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Hi All

This sunday(29-3-2009) i had booked a ticket from Thiruvalla-Bangalore on Suresh Kallada volvo. The bus started at 5pm and after reaching border by around 2 pm they asked us to board another kallada G4 volvo bus which was comming from bangalore to Kerala as they told they doesnt have any tax permit on the first bus. After boarding to next bus with lot of baggages by around 5am they told the bus is having some issue and at any it time it may stop and almost 140 km away from hosur something broken and bus stopped. Driver told he was informed earlier itself about this but he has no other option given by kallada. After calling kallada office for help for most of the people got some threatening words from other side and asked us to try ourself to reach bangalore or have to wait for another 4- 5 hrs so that they can see some option. As we have to reach office most of us took cab by paying extra 320 rs and reach home. Ladies who waited for alternative bus did nt get anything till 11 am. I am seeing this as a normal think after paying 840 or 900 rs its becomming our responsiblity to reach bangalore not kallada. There was a previous experience on same travel where we have threatened by some gunda or rowdies in trissur when we complain the AC is not working and we were forced to travel, Those who objected was asked to get down on some remote place( I dont know what happen to them). This is posting because i dont want atleast others to be cheated by them(BEWARE of Kallada)

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A1 travels — Speaking vulgar words

I booked a ticket from Perundurai to bangalore.they told me the bus will arrive at 11.45 i was on point at 11:40
i asked representative,he told the bus will come in 10 or 15 min i waited till 12 clock,
again i asked him he said the bus was in traffic will come in 15 min,
I waited now 12:35. I scolded him why are u doing like this finally the bus came my seat number is 23, but that seat number is already booked.
and again they told me to wait for some time.i got angry and asked so many questions,
for that they were telling vulgar words,and they are behaving like rowdies,
they told me to get in to one bus, but i didn't book that bus,that is different bus,
they took my ticket that i have booked and gave me on boarding pass.
they really cheated me finally i got the bus at 1.clock.

next day morning my office
Hi All,

I was on the same bus as Anup, Me and my wife and few friends who were coming back from thiruvalla had the most horrible experiance, we suspected something fishy from the time the bus left Thiruvalla as he was stopping almost every where, when queried about the numerous halts, the driver informs this is something normal as its a long journey, during one such stop at an isolated place the driver and the cleaner was not to be seen at all, after half an hour they turned up and said all normal, all this time pass was for the other bus which had the permit to make rendezvous with the bus we are in and exchange, but still we had to wait for close to an hour in a Petrol Bunk for the other bus to come.

The bus which had the permit was not even accelerating more than 60 and finally broke down in highway somewhere near salem, the driver was talking to us as though he was doing a favour. We have taken pics and have decided to lodge complaint.

The kallad travels is blacklisted and i would suggest eveyone to avoid them, especially ladies.

My friends and me spent Rs 3500 to reach bangalore as we hired a Cab and the tickets costed Rs 4800 for six of us.

Altogether Rs 8300 just for return for painful and pathetic service by kallada travels.


Saravanan Devarajan
this is all bcz u people will not go for consumer court, plz go before BJP come in to power and all india will become gujjrat
Hi all,
Kallada is my last choice of travel...

They may demand you excess fare last minute if you buy ticket from your other agents... may find another passenger boarded with same seat number... may stop the bus in front of their BAR hotel to settle accounts... I came across all such incidents with Suresh Kallada buses and thus the bus goes my lease preference of travel...

Proffisional — Passengers are Suffering A Lot....

We have a privilege to reserve the selected berth while making reservation and then we book a ticket. But, now by introducing of new added berth due to this, the order we selected is changing without knowing us. This is a TOO WORST to change. We are facing so much difficult to travel along with the children and family members.

Kindly take a necessary action immediately.

Can't agree with you more...Unfortunately, in India, rules are never enforced...So these leeches go on a blood sucking spree...Kallada is my least preferred bus operator...Their service will start at around 5pm from Kottayam, stop at many places, and the height of arrogance ---: Near Thrissur, the bus will take a deviation from NH-47 to some place (I think it is near the bus owner's house) for finalizing/settling the accounts(money they get by looting us).. They just don't care about the inconvenience caused to the unfortunate travellers.--- Add to this, the poor quality of their buses, arrogance of the staff (as if they are taking us for a free trip to B'lore), numerous stops, long travel time (around 15hrs, if the bus doesn't break down)...
It is high time that we stop travelling on this bullock cart named "Kallada volvo"
They keep updating only the ticket price...A volvo trip to KTM is around 750/-, almost double the Garib Rath fare...
My suggestion to fellow B'loreans: Always plan your trip in advance...try to go only by train...Garib Rath is my preferred choice (Although the powerful bus lobby was successful in screwing up the train timings)..
I strongly Agree this. DONT EVER BELEIVE KALLADA.
I travelled almost 6 to 7 times thinking each time that everything goes fine. ut everytime I got one or other problems. First time they dropped us in middle asking us to catch another Bus and go. We had two luggages and they were not ready to atleast transfer the luggaes to other Bus. Since our priority is reaching bangalore, we tried our level best.

Buses from Tiruvalla, Ranni etc are very horrible. They dont even care passengers. Even for one luggage they will ask extra. Dont ever travel by Kallada.

But actually they are playing a trick here ( as per told by an employee of kallada)
Assume that 5 Buses of Kallada are going in same route and 3 of that doesnt have much passengeres or some empty seats. What they do They stop one Bus before entering Tollgate or Border and as passengers to shift to other Buses. Hope you got the trick. Reason will be Breakdown. Since we are not Mechanics we cannot check :-) Immediately after shifting passengers. They come back to their orginal place. They saves lakhs of rupees here and Passengers will be suffered.


Travel by KSRTC or Train. They are very helpful and very generous. They dont have gundaism ...
I had a very unpleasant situation in Kallada bus in one of my travel from Trivandrum to Bangalore in the first week of June 2009. The bus which I was traveling was a pretty old one. For the first couple of hours everything was rosy. When we were about to reach Vytilla, the rain started and alas! the bus roof was leaking all over. I don't know how the RTO and things like that certify that these vehicles are roadworthy?
So traveling by Kallada is going to be my last option.

I prefer Karnataka SRTC, though they are a bit slow ( they take more time to reach the destination.)
I agree the rude behaviour of Kallada staff. Once I have taken a ticket from Bangalore to Moonnupeedika(thrissur)for my wife who was travelling alone. At the time of departure only, the kallada staff are informing me that the bus will not go to moonupeedika. That bus used to reach early morning at Irinjalakuda and they asked my wife to get down there. My father was waiting for her at Moonnupeedika and she was forced to get down at irinjalakuda with baggages at early morning.That was a day of tension. But the staff of kallada was behaving rude.
Kallada is the worst travele from bangalore to kerala...I prefer SPS Rukma.They are much more customer friendly and punchual...

KEARALA.S.R.T.C — driver started using abusive language in front of the masses

Dear Sir,
I am Ajith Kumar K.S from nangiakulangara(requested stop) ,Haripad. I am a regular traveller on Super Fast From Nangiarkulangara to Alleppy. Today afternoon I happen to have a journey to nangiarkulangra from alleppy on bus RRC 847 TVM central. I got the ticket for NGKRA from Alleppy without any confusion about the stop. My ticket no is 00067293 time 14:05:25 date 22/12/2009. But to my dissappointment even though the conductor gave the bell to stop the bus at my stop , the driver disagreed to him and me ,even after several requests from the conductor he did not stopped the bus. The Driver Reports that there is no stop at Nangiarkulangara AKA kavala. But me along with another passenger who regularly travel disagreed to him.the driver started using abusive language in front of the masses and stopped the bus about 2 km away from the stop.

So sir kindly see to the matter and take action against the driver who used abusive language and misconduct to a KSRTC customer. If there is no stop please consider this as a request to clear this problem.

With Regards,
Ajith Kumar K.S
Nangiarkulangara P.O
Alleppey DIST
Pin 690513
Ph No [protected]
i love kallada
I too had similar experiances in Kallada Busses...But i would like to tell you frnds that this type of rude behaviour is seen in only suresh kallada concern buses..His brothers run a similar bus service called kallada g4..the service they offer is terrific
Me too had similar experiences, i am meeting with such problems in kallada (A1 travels also has the ability of delivering similar results) not the first time, i do not recommend this carrier to any ladies since you might end up doing your dinner at a bar restaurant or sharing your seat (if at all you are lucky to get the seat even after you have reserved) with a stranger boarding the bus at a late hour from middle of your journey. Some of those experiences are mentioned below

1.I had booked tickets over telephone and the reply was confirmed and even the seat numbers where allotted but when i reached the office one hour before boarding my journey they seem to be helpless and unaware about the booking.

2.Next time I made payment through an agent and ended up meeting fellow traveller being allotted the same seat no. and finally being the last bus had to travel in the last seat.

3.My sister ended up doing her dinner at a bar restaurant somewhere near trissur during one of her trip to bangalore.

4.The volvo's I hope the oldest on indian roads are owned by this group, please do not complain or you might end up in trouble.

I seriously recommend Garib Rath running between bangalore and kochuveli for your further trips.
Train No.s 2257 and 2258 where you can book a/c tickets at around 450RS.
കൂട്ടുകാരെ ...നിങ്ങള്‍ ബംഗ്ലൂരില്‍ നിന്നും നാട്ടിലേക്കു സ്ത്രീകള്‍ക്ക് കല്ലടയില്‍ നിന്നും ടിക്കറ്റ്‌ ബുക്ക്‌ ചെയ്യുന്നു എങ്കില്‍ സൂക്ഷിക്കണം .. സ്ത്രീകള്‍ ഒറ്റക്കാണ് പോകുന്നത് എങ്കില്‍ കൂടുതല്‍ സൂക്ഷികണം ..

Cel Cabs- Hyderabad- — Arrogant Executives

I booked a Cell cabs 4hrs Package and inlformed the executive to book me a cab if it can reach my place in next 10-15 min. The executive confirmed the booking. 5 min later i get a call stating the cab is alloted. However, when i called the driver immediately , he was far from my place. I told him i would cancel the cab since i had to move out immd. the driver requested stating that he could reach in 10 min. he called me in next 10 min to know directions of my house but reached me after 25 minutes. Finally we started . Later,
we reached house after our scheduled short trip with in city but happened to be 20 minutes late. When i asked the driver, he asked me to pay the extra charges of 1/2 hr which was Rs100. I paid him and later he calls the Cell cabs Customer care and the executive to my surprise asks me to pay for 6hrs instead of 4hrs. I tried to explain him but he hangs up in between and sends me a message for rs 600 instead of 450. I called back the customer care to confirm and there is another executive who asked me to pay 100 as an extra charge but was not not ready to send the bill sms.

It is annoying that these people dont give a grace period of atleast 30 hr for city traffic. The major problem is they just give a manual bill for the hourly packages and they calculate it manually. The customer like me who is travelling for the first time feels quite annoying about the complete process of meter reading to time calculation since these are not automated.
Thats 30 min not hr
I travelled by Kallada travels (Suresh Kallada) from Cochin to Ernakulam on[protected]. I am writing this to tell the horrible experience we had with Kallada during that trip.

> 1. The travel was advertised to be in volvo bus. B7R from Cochin-coimbatore and B9R from Coimbatore-Hyderabad. The B7R was in such bad condition - bus body was loosely hangning in some parts, inside bus water was leaking from under baggage place, the baggage place itself was plastered using cellotape, AC was not working properly, entertainment system was not working, bus was in need of serious repair (we had severe back pain after few hours of travel).
> 2. The B9R which we were supposed to get in from Coimbatore was not available at Cbtr. We were told that it had some engine problem and the bus change would be done 80km from Cbtr bus stop. We came to know of the real problem at that place - adulterated diesel was filled in bus, mechanic had come from volvo and it was said that it would not be possible to repair the bus that day. No information was given on whether an alternate arrangement would be provided or how they are going to handle this situation.
> 3. We had to travel again in the B7R bus not being sure for how long. Then we were told that the bus change would happen during dinner place. That also did not happen.
> 4. Finally the change in bus happened during late night (1:30am) at some isolated place in the highway. The change was with a B9R which was coming to Cbtr from Hyderabad. We all woke up from our sleep, had to take all our luggages from this bus to the new bus. Same case with the people in another bus. Most people in the other bus were confused and had no idea of what was happening, some of them still were in the same B9R bus thinking they will be continuing the trip in the same bus. No Kallada employees were properly communicating what was happening. COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL!
> 5. The places were the bus stopped for food (lunch, dinner etc) were pathetic. The conductors was shabily dressed with chewing pan.

= Is this the way a customer is treated when a customer is paying so much for a comfortable travel?
= Service in same route from another provided provides a better service (same bus from Cochin-Hyd, bus which was serviced properly, bus employess professional & properly dressed, and better customer service) at a lower price.
After the trip, I came to know that this was not a one-off incident and had happened with Kallada before even in Bangalore-Kerala route through friends experiences and reviews in internet.
I have decided never to take Kallada travels for any of my future trips. Thank you.

A correction in above comment
Cochin/Ernakulam to Hyderabad on[protected].
I just had a extremely bad experience from Kallada. I have booked a ticket from Trivandrum to Bangalore on a Kallada Volvo bus from an agent in Kazhakuttom on 31 december 2012 for a journey on 05 Jan 2012. I got a message confirming seat number for a middle seat. On the day of journey, just half hour before travel, I get another message saying my ticket is cancelled, I reach the agent in a haste only to know that I have been allocated another seat. After boarding the bus I was told I got the last corner seat instead of the middle seat I had earlier booked. Meanwhile the agent made a seat change on my paper ticket with a pen saying its last seat. Bus started moving and I went and sat in the seat that was originally allocated to me instead of the changed one. When I reached the city the other person who booked the seat on 05 Jan 2012 evening apparently was allocated that seat and I was threatened to move from my seat or my luggage will be thrown out. I moved out of the bus. I decided that I will never ever travel with Kallada again and I am going to file a case in the consumer court against them.

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