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[Resolved]  GK Developers GK Builders Pune — GK Developers GK Builders Complaint Feedback Review: Beware & Avoid

GK Developers or GK Builders or now known as GK Associates...buyers please be extra careful with the GK projects and the best would be NOT to buy anything from GK.
They started their business some 5-6 years back and are known to develop the pimple saudagar area where they still have lots of projects going on...
They have now established themselves in the market, so now they have changed gears and started harassing the buyers....READ ON MY RECENT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

The quality used to be good around 4-5 years back when they first started their projects like Dwarkadhish, etc., but now it has gone down considerably. Just in the first 2 months of possession, you will see leakage problems not just on the top floors, but also on intermediate floors like 3, 4 and 5th.

One sided agreements are quite common to all builders in Pune, but GK still has the top hand in it. The agreement & sales deed has clauses like common areas like roads, terrace and parking areas are owned by builder forever, even after society formation. Anytime they are allowed to open and divert a road from one project to their neighbouring projects and buyer/society cannot have any objection to it. Parking areas, common areas can be used for commercial purposes as per the wish of the builder, like putting up large disk antennas, laying network cables, mobile network towers (known to cause cancer & other diseases). The income from these rentals will go to GK, not to the society or any buyer. You are allowed to read the copy of agreement, but only in selected parts. The above sections are NEVER revealed to you till you sign the registration.

Then comes this pre-possession form drama. Just before taking the possession, you are required to check all things in the flat and sign a pre-possession form. Only after you write on the form that "Everything is good and no more work is pending", only then you are allowed to take possession. Sounds good, isnt it? But hold on.
GK guys tell you that your flat is ready for possession and you agree on a possession date. Now the pre-possession circus start. You check the flat, find some problems and inform the builder. They do some simple work, but leave out the major problematic work. It keeps getting delayed. Various reasons are quoted - lack of labour, no availability of material, will be done after 3 days, needs permission from maintenance manager, waiting for replacement to arrive from the vendor (tiles, comode, pipe-fitting, etc.) and so on.... It's an endless wait spanning months....finally, one gives up and agress to take the possession with lots of work incomplete. GK guys then make verbal promise that everything will be complete soon and insist on the client signing the pre-possession form and giving in writing that everything is complete in the flat, as that is a required formality. BEWARE, NOTHING WILL BE DONE AT ALL ONCE YOU SIGN THE PRE-POSSESSION FORM.

In my case, we agreed on a possession date which was 1.5 months later. Since I was staying in a rented flat, I had informed my landlord to vacate in 1.5 month. I thought 1.5 month should be enough for the remaining things to be fixed by the builder. But then, they never did any proper important work. Kept on delaying it citing all the above reasons. The 1.5 month estimated work was not completed even in 3.5 months. Finally, due to the pressure from my landlord to vacate the flat, I had to trust GK and filled up the pre-possession form, based upon their verbal promise of getting everything done ASAP. Till date, I'm still waiting after more than a year. They have simply rubbished off my request by saying that I have given in writing on the pre-possession form that everything is fine and working. Same is the case of other flat owners in my building.

They are also not interested in fixing construction related problems even within 5 months of possession, although it is a requirment on their part. Leakage started on the 3rd floor during rains, and it was left on the buyer to get it fixed. No responsibility on part of GK. What's more annoying is that they wont allow me to bring any outside labour to fix the problem, they say it might cause problems to the structure of the building, which only the builder has the right to do. So, you are forced to pay double or triple the amount to GK labourers that too in advance. I paid 12K for a leakage problem, then waited for 10 days and their skilled labour fixed it in 20 minutes only. All they did was broght in some cement and filled up a hole. What do you call that? Skilled work or skilled robbery - taking 12K in advance for a 20 minutes task?

I know that many of you even after reading the above review and similar ones like the one at (consumercomplaints. in /complaints/gk-developerspune-c251114.html) would say that "All builders do it" and "I have a friend staying in so and so GK project like Roseland and quality is good".
I want to reiterate that quality used to good few years back. Talk to the residents of newly built wings of Roseland and any other recent GK projects. They will tell you the real story - leakage, tiles breaking in few months time, work left incomplete, charging exorbitant amounts even if the buyer is willing to pay for it, no guarantee of construction even within 1 year of possession and so on. OR just visit any of the GK sales office and you will know how arrogance has taken over their quality of work. There is no proper maintenance offered, they simply keep taking the name of other people passing the buck away.

SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT THEY ARE ARROGANT BUT GIVE POSESSION ON TIME. Depends upon what you mean by possession - if being forced to take possession of an incomplete flat with lots of problems is called a "timely posession", then it's your's take.

How do you feel when you come back from office everyday and you see your living room wall leaking? Or you going to the toilet and see the broken tile many times during the day? Or you invite many relatives and guests for a pooja/party and they have to carry filled water buckets from one bathroom to another because the other bathroom's pipe-fitting is damaged and GK is not offering any timely replacement. Or some person says I'll come in half an hour to fix the problem, you take time off from your office, the person does not come even after 3 hours or doesnt come at all. After making you wait wasting office time and forcing you to take leave, he comes, looks around and simply says "Talk to so and so for this problem".

THE TRUTH IS THAT YOU FEEL CHEATED. It hurts you everytime you see that, but you cant do anything about that, except for being robbed off more money.

So for new buyers, I can only suggest avoiding GK.
Remember, construction related work is a life-long requirement. The more you delay it or forced to delay by the builder, the worse it gets. Neither you can get it done on your own because only the builders have the right to it, nor will you feel happy about paying them to get the work (pay 12K for a 20 minute job, and still wait for 10 days even after making advance payment). What can you do best? AVOID GK

My take is that GK has now established themselves, so they have changed gears and behaving like any other local builders. That's the cost of growth - no control over increased no. of employees, and most importantly, use many names to pass the buck to someone else to avoid doing the job. First called GK Developers, then GK Builders, and now GK Associates - they are all tricks to close down one company and start afresh leaving no liability towards buyers. The people whom you met during your purchase of flat will be shifted to other projects and new ones will deal with you saying NO to everything.

Ultimately, the buyers suffer and get robbed off the money. I'll suggest better look for other builders. GK is not someone to be trusted.
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:18:40
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Dilip is very arroagant. Seems they are not interested to sell their property. I asked them to give me draft agreement to read and understand but they denied. No receipts being given for payments made as per them.

They mentioned indoor games in project brochure but they denied providing it.

They do not hand-over FSI to society but keep with themselves.

They shout on customers and insult them. They are cheaters and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AVOID GK. Otherwise, you will regret later. Believe me.. for Humanity sake, I am cautioning everyone.
They have newly constructed building at Punawale - Rose Mansion. Possession is not yet started and go and check the flats for yourself - you will find cracks on the wall and they say its not their problem and told us to fix it later after possession.

Rose Mansion possession has not yet started but maintenance started from 1st May.. Cheating.. :-)

Thank God we have RERA now.. Let's get united and complaint to police and RERA authorities as they are not the ones who make laws in India. They have to obey laws of the nation and RERA guidelines.

There is huge penalty on builder on mis-guiding the customer and on construction quality.

IMP : As per RERA, temporary society has to be formed if 60-70% flats are sold and hand-over everything to them. However, GK is living still in old world and take money for maintenance for 2 years and maintain it - which is illegal and breach of RERA guidelines, as per my knowledge.

gk constructions — cancel the conections

sir we ra gk constructions webooked 5 group conections pls cancel the 3 conestions 1.[protected],[protected],[protected] in the name of gk constructons plotno 219,road no 78,jubile hills ,hydarabad,pls cancel the conctions
Yes I agree with this, these people are very arrogant nowadays. They really don't know how to interact with customers. When there is delay in payment from customer side they threaten you by saying "if you delay the payments you'll become defaulter and our recovery department will take care of you"
WTF... recovery department as of we've taken loan from them and not paying it back. I'm going through PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) process currently and yes it sounds good but whatever inspection comments we fill in the form they don't finish it on time.

Please think 10 times before dealing with this builder.
GK wonder is very faltu builder...and Ganesh tambe the sales person...dont trust him..he just do sweet talk...very faltu person tambe..dont do business with GK wonder..i am victim of GK and Tambe.
Hello guys, i have booked a flat in GK developers for a booking amount of 1 Lac rupees, but they are denying to give receipt saying that till agreement they don't give any receipt.
Also they are saying that after 1 week I have to give more 9 lacs rupees to them as booking amount for which also they wont give us receipt. Receipts are submitted only if agreement is done. Is it safe to go ahead with such rules or shall I cancel the flat?
One more thing, there are two entities existing with the name of GK Developers, GK Associate and GK Fortune.

GK Fortune Projects are :
Dwarka Sai, Rahatani...

Quality : 1/5
Trust : 1/5
Arrogance : 5/5
Attitude : 5/5

They are not giving receipt for payment we make. They say receipt will only be given after agreement. That is unethical. I have asked them for receipt the Accountant Rahul said I don't think we can do the deal like this. He is very arrogant . Very cheap and colour changing peoples in GK associates.
Any review or feedback about GK associates Royal hills Ravet Pune.
we have booked flat over there and after that i read all the getting confused.
please respond..
I am also planning to Buy flat in GK Royal Hills Ravet.
Please suggest whether to Go for it or not.
About GK Royal Hills Ravet, after 3 visits we decided to buy 1 bhk flat. Sales person was Dilip .
His behavior was arrogant. he shouted on us. They are changing rates as daily basis. we negotiated on last Saturday, on next day he increased his rates. He refused to give receipt for token amount of 1 lack rs cheque. When we inquire about cancellation terms, you should trust us, We will return your amount i[censored] cancel flat.
They are giving lavish flats only to attract customers..
The sales person Dilip is also coordinating with me, And I did't facing any issue with that person, even yesterday i had make a agreement and will be moved in next 15 days...
yes agree for arrogant behavior, Because the some sales person are really arrogant arrogant over there, Even i have seen that, But it't not happens with me
at GK royal hills they not have completion certification . also they are forming apartment condominium which will be very problematic in future
One of the worst builder I have experienced !!
Please think 100 times before you give a single penny to this crook builder. Please dont go by looks of building & outer finishing.
Salesperson is extremely arrogant and after-sales service is bad.
Final Conclusion : Roadside cheap builder with no ethics
Anyone booked flat in GK Shiv Sai Vishwa, K wing Pimple Sadagar? We have booked flat few months back, building is ready, but they have not done agreement yet..telling reasons..and now they have told us that the agreement will be delayed by 6 months.. don't understand the reason why this is so? big confusion.

Pls reply.
The Promoter may allow display of advertisement and/or hoarding
sites/neon signs, or may allow erection of antennae or towers for
cable/satellite television, wireless, mobile, internet, cellular services, on
Commercial building and shall solely derive any benefits (including
financial) accruing thereon. The Purchaser shall not lay any claim over
the same by any means and/or resorting to any legal process.

Stop playing with people life by erection of high radiation cellular towers after possession.
I am planning to book falt in GK Silveland Residency, Ravet

Any idea about this project
Bijal Choksi's reply, Jun 22, 2018
I am also interested please provide your mobile no.
Anuragmalani's reply, Oct 15, 2018
Did you get any reviews?
Hi I too have a feedback to provide about the GK Associates Pune, which I am working on. Will release the same very soon.

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