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I have registered for CCNA course in April 2008...The course got completed in May, 2008. But till now I haven't got my certificate.
I went around 10 times to their office from my busy schedule ...
But they always given excuse. I can't understand how can one certificate of only 1 month course can take 4 - 5 months to reach to me..I feel cheated... They also told me that they will give me oppurtunity for job interviews etc. but till now I haven't got any such oppurtunity apart from one online exam for HCL CDC itself.

My qualification is B.E. (E&C) with 2.6 Yrs IT Experience...and I also have training in ERP

If they cant provide interview oppurtunity to me how they will provide interview oppurtunity to others. Mind It...I am not talking about placement/ job, I am only talking about interview oppurtunity

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NO PLACEMENT ! at hcl cdc
yes im also a fresh a victim of hcl cdc

they are making fool and playing with our career (yes im talking on behalf of my batch)
...nobody is placed yet

SAY BIG NO to hCL if you are assuming that
.>they gonna place u...
.>they will teach u in depth knowledge of programming


better to join some inexpensive institute if u r new in programing

if someone wants to know the details about us then go to hcl cdc centre janak puri, delhi ask for
jan to june batch 2008
1. sandeep
3.dinesh sirohi
8.saurabh(evening batch)
12.manish(morning batch)
..there are more names i m not able to recall from evening and morning batch
we were in the 9 to 11 am slot

i think i wrote enough names for u ..to get information regarding placement

Not only they lack in delivering, HCL CDC lack in all respect.I am a employee of HCL CDC, Bhubanewsar, working as Sr Business Development Executive .in this tenure of my job i found they lack of professionalism, shrewed politics goes inside office, and they centre managers and BDM, they never generate any revenue of there own, they only enjoy there salary.Not only that they use the company;s resources for there personal purpose.Although i do give good business, still they always want to get rid of me bcoz of my professioanlism and genuinity.
I am looking for the detail contacts of the person who head the HR and Operational Activities from the Management Team of the Corporate Office
Hi Navin,

I totally agree with your concern. It became a large scale cheating business for HCL. I hope the Management of HCL is unaware of the things that are going in CDC centres. The Management people only consider the increasing number of students day by day performance measure of the CDC centres. They never look into the quality of service that CDC is serving. Every CDC centre motto is to make more & more money by enrolling more & more students.
Me & 2 more students took admission for MCSE only, at that time the Counsellor sitting over there told us that it is your choice to opt between Security & Exchange server, but now when we want to do Exchange they asked us to submit the fees of Exchange separately which is 5.5k. When we asked them that why they have not informed us the same thing when we are enrolling for the course then they have no answer. They simply told us that if you want to persue the course, you need to submit the fees. Just a day before our Teacher inform us that the CDC management is putting pressure on him, to convince us to take enrollment in Exchange, even for next 2 days they have reduced the fees to 4.5k.
These all things are happening in Preet Vihar CDC center which have been awarded for Service Excellence by HCL just few days back.
I am also a student of HCL CDC. My opinion is, any company will charge extra money for extra services. Why're you expecting something in charity. And, if you want the agreed service only, I don't think CDC will charge extra. At least, me and my other friends studying in CDCs have not even heard about this.
Hi Ankur,

I disagree with the thing. I think that before stating anything you should know that MCSE certicfication contains the option of Security & Exchange, it is your sole choice that what you will opt for. How it becomes an extra service ? Extra means if I am asking for both exchange & security. Also there are many things in this world that you have not heard or may be you will not hear in near future that doesn't mean that those things do not persist. Are you in Preet Vihar CDC center ?
If not then you have to visit HCL CDC Preet Vihar center for any query / doubt about the things & all the things will get more clear to you.
Hey Guys, Now they are telling me to give one more exam...as the exam paper which I have given previously are lost.

After 6 month they are saying this.

With Regards,
Navin in this case firstly you should have the receipt of the exam earlier given by you. Also write an application stating to Center Head asking for your Certificates. If they denies for it then try to take in written from them that they are not able to provide you the Certificate.
Give a written complaint in your nearest Police Station that they are not providing you the certificates. I know these steps are very hard but there is no other choice to make the things right in such a weird situation. Even write a mail about your problem to these mail ids also hcledn@hcl.in ; noida@hclcdc.in
Hi Varun,

I am supporting you in this regard because the same thing is also happening with me. I was being told that you will be teach MS Exchange 2003, now the management said that if you wont register for MS Exchange 2007, we won't provide you book and will only give you 4-5 days class as overview.

I don't know how they got this Sevice Excellence award without going through the infrastructure and services provided to students. i think this is only on the basis of No. of students admitted.

After so many request made by us (students), management of CDC preet vihar is not co-operating us. Everytime they just commit to do it by tomorrow, but i don't know when tomorrow comes.

Suresh Arora
CDC is nothing, just a big F**K. CDC is not good, never look into the quality of service. Big F**K to CDC.. and there team..
Hi Pearl,

As i think CDC is good but due to some CDC center management they are misusing the name of HCL, even at my center HCL CDC PREET VIHAR, our faculty is very good, there is no compromise in his teachnig but the management is unable to provide atmosphere accordingly.
I am student of HCLCDC(Raipur), Chattisgarh.I am a student of Batch 4 (joined in Sep 2008).I am going to give the exam of A+ at 18Dec 2008.I have joined for the course of 1 Year named as HCE.So please suggest me whether I should continue with it or not and can i expect for a better placement after the completion of my course of HCE.
Please send me some fact details related to HCLCDC.
hi I m student of HCL CDC ranchi, It is in very poor condition, students of this center are not getting proper study and placement .All our batch mates have spend upto 35000 yet but what we study here by our faculty members is not good. lab is also not good here. we not understand what to do now, we have send a lot money and time. I only say please take a lesson from us as a student i give my view .now its up to you to take decision.
I am joining SCWCD Course in HCL CDC on May'08 itself. But till now there is a single class for me. They just confusing me and the money is not till refund. They make me as fool and play a game in my carrer. But I am not fool i definetly teach a lesson soonly for the HCL CDC in Trichy. Even now they cant attend my phone calls. I request the high officials that please take a necessary steps to keep their name of HCL is going spoil. So please take a necessary steps for the retrieving . Not only myself there r many persons like me not attend even a single class.
could anyone pls tell me about HCL CDC centre at pitampura & also about their faculty...????
I want to draw attention of all IT aspirants to the self styled IT Networking expert trainers - the HCL CDC.

We r suffering now after joining RHCE course in an HCL CDC. The counsellor initially provided wrong info that the faculty is RHCE certified. The faculty there has done only RHCT on RHEL-4 version. He is not able to finish the course properly and can't clear our doubts. Whenever we draw his attention to finish the RHCE books provided from RedHat official curriculum, he says he can't go by the book and that the practical labs described in the book can't be performed that way in the computer lab.

We approached the center manager for batch transfer to other HCL CDC branch, but he bluntly refused saying there is no such provision. Whereas the other HCL CDC branch claims there is such provision if the institute gives batch transfer letter. We r left in nowhere after paying such hefty course fee and spending two months in HCL CDC for nothing.

The other HCL CDC official asks us to approach consumer forum for assistance and says we should not have joined that center in first place since that was a franchisee.

But that is not our fault, how can we distinguish whether the HCL center we are visiting is a HO or Regional center or a franchisee.

Plz avoid these corrupt IT training centers and spread message about this incident.
HCL is really third class institute.I have paid Rs 42000/ fee for course Oracle track in 2007 Dec.But the course is not started yet.Just they start the course for few days then, due to some kind of reason they stop it.Listen my story completly I joint that institute in Dec 2007.There were only 4 students in that batch.Course started continueously for 15 days.After they stopped that course fo 1 month.Then again
with 6 students course is statted continueously for 15 days.This cycle is running for last 2 years.
Please do not join this institute at all.Please mailme fo further information
kuch nahi hota
the full form of hcl is HUM CHOOS LENGE. they are sucking our time our money and our career. if any one wants to join hcl then i have a suggestion ...fix ur money in a bank ...atleast it will give u some interest ...
I am student o HCL CDC of Ghakopar(Mumbai).Its inogration was on 13/04/2008 on this date they started their new branch.Now They need Students, For this they launched various offers (Say 10% Discount, FREE Laptop, FREE 70-270 Global Exam)Seeing the offers i took the admission in HCE.Till date i have got 10% Discount & Laptop, But now They are refuseing that we never had told like that you will get 70-270 paper free which costs Rs2000/-.
I want them to Provide Global Exam 70-270 as they have promised to me.

Concerned PersonOf Hcl Cdc(Ghatkopar)
...Anita(Central Manager)
Worst institute i have ever seen...

Dear friends i am going to provide u few true and internal information, which will help u to know about this fake institute.
HCL CDC kolkata, i did my summer project from there...
The Hr Ms Monikonika, and other managers as for example teritorry manager Mr. Souvik Bhattachria.and arun Zeviers. etc they usually behave with all sip's very badly...

at initial they promise to provide the Traveling expenses but later they swallow all the money...all of them are big cheater.
Though they made us work like hell but at end of they day they don't forget to behave badly...
other than behaviour ther products are useless...they just use the brand name...they dont have any base faculties are worst... materials provided are also worst...as i did my summer project from they i know the inner details of this institute...Senior managers even behaves badly with the juniors employees...

We worked in HCL CDC for 2 months...we visited different places in and outside kolkata...bt did nt receive any TA.still now we havent receive any certificate ...they made us market all bluff products...they even bring students by providing wrong n fake information...

Such kind of institutes should be triggered down...

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