[Resolved]  General Motors India — Pathetic Dealer and after sales (Shreyans Talera)

I don't know if this is the right place to write my experience with General Motors so far. But Here I go.

GM, you should take this seriously. Because lots more like this is going to float over the internet for this dealer.

I really do not want to point the finger to GM but I would like to get their attention to their dealers and the after sales service provided by them. (After sales, if any)

This is about my bad experience about the dealer here in Pune, Shreyans Talera.
I got delivery of my vehicle (Chevrolet Aveo) in May 2008. And the problems started even before the delivery of the vehicle. I would discuss that as well but later in this post.

Yesterday, I handout my vehicle to them for first free service. Wait, The showroom is only 7km away from my home but the service center is 28km. I called them and the lady said that I need to drop the vehicle at the service center or they will pick up the vehicle from my place. I really do not believe on the driving skills of their drivers as I've seen a guy yelling on them when he saw scratches on his new car on very first day of delivery

So, I took the vehicle to my office from where there service center is only 5 km. So after calling 2 times to the service center even after appointment taken in one day advance, the driver came at 11.15 AM to my office to pick the vehicle, he inspected the car for any previous scratches. Luckly (not any more) thanks to my careful driving and personal maintainace I didn't have a single scratch. Though he found one hairline on the bonnet and marked it in his sheeet. I was ok with it.

Now the story started. When I got the delivery of my new vehicle, I noticed after a week that my car's right side indicator is loose and filled in with water. I took the car to the dealer and they said it's a manufacturing defect and will be rectified in first service. So, I asked the driver to make a note of this and he flee off takin my vehicle.

Now at 1.30 PM, I got call from their supervisor and he said that side indicator cannot be replaced free. I was like, fish. I have the COO (Cashless owernship offer) and it was the manufacturing defect. Do they mean that I played with the indicator and pour water on it. Am I freak? I asked him to talk to his Manager even the dealer and get back to me. He said he will call me in 15 mins. He didn't turned up so I called them again at 4 PM and the lady said "Sir, the supervisor will call you in 1 hour and the vehicle will be delivered in 1 hours time". I was waiting for their call till 5.45 PM. Ohh, did I mentioned that work hours end at 5 PM? Anyway, I called them again at 5.55PM and the lady got the supervisor on call and he said that he will call me in 15 mins. I was waiting for their call till 6.30 PM and I realised that these guys are making a fool out of me. I took my office cab and started towards their service station.

On the way I was trying to call them and no one was picking up the phone. I reached their around 6.50. And to my surprise the service center was closed. There was only person left. My car was right there, I asked him about the status and he said the showroom closed at 6 PM. (Just 5 mins after the guy said he will call me in 15 mins.) Obviosly, I blasted. So he called up the supervisor and he was there only wondering somethere. and he had NO explanation to anything. He said there was a lot of LOAD. Which no one told me entire day. No one turned up with the status of the vehicle even though I called.

The supervisor said, your indicator cannot be replaced free, as the store manager refused it.. you take the vehicle and we will do it in next servicing. (This is the second time I got this answer, first time I got it while first 1000 km service). I asked why he did not informed me in the afternoon. No answer. Why you didn't call me when you said you will call me in 15 mins. No answer. How should I go home without the vehicle from this freaking isolated place. No answer.

By god's grace, their Manager dropped in at the service center, who is incharge on that service center.
I should say, the person was nice and polite. He assured me that the indicator will be replaced under warranty as it's General Motor standard. GM is known for its quality car and all. He said his service van will come to my place in the morning and will replace the indicator.

The supervisor handed me over the job sheet and again to my surprise it was on some other's name with my Car number on it. The manager asked him to change and he didn't know how to do it. So the manager told me that he will send the corrected bill in the morning with the service guy. I took the car and came home.

How many mistakes and ignorance so far? Keep counting.

I just woke up this morning and went down to see if the work is carried out as per my expectation. And what I saw, a preety scratchy vehicle. Few visible scratches near front wheel, side doors. I know they are not going to accept it and I would need to live with them. I cannot explain them how good I care for the vehicle. Since past 5 months with 4400km not a single scratch on vehicle. And with just a distance of 5-6 km. 3-4 visible scratches. Now you know, why I said that the driver flee away taking my car.

I am preety much disappointed looking at my car. The car is not cleaned properly, its still dirty inside.
I really feel like going to the service station and shooting like every guy who touched my car. After all it's my hard earned money, carelessly handled by some crazy people.

GM, what should I do? Can you see my frustration? I am so restless after looking at my car in the morning. I started typing out this post out of frstration.

If you do not take my concern seriously, I want to assure you that I would NEVER ever recommend anyone a GM car. Even though you make great cars, they are difficult to maintain with such dealers.

I regret today at my decision, I should have gone for Honda City or Verna but ...

Now what I'm gonna do? I am gonna wait for the guys to come and change the indicator with the correct documentation. Till that time, I am gonna get my WAX polish and will try to clean up the mess they have created.

Date: 18th October 2008
Time: 9:45 AM
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dear sir /mam

sub : complaint Chevrolet dealer in yamunanagar in Haryana

with due respect i m owner of beat (D) car i m located in chandigarh address # 3361 A sector 31 D Chandigarh, why i m purchase this car bcoz may friends recommended this is a very very nice car but may wife sad int in swift but when i was take test drive i sad cute & good car i m purchase with in 2 & 3 days this car but i m totally disappointed with u r Chevrolet Dealer OBEROI in yamunanagar i m totally dissatisfied with her u r not choose dealer. i m also interested in purchase one more car but i never purchase & recommended my friend circle & family member other person but (GENERAL MOTORS) Chevrolet is world famous brand this is not a small brand in indian market right now beat is a hot selling products in small sgt. i m totally dissatisfied non corporation service staff ( sale staff is very good )but service staff hay tooba i m facing noise problem under the bonnet last six months i m coming 7 times in workshop every time he said problem is rectified car is ok condition when i was gone noise come again he also be-and my car front driver side door every time he said sir front light is loose. i m also belong last 18yrs automobiles ind i m working with AUDI this is humble request for u plz find out the solution

date 06 july 2013 THANXS REGARD
[protected] (haryana)
[protected] (punjab)

Chevrolet Spark/General Motors — Dealer is not giving Life Insurance even after 3 months

I ordered for Chevrolet Spark Car on 16-Oct-2007 in Orange showroom, Hyderabad, but I didn't get Life Insurence of the car till Jan 2008.
They told us that They will be provoding this in max # weeks and now they are telling like it can take 3 months and even 6 months.
I diidn't understood,how can this thing can take this much time.
This dealer(Orange Motors,Banjara HIlls,Hyderabad),is not able to discharge even bare minimum responsibility as it also took time at the time of car delivery even we informed the delivery timing 3 days before.
please consider it the most Important and try to take action toards this.
Ya I am fully agree with this as I also faced the same problem with the Orange Car,Hyderabad Dealers.
GM is not alone. All car makers are like that. Tata motors handled my case worse than that.
So.. the story continues...

The breakdown guy suppose to come at 11. I called up at 11.40 AM, asked the lady about the status... she said Sir (the manager) is busy please give me your number I will ask him to call you.

Called at 12.10 - Manager online... "Sir, the breakdown guy has already left and he should be at your place around 2. BUt, he is stuck somewhere so I will ask him to give you a call and he will tell you the exact time"

no call from the breakdown guy..

Called at 2.00 - Manager online... "Sir, didn't he call you. Wait, I will just let you know in 5 mins"

No responce. By this time I very well knew that my weekend has been screwed by this guys and I dropped the manager a SMS at 3 PM as I was fade up calling him again and again.

Got call from him at 3.15 PM. "Sir, I'm sending a guy from servicing center.. should reach there in 45 mins.

I went to take a nap. 5 o'clock the guy called.. I went down he replace the indicator.. it was not a perfect fit... Answer was... Sir, there is some problem... I said ok.. I can see that... He said "Sir, next time when you give your vehicle for servicing then just mention my name. I know the problem and I will fix that. I had nothing to answer.

Next service 5 months, till that time these guys will forget everything and am sure they won't have any solution on it. Temporarily I've fixed a "toothpick", and the indicator is sticking in there.

All said and done. I'm FADE UP of GM After sales service.
Why dont take help of consumer court and teach them a lesson ?
ha ha ha ... This is funny.

I received call from the dealer. The lady took down my office address and said my vehicle will be delivered by the evening. I asked which vehicle and she said "Captiva". ha ha ha ha.
These guys are mad now. God bless the owner.
I escalated this incident to one GM manager. ( I won't mention his name here)
And I got call from Shreyans Talera yesterday, Their Service Manager was on line.
He was well aware of this incidence and was sorry about whatever happened. He also listened to all my concerns calmly and promised me that this is not going to happen again and he will personally take care of my problem. I insisted him to take every customer's issues and concerns seriously and not only mine.

I don't know how seriously Talera is going to take this and raise their service standards in future, I will only come to know while my car's second service.

Looking forward for good relationship with Talera's

God Bless
Dear Hemant Thakre,

I can understand your predicament, If this can happen in a city of PUNE, of which we are proud of being an established Automotive Cluster / Belt of India, what must be the conditions of Dealers / Customers in the interiors, of INDIA.

I Believe & am confident GM's, vehicles & servicing policies are the best, they should now make each of their channel partners / service station maintain at least 10 sets of complete such spares & accessories on continuous basis with weekly / daily replenishment.

I recollect in 1993-95, A leading Automobile Co launched its Unique vehicle in the band of Rs 4 to 5 lakhs then, but the dealers, did not manage well or plan & think to stock few components from the lower band / of price points below Rs 50, since the margin on them was poor or the opportunity cost of replacing some other parts in the same vehicle / like vehicles brought more profits then replacing these petty parts, within the same time frame, hence willfully neglected on that ground alone.

This resulted into the owners unable to use the vehicle for the purpose it was meant for & hence decided to leave the vehicle in the dealer's premises & complaints to the Manufacturer/ Consumer Courts, who sales got choked within a fortnight & was compelled to replace it on priority & deliver the vehicles to the respective owners accordingly.

Hence, many a times such acts / reasonings do not serve everybody, hence, its the manufacturers vicarious liability to guide his dealers & also ensure that he follows it protocol religiously, to avoid bringing dis reputations.Believe GM / its Management, will assist all its customers accordingly on reading the above situations.

Uday Prabhu.
I too had bad experiences with the company dealer in karnal(haryana) with my optra.i went for a paid service..i was asked to pick up my car in 2 hours but it took them more than that later when i was driving i realised that the steering wheel was mal aligned.i went back they said that probably the wheel alignment is out of order.it was perfect before the service.i asked them to fix it they said that they dont have a machine.they told me to go somewhere else..i came home and called the manger.the lady there said he is not there.i recieved no call back.later i realised they did not even fill my service booklet.it was a very disheartning episode.who is responsible
I ordered for Chevrolet Aveo Car on 9-Oct-2008 from Pashankar Auto wheels pvt ltd., Pune, but I neither received RC/TC book nor Life Insurance of the car after 1.25 month. I am doing follow-up with the sales executive & he is promising me revert back within a day. Now the sales person is neither attending the phones & not giving me date when the documents will receive to me.
I didn't understood, how can this thing can take this much time.
This dealer, is not able to discharge even bare minimum responsibility as They kept vehicle for 5 days for registration against the promise of returning back within one day.
For first free servicing i did the follow up for 10 days & after servicing when the car received it was without washing.
I dont understand what are guidelines about service

If you do not take my concern seriously, I want to assure you that I would NEVER ever recommend anyone a GM car. Even though you make great cars, they are difficult to maintain with such dealers.

I regret today at my decision, I should have gone for Suzuki vehicle but ...
Awaiting for immediate response
I have complaints against GM Cheverlet Authorized Dealers at Jodhpur Rajasthan named Atherva Motors.

They are very much behind us for the purchase of Cars but once we buy it and make the payment they are least bothered, I went for my firts precheckup at 1000Km, I had asked to check the bonet adjustment and fit the central locking.
Only this process took them two working days and that too they have not alinged the bonet. The Central Locking also is not working properly when I took the delivery back on second day.

Now they are asking to come again for the same job which they left incomplete.

In service terms GM has the worst Customer service.
I have complaints against GM Cheverlet Authorized Dealers at Jodhpur Rajasthan named Atherva Motors.

They are very much behind us for the purchase of Cars but once we buy it and make the payment they are least bothered, I went for my firts precheckup at 1000Km, I had asked to check the bonet adjustment and fit the central locking.

Its all upto them that they do work or not. Both the work they left incomplete and waited two days.
GM's after sales service is really pathetic in Bangalore also. The TV Sundaram motors, dealer in Bangalore, having a big name ended up in providing a worst service. But for their good Service center Manager nothing is going correct. GM have to look into the matter and respond.
Mr Chevrolet Aveo Car given for Accident Repair to Sundaram Motors in Bangalore has not received any attention. Even after a lapse of more than 8 Days, the repairs/efforts to repair has not been made.

Please help in the matter !!


GSM No [protected]
I also disappointed, 2 months back i broke my sparks tail lamp, my dealer (gee eem ) had no spare, i had to go to another dealer 160 km away(deedee motors)..now i broke my side view mirror, again same, no one is having spare, why one hell, they are selling cars with out having at least these frequently damaged parts? Pathetic Gm...
Ref : Reg No. Kl -01-AF 1155

Dear sir,

I purchased a cheverolet optra bearing the above said registratin No. on OCT 2004.

Last year i had a complaint of Engine Raising.
I first sreviced at DEEDI Motors Trivandrum, there was no change in the complaint.

Then i services at GM Ernakulam, complaint was done but again started after a week.

Again on july 10th 2008, i gave the vehicle to Deedi Motors Trivandrum
They serviced the vehicle and gave the bill for 7879/- Rupees .
The part they changed was "SENSOR LT HEATED LAMBDA"
The complaint was not yet clear.

What should i do in this matter

Kindly advice.

Thanking You.
GM is reluctant on the dealers who charge in tune of Rs 2500 extra for insurance of Rs 9k. Pathetic stop fooling innocent customers. Please do your own insurance outside if needed. GM is not giving margin that is why they are extracting from customers. This is what is said by KLN motors chennai. GM wake up... its hightime.
Pl. give me telephone/ fax details of GM who would listen to my complaints

premier automobiles ltd. bombay — deficiency in services for not refunding the booking amount

deficiency on part of company for not refunding the booking amount of rs 20000 which has been elicited by the company from the complaint with a stipulation for refunding the same within a period of 60 days on availing the option for cancellation of booking emerge this complaint for refund of the amount with intrest costs

for further more enquires please contact
I have buy CHERVOLET SPARK Car from AUTOVIKAS DWARKA after 6 month power staring bump got faulty. I want to AUTOVIKAS DWARKA Service center but that time they don't have part. 15 days over still they don’t have parts. Then i call to GM Motors customer care my request number is 11908.

If GM Motors don’t have parts they don’t have rights to sale the cars.

Need your helps...


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