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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Manipal Hospital — excess billing for 7 month kid 2nd time neurosurgery operation for the same problem within a week

 Prabir Bala on Jun 20, 2019
Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Bidhan Talukder, would like to inform you that my daughter, Aadrika Talukder, 7months old baby girl, admitted to Manipal Hospital, No.98, HAL, Old Airport Road, Bangalore-560017, registered number: MH[protected], dated-08.06.2019. After that done all the diagnosis before Neurosurgery Operation and surgery is successful as told by the doctor Bopanna KM and the team. And discharged on 12.06.2019 and before & after paid the bill of Rs.2 23, 239/-(Rupees two lakh twenty three thousand two hundred and thirty nine); estimation was given within 250, 000/- (Rupees two lakh...
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Manipal Hospital — mri machine not working from last 3 days i'm admitted to hospital to mri my leg

 Nagendra Byndoor on May 22, 2019
I'm admitted on 20/05/2019 to kmc manipal for my leg pain doctor pandey sir to suggest to mri my leg but last 3 days i'm waiting in bed but hospital nurses told mri machine not working properly from last 3 days i'm sleeping in om2 bed without any treatment from last 3 days i'm wasted my valuable time who will recovered my valuable time plz solve the my complaint immidiately...
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Manipal Hospital — mistreatment or harassment by dr. shaila b

 mwasim31 on Apr 18, 2019
Dear sir/madam,

My wife ayesha begum resident of dubai took my daughter afiyah wasim to dr. Shaila b on wed 17/04 at 11:20am in manipal hospital, hal old airport road, bangalore

Dr. Shaila miss treated my wife during the visit, she harassed her by yelling at her. Please note my wife was operated in same manipal just 1week before and she was not able to stand for a long time and the doctor was commenting"if you have come from mysore, roam around and go back, why u people come to hospital" "meet me in my clinic and take the address from my assistant outside the room",...
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Manipal Hospital — wrong diagnosis wrong surgery painful surgery

 nipunOS on Apr 2, 2019
I got corn surgery done at manipal whitefield by dr manjunath on *. I have 3 complaints wrt this and i seek full refund of payment i made against surgery and consultation with the doctor.
1. The surgery was done in a brutal manner, with no application of local anesthesia.
2. Doctor assured that the corn is completely removed and the foot will be fine a few days time. However, it kept paining with same intensity for next few weeks and that’s when i decided to see some other doctor, having lost faith in him
3. Now the most interesting part is that it was a case of wrong diagnosis....
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Manipal Hospital — parking charges

 mandala sidhartha on Feb 24, 2019
We visted manipal hospital whitefield for doctor consultation. While parking the vehicle i was shocked that they are taking parking charges.

When we go to hospital is it not hospital responsibility to provide parking facility, no other hospitals are charging parking charges.
Other hospitals are even providing free valet parking, what is special only with manipal hospital. Is it hospital or mall?

When we enter into hospital we don't know when we will come out again, as we have to wait in lobby for doctor appointment and go for tests or scanning.

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Manipal Hospital — lots of money

 Somayeh on Jan 28, 2019
They do not any thing for me and rhey charge 1700, the manager is very cheap man!
Even He dont know how to talk to costumer!
I feel shame to this hospitals and their service!they only paly with our money!they act as picker !i speaked to the manager only he shouted on me!he knows they do not any thing for me, even they damaged my vessels.i want to know who is responsible for this conplain?...
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Manipal Hospital — wrong billing

 Amit Chaudhary Dhankhar on Jan 11, 2019
Mane apni wife ki surgery tpa insurance mey karva thi hospital ne wrong billing claim kari jis ki wajah se tpa ne 50% amount approved kiya baki ka mujhe dena pada tpa ne mujh se kaha hi aap 1room ke liye eligible nahi ho aap sharing room ke liye eligible ho is kaaran aapka bill amount jada bana h to room ka amount difference less hona chaiye par room ke hisab se bill bana rakha h
Surgery amount to 1 hi hona chaiye chahe room sharing ho ya single please solve this problem...
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Manipal Hospital — parking charges imposed on 2 wheeler parked by person who is visiting for corporate annual medical check-up

 Naveen Sriram on Jan 1, 2019
My appointment for annual medical check-up (facility provided my office) was at 7:30 AM, 29th Dec 2018. There were more than 150 members who were under going this check-up.
By the time all check-ups except complete eye check-up it was completed it was 2 PM (majority of the time waited for long time to pass through each test because of huge crowd).
I requested for eye corrective prescription for which Doctor and assisting staff mentioned they had to dilate my eyes which will blurr my vision then do first vision check-up post 1hour of dilation and 2nd vision check-up post 4 hours of...
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Manipal Hospital — senior citizen concession

 Eshika Ashwin on Dec 22, 2018
Most firstly ur charges are quite high for the poor people on top of it for old citizens who doesn't loot money like u have no money... Where before had at least 10 percent of consseion which is now not even there.. Which is so bad...50 rs is not the question of money... For us it's fine... Wat abt the ppl who are unaffordable to pay... U just playing with pplz life yeah seriously... It's fine if u don't give discounts for the general but fr old citizens who are only depended on thier pensions and they shld live their whole life on it... Where ever that 50 rs wld be important.. I think this is the...
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Manipal Hospital — I am complaint about assist doctors/nurse skin disease 2nd floor

 Vincentdsouza81 on Dec 7, 2018
Please first of all the staff’s must keep basic ddescipline as patients coming early 6 to 8 am struggling/suffering after Long waiting que in registration then at the department too waiting. They are coming from even long distance. Then these hospital staffs having tea/personal gossips makes patient more impatient specially some patients with severe pain Also who are came in Wheel chair patients/Aged patients. Today’s world all the patients expected personal touch/care. This is lacking in the hospital more than their disease. It is helpful even token display board. I myself with the father who...
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Manipal Hospital — refund not getting processed

 Nishant Ranganathan on Dec 3, 2018

I have been chasing the hospital guys gor tye refund and nobody is bothered to help. I was asked to send the cancelled cheque yo tpa email id but the email is getting bounced back. Later i was asked to email yo mr. Nitin chandra but again the his email is aldo getting bounced back with the same reason that the email box is full. I contacted nitin chandra through both calls and whatsapp but he's does come back at all. I am stuck completely. Please help.

In-patient number:[protected]
Reg id: mh[protected]
Patient name: harini nishant
Phone: [protected]
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Manipal Hospital — hospital facilities & staff

 Deepanjali Bardoloi on Nov 23, 2018
To whomsoever it may concern
It will be an eye opener for the hospital management and for those who wants to get the near and dear one admitted in this hospital
I would like to complaint against the manipal hospital dwarka. My mother (Hospital number - mh[protected] who is a senior citizen had to undergo a minor surgery. Because of uncaring nursing staff, she had to extend her stay by at least 10 days. I would like to highlight the following points -

• facilities denied
• uncaring nursing staff
• lack of coordination

Facilities denied...
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Manipal Hospital — complaint against manipal nurses.

 uditadas on Nov 13, 2018
Hi, I am Udita Das and was admitted in the hospital for anal fissures, which is generally a 2 days admission in the hospital but got extended to a week because of unsuccessful first surgery.

After the surgery, I came to know that I also have 6 injections abscess because of the incompetent nurses (who put the injection in the wrong manner and in the places it should not be injected.) in Manipal Hospital. The doctors in Hyderabad were shocked to see 6 abscesses in my buttock area which was more than 4cm. There were injection abscesses even where no one is supposed to get an injection,...
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Manipal Hospital — opd system

 avadhesh06 on Nov 10, 2018
In internal medicine opd no que system. Followed. Nurses are not attending the patient properly. Abybody comes can inter any time without any que. Nurses are sitting on the reception side only. I got appointment on 10 november at 11 am but i entered only in doctor cabin 12 10 pm. It should have given to token number to every patient to resolve the problems....
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Manipal Hospital — surgical procedure

 lionking007 on Oct 25, 2018
Patient was taken to the ot stating his surgery has to be done at 8:30am &till now that is 11:30am it has not started, information received is anesthesia doctor not available, then what is the reason of taking a person to ot & that too for a case like a boil & it's removal. Really saddened & dissapointed.
This happened in manipal hospital, a good hospital, now i hear only complaints, that too now i experienced it....
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Manipal Hospital — inappropriate and unprofessional full body medical test

 Kkb0070 on Oct 9, 2018
Hi Team,

I want to file a complaint against Manipal Hospital Whitefield Bangalore for
inappropriate full body test and unprofessional behavior.

I did a visit to the hospital on 6th Oct 2018 for full body test, I have got a strange report on my Blood glucose level i.e. 56 before food and 81 after food(which is too low).With that they did 19 tests and took 4500 rs.

The fact of the matter is, in the final report nothing was mentioned for the same having that low and they told all normal except Blood cholesterol level high. Later they looted 3000...
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Manipal Hospital — emergency services

 Ratna Pathak on Sep 26, 2018
Last night, i had to take my daughter to emergency of manipal hospital, dwarka. The doctor on duty, gaurav thukral, was not only unprofessional, but also ill-behaved. He has behavioural issues and needs lessons in communicating with people. He was very arrogant and unprofessional. He was also seen shouting at other staff loudly in emergency where patients are critical.

My daughter needed ultrasound but the radiologist refused to come at night. S/he said that radiologist services are not available at night. Taking my daughter to some other hospital would simply waste time as her pain...
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Manipal Hospital — waiting for long long time

 Nit03 on Sep 18, 2018
Taking appointment from 15days earlier for the hematology department-dr ashish, that to an old patient to him, still waiting for morethan 1-2 hrs everytime exceeds the appointment time when went to meet him.. The receptionists are worst in arrogance. As the examinations went with him from long back need to revisit him otherwise will never go there....
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Manipal Hospital — emergency treatments are worst in manipal hospital domlur.

 Ashiqp on Sep 7, 2018

I had met with an accident and went for treatment in manipal hospital domlur. They took me to emergency ward and made all scans like mri of brain, dental related, ecg etc and charged 13000 amount. They did not give any treatments, my teeth was broken and had many injuries on my face, they just removed some part from cotton and told you are fine come tomorrow morning. I refused of discharge as i was unconscious for sometime and had lot of pain. When i came next day morning, they told you need to be admitted and surgery has to bee done. When they told you are fine and discharged...
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Manipal Hospital — eating place inside manipal hospital goa and blood test

 Edward rebello on Aug 22, 2018
Food and beverage is very expensive inside manipal hospital, quality of food is not good even sometime food is raw n too much oily. Quantity of food is also very less which there provide n price is tripe for example if u take tea or coffee u hve to pay rs 25 although u get it for 10. Main aim is not to satisfy patient or customer but to cheat them, and abt blood test same story it's too much crowd over there nurse never on desk at afternoon time but it's said 24 hrs service, amount they ask for simply blood test is very very high out side if pathology will ask u rs 50 inside manipal hospital will...
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