake, charlatan and illiterate who sends hi sharreem of ### to respond to every complaint out there about him, Master Deepak Ji whose real name is Deepak Kumar from a backwater village in Punjab, which explains why he can't even speak English fluent;y but like a Dahathi instead. Deepak Kumar is a failed Tabla player who skipped his tourist visa and married a Fijian Christian in a sham (fake) marriage. His I.N.S application has subsequently been turned down and is concurrently fighting deportation as we speak. He has no uncle on lineage as astrologers and is nothing more then an opportunist and wife stealer, who has been seen in public in Fremont, Union City, Sunnyvale, santa Clara with his randi's in his Red Mercedes which on the drivers side has a really long scratch from fender to trunk? The only thing rising is deepaks Lowra in married womens chuths not his stars and his is cheap knockoff astrologer, don't take your wife, mother, sister, daughter as he will steal them and put them in his harem to satisfy his voracious appetite for sex and debauchery.

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