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Khazana Jewellers are a bunch of crooks.. may be we can call them cheaters.. when you enter any of their branches - you will find well mannered women - who would welcome you with a big smile and namaskar.. this is all ..

when you ask for price - they will give you one - and here you will also see that the wastage charges(dye cahrges they call I think) are also low - but here is the catch.. I am giving my personal example -

When I went to this Visakhapatnam branch sometime back - and enquired about 24 carat gold coin - they gave a price 2058 per gram (12th Nov 2010) - where as the actual closing price on 12th for 24 carat gold is Rs 2029/- on that day..when I asked them about this - they say that they have an association for this.. their branch manager Mr. Manoj was very rude..they asked me to show some proofs..I went with the daily news paper - then they say. that they have association - they have their own prices etc.. if they CHEAT people like this - they will not prosper..

their business model is very deceptive - lower the wastage level(dye charges) and increase the price.. People like me who used to believe Khazana as a good store.. will no longer go to Khazana..

I strongly advise people NOT TO VISIT or BUY anything from Khazana Jewellers (ALL BRANCHES)

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shop — margin money not paid

iwas recieved loan in 1999 and i wil pay all amount till date2005 but last time sbi bank sayyour last balance is 9500 and you will pay 2000rs and left 7500are your margen moner but last 4 monthbank send noticeto pay 11000 .so plz requested to checkit my bank are sbi jammu cant j&k

Tirupati Jewellers — phone is not working.

my landline no.[protected].
is not working from last 3days.
because of this we face so many problems .
take some action as soon as possible.
Guess you are mistaken on this. I did some research on this when I wanted to invest good amount in Gold. At first I too was surpsirsed, but found that Banks (like Axis, ICICI etc), they chage atleast 4% more than the well established shops. The Gold prices from Newspapers is an indicative number on where it closed the previous day (this depends on city and varies by some margin). The real deal here is the pure (24kt) price for a particular city for that day you can find, then if you want the coins, they have to give an endorsed coin (dye of Lakshmi with purity certification embossed on it). If you go to Tanishque, the price will be much higher than Khazana or any such shops. Also, there will be a 2% tax on top of it. (This is legal way of buying gold). Big shops like Khazana, or Tanishque have their own policies, but I preferred Khazana over others, because the price including tax is cheaper than others. THere may be some other shops in your town who may be beating this by little more price. You have to do some reseach and then buy it. Hope this helps.
while buying gold on the occasion of my younger daughter birthday the executive given me detail about gold saving scheme with force we thought that it may useful for our future requirement and joined after fivemonths exactly iwas not paid on my starting date so they postponed my maturity date to one more month extra.we felt
bad and we thought that it is not for saving to us finally after paying nine months
the maturity date was touched then we requested them to pay back our actual money which deposited with them .THEY ARE REFUSING TO PAY BACK MY MONEY AND FORCING TO BUY GOLD FROM THEM .now wat to do can you intelligent people suggest us
Khazana Doesn't have any right to collect public money with out any authority/ license to collect it. When any firm or public limited company collecting money from public they are supposed to follow certain guidelines. But they are not following any of these more over they don't have any license/authority to collect public money and cheating the public. Using/ Collecting public money as they wish, and further forcing them to purchase gold from their shop is completely illegal and it can be handled through consumer courts.
Mahapatro Tarun Kumar, [protected]
i think you are totally mistaken by thinking that they (KHAZANA) are collecting money without any license. because it is not only KHAZANA that is having or running such schemes. almost all the leading jewellers are doing this for eg, take TAnishq, Malabar, GRT etc. may with little differences to keep their mark. more over when it comes to getting back the money with out buying hte gold from their shop, i trust it is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the brochure that will be given when you open the saving scheme. this happens with all the jewellers that we need to buy gold in their shop only. taking all this into account only we need to invest. we should not just go for hte schemes becoz they have forced. we should have our own decisions. we should also go through the conditions thoroughly before investing
i too agree with the guys, because recently on 21st date i went to buy gold coin. they charged for the following

credit card-1.5%
adding all these i had taken 10 grams with 3500 cost. actually i planned to take 30 grams but i shocked with their price and stepped out with 10 grams. i don't know about purity

So my suggestion is Beware Of KHAZANA Jewellery

This if for your information:

1. When a Credit Card is swiped for any purchase of gold or vehicle, credit card charges are collected and to note that, the credit card charges are not collected by the jewellers but the bank takes this amount.

2. Wastage is not collected on the gold coins if they have please specify the rate as I'm so sure that no jewellers collect wastage and it is a standard norm.

3. VAT was imposed by the IT department and not by Khazana.

We too agree with the above comments on Khajana and the below experience from our end..

Frequently we are shopping with their Kukatpally branch since every one says that, in quality point of you Khazana is some thing better than the other shops.

But recent days we observed that they are very much carelessness/harsh behavior in all aspects, no one is interested in showing available models, no one are bothered to cater to customers. Their employees are working/behaving like as kind of response we get in government offices.

They are charging % of wastage and making charges as they wish...

Secondly, regarding schemes - If any customer skipped/missed paying one month, customer can avail scheme benefit one month late after the due date...Whereas other jewellery shops will consider the customer request and agree/allows to avail their scheme benefit as per the due date even though we skipped paying one month in between the scheme tenure..

We are not sure that Khazana people are serving the customers genuinely in quality & quantity point, because we cannot expect the same from them as that much crowd/rush over there...If any customer asks any questions or doubts, shop people they will simply says" as you wish sir/madam - means if you are interested buy if not you can move out"...

Hence suggest gold lovers has to think of other sources to buy their gold requirements...


Grt Jewelery — GRT jewellery cheating

GRT Jewellery really cheat innocent people, I try to sell their gold chain in DUBAI when i was in economic crises, the DUBAI shop owner didn't buy the gold and he said its a poor quality,Plsssssssssss dont buy gold in GRT, they are bloody cheater.
we bought a necklace in 1997 from khazana. then they made us beieve it was 22 karat. guess what .. we recently got it tested in one of the most trusted gold shop. it showed 19 karat purity...SO DEAR PALS, WHEN U R GOING FOR KHAZANA .. U MAY NEED TO RETHINK!!
khazana jewellary in hampankatta is number one fraud comany. they force people to join gold scheme and suddenly they are telling they got some government order not collect money for gold saving schemes. such a jewellers. fit for nothing.
On[protected], we have purchased two SALEM weighing
71.260gms vide bill no-21SI-13081 dated[protected] for Rs.2877/ against our old
two number s of SALEM which was purchased three years before from Rajadeepam
Jewellery. We have used the new one only
for Christmas celebration on[protected] and removed & kept in house before
attending one funeral function today[protected]. When my wife took again to
wear, she found that both ends of SALEMs are very much weak.

We took the same to your Tirunelveli branch @ 8.00PM
[protected] and asked for replacement but they have straightway rejected our
request. We have really argued for our
rights to get replacement but they said they can do only repair / correction.
We are not agreed for the repair or rework as we do not accept brand new one
with REPAIR. This can be verified thro your CCTV records.

We would like to furnish the below points for your immediate

My wife is a teacher and she never handles
jewels roughly.

She has
used hardly for one day (max of 24 hours) and with 24 hours the link is
going bad means ether it must be used wrongly by us or pulled out by hard
objects at our end . In that case that incident must of NEAR MISS /accident but
it was not happened so and she was very much present to your staff.

MOC of the SALEM is not made of clear properties
or STD compositions which you can verify and catch hold your inefficient sourcing
team and very poor QAQC team.

The values are not much but the way handled by
your staffs are very poor and like street merchants, not like a matured
customer handling team.

No proper supervisor to handle the issue.

No person to take immediate remedial action to
satisfy the customer.

We have left the SALEMS without taking any receipts and we
said that we are donating to KHAZANA as IT(KHAZANA) is looking to cheat
customer and we would like to create customer awareness not only in Tirunelveli
but all over Tamilnadu.
Dear Public,
Please do not buy or enter to into Khazana Jewellers - either they not respect or they will not give you the service or you will get the bad Quality Product, So there are many shop is there to buy please visit those Shop who can give the service & Human value


On Sun, 18 Jan 2015 23:15:08 +0530 "Abdul Rahman"
On Sun, 18 Jan 2015 23:14:37 +0530 "Abdul Rahman" wrote

Dear Team,
This is the proven compliant, not just a compliant We had been to your Store
in Jaya Nagar 4th Block, & would like to buy Loan Arram, There is lade by Name
Nethravathi SB, They way in which behavior too rood & rash & We have not expected that, Yes we also spoken to her not rood & we would like to make her understand, But still we fail,
However later after I just asked her the name & I said i will compliant your Mangers, she just smash the calculator & "say boldly thanks & Let me see" Please check & play back the Cctv & take the necessary action on that, If I have done the mistake I will come your place & say sorry.Manager he is not know all these things without knowing he is finally supported her. We are sorry to come to your place, we will not visit next time.Note : Please check your cctc
Dear Public,
Please do not buy or enter to into Khazana Jewellers - either they will not respect or they will not give you the service or you will not get the
Quality Product, So there are many shop is there to buy please visit those Shop who can give the service & Human value

Khazana jewellery customer complaints
Dear Public,
Please do not go to KHAZANA JEWELLERY because they do not value people,
They do not respect people, I had a problem of even ear Stud but still I
had purchased thire, They are very poor with Quality/Service.
they will not respect a Customers. please do not visit KHAZANA JEWELLERY Bangalore 4th T block...
Please do not buy from them, & if you buy then you are inviting problem.
Khazana jewellery customer complaints
Dear Public,
Please do not go to KHAZANA JEWELLERY because they do not value people,
They do not respect people, I had a problem of even ear Stud but still I
had purchased their, They are very poor with Quality/Service.
They will not respect a Customers. Please do not visit KHAZANA JEWELLERY Bangalore 4th T block...
Please do not buy from them if you buy & you are inviting problem.
Today we purchased ear rings in your show room, Kukatpally Hyderabad.

Gold content is 5.2 gms.
Wastage is 20%, it came to 1.04 gms which is more high. After requesting they came to 18%.

Can you clarify us on what basis you are charging wastage percentage?
i have bought few silver items in Khazana jewelleries on March 22nd 2015... i was a regular customer too...when i checked the market price of silver price and also with competitors(GRT, Prince few other in jayanagar, Bangalore) seen huge difference of almost 3000 per kilo. when i ranged up and checked with khazana and the response is very poor... and when i am asking how come u can cheat customers by quoting more than market price...answer was very weird and questioning why i have purchased with out enquiring... i dont know what to say.. we go with so much trust and look for less wastage and zero making charge and here is the trick they play by increasing the gold/silver price and showing less wastage...

Plz dont buy with out checking the marker price and khazanna prices...they are cheating the people ignorance...

Market price on March 22nd 2015 of 1kg silver is 36100(around)
Khazanna price on March 22nd 2015 for 1kg silver is 39000.
its not them only

all jeweller are making fool out of people.. i have been cheated like this in very weird way actually.. i have invested in a scheme with jeweller it has been an year now that the scheme is over.. but they are not having any designs which i could purchase, .. they are asking me to buy anything which they have in their shop.. but how is that possible, i have invested money to buy what i like not just like

as the prices are going down they are not adding new designs also

i feel like slapping them.. i dont know what to do the amount is around 1lakh... and it has been more than year now that they have with them.. i asked them to give me jewellary on order than they are saying that is not possible under the scheme..

how strange, my money is with them now, .. what should i do...
they may ran away any day and i would be left with nothing

please guide me, also suggest if contacting local police or any other authority will be of some help or not, as people around me are suggesting me to take whatever i can get from them and forget it like a nightmare

please suggest, this is the case from delhi

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