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Today, 10/08/09 at 6.30 AM I have boarded Borivali Kuda bus at Sukurwadi ST stand.After Malad conductor came for issuing tickets.I had shown him my senior citizen card.and gave money but he refused to accept senior citizen card stating that it is not original.I had told him that it is original card and I have travelled with this card so many times from last two years by ST, 2x2 and I had taken reservation for Talegaon ST Depot.But he did not listen to me on the contrary he had taken my card and kept in his pocket.when I pointed out that you can not take my card and keep in your pocket.there upon he insulted me and abused in vulgar language and asking me to get down from the bus.i have requested him I am old citizen and can not walk properly due to recent removal of plaster.and insisted him to issue me a ticket but he did not.At Vashi he asked to to get down from the bus and taken me to ST Inspector he also did not listen to me and asked me to get down from the bus.I have waited there from nearly from 15-20 Min.After that State Govt jeep came and stop that at spot.I Have immediately shown my Senior Citizen card to the officer sitting in the jeep and told whole incidence to him.Thereupon that office called your ST inspector and told him it is original card, Tehsildar's signature and original Govt stamp is there, and how you are saying it is not original.Thereupon your officer told it is a small card it is not big A4 Size card He did not know village people have been issued big cards while city like Bombay small laminated cards have been issued and Govt officer told your inspector to help me in getting next bus.He had boarded me to next bus coming to Talegaon.

Thanks & Regards
Chittaranjan W.Bendre
Row house no 10/Vrindavan Complex,
Nr Pratap Hospital, Watan Nagar.Chakan Road,
Talegaon Dabhade, Pune-410507
Telephone no:[protected]
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Aug 14, 2020
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I need to travel from Borivali to Thane(vice-vers) daily, I saw the name board of MSRTC buses are written only in is difficult to find where those buses r going.I always need others help to find this.Mumbai is an metropolitan city people from different places are staying in mumbai some might not know to speak and read Hindi.So my request is to have name board in English also.

sasneh jai maharashtra,

jogeshwari west s.v. road, BEST depo chya pudhe st thamba aaj kittek varsh nahi. mi khup vela complaint hi keli hoti. Konkan vasi tithi pavsalyat tasech unhalyat tatkalat bastat.
ST stand sathi evadi jaga astana dekhil aapan tikade stand ka nahi basvat? yache karan kai.
st time table dekhil nahi. yachi lavkarat lavkar dakhal ghyavi ashi punha punha vinanti.

jai maharashtra.

(maharashtra nav nirman sena)
shakha adhyaksh - word no- 53
no good service, of passanger of drivers as well as conducters of shivajinagar & swragate depot
Dear Sir,
I would like to bring in your knowledge regarding that you have launched / started new bus on dated 29 /10/2010 Thane via Muambra, Khed Panhalje just was not yet over month and the service just to fragment under a plot yours Khed Depot and Thane (Khopat) officials have started Depot is. As far as I have heard and seen from directly above the public good of just getting response and people you used to book tickets online via computer two days ago but you have missed her by being too fragmented. Sir you the act you possess and you attain the achievement of its intent to people features of this act, but how many people you reach disservice to this and perhaps you have no idea why you also how the general public, So do not be. As far as I understand you're not human.
Sir, you really hate the institution of mutual discrimination and punishment you give people the general public why it is beyond our understanding and perhaps because of the above to date this type of organization is always in deficit even further continues, this institution in the near future neither will save your ambassador or an angel nor God.
Sir, as I said this type of mail you will surely exasperating accost you on the way your officials enjoy us our money and city facilities to ignore you become a trend of people might have missed.
Yet I am to request you if you want to keep the institution alive please first all you have to solve public problems and you have to alert authorities to the popular sentiment.
Your well-wishers
Anis Chaugle
I have not seen one clean and well conditioned toilet in any of the msrtc bus depot. One of the experiences of Swarget, Pune msrtc recently was-There was no bucket or anything else for toilet use. Each toilet was so bad that no woman can enter in the toilet and use it. After telling the fact to the caretaker lady, she replied that nobody uses it and there is less water. At Alibag Depot, the caretaker boy was charging 3 Rupees per person (from men and women also) for any kind of toilet use. When I told him that toilet use is free for women, he shouted at me and told that everybody pays, why you have problem. Though I did not pay him, he continued charging for other women. The toilets are so unhygienic to use. Majority of the toilets (may be more than ninety percent) do not have proper toilet service. So everybody is afraid of travelling by msrtc buses. Another thing is, it is compulsory to have one stop of half an hour at any hotel or preferably food mall for the journey like Bombay-Pune of vice versa. And drivers and conductors take more time to return in the bus than the passengers, always. I heard that they get free food there, so they take stop, no matter the passengers need it or not. Many a times I saw and experience myself that the conductors don't pay the remaining change of one rupees or fifty paisa making excuses that they do not have change and cannot give change to every passenger.
The behavior of the conductors mainly is so abusive and commanding that every passenger feel that the conductor is the private owner of the bus. Many a times the conductor and driver do not stop the buses on the stops where they should. Night journey resulted dangerous as there is no lights in the buses which I think encourages men passengers for sexual harassment of women passengers. Atleat one light should be on at night. You should write MSRTC rules and regulations as many as possible in the bus.
My suggestion is msrtc should organize training programmes for Behavioral and Professional ethics for their staff. Also they can put forth the example of BEST buses of Mumbai for it. msrtc should study the BEST PATTERN OF MUMBAI BEST.
msrtc is a public property. We all wants it's progress. Cooperate with us. We want and deserve best service from you. You should keep in mind that any service sector's growth depends on consumer’s satisfaction.
Hope you will consider and take action on my complaints and suggestions for the betterment of MSRTC..our country.

Laxmi Shamal Subhash
I always travel from panvel to vashi for job purpose i have also taken monthly pass for this route yesterday 28 Dec.2012 when I travel from vashi to panvel I show my pass to conductor but he say your pass is not valid for this bus this bus was mumbai rajapur as my Daily travel experience this pass is valid for every sadi st bus only at night thy take Difference Ticket like if night ticket is Rs.25 and as per Pass Rs.19 thy taken Rs.6 as a night difference ticket charges its Ok but yesterday conductor Said me your pass is not valid either you, get down as well as take full ticket i get full ticket and said him to Discuss with Controller when we rich panvel station when we Discuss with controller he Never give Serious Attention on my complaint and told me go to our officer cabin and tell him your complaint he not given me also complaint book for Register my complaint and this conductor was gone on Duty we i goes to near officer cabin i saw this was lock i am getting irritated. yesterday I saw this galthani karbhar of st mahamandal
On 25th June2015 at 8.45 pm approximately I dialled [protected] to know the time table of Sukurwadi Alibaug buses.Person responded by telling time of 2 buses between 5& 6 am & then immediately disconnected the phone without telling any further buses & did not give chance to ask the name.It appeared rude & did not have courtesy to tell it properly.
Brakar war gadi jorat chalavali tyamule pravashan jorat jiv ghene lagal
रा.प chalisgaonआगार 25/10/2017
Time 16.5pm
Conductor d u jadhav
ताट पना
misbehavior shown by ST bus (conductor H.M.Chaus)Controller of your department. Today, 21/08/2018 at 11:35 AM I have boarded Kolhapur bus ST stand conductor came for issuing tickets {Aur conductor ne bataya tume ticket nahi dunga tume jo karana hai O karale}
But last Me driver ne usse force kiya ki ticket dedo karake tab usane ticket diya..
plz Arjuntly Action this conductor...

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