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 vvekmuhnot84 on Jul 20, 2011
As per my colleague suggestion i joined landmark forum classes .landmark forum people use to say that they will transform us by these classes. For 3 days they charge 11000 Rs which is huge amount for me (I paid 9000rs) . But when they started the class then I fill it’s a waste of time and after 3 hrs they give us chance to leave and they also said that they will be given us our money back. So, i left. After that I use to call them daily about my refund status ,then those people were saying its on process it will take some time and after one month they told me they can’t refund it.
Then I asked them that you were saying you will be refunding it then they said they told me that hey will try to refund me but management is not ready to pay me back..

Big cheat
i need my money back
They are playing with human emotion on the name of transformation.....
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I have attended Landmark Forum education with my friends force in Sathya Sai Sadhanam next to Forum Mall, Koramangala.
Landmark Education Forum is cheating people with the high course fee and duration of course is 3days from 9.00am to 11.30 pm. course is nothing they have 5 words to speak entire session runs through these words and Coach comedy.
if you consider the whole course is 100%
30 % Mahesh Nambiar or coach comedy
30% pulling the audienc into the fields and share their experience
30% audience interaction with queries at the end you will not get an answer
10% is the course content.which can be explaned in max 2 hr.
more over this is kind of Amway and Quantum marketing services
people are getting crazy to go and share their fake experiences. 95% of the people are not at all satisfied.

The whole program is about these 5 points.

1. Fact and Story.
2. Integrity (commitment : landmark chages the work to show the difference from other trainings)
3. Racket (Opinion : to make show that they are using some technical jorgons )
4. Cycle Balance and Swimming as example but nowhere they will link with their concept.
5. Connect and Complete : ( Compare with Cycle wheel)
6. Life is Nothing and Meaning Less ( this is not at all digestable for Religious fellows)
7. Man compares with Machine

In the session also Coach always reminds the people to "Register for Advanced course"
Mentally the coach prepare you for not writing the comments in the blog. He will tell that people are not following course and after words they will write bloody coments in the blogs. 300 people in the same room how they course is useful for each individual.
this is not a elementary school for same A, B, C in the same book. course should be simple enough to understand. these guys will use the technical words which leads to more difficult to the people. one more thing is coach is telling that no need to know English also to attend this course. i dont know how they will learn from this course.
landmark wasteeeeee
These guys are bloody cheats. They ruin your emotional state. I did the course and it didnt help ... at the end of the course I made a mistake of paying for the advance course hoping it would help. I realized that it was a mistake. I requested for a refund and they arent paying me back my 11k now.

I feel absolutely cheated.


Devanuri- Thank you for your interest in Landmark Education. We are very sorry you were not happy with your experience of the Landmark Forum. We are committed to our customers being 100% satisfied with their experience of our courses and of our company as a whole. In this instance we failed to do that. Consistent with that commitment, we have issued you a complete refund of the tuition you have paid.
sheela- i dont want to comment on the programmes but they push you so much to admit for the following course, irrespective whether you like it or is a very good marketing.

if they really care for peoples feeling ... they should give the space for deciding which they dont and there are atleast 4-5 people around you for enrollment.

the same thing happened for me and i paid 11k but i could not attend the class as my mother had chemotherapy and there was also a death in the family.

Besides it was surprising me that none of their centres have any
E-MAIL ID to contact them for any re-fund. and that why i'm here.

I definitely need my money back.
Very true - Thankfully, I did not make any payment (Now Rs 12, 500) although I attended the introductionary session at Bangalore. As said above, their marketing strategy is too cheap and donot give any space or time for people to think and judge whether they really need it or not. Could not believe the extent of pressure they could put on someone to make easy money, by creating all emotional dramas.

I tried being diplomatic initially by pushing it aside and asking for more time to think, but then more and more people started pressuring me for an instant decision and I came back with an abrupt "No". I felt a little sorry for being rude (I was indeed very blunt with every one who coaxed me for registration) but then was really happy that I put my foot down. They had almost mangaged to brain-wash my husband and I had to spend the whole of my Sunday convincing my husband as to why we should not be taking this up and how this organization aims at making money at the cost of ones emotional state.
I strongly agree with Deepa; I actually wanted to register myself for the course in February and wanted to make an online payment due to my financial committments. One of the reason I attended this introductory session was to help myself to come out of my emotional barriers and wanted to enroll later.

At the end of the session, when the registrations started, I have been pushed to an extent that I have to literally tell them I do not have money to make an instant payment and I would do it online. Still they held me back and that made me change my mind about this whole course. Bad Bad Marketing strategy.

Now I have decided not to enroll myself for this course.

I had done Landmark Forum and Landmark Advanced course and I had an extraordinary experience after that. I admire and congratulate you all for spreading this kind of education world wide..

I am right now pursuing your SELP course.. However I have 2 unsatisfactory views with me regarding it..

1. In delhi [India] 2 whole day SELP program is scheduled on 24 March 2013 on sunday it happens to be on Easter.. My concern is why the Landmark people who schedule the program has not taken this under consideration..

I had spoken to my Group Leader Ankush
had also spoken to my Coach Mr. Sanjay

I believe touch move and inspire cant be felt by Landmark staff, that is why no response from them since last 10 days..

2. I was misguided and told after completing the Landmark Advanced course that Join SELP program register it right now as the program starting in Feb 2013 is the last after that there wont be any courses for SELP .
I came to know that it was very Unauthentic and SELP programs are scheduled to be all over the year..
Why was this type of false unauthentic marketing strategy applied on me..

My Details are :-
Avnish Joy
Tel : +[protected]
Completed my Landmark forum in Dec 2012
Completed my Landmark Advanced cource in Dec 2012

Very Interesting on your website

You cant post views complaints etc.. with more then 512 words thus i was not able to post the above comments on website..
its a waist of time and money Its better to enjoy with your family and friends with that money u spend on Landmark.
I did attend the landmark forum introduction session recently held in my apartment. At the beginning of the session, that person called himself as working in a decent company as a manager and not getting any commission or intended to market for enrolling us into any training or courses. At the end of the session, one of them literally forced me to register for forum at least by paying initial amount. I politely denied the offer and asked for more time. After that, every day am getting call from my neighbor forcing me to register for the forum. I really don't understand if they don't get any benefit, why do they force to get enrolled? Do they target only decent income group thinking that for them 11k or 13.3k is nothing? For me its a BIG money. Please help me understand how worth this course is? I always feel American products are over priced and works in MLM type.
It is very trash and don't believe them
I attended the Landmark program sometime ago mainly because one of my close friend recommended it. I would say I was committed and had taken most of the assignments sincerely thinking it would help to bring some positive results in my life. But my experience was completely disappointing.

Though I don’t deny that a few out of the big group felt it was useful(most of them ladies who as usual had some problem with their in-laws and mostly keeping it with them without trying to talk their differences with them), majority of the people who attended the forum found it utterly nonsense and stressful. Out of those 3 days, majority of the time ( I would say more than 30% of the 3 days time), the forum leader will be trying to promote and enroll the participants for the advanced level course (Cost around 30 K) and also to enrol your families and friends. I did not find them giving any useful information other than talking about things which every one knows. Also most of the people found the attitude of the forum leader rude and disgusting. Whenever some one ask some meaningful question, the leader will say you will get the distinctions on the last day at 4.00 pm. Every one was eagerly waiting for some miracle to happen on 4.00 pm. At 4.00 pm, he came like a joker and said nothing is going to happen for those who waiting till now, you are fools etc etc… Most of the people got angry and started asking questions, and he started shouting and talking some rubbish.

The third day evening was the time to bring your friends and families to forum. People brought their friends and families and their volunteers were running them with credit card readers to catch them on their net. They selected few ladies and allowed only them to share their feedback on the stage to catch more people whom the participants brought.

I also faced the same kind of treatment from the forum leader for not bringing my friends and family for the last day. Last day was full of marketing, advertising and literally forcing the friend’s and families whom the participants brought there. The attitude of the Landmark forum leader towards the people who did not bring any one was pathetic. He called us non coachable, egoists, people does like to see others good .. what not.

I would request any one who is planning to attended the landmark forum, not to waste your time and money for this. There are plenty of useful motivational materials available in internet and Youtube which would work better than landmark.

Even I got a strong recommendation from my Best Friend. She called me from the forum and said as if there was a recarnation to herself. It was as if Buddha enlightenment under Bodhi Tree. She was fully impressed and asked me to join. She told me the timings and Fees Structure. I was like "what??". 13500 for just telling ur problems and getting brainwashed.I strongly believed that this is not what I was ready for.

My friend( i would not say pestered, as she cares for me), forced me that this week you have to attend. I was not ready.But knew she was completely into it.I said"Fine, I will register". After 3 days I got call from a volunteer and he wanted to talk to me for 10 mins regarding me enrolling to the course. Since I was busy, I said we can talk in the evening. He called me at 10PM that day and acted weird apologising that he could not call me in evening which is when I thought, no ways I am going to enroll. They are manipulators and can easily do a brainwash. All the problem she had was " DIL and MIL" issue.which could be self resolved. Come on, all that u need is to talk to your family.thats common sense. you dont need a course for that.

However, she has enrolled into an advance course as well. I really want to stop her because I care for her.

Coming to the volunteer, the first question he asked me was do you have the card handy for payment??.LOLL. Truely they are behind money. its a hard earned money to give away for these buggers. HE called me like hell for a week. I dont wanted to pick up the call as I knew thwy can easily manipulate and do a brainwash and make me enroll. Finally I dropepd a very descent sms. that I am not interested in taking part and do not wish to be contacted. Again he started calling and finally he dropped a sms as "Pick up the call". What the hell.What they want.

Finally went through the blogs for reviews and this is not what I wanted. I do have issues in life which does not need a big forum to share.As the ppl in the blog said, its such a predictable pattern . Calling people , jerk. And screaming on the participants in front of everyone.Even my friend said that she was told all these during her sessions.

Anyways guys, its upto you. I would not recommend this as this is waste of time and waste of Money which is so important.

Ramya Raghuraman
The marketing strategy is simply pathetic.
One of my colleague kept pestering me to attend, just because these forums force you to bring participants.
It might be very useful to some people, but one cannot force someone to attend.

This has to be worse than bad for sure.Pure exploitation of the vulnerable.If you are not vulnerable, they will make you vulnerable using group pressurizing tactics and you will not dare challenging them as you will be ridiculed by calling abusing words (jerk, etc) if you challenge them with rational questions.It starts with an assumption that you are a jerk and prove you that you are jerk by making you feel responsible for any relative negatives in life you would have encountered (all of us have some negative events as human) and in the end say that actually you are not a jerk but it was your learnt behaviour from childhood.And then say that life is 'nothing', so start a fresh by not carrying any baggage etc, This is using principles psychology and by using 'Shunya vada' of bhuddism.

People will be forced to feel the happiness as though when under mass hypnosis and unfortunately many will feel elated (too good to be true) but I strongly suspect the long term benefits of this course.It is a rip off, very expensive course not only with regards to the money but the time you give-3 valuable days !
Anything which says one will attain'rebirth'in short span of time like magic is a myth.Ofcourse there is no magic in this world.
Should you wish to discover more about yourself, please join a spirituality class which is worthwhile rather than doing this course.

Be polite to your friends who persuade you to join this as they may be a vicitm of pressure tactics.Ask them to come back and tell you about this course after 3 months or so and see if they have a same conviction in asking you to join the course.

Stay clear from this course.
Hello Everyone,

Its my humble request to all of you not to involve in such typevof courses which ruins the individual personality.

I have seen a real time example of my friend who has recently attended this program under the influence of his divorcee girlfriend. Believe me his IQ is now totally zero & brainwashed. In all the sentences he uses only two words "Thank you" & "I acknowledge You". After seeing him we feel pity on him.
1) Now he doesn't speak to his ill parents
2) He is in debt.
3) he forces everyone to do the course.
4) he forced his parents to do the course & wasted 50k rs.
5) he stopped talking tovhis old buddies who speaked against his landmark & his slut gf.

I just can't understand how people can be so stupid to believe in such activity. Please guys believe yourself & understand your responsibility then you will never waste you time & money on such a program called " Landmark forum".

Take care
Worst experience in my life. One of my colleague forced me to take course after evading him for 3 months, I finally decided to do it as I wanted to have good relationship with him and wanted to try it. he and his friends have benefited from it.

In three day course you will not learn anything, if you have any personal or family problem, please consult professional therapist or counselor.

The modus operandi of this FORUM is very simple. Many people come with baggages like guilt, unhappiness, financial issues. They will force you to share your guilt and unhappiness in front everyone and FORUM leader will convince you all issues is due to your neglect and you should take responsibility of it.

So once you share your guilt in front of everyone, you feel lighter and happy. Once you feel light and Happy you will start believing them blindly without using your cognitive power and you feel benefited from and you will start forcing your family and friends to join this BS.

Others without any baggages will understand this is stupid and waste of time and they will clearly see this is a scam.

If anyone mentions landmark run away from that place and person don't encourage them by showing interest. The mistake I did I showed some interest because I believed my colleague.

Anonymous to avoid any further torture from these vultures.
I agree completely with above reviews. Landmark Forum is total waste of money and time. They are like parasites eating on people's emotions. What a shameful business they are running!
All the above comments are just an opinion from the experience people have had. I do respect that.

I'm a Landmark Forum graduate, just recently completed it in June, 2017.

Forum does wonders in your life and that's true by providing the support structure one needs to deal with anything and everything in life but maybe most of you don't practise it in your day to day life.

Those 3.5 days have to be practised everyday and only then in one moment when you're in a breakdown and in the other in a breakthrough.

For all those who've completed the Forum and don't find it useful, I don't agree/disagree with you but as a fellow graduate request you to enquire what's not working for you and follow the support structure provided by the Landmark forum authentically and for those who haven't done it yet I'm telling you folks you've no idea what you're missing out on. It's an experience and only after an experience do you learn or know something. As authentically said, "Anything you want for your life is available."
I am a advance course graduate...I respect each and everyone's view ...I assisting with landmark ...maybe i can help you...please email me regarding your issues..

-Rithvik (

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