[Resolved]  Freelancer — is fake is fake, they are eating the money of the freelancers , thay have taken my money 400$ and even they have done it to many , so donot sign up in it , or if you having account please remove it,,,,
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Aug 13, 2020
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Freelancing — Web Solution

I am working as a freelancer for more than 6 years.I handle Specially customized web and windows solutions for my customers.Any type of Software and Hardware solutions are availlable with me.
For Further details plz contact. [protected]
Email @ [protected]
even though i think its a great website, but there is a

flaw in there.. just recently i got a job done from

Writeandgetpaid ( a freelancer from ), i

created 100% milestone. Once he delivered me the articles

( job ), i took 3 days to check and then released the

milestone. in those 3 days, this freelancer repeatedly

asked me to release payment but the most surprising thing

was that he told me to write good reviews once i clear his

payment so that he can do the same. Once i released his

payment, i wrote genuine review about the freelancer and

in return because i didnt give all 5 stars, he gave

negative review to me ( as employer ) . Then, the most

funny part, he emailed me saying that he wrote the review

i response to my review.. Thats funny but at the same time

its blackmailing. He indirectly blackmailed me to write

good reviews about him..and i can report this to ( may be i dont know where should i )!!

All i will say is stay away from Writeandgetpaid ( a

freelancer from ) because his reviews are

not genuine.
Zainsih7 a freelancer on is a fraud and cheat
Almost two months ago, I applied for a job naming “Content Writer” posted by him. he selected me and asked to send some sample. I submitted samples and they selected me as a final candidate. he promised to pay twice in a month based on the working and then assigned me some project on daily basis. Initially they only gave me a task to write academic report of 3000 words daily. After 10 days he asked me the detail of previous work and promised me to send a cross cheque at my home but did not fulfill their promise.
I made several calls to him but every time he made different excuses. Some time he is busy in any function or in office. Some times, he was ill or out of city. After my refusal for further work, they sent me a cheque of $65 after 25 days of my joining and I submitted this cheque in the bank. After 7 days, bank responded that this cheque was bogus and bounced and my employer did not have sufficient balance in his account. I talked to my employer and he said, he will make payment through on-line method. This was the time of my second payment that was almost $700 and my employer said he will first make previous payment and then next one. I had used some payment of my first cheque by taking loan from my friend and he was asking me to return his money.
I again requested my employer to please make my payment and told my all problems but he was making excuses again and again. When the date for second payment came, he left attending my phone call. Now I can do nothing . In this period, I write more than 100000 words for him and he did not pay me a single rupee. I still have all his mails and cheque as a proof if any one require.
He worked with the name of Zainish7 on and acclaimed to be the owner/CEO of "Softic Outsourcing Solutions" company

Change Of Office Address — Free Lancer

Change Of Address As I Was A Manger In SCB Bank, So I Have Quit The Company So I Want To Change THe Address Bcoz I am a Free Lancer
Hi aatifmalik. My name is Emir and I work for I came across your post here and I would like to help. It's unfortunate that you had a bad experience with this user.

We've sent the details to Customer Support and we will conduct our investigation and suspend the account if necessary. Be assured that we’re pushing our dedicated teams to scan and remove users who advertise such dubious methods.

For your future projects, we strongly encourage to ask for a Milestone Payment. Asking for a Milestone will obligate the employer to set aside funds for the project. With the the Milestone Payment in place, you’ll also be able to use the Dispute Resolution Service. For more information, please visit the FAQ ( specifically the Milestone Payment section.

We also recommend you check the employer's reputation. It provides a detailed summary of what the user has accomplished, be it an employer or freelancer. The higher the reputation an user has (5 Stars being best), the more reliable and reputable he/she is. We also suggest that you dig deeper into the user's profile and check how they thoroughly described a project (the more detailed and specific it is, the better) and how much they were willing to pay for the project.

We hope this helps. We will provide an update as soon as we have it. Thank you very much. is not working...why???
I have complained to for allowing racially discriminatory ads “No Indians or Pakistanis” on their website and was told on two occasions by their support team that it was down to the advertisers preferences. They would not see that the preference was blatant prejudice and racial discrimination.
Hi mph73, this is Savannah from I know that you are upset with the ads you saw, but I would like to say everyone is welcome to register on our website. We never practice discrimination or racism at Actually, most of the freelancers we have are from India and Pakistan who have great reviews and feedback from employers. It will be great if you will send me an email to [protected] and provide a detail explanation about this concern. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
Hi Savannah. You said you do not practice racism... that's interesting. My blog's name (criticizing is GET A HINDU. I have been publicly accused of racism by your personnel. Tell me: is the word HINDU racist?
Have you been victim of

Me too :( I have the case opened ... with not respond from

Do you know that: “Freelancer founder earns $235 million – while customers of the site are ripped off “

Freelancer, an Australian registered Internet company makes millions while abusing Australian consumer laws. Caution – use this site at your own risk as Freelancer takes no responsibility.

If you want to try to contact the management team:

Here is their direct email address and phone numbers:

Nikki Parker, Regional Director, North America, Australia & New Zealand, Tel +[protected], Email [protected], or Evan Tan, Regional Director, South East Asia, Tel +[protected], Email [protected], or Jorge Azurin, Regional Director, Continental Asia, Tel +[protected], Email jorge.[protected], or Bill Little, Regional Director, Europe, Tel +[protected], Email [protected], or Sebastian Siseles, Director Regional para Latinoamerica, Tel +[protected], Email [protected]

If there is not result them please follow this direction below:

1. File a government internet crime complaint with:

2. Report fraud, visit:

3. File an online complaint with State Attorney General:

4. File a government consumer complaint with

5. Report to Australian Competition Consumer Commission:

6. Report to Law Enforcement:

7. Report to Scam watch: ; ALSO or territory consumer affairs
8. Report computer, internet-related, or intellectual property crime:

9. File a complaint with Office of Fair Trading: also:

10. Contact investigative reporters from TV Channels and Newspapers / magazines and all you guys will provide evidences to them. Please save all your email received from

11. Register complaints with as many review sites as you can "Google Reviews, Yelp, Business reporters and other private organizations ... etc"

12. Post Blogs. Minimum 1 SEO article per day till you will see the result on google, yahoo and Spread the word by posting on your blogs, create new blogs, Blog Comments, Guess Posts and invite others to share their similar stories they faced with etc. Please keep posting on all social media...
I had in my account 26000 inr and when i withdrawal my payment freelancer cancel the payment process and limited my account by saying that i linked two un known accounts while i never worked with them and do not know them and when i provided all documents as they asked the not activated the account as they want to cheat me with my approx 400 usd ..Any body tell me how to take legal action against them so that i get my my 400 usd???Specially about that guy of customer support as he giving me harassment since 2 weeks and not giving any solution and each day he coming with new excuses of limited it and not ready to send me my earning.Too bad service of freelancer i recommend never work on this site they are fraud will eat your hard work's earning, .
Freelancer blocked my account for identification verification, upon contatcing them via resolution center, they advise me to contact my employer Lual to solve the problem,
I did contact lual and we reach an agreement i then inform freelancer about that via resolution center .
But they ask me to tell the employer to send them an emial or update the tickect to inform them that the probelm have been resolve,
upon informing the employer about that, he ask me to send an email to freelancer support and cc him to inform them that we have reach an agreement
i then went to freelancer resolution center to ask them if i could send and email and cc the employer they refuse they still insit that the emplyer himself should send them either an email or update the tickect .
I have inform the employer about that and he has been ignoring my email
I have a lot of project in progress and now i am unable to communicate with my client because of the fact that my account have been limited, that is really unfair, i want freelance to contact employer immedialty because i cant keep on waiting, i have project in progress with overdue deadline because of this .
Can freelancer do something urgently about this ?i cant wait until when the employer feel like sending the email this is unfair to me and my other client waiting for deliverable


The is complete fake site.

peopleperhour have eat my $486.99.

peopleperhour deactivate my pph account and did not paying me my earned money which are in pph wallet also not responding me single reply.

I am requesting to you guys if you have any suggesting then just let me know hence i can get my earned money from pph.

Many Thanks,

On date 8 march 2015, freelancer put my account on limit asking for verification..I submitted all my detail & they toldus that we will get the response from their side after 48 hours..5 days has been passed away I didn't any response, today on date 15 March 2015, when I am trying to loggin in my account I am not able to do that as my account has been closed.

No reason has been told to me, No mail from freelancer side, when I tried to contact the support, they only reply that the issue has been escalated to senior department, Freelancer Support is the worst support in the world, the people who are giving you support are totally illetrate & they dont have any knwledge..

THere was around 90000 Rupeesin that account which has been stolen by freelancer, this is theif platform & suggest everybody not to use this as anthing can happen any time & you will not get any information
ranchi jharkhand ke top college mai admission ke liye abhi just call kare on [protected]...
Freelancer limited my account without any inform me...

I have 5 start ratings with all good reviews. But after successfully completed a project with payment & review, she complained against me... then freelancers tier 2 dept was not checking the conversations properly but block my account...

Many times I told to the freelancer, that the client use slang language in conversation. But freelancer was not warning her but blocked my account. Freelaner's tier 2 dept. is third class... they reply after 24 to 30 hours... from Monday my account is blocked... I acn't access it.

i told to the freelancer, if have you any doubt then arrange a meeting with client & one person will be from freelancer then he will decided .

But they don't do that... they told me that if I will settle teh matter with teh client in Private meesage box in freelancer then tehy will lift my account... But for limited account, I can't access the PMB.

So, I told teh freelancer to fix the issue. but they nothing to do that.

So, today I contact to the client in mail but now she blackmail me... She told if I gave her 100$ in paypal, then she will withdraw the money...

And still now, freelancer watching this & not solve the issue...

I am totally fade up...

A third class service of freelancer...

- - the BIG SCAM - This video shows how will smoke away your money - be careful with this site -
I needed a freelancer to design some wedding invitations. I was guided to put it on an open gauarantee. I had to pay 200 dollars. The quality of the submissions were so poor that i decided i would rather find a wedding stationery designer somewhere else. I contacted support and ask them to cancel this and refund me. I was told that I will not receive a refund and that my money will be rewarded to one of the designs even if I dont want or use the design. My wedding stationery budget was set at 250. all used by freelancer and i still have no design or invitations. I paid for a service and now i am forced to upgrade with more money in the hope for a better design not to loose my money I have already paid
I have had my share of troubles with Freelancer. I was awarded two projects and Freelancer charged a project fee of $5555.00 USD for the project " Content Writing" (ID:[protected] and $5000.00 for the project "Content Writing -- 2" (ID:[protected]. Then their record showed that the account of your employer "mohanroy777" has been closed due to violations of their Terms and Conditions. I did not get the project but the fees was deducted from my account. Now they are not refunding the fees charged, a total of 10, 555 USD.
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