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[Resolved]  IN2CABLE INDIA LTD(in2net) — less Broadband speed and frequent disconnection

i am using kbps night unlimited plan which starts from 9pm to 9am. and on Sunday 24hrs./ according to 84kbps speed my download speed should be 48kbps. but i never get this speed rather a max speed of 34kbps that too only after 11.30pm approximately. from 9pm to 11.30 or 12pm i hardly get speed of 10-15kps that too frequently my download stop in between and i have to again download the file from starting many times./ i even complained about this problem but no solution yet.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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hello im from nagpur i have 1mbps plan they promise me for 100kBps but giving speed 30-40kbps at all time fully bakwas service from ... UCN is more better than In2net using 128 kbps night plan...firstly if i download from torrents then i get aorung 14-16 kbps provide wid good seeds...i had probs when i used 256 kbps plan...i only get 20 kbps...fkoff in2net...in2net sucks..
never go for in2net !!!
hi makrnd pls call me urgent dilip todankar netfast santacruz kalina [protected]
I too use 256 kbps limited plan since 6 days.
since 4 days i could surf for a whopping 20 seconds nonstop!!!
each time i open browser, webpage opens. by the time u click on any link internet disconnects!!! so guys get ready with ur speed. u have 20 seconds only to surf before u disconnect!!!
Please provide me the correct instructions and procedures such IP address, subnet, default gateway, preferred and alternate DNS server, etc for In2net / SK_THNSK_THN.
hi i am karim khan i am also a person like you but i also solving my internet problem itself i have took 384kbs night plan and i getting 50 to 80 kbps download speed so its good u need ask main in2net owner about this problem thanks in2net best
How should i check my internet usage?
How should i check my internet usage?
How should i check my internet usage?
less download speed provider service in2net ...
less download speed . . my plan is 512 Kbps . . i hardly get about 20 to 30 . . b4 subscription i was promised 64kbps . . even i hav frequent a whole day cutt off s . . i am not evna bit satisfied . .
hi i am one of customer of in2net, i want to change the password and user name .how can i will do it

in2cable net — Bad or irregular services

I took the broadband connection from in2cablenet as my ISP changed his line from Sify Broadband to in2cablenet. Initially my service provider was M/s Seven to Eleven Cyber cafe and he had given me the line for Sify and promised me best services. The services were good in the beginning but later on in the following months the services began to break up during windy situations and usually during nights. When inquired i came to know that the ISP as i mentioned above had placed his data boxes in the area at various subscriber's houses. The result was that if the subscriber leaves the house and goes somewhere or if they leave their electricity turned off so the broadband services that are transmitted through the box will get turned off too. I had personally gone to one of the subscribers and sorted this problem out.. what a shame! Later during rains the cable amazingly gets water filled i it thus reducing the download speeds to 2 or 3 kbps.

Notingly here i have to mention that i have mention that i had taken the plan from Sify of 512Kbps that provides me unlimited access from night 10 to morning 8. and the cost of which was 575/-

After a few months this service provider owned by Mr. Shailendra Parsai, contact [protected] gave the whole set up to so called mister Saumitra Sharma, Contact [protected] of Scan net services. Thus automatically our ISP was changed! Later we came to know that Mr. Sharma had plans to change the services from Sify to in2cable as he was a cable TV provider in the area for couple of years.

Although the setup was in the previous providers campus. Later due to certain personal grudge of these both chaps Mr. Parsai who had the set up in his premises began to turn the power off during nights thus limiting the subscribers to be able to have services only during the day time. And as a result we who had the services for nigh or so called Night-Plans were left amazed. On informing Mr. Sharma about this situation he told that the services will be resolved and also promised to compensate for the 7 days loss of services that i had experience. But its been 2 months since that discussion and no use. Here i will also mention that the same 512Kpbs plan that i had now costs me 662/- and gives me 1.5 GB data usage free during the day which is useless for me since i am in office...... CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME AND LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN LET THIS GUY TEACH A LESSON FOR NOT PAYING PROPER ATTENTION IN THE AREA OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
hi I am new user Mr. amit vartak I take 2mbps (1 GB) download free for one month but there not surfing free in that plan. My 1GB plan closed in 4 days. They are disconnect my connection without any information.
Now I take 128kbps plan but there are not given download speed (download speed get only 0 to 12kbps only) that's get not continue. Help me about that?

i have a 2mbps unlimited plan according to which i must get about 220-250 kpbs .. since past 2 1/2 months i hardly get around 30-50kbps. This is pathetic.
i also had logged a complaint to customer care and also to cable provider ... But not a satisfying resolution. ..

I feel i am mugged every time the bill is paid... :-(
My Plan is 256 Log On Under This Plan I should Get 256kbps speed from 09.00AM To 09.00PM and 512 kbps from 09.00PM to 09.00AM and 512kbps whole day on sunday but I Never get this speed.
Hey i m in2net customer...
i have to connect TP-LINK Router...
bt i don't no how?????????
Plzz help me!!!
Unfortunately I have takenbroadband of In2Cable. Their rating is -100. From past 7 days In2Cable is not working most of the time. In a day I need to call their customer service
department more than 5 times a day. Excuse for not working of internet is
switch is not working or problem in wire. Is they are using second hand switch and
wire? Why every day switches stop working. Many times technician not able to diagnose
the problem, so anyone can imagine what a substandard quality of product and
staff they are using and employed, respectively, by them. If anyone wants to
torture someone then get connection of In2Cable internet, I am sure they will
bang head like me and regret decision of opting for In2Cable internet. I have
never seen such unprofessional and bad service provider. I am in process of discontinue of In2Cable
service and I request others not to take In2Cable service, yours nightmare will
start begin.

P.S. Just spoken with your
customer care department and I got reply that their some problem but what is
the problem they don’t know. They are able to detect problem from past 7 days. What
a substandard staff your company hires. It is shame that this Company belongs
to Hindja.

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