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Guys check this out and be carefull…

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Guys, not just Manipal hospital. Please be aware below kind of incidents may happen in some other hospital as well in these days, as some Hospitals and their staff look only to make money... esp, once they know you have an insurance.

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Subject: FW: Beware of Manipal Hospital --- take 3 mins to read it...

Guys be careful, It is real and Mr.Ravikumar is our friend only.


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Subject: FW: Beware of Manipal Hospital --- take 3 mins to read it...


Can’t we do anything for this below incident???

Even I was got cheated when I took my brother for just stomach pain and the bill was around 6k.. to be frank, my bro was infected with food poison which he had in Nandhini..

This is the conversation happened between me and doctor.,
Me: Doctor, Why the bill is so high just for 2 hours??
Doc: Your brother is infected with high stomach pain. We cannot give medicine without knowing the exact reason..
Me: So what????
Doc: we need to take test tomorrow to find out, what exactly was the reason??
Me: Humm, if you cannot able to find the right reason now then what medicine did you gave him now???
Doc: This is just a first-Aid kind of stuffs.
Me: What do you suspect for this pain???
Doc: It could be Stomach Cancer or Ulcer Or some stone might have formed..
Me: (I was Literally Shocked!!!!) he never experience this kind of pain before and it’s the first time..
Doc: So it means, you brought it on right time than coming at last..
Me: I agree all the points but none of the test were done so far then why so bill high???
Doc: I billed it in advance, you can pay now and take your brother to home and get him tomorrow..
Me: Okay, then..
Doc: tomorrow when you get him, you no need to pay anything.(As if, they are providing free of cost..) Just get the testing done and we verify..
Me: I am not ready to pay now.. if reqd, I will come tomorrow and pay.. You just strike out everything and get bill only for the actions what you have done now..
Doc: If that is the case, no probs.. I will revert all the bills and pay only the bill for tonight..

Mani and Satheesh were with me the hospital.. I hope they remember this incident..

Such a shame…..!!!!

This is shocking but true.... Please read this... its worth it….!!!

Dear All, I am Ravikumar

I would like to get one of the incident happened this weekend to ur notice.

One of my co-brother met with an bike accident and expired on Friday night.(A BMTC bus came in wrong side and hit him)

This accident happened around 6.30 PM near whitefield and initially he got admitted to a hospital called Vydehi near whitefield.
Later it was proposed by Vydehi doctors to take him to either Nimhance or Manipal.
So we took him to Manipal around 8.00 PM since NIMHANCE is very far and also by considering traffic at that time. To reach even Manipal it took too much time, Most of the delay caused because of Heavy Traffic in airport road. As soon as we took him to the Manipal hospital doctors said his state is very critical and 95 % he is out. Still they said they will do CT-Scanning and then they can clearly confirm the status.

Then around 10.30 PM they arranged for CT-Scanning ( Too much of delay ). Soon after the CT-Scanning one of the doctor reported his BRAIN is damaged , 2 kidney's and small lever also was damaged for which he needs to be operated for a head surgery and a stomach surgery, during the operation he may die also or at any moment he may die. Soon after they took him to ICU instead of taking him to Operation Theatre. There was around 1 hr delay in answering us back from this point. They didn't allow any o[censored]s to see him when he was in ICU until we demanded and shouted on them. When we demanded and asked them to discharge so that we will take him to NIMHANCE, Then the answer from them was they will operate immediately but we need to Admit and pay around 2 lack Rs. Since we didn't had that much of cash and also we doubted on whether he is still alive or simply these doctors playing a game..., But still since they demanded around 2 lack rupees for the operation before they start it, I went ahead to fill up the forms and pay money immediately with using credit card , But when our uncle had a look at him in ICU noticed that he is already dead (this was around 11.30 PM). Then immediately he asked me to not to make any payment. We went to doctor in-charge and asked(when we shouted) about his status and chances of he being saved. Doctor informed that chances are less than 1 percent, then only we realized that MANIPAL Administration guys playing a game, and trying to fool us to collect some money in the name of operations to operate a dead body !!!

We took it seriously and tried to contact TV9 on the same day but could not get the contact numbers...,
Since we were strong enough fight back on Manipal Hospital they agreed that he is dead and asked us to pay Rs. 30,000 to release dead body.

As we know they didn't give any treatment other than doing a CT-Scan and keeping the dead body in ICU for 2 Hrs.. We shouted on them and demanded to release the dead body with CT-Scan charges only. Finally we were able to fight and take the body with out paying any money as they were trying to cheat us.
Some how we escaped from being paid for dummy operations being planned by Manipal Doctors. But if it was some other innocent poor people they would have ended up with paying full money and cheated by MANIPAL.

The whole idea behind my write up is : we all know MANIPAL is one of the big and well known Hospital in Bangalore. But these people cheat innocent people by colleting huge money to operate even dead body!!! and try to fool as if they are going to save the patient. I request you all to forward this mail to all your friends and inform every one on how BIG Private Hospitals can cheat .. and to Beware of these..

For more details you can reach me on [protected].

Thanks & Regards
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Hospital — hospital

I lost my mother because of careless doctors and staff in Rubby Hall Clinic pune .
Doctors and all the staff members are careless about the patient even in ICU also .
Hi all this is Simi eby,
I need to add here with my worst experience faced in Bangalore Manipal, My 9 months old son was not feeling well, he had severe cold and high temperature, nearly 102 degree, we went to Mani pal hospital on Saturday and met MRS shaila Batterchariya pediatrician, she dint even check(spent hardly 5 mins) my son, she told he got viral fever and it Will be there of 3 more days and she told me to feed him wt ever i feed him beofe ( even rice). They prescribed cal pol syrup and T-minic syrup, again on Sunday my son was not opening his eyes and my husband and myself rushed to emergency care of Mani pal by 11 clock in the night, there the doctors saw him and told he needs one Mepholal syrup, so that his temperature came down and they gave him sponge and we have inofmed by the doctors that he Will be dull of another 2 to 3 days so don't worry since it is viral fever and it Will take again 48 hrs to recover . we came back to home by 2 clock and the whole night we were providing him cal pol syrup and sponging as directed by the pediatric to reduce his temperature, But his condition was not good til Tuesday, only when he is taking cal pol syrup his temperature is coming down, so we rushed to Salem Mani pal where we have such a good pediatrician ( MR . Kumaravel). as soon as the doctor looked at him he rushed us to take x ray and went to take respiratory count.he had diagnosed that my son has affected by severe Bronchitis . My son was almost in dying condition, the doctor was shocked when i told him that a pediatrician only asked me to feed him, which was a blunder mistake and which made the condition very worse.Kumaravel doctor was shocked and told how doctors has not identified this and how they were treating of normal viral fever.

CRP which is an infection was 78 when i took him to Salem which should be 8.
Immediately my 9 months old son was admitted in PICU and started the treatment, the doctor told him he might require Ventilator also to survive, He was in PICU of full 4 days. the day one as soon as they start the treatment itself his temperature become normal . he suffered a lot, had vein injections of complete 5 days all because of these doctors.

In case i f we have waited of 48 hrs as the Mani pal Genius doctor have told i would have lost my son of no reason . we are running behind the doctors and the doctors are not caring i am not sure if doctors are such irresponsible then where we are supposed to go. My 9 Months old son has suffered almost pain and mental pressure because of these careless doctors.Really i want to file a case against these doctors, so that they should not repeat this again.As a mother i cant even imagine the day when i rushed to Salem, only God guided me to take him to Salem so that i have survived my son. SO PLEASE DONT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO MANIPAL, IF YOU LOVE UR KIDS DONT CHECKIN TO MANIPAL WHICH IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR KID LIFE
Dear sir,
My sister leaves in a remote village. She was suffering from fever and took to MANIPAL hospital based on the advise given by the local doctor.
At Manipal Hospital, doctor charged consultation Fee of 500 and Reg fee of 150. After he checked for 5 mins, he asked us to go for blood check up and get the report. The lab person asked us to wait for 4 hours (ESR blood checkup). But, problem was that doctor would leave at 2 PM (when we went, it was 11 AM) and next day again Manipal charges 250 just for showing the report ?? after we enquired with the reception, the lady told that upto 7 days, 250 is charged and 500 is charged after 7 days for follow up check up.
After we requested the doctor that we can't come next day and pay 250, he asked the lab person to give the report immediately.
My question is how come lab person can give the report in 1 hour when he asked us to wait for 4 hours ?
Also why manipal charges 250 just for checking the report next day ? it is not fair as doctor just asked us to go for blood check up and for that he charged 500? Some body pls help. How can poor people afford this ? they have to travel all the way and in addition pay the money ?
i really don't know what manipal is contributing towards the poors health. my sister requested doctor that she is poor and give some discount but nothing happened.
Agree.. In fact I can give you list of doctors who are actually a shame to their profession:
1. Dr.Shaila Bhattacharya - will ask her junior doctor to see the patient and conveniently takes her fees;
2. Dr. Praveen - actually found him an who will not even ask about the diet of a baby and refer her to genetics dept. (Dr. Sridevi Hegde);
3. Dr. Ashish Dixit - will not even see his patine and simply give advice by seeing the report and charge his fees.

Guys.. Just don't go to Manipal if you don't want to be CHEATED and HARASSED.
But can we put a case or something against them?

We are facing a horrifying case at HCG cancer hospital right now. Will give details once we are free. But I really need to know how to get the patient out. She looks dead but hospital is keeping her in icu and increasing the bill every day. By now, the bill is above 27 mail id is [protected]
horrible dr shaila bhattacharya. Agree with above comments . avoid this doctor. Prescribes so many illogical tests and does not want to answer any queries. Ignorant and arrogant to the hilt.
I received this mail with attached offer letter, please be justify of that

Pralay Banerjee
email address :- [protected]

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