HSBC Credit Card — Undue charges and malpractices by HSBC Credit Card Division

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 Digant Vir Singh
Respected Sir,
I would like to bring to your notice that I was offered a credit card by HSBC in June 2006. The credit card number is [protected]. Since the time I got my credit card, I was never getting any statements. I escalated it to HSBC saying that I would not be paying any late payment fees and statement balance until I recieve my statements and HSBC provided me the user id and password for internet banking. However, since Jan 2007 my internet id stopped working and I escalated it to HSBC to enable my user id or to send me the statements. HSBC never provided me any statements nor they enabled my internet id. I used to call up HSBC customer care and get the statement balance and used to pay it. For the statement month of 10th Feb 2007 to 09th March 2007th, I was levied a late payment charge of 1034.97 as my check was cashed by HSBC on March 10th. I had talked to HSBC customer care and they told me that the charges will be reverted back. However, HSBC never reverted back the chanrges and started late payment fee on the amount thath should have been revrted back. Since I was not getting any statements I was under the assumption that the charges had been reverted back and no payment was due on the credit card. I did not recieve any statements till
Sep 2007 and in Sep 2007 statement, there was a balance of 3207Rs on the card. When I enquire about the transaction details,HSBC never provided me the details. Later on HSBC posted this to CIBIL without informing me.
I would like to make following complaints for HSBC -

1. HSBC customer care officer committed on the phone that the late payment charges would be reverted back however
they never reverted back the charges, in stead they kept on charging the interest.

2. HSBC is not giving me the clarification on some of the statement transactions even after explicityly requesting them tp provide the same information,

3. I had given a request to HSBC to change the contact address, however this was never completed.

4. By not sending me any explicit reminder,HSBC did not comply with its MITC which says "In the event of default (if the minimum amount dues is not paid by the payment due date or breach of any clause of
cardholder agreement), the cardholder will be sent reminders from time to time for payment of any outstandings on
credit card account, by post, fax, telephone, email, SMS messaging and/or through third parties appointed for
collection purpose to remind."

5. As per RBI guidelines ( , MITC should have toll free number for custmer care services. However, there is not toll free number provide by HSBC. It was very difficult and expensive for me to talk HSBC cusomter care representative owing to the lack of toll free number.

6. As per RBI guidelines "In case of providing information relating to credit history / repayment record of the card holder to a credit information company (specifically authorized by RBI), the bank/NBFC may explicitly bring to the notice of the customer that such information is being provided in terms of the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005." , HSBC should have
contacted me before it escalated the information to CIBIL. However, it was never done.

7. I had raised many requets to HSBC to provide the transaction details , however HSBC clearly did not provide the information
so that it can levy further charges abd benefit illegally by exploiting the customer in the name of CIBIL.

8. As per RBI's guidelines-
"The card issuing bank/NBFC should not reveal any information relating to customers obtained at the time of opening the account or issuing the credit card to any other person or organization without obtaining their specific consent, as regards the purpose/s for which the information will be used and the organizations with whom the information will be shared."
However HSBC clearly sent all the statements to an unknown email id on Aug 12th 2009 without proper verfication process being followed.

9. HSBC had written off my account. I am not sure if there is any accounting method which allows to accumulate interest charges on the written off account. Clearly HSBC is not following proper accounting policies.

Based upon the above, I request you bring justice to this case as HSBC is not helping me in providing any clarification.
Please note that, I would also be looking for the compensation for all the mental harrassment that I have gone through because
of HSBC undue charges, not revering the charges that HSBC commited to revert back thereby misguiding the customer, not providing the statements on time. Please let me know what are the additional documents that I need to provide. I do believe that HSBC
is clearly playing with the week consumer protection laws and had the same thing happened in USA, HSBC would have reverted back the charges on their own and would have paid a compensation to RBI/customer for not complying with the policies.

Digant Vir Singh
Senior Analyst
Goldman Sachs
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HSBC Credit Card — Cancellation of credit card not complied

I have not recived the any bill statement form send the details for my credit card statement.

I have received HSBC classic credit card but I had requested only GOLD credit card and I have received additional credit card with wrong INTIAL( Correct initial is M but received S)
My card limit is too low.
This card should be cancelled because of above mentioned reasons.

My credit card no -[protected]
Additional card – [protected]

CONTACT NO- +[protected]


HSBC Credit Card — Mwntal Harrasment


I have already send u a complaint regarding HSBC cerit card no.[protected].
But still i didn`t get any reply from your side.

Please reply me as early as possible.

HSBC Credit Card — Annual charges on free card and harrasment

I have been a credit card saying a lifetime free one. After one year HSBC started charging. When I called up customer care they said that they will revert back the amount. That never happened. Further they have added charge + penaly + interest.

Now every day twice/trice I am getting very rude mannered call from recovery agnent (no.[protected],[protected] naming Mr. Suresh. and others. They are not agree to listen to my problem but keep on thretening me.

One month back I paid Rs. 1000/- to recovery agent and they told that they will settle my card and close it with any further disruption. I never get any settlement letter.

Now they are saying I was fooled for the Rs. 1000/- Still I need to pay 19, 000/-.

I am totally peaced off on this type of behavior from HSBC bank.

When customer care told me they will revert back the charges then why the recovery agent is forcing me to pay. Morover they was no statemnt from the bank for last one year.

I have given letter to the bank to close my card. But never happen.

I want the card to close immediately. Already I paid Rs. 1000/- extra which I never borrowed from the bank.

My card no. is [protected]

I am not interested in this credit card because as per discussion with your executive there was no annual fee.

Please cancel it and reply me.
respected sir
i ma was received credit card form star india bazar at from amhedabad setelite area centre it was provides for totaly zero % surcharges but for few days after i used that card and then after i pay all the amount to hsbc bank and then after i was given the application for decline the card i submitted the card over to star india bazar of teh hsbc bank people and then after before raise the bill i paid full amout to the hsbc bank but right now after long period the hsbc bank and his terorist emplyoyee from recovery depart ment is still mently haaresme and pinching me for fur tehr payment of rs. 16000/- but sir how can i made this payments before i shut down my card as per rules i was pay full amount approx 349/= not execly but thee recovery people could not understand any thing and they people callme again and agian and give me the bad notice (dhmakee date hai, bahot state hai) when iwas asked his name and designation and address and contact no so that people is not going to tell any thing and not going to provide any information and identification he was always telling this type of bad words if you are not going to pay we will take uou legal action on you please send me reply as soon as possible
thanking you

HSBC Credit Card — Not receiving payment cheque (pick up)

Dear Sir,

I have recently shifted from Mumbai to Bangalore (work related). This is with reference to my HSBC Gold Card which i was using when i was in Mumbai. When updated HSBC of my change of address, they had sent on two occassions their payment pick up persons as i was unable to locate a HSBC office nearby and i work 6 days a week.
The last letter i received from HSBC telling me to make some payment immediately, for which i contacted their collection center and informed them to collect the cheque on 13th Feb 2009 (Ref. no 3922). Have called them at least 3 times till date and they have not collected the cheque from me. I dont want them to add late payment charges again. Kindly help me make this payment soon.


Pranjit K.
Hello Sir,

Unexpected billing & bill not received yet.

Since last 2 year i am using said bank credit card at STAR INDIA BAZAR, & the
Card NO:-[protected], I am enjoying services till October,
Because till October i received bills regularly which i paid regularly, but on 25/11/2009 i got SMS from HSBc that due to System Upgradetion please cooperate so i do but after than till today i have not received any Bill for payment of my outstending ammount so i request you to please delievered my outstending bills on priority base with coupons so i can enjoy the HSBC Card Service again.

Thanks & regards,

HSBC Credit Card — Undue charges in credit card statement

I, Naresh Puri holder of HSBC Credit Card No. [protected]
From June 2008 onwards I am not using this card anyway becasue I am receiving undue bills one by one.
On 23.10.2008 after telephonically dicussion with your rep. Ms. Poonam, the said amount of annual charges was waived off.
Immidiately after I recieved another bill and another with late fees and continuing with notices.
On 02.02.2009 after visiting HSBC Branch, Sector 9, Chandigarh and calling your rep. Ms. Sujata, I was told that all undue charges will be omitted in next bill.
But the same story is being in process till date. I am receiving SMS, Bill Statements, E-mails and Notices continuesly.
I am fedup by doing this again & again. Now I have just a single request to please waiveoff these undue charges or I have to persue with legal process.
I am here to get rid of your credit card as I feel that the same may happen again & again. This is not tolerable anymore.
Waiting for your early response.

HSBC Credit Card — False commitment, undue charges & mental harrasment

I would like to bring to your kind attention the mental agony hsbc collection officers are causing to me.

I also want to bring to your attention that hsbc cards are solicited with lot of promises like free card with no annual fee or joining fee & 10% cash throughout the credit card period without any upper limits etc exclusively for corporates. After receiving the cards when we check with customer care it would be an ordinary credit card without all those promises.

I was using hsbc credit card four years back. I had made full payment for all my purchases and dues and stopped using the card.
I am getting calls from hsbc, delhi asking (literally torturing) for payment now and then.

When checked with customer care, they said they had charged annual fee and credit shield fee and non payment finance charges, late fee and taxes on all these items and hence there is outstanding.

I was also neither contacted for few years and bankers have blocked the card.

Other leading banks issue free credit cards and waive annual fee upon our request. How come hsbc bank is charging annual fee on the cards not used and blocked so that I cannot use even if I want to and get tortured for payment like this, I dont understand.

I have taken this with the hsbc customer care they say they understand but cant do anything as per bank policy and they direct me to collection centres of hsbc and collection centres give the same excuse and direct me to local collection agencies who dont pick up the calls. Again, after few days there will calls from Delhi torturing not only me but my poor old and sick parents when I am not there at home.

Hoping to get a solution.
If any credit card bank make harrsement, first kick out side, then complaint plocice stattion
Sir, Iwas allotted gold cared earlier when I was at Mumbai, which Iwas continuing even after coming to Madars, Iwas getting regular payment without taking any advantage given by Bank for making payinet in instalments. All on a sudden Iwas offered Platinum Card considering the prompt payment and the usage during the previous periods. i was also felt happy as I have been recognised. But there only the problem starts. The bills were not reached on time and there was no phone sms alert, Even bill is not received I use to make payment on time considering the sms alert. I do not knoe the exact due date of the payment also. Thoug I have not received the bill when there was a phone call from your call centre on 18 only I came to know that the biull is already overdue for payment and accoringly I have to make to make payment with late fee and other unwanted charges. In the mean while I dropped the cheque for 16oo/- on 17th july and infored your staff who called from the centre and made complaintalso, which they have noted. and assure of waiving charges to the respective officer. Now I have received a bill which is purelycharges and nothing elso. As such I am requesting you to waive the same as there is no fault of mine, Now they have started sending the sms alert as earlier for this unwanted payment and bill was also received by me for Rs 503/- due on 01/09/2009, which I do not want to make payment . Accordingly I am requesting you to waive the same and send confirmation. Thanking you Yours faithfully, S>PILLAI IYENGAR, Card No.[protected]

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    HSBC Credit Card - Undue charges and malpractices by HSBC Credit Card Division