[Resolved]  Jetking Institute — Fraud

I had joined jetking for hardware and networking course which was 13 months duration,that was a placement firm.(job gurantee)
But it was a cheating institute,how they cheat ,find the details below
1. A 13 months course goes up to 2 year duration
2. Facuility teachers are SSLC failed
3. No proper Lab facility
4. They fail in practical exams
5. Exams are very difficult, even scientist never pass in the examination.
6. In registration form ,you have to sign that ,"I will not believe in Job gurantee"

How to be get alert ? find the details below
1. Never go for such Institute,that offers job gurantee.
2. Dont go for long duration course in private institute
3. Always go for UGC recognized course
4. Never give orginal marks card for private institute ,that do not comes under UGC act
5. Always make enquiry about Institute in google search engines.(Consumer complaints)
6. Spread the news to everybody about fraud institute

Important note - The Private Institute which provides job gurantee course are only for making money and destroying student life.

Then what is job gurantee or money back ?

After entering the institute they give us registration form,which is 1000/- rs, in that they make you to sign that "I WILL NOT BELIEVE IN JOB GURANTEE OR MONEY BACK".

Thank you,
Ban fraud institute ,save your careers.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Why didn't you searched the Google before investing in Jet king??? Please search what media says about that company and then decide... I[censored] are a fool, everyone has right to destroy u...!!!
Dear Nitin

Your comments on Jetking seems to be very wrong & i feel peety on you, it looks like you are from some other brand offering Hardware & Networking course & trying to spoil Jetking's reputation.

Jetking is a largest Institute in India & having presence more than 62 years, more to that its a limited company.

Jetking has got award from Maharashtra Government for creating job opportunities in Indian market.

If you are student of Jetking then Please look at you also, delays in course are always because of few trouble makers like you, most of the time since few students don't understand the topic, facultiy have to teach the topic again. Jetking has its own books and these books are referred by most of the technical college faculties because they find it more easy. ( If your batch is in delay then my friend Jetking is getting more loss per day per batch)

Fees of Jetking is very reasonable if you see the market rates for the topics/subjects Jetking coveres.

You yourself take breaks in between the scheduled batches for your personal reasons eg: Brak for your college exams, break for your family functions etc. which goes up to 1 to 2 months also in few cases may be 6 months, after that you join back and Jetking put you to different batch which has started 2 months after your actual batch in such cases you delays happens because of your personal reasons, afterwords you blame Jetking which is just hiding your incapabilities.

If you are not Passed or up to the mark then only you are not getting placed.

Jetking is not GOD ok, Jetking can give you good education & make you employable + gives you Job opportunities but APPEARING FOR INTERVIEWS and getting selected is your responsibility.

People like you think that if we have paid money that means we do whatever Jetking has to place us.

Its not right my friend look in to your incapabilities as well & try to improve it I am sure you will never require support from any body, Dont just blame to hide your incapabilities & mistakes.

I dont understand i should laugh on you or peety on you.

Grow up my friend.
i want to 1 year diploma in computer. but i want to only under UGC/ DOC. recongnized courses. so u tell me it is recongnized by ugc/doc.
Dear Friend,
The experience of the said student is bad but one must appreciate the fact that he has put down his experience in writing for all those who are mis-guided by lucrative Advertisements, for Eg Job Gurantee. Any person can make out that it means the coaching institute has given a commitment to place you on Job after the course is over, for which they are charging Hefty fees. For the sake of a job, there are poor persons who pawn their mothers jwellery, borrow money at high interest rates from nationalised banks etc but in return what do they get from Such institutes and others including NIIT, Aptech, etc is NO JOB & NO MONEY BACK. This is a fraud, cheating and forgery and all I.P.C Sections can be invoked to file a case against Management of such institutes. But, unfortunately, the poor boy was attracted due to Mis-guided advertisement and his poor living conditions. Can ANY N.G.O help such cases and take up their cause, please. Sympathies to all victims and Guidance clues for all affected.
Hi Nitin. We would like to help you in this. It will be good if you can give us some more information regarding the particular franchise and we will take it up immediately. Please contact us on [protected] and we will get back to you within 24 hours - The Jetking Team
Jetking is cheating students with false promises of hardware training

My name is Annapoorna and I joined Jetking, Visakhapatnam branch, in the month of January 2010. This is an institute offering training in IT support service certifications like MCSC, CCNA etc. The name of the course is JCHNP which is Jetking Certified Hardware and Networking Professional. Going by the reputation of Jetking, Hyderabad, I blindly trusted the Vizag institute. I paid an initial deposit of Rs.19, 000/- towards the Rs.40, 000/- total fee. The first module consists of basic electronics went well.
The second module (Hardware module) was dismal because the institute did not have any equipment to teach computer Hardware. All they had was junk non-working parts. We need basic components like RAM modules, couple of computers, hard disks, drives etc., to learn the skills required to be a hardware technician. They did not have any. I bought an old computer and we used that for practicals. We repeatedly urged them to buy equipment but they would tell us that they do not have funds as the fee were not being paid but internal sources revealed that they were getting their revenue every month from the students fees. The working machines were all locked as there were thefts of computer components in the institute.
The third module (Operating Systems) was even bad. Inspite of claiming to Microsoft education partner they did not have OS CDs. Internal politics made it even worse for us. One of the trainers would purposely remove Operating Systems from machines or plant problems in them. We wasted close to a month like that. Again repeated complaints fell on deaf ears. One thing we can understand is that Jetking is not an authorised education institute for Microsoft, Cisco or any other certifying body.
Authorised education partners have modules, material and assesments designed by the certifying bodies. Jetking has its own material and own assessments which are all stage managed. The material is a cut paste error.
The fourth module (networking) is similar to the previous modules except that this time we did not even have a trainer. When they hired a CCNA ( Cisco Certified Network Administrator) who identified all the above problems and tried to help us but he was harrassed and was terminated from the service.
The centre director Aman Sharma made it clear to me that the equipment in the labs was just for show off and he was not interested in improving the conditions. He is flying to the USA for MS in April and is selling the institute.
There is an auditor who comes from Jetking to check the status of the centre. He inspite of seeing the condition surprisingly just slapped a fine on the franchise and left. It is alleged that he is being bribed by Aman Sharma. The auditor's name is Abbas. It is interesting to note he personally requested me to send complaints to his personal email ID and not to his corporate ID.
I request Corporate Frauds Watch to help me and my classmates in bringing these crooks to the book. Stop Aman from flying because he is the kingpin along with his dad Mr.Raj Jaitley. Get our fees back as many of have borrowed the money on high rate of interest to pursue this course.

Yes you are correct, i destroyed my future after joining jetking & their certificates are not valid if i say i have done diploma in jetking employer is saying you dont have valid Diploma.
First of all Jetking is the most widespread computer training institute in India. The people here will agree with me on how hard it is to find a job in today's world. That is why all the people here joined Jetking in the first place. So is it not right if Jetking takes some time to find you a placement? Also how wrong it is to judge a nationwide chain of institutes by looking at just one franchisee? I would suggest you tread this matter lightly. You must try and contact the appropriate authorities in Jetking if you have a complaint against a specific employee of the institute, instead all you all are doing here is blabbering about hoe Jetking is not good enough for you.
As we all are aware that getting a job in today’s world is really tough. But then too Jetking has always been successful in getting a good job for their students. Most of the branches of Jetking are really doing well but it is really hard to make decisions by looking after just one institute. It is really easy to sit and pass comments but really hard to do ground work which the Jetking is doing and with its hard work earned a reputation in India. I hope your problems might have soled by now and you might be doing really well in your life.
I agree with Aniket as getting jobs in todays market is really very tough. But Jetking is trying for jobs for its students. If your problems are not yet solved try contacting the official person at Jetking. I am sure they will help you out in this regards. In my case i got a job in 3 months after giving 7 interviews. I hope you get a nice job soon.
It is really tough to get a good job in today’s market. But Jetking is trying its best and sending their student to the best of companies for interviews. But it is all up to you to clear them and start working there. But if you don't give the best out of you in the interview then Jetking is not at fault. It is you who should think regarding all this. If you don't have good speaking power then which company is going to hire you. English is the only language which is recognized all over the world. I think you must brush up with your speaking skills and then try out somewhere in a good firm. Then no one will tell you to go and work at a shop. Hope you understand this and don't blame Jetking which is one of the best career institutes in India.
I don't think it is fair to judge such a big institute with just one branch. It is some kind of error. Please contact the official person of Jetking and they will surely help you. I have completed my JCHNE course from this very place and I never felt any such problem and it was really awesome completing my studies from Jetking. I hope they might help you for sure!
I do not agree with you. I do not agree with this at all. I saw so many students across county who are trained by Jetking & there families are happy with them. It depends on learner also. Its not right my friend look in to your in capabilities as well & try to improve it I am sure you will never require support from anybody, Don’t just blame to hide your incapability & mistakes. You must try and contact the appropriate authorities in Jetking if you have a complaint against a specific employee of the institute, instead all you all are doing here is blabbering about hoe Jetking is not good enough for you.
Your comments on Jetking seems to be very wrong & I feel piety on you, it looks like you are from some other brand offering Hardware & Networking course & trying to spoil Jetking's reputation. Jetking is not GOD ok; Jetking can give you good education & make you employable + gives you Job opportunities but APPEARING FOR INTERVIEWS and getting selected is your responsibility.
Being a Jetking student I never faced any problem from their side. I have seen people posting fictitious complaints to discourage students from joining Jetking. I guess these complaints come up from the competitors of Jetking. Jetking is the best institute where you can invest less and earn more. You don’t have to be a graduate to study with Jetking. I joined Jetking after my 12th and did JCHNE, a 2yrs course in Hardware and Networking. Currently I am working with TCS on a third party pay roll and really earning handsome salary. I am in fact very happy with what life has given me until now and wish for the finest in prospect. All thanks to my Lord who gave me a settled life through Jetking.
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How much Jetking Infotrain Limited best IT- Hardware franchise india cost – It will cost you around 50-60 lacs rupees, yes correct. If you have that much of money then only even apply for Jetking franchise. It’s a common sense if you have 50-60 lacs rupees then why you need this stupid franchise.
Beware of below cheaters and fraud people from Jetking Infotrain Limited as they will take your money and don’t tell you any details about Jetking franchise.

1) cheater and fraud Preetish Gupta, sr. manager – new business development, Jetking Infotrain Limited, Mobile Number – 91-[protected] and 91-[protected], Email id - [protected]
2) cheater and fraud Damodar Pai, assistant manager - operations, Jetking Infotrain Limited, Mobile Number – 91-[protected], Email id – [protected]
3) cheater and fraud Avinash Bharwani, vice president – new business, Jetking Infotrain Limited, Email id - [protected]

Now let me explain you how they will cheat you to take your money.

If you apply online for this franchise then cheater and fraud Preetish Gupta will contact you and ask you to deposit Rs 4, 90, 000/- before they can go ahead to sign MOU. Total Jetking franchise fees is Rs 9, 00, 000/- plus service tax.

Once you deposit Rs 4, 90, 000/- in Jetking Infotrain Limited, HDFC bank account number[protected] then ONLY .
Mr Damodar Pai will do a so called site visit and share with you a start-up manual . Jetking never share site visit report with business parterns . Please make sure you are near to any hospital or you have any Doctor nearby when start reading Jetking start-up manual because you may have heart attack.

It’s an IT hardware training institute but they will ask you to build wooden partitions using Century Plywood, Century Mica and etc.They have different design for each of their rooms and your heart beat will start increasing as many pages you read.

Jetking claims that their franchise will cost around 28-30 lacs but actually it will cost you more than 50-60 lacs.
If you give them any suggestion to reduce cost they will not going to listen and they will force you to build jetking center as the way they want it and it will cost you 50-60 lacs rupees.

Now you will have only 2 choices –
1) Sell your house and wife’s jewellery to build Jetking center as per their start-up manual
2) Ask for refund –

If you agree to build center as they want then you need to wait around 10 years to break even. If you ask for refund then you will become bad boy for them and they will stop taking your calls and stop responding your emails.

How to protect your money –
1) Get in written YES written in email or paper that money you are paying as franchisee fees are REFUNDABLE.
2) Don’t sign any documents like MOU or agreement until Jetking works on your term .
3) Keep all emails and documents safe .

Jetking Infotrain Limited and Jetking personnel’s will do all type o[censored]nethical, unprofessional, harassing and discriminating behaviour. Our advice will be to stay away from them and if you really want to spend money please buy any property or invest as per financial adviser advise.
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