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 sawan elei on Apr 26, 2012
i have been cheated by Subaidu.k.k he told me he will provide me certificate BTECH civil from jntu hyderbad i have his phone numbers
bank account number [protected]
EMAIL professorsubaid@aol.com

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He has taken money from me as well. This is how this guy describes himself, but the reality is that he is from Kerala.

"Phd in Alternative Medicine, I have my own Holistic Centre in Whitefield, Bangalore"

Lets all join hands and f**k this guy and teach him a lesson. Personally, I am moving to inform Kerala police already because I have managed to speak to his bank manager in Trissur, Kerala and get the documents needed for an arrest warrant. We will soon have him, Sawan. You and everyone cheated will get their money back.

I think he has got many email addresses so dont be cheated.

He took money from me too and is hiding from me without arranging my degree admission. This is a big fraud guy. He calls himself Professor Subaid and describes himself as follows.

Phd in Alternative Medicine, I have my own Holistic Centre in Whitefield, Bangalore

I have managed to track another guy who was was cheated by him and we have decided to bring him down. so dont worry, Sawan. I have reached his bank account in Trissur, Kerala and is awaiting for some documents from bank authorities after which I will be able to get an arrest warrant from the local SP of police. So this is his last few days cheating people.You will get your money back. Just be in touch with me. He is actually from Kerala.
Forgot to add. The two numbers you have given are both belonging to Kerala. The first one is from Idea and the second from Airtel. Again, trust me my people are very close to him already.
Thank you very much sawan elei and others for this post.

I cant believe how lucky I am. I had just contacted this guy for an MBA admission and was about to transfer 25K, but after reading this post, I feel I am very lucky that I didnt do that. His replied from professorsubaid@aol.com though I had contacted him on khadermemorialcollege@yahoo.in. He sounded very professional and very good english. So this comes as a real surprise, but I guess when so many people are complaining there should be something wrong. If he is a real fraud, I wish him Jail.
He is indeed a professor and stays at 403 Palm Meadows. Whitefield Bangalore. I don't understand why so many people are mud slinging him when he helped my daughter with a BE certificate for her higher studies. And if he's a fraud, how come his both mobile numbers are working.
This person Sawan elei is a fraud. He goes to the professor for the certificate without any basic qualifications to hold a degree, then if something don't work, he cries foul.
There's no use of going to the police, on what basis anyone will give complaint, Police will ask mundane questions as to why the need for a fake degree, then hunter becomes the hunted.
It will take years to prove in the court whether he took money or not.
People like Sawan elei should be sent to jail for trying to obtain fake degree certificates.
I have contacted "professor Subaid" asking about this post and he uses the exact same words as SmithaD in his email to me. so I am confident that SmithaD is indeed professor Subaid. Also note that Mohd786 and SmithD signed up for accounts on this website today within a span of 13 minutes just to justify the professor which is also very interesting. So we can conclude that everyone supporting this person so far are really none other than Professor subaid.

I am setting up a blog shortly with all the information that I am gathering on this gentleman and all other fake degree providers that I have trapped so far. As an investigative journalist, this is my lucky day. So wait for my update on this site.
Radhika Anil, if you think and wish I am the professor then who are you. Pope ?
My credentials are too good that I work for Halliburton Al Moosa Towers Dubai. Why don't you come for a coffee to make sure whether I am a male or female ?

From your name I can make out you are a mallu.I don't blame you as all mallus have a nauseating curious nose. I strongly believe like others you have been paid by Sawan elei to write on his behalf.

All the best
Why are you becoming very emotional about the professor. Is he related to you ? Yes, I am a proud mallu and more importantly a proud Indian but that doesnt change a thing about fake professors. I will call Haliburton tomorrow and ask to be connected to Smitha D. Lets see if we will find Smitha or the pope there ? I dont have to be paid by sawan because I will be paid by the newspapers tomorrow anyway.
Please call [protected]
Another fraud is Mohammed Anwar Hussain from Hyderabad. He promised me he will help me get genuine JNTU certificates and took fifty thousand and vanished. Last heard he is in Saudi Arabia. Anyone know him ? His email is anwar_md@yahoo.co.in.
I am based in Dubai and I had contacted a different person by the name of Sia CB and his email address is indiandegree9@gmail.com. However the bank account details given above is the exact one where I had transferred a big amount.

I just want to add that he always sounded very professional and he never said that he wont deliver as promised. He just gives me a new date every time. My final deadline to him is today.

If the general consensus here is that he takes money and wont deliver, then I am also not going to waste my time and will instead move legally.

Any clarification will be helpful.
Welcome to the professor's Club. Please send me a personal note and give me all the details. I will tell you the action plan that we have created as a team.
10th Floor, Al Moosa Tower, Sh Zayed Road, Dubai Tel[protected]

This is where I was supposed to find SmithaD but guess what ? There is no Smitha there. So no coffee for me.

Professor Saab, Where is you greatest fan, SmithaD really ?
There are 14 lakh pending cases in India, add one more to it.
This is the price people pay for obtaining illegal degree, it will take years to prove whether he took money or not. What's the guarantee the cops will be fair ? JNTU fake racket is running for a long time. The leads usually end up in dead trails.
Building No 23, Flat No: 8
Al Bahiya
So Professor Subaid is the dear husband of Radhikha Haridas Nair & he's hiding in her flat Building No 23, Flat No: 8
Al Bahiya

Good going Radhika ...
I am personally putting my case against Professor Subaid & his muse Ms. Radhika Haridas Nair to Ministry of Interior UAE. Mr. Hader Al Muhairi under secretary to H E Saif Al Nahyan to raid her flat & seize all the documents pertaining to fake UAE online degree syndicate ...
Radhika Haridas Nair. So she's a con artist...
I wish her rape in UAE Jail.
She's a front girl of Professor Subaid...
Keep trying your cheap tricks, "Professor" aka ChintanShah aka Nancy69.

Everybody reading this note, please note that ChintahShah sent me a personal note yesterday asking "What is your action plan?" and I knew at that moment it was our Famous subaidu being anxious to know what we were planning against him. So I misled him completely. So his frustrated email is completely understandable.

Professor Saab: You have no idea whom you are dealing with. Please continue signing up for new accounts in different names so that you can continue to show your real manipulation skills.

Enjoy your last few days.

and yes I am happy to receive your friends from the ministry.

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