[Resolved]  Naukri.com — Cheating, fraud - taking money for resume development

I am a specialist doctor by profession and I'm currently working abroad.This fraud job website NAUKRI.com has taken apx. Rs 8000 for job resume development ,sending my resume to job-recruiters in gulf region in JUNE,2010(RESUME SERVICES 091121CS359526,TSID=1570812)
.The customer executive from this NAUKRI.com persuaded me to pay this amount via creditcard and netbanking in two different instalments..After I paid the money,it became really difficult to communicate them.I mailed them manytime to develop my resume as early as possible.I even made ISD in the given number for international clients.But,I was shockingly disappointed by the misbehaviour of the executive's service in Naukri.com.I called them by spending so much money in Indian rupees;but,they disconnected the phone in a rude manner.Lastly,they told me that resume developer would call me in my contact number immediately.BUT,NO SUCH CALL CAME.I mailed them last on 24th JULY,2010 to enquire about my resume develoment and other services status.I AM YET TO RECEIVE ANY MAIL.They have never communicated with me regarding my resume services.
Such a poor,pathetic service can only be expected by an Indian company.These worthless companies always try to con the innocent men by luring them by attractive advertisement.I HAVE REALLY LEFT ALL MY HOPE FOR THOSE MONEY taken by Naukrigulf-a part of this NAUKRI.COM
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Aug 13, 2020
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Naukri.com- The most unprofessional company with people who are ready to cheat and get money by giving wrong information.

I was receiving phone calls from Neelima Saklani employee of naukri.com about naukri fast forward services. I was not ready as my friends said bad remarks. I was planning for job change. She promised me that I will get job preferences of my choice. She even confirmed by email. I paid usd 195.00. After three days I received call from service team that they can't get the job alerts of my choice. I told naukri.com to refund my money. No answer from anyone. After one week I received mail, that my naukri fast forward services are active. I started arguing with the on mails asking them to refund my full 195 usd. Naukri team said they will only refund 55 usd. Remaining 140 usd they will not, as my cv will displayed. I have been asking them if you cant get required job alert how sure that naukri display will help me. Till date I have not received not even single response from recruiters or not even correct job alert.

This naukri.com or naukri gulf and naukri fast forward is cheating business. No one in understand professional ethics of clients. Neelima Saklani ( naukri.com employee), naukri.com and the service team is after money. They don't care once you pay them.I must have written almost 60 emails asking them to refund if they cant give the agreed service. Neelima saklani said she is accounts manager. If I have problem she will sort out. She is most crook never responds to mail. I don't know how is she able to eat daily bread from cheated salary.

Service team is also not bothered.

If you want proof etc I am ready to send you by email. Please contact me on [protected]@yahoo.co.in

Be aware of this bogus and fraud neelima saklani and naukri.com

Mahantayya G Sheegihallimath
i had paid for naukrigulf and amount o[censored]SD $ 150 for CV writing and 6 months CV paid services. Believe me no one had looked to my CV from the employers and i was been told by their agents that with this service there are possibilities of 95 % to get a call for an interview.

Save your money and prepare your CV by your self. All liers no one had looked to my CV at all in their website. I regret that i had paid for this service.
Hi I am also victim of Naukri scam.(#CL#141012TS2054161_4597539#(3).

Marketing executive( in my case Mr Ankit Guptha) fellow keeps on chasing/calling us till money get transferred to their account, once they got money no fellow is bothered to attend/respond to our calls or mails.

Have paid Rs. 7600 to modify my existing resume( but funny thing is they made only line arrangements) and display for 6 months and to choose 10 recruiters from their recruiter list(all of them are cheaters and they are asking money), already 2 months over but single call I didn't receive from any recruiter.

There are a lot of fake websites claiming to be naukri, monster n other famous consultants...watch out...coz consultancies which demand u to pay an initial amount for their services are most likely to be scams... u wil receive calls from men who claim to be some manager of a company...comeon... which manage would call u personally for a job...so whenever u hear a man's voice telling he has a job for u provided u pay him..its a fraud..
Hi everyone
Visitnaukri.com is a fraud company. A guy called Rohan Sharma called me from the company and said that your resume have been selected for a hospital job in dubai and you will get a call on this day for the interview and you have to pay us 5617 rs as visa processing charges through net banking i paid them the amount but online it was showing transaction declined but the amount got deducted from my account i asked him that it has got deducted from my account then he said it has successfully decline and it will be refunded to u so for another transaction for the same charges you go to the nearby atm and directly transfer to the account so i said i dnt have enough balance iin the account to pay 5617 rs so he said dnt worry u pay only 4500 and rest i will pay on your behalf once you get return of previous transaction u pay me back i did transfer another 4500 to the account number he gave me of escent enterprises now ii am calling them continuously they are not answering neither i got my money back. I will not leave these people and will shurely screw them. Who all are with me please call me on [protected] or mail me on [protected]@gmail.com so together we make a difference by taking action against such people. Please do reply.

hello all,
i am from orissa..i too recently got duped from some one calling from delhi represting as naukri.com..evrything looked good and thus i did transactions within 2 days and 2 transactions.. after my struggling and calling them for 15 days i neither received any job offer letter nor any document.. and now also yesterday they say me some more amount needed..and i got sure totally that i have been badly duped.. i want to know the procedure of getting them caught.. how can we proceeed against them asap.. please help me.. i have no clue..
I got cheated by two recruiting agencies of Delhi of Rs, 10000/- who promised to provide me jobs in Hyderabad.
On Feb-2015 I received a call from www.groupofemployment.com from this number [protected] from Ms. Kaavya who asked me whether I am interested in getting a job in Hyderabad and after getting confirmation from me she told me to pay an amount of Rs.4045/- and told me that my interview will be conducted within that day itself and provided me an online payment portal through which I pay the said amount. but soon after I finished paying she asked for some more amount of Rs.5066/- which I refused and told her to connect me to her higher officials. But she was hesitating but when I threatened to contact police she ultimately connected me to her higher official Jatin who promised me to refund the amount which I have paid. But later on after few days one more executive contacted me and asked for Rs.12000/- which I refused. Again after two days Ms.Kaavya of Group of Employment company, Delhi contacted me and told me to pay Rs, 5066/- I got furious and told her to refund my money but she refused and switched off her phone and also stopped corresponding through emails also .This way I got duped by this company.

A week after this incident I received a call from Naukri Placements, Delhi( www.naukriplacements.com) promising me of Job in Ambhuja cement, Hyderabad and told me to pay only Rs.2000/- I refused immediately and told them that many recruiting agencies of Delhi are duping unemployed people like this . They told that they are genuine company and provided me their phone numbers Reshma-[protected] / [protected] and HDFC A/C no- [protected], IFSC code HDFC000975, HELP LINE NO -[protected].
Later on after paying the amount they stopped corresponding and after two Mr.Rohit senior executive contacted me and told me to pay Rs.4500/- .I got upset and told him that I am poor man and presently unemployed and told him to provide the job first and promised him that I will pay half my salary as service charges. But he told that my interview and job is ready and as soon as I pay this amount my job will be finalised as they will ensure that I get this job by their influence. Hearing this I borrowed from my neighbours and friends and paid this amount in the above HDFC bank's account but till date they have not arranged for any job nor refunded my amount and also stopped corresponding through phones.
After about ten days again some other executive from that same company started contacting my and told me to pay some more amount i.e. Rs.1500/- I told him that I am not in a position to pay any amount and told him to refund my paid amounts but he was asking money to even refund my amount.
This way I got duped by these two companies and ultimately lost my job and also amount.
I am herewith furnishing details of both the companies for immediate action and help me recover my amount.

1). www.groupofemployment.com
+91- [protected] / [protected]

2). www.naukriplacements.com
Ph:[protected]/[protected] / [protected]
Kindly help me to recover my money as I am from a poor family and unemployed.
Thank you...I too received a call from [protected] and [protected] offering with some attractive job profiles. Also asked me for a registration money of Rs.1600. I'm not going to go on with this now. Already lost a sum of Rs.3000 with another fraud job consultancy named Jobs2Globe...

The government should take strict action against these !!

naukri4jobs .. i dont know who are you and where are you . just spoiling the name of naukri.com.
i got a call on 6/4/15. from naukri4jobs a lady names mahi spoke to me and said that this a part of naukri.com and i have to deposite a sum of Rs2000. as a registration fee and then they wil larrange me an interview in Parle agro. lucknow, i asked them about the address of parle but they said that it ran in a collaborative unit. i deposited that amount in their bank of baroda branch a/c num: [protected]. an the very next day the conucted an telephonic interview an after that they asked fr another amount of Rs5500 for document verification and again ideposited the amount in the same account yesterday and today again they were demanding a sum of 10500 for profiling... I had all the communication on the single num i.e [protected]

i request u sir/maa'am please take some action against these frauds, so that i can get my money back and others too.
Someone from govt source or anti-corrutpion agency should investigate whether top job portals forwarding or not the job advt emails to the some job seekers.

I see all top job portals having indirect email advt to the job seeker having mediator as the portal. In other words, A MNC job advt is sent by a recruiter to a job seeker using job portal's user interface proforma. Same can be forwarded to the jobseeker by the job portal.

I think there is a access control for the job portal to stop posting jobs to the job seeker email if they want to. I beleive this corruption perhaps happening in India. CID or CBI shall investigate..?

Regarding a job opening in Dubai, on[protected] Mr. Rahul from Info E Services called me and assured me that the client is very much interested in my profile. So he asked me to pay a amount of 4, 500 rupees as a registration fee and also he said that within 1 week client will call me for interview. On[protected] I transferred the amount also. Again the next day itself that is on[protected] some other person called me (sorry I don;t remember his name) and sent me a mail that I have to pay 7, 500 rupees for document verification. But Mr. Rahul promised me that other than 4, 500 rupees I need not pay any extra amount, directly client will call and interview me and after 45 days all my Passport, Visa and Medical check up verification will held up.

Now you people are insisting me to pay money only. And there is no response from Mr. Rahul. Several times I called him today, but your people are not transferring the call to him. The other person to whom I spoke on[protected] he is not at all listening to my queries. He was just insisting me to pay 7, 500 rupees only and not transferring the call to Mr. Rahul. Since it is Naukri and a very trusted site, I believed and transferred my money. Before I transfer my money, you people keep on calling me and replying me then and there. After getting the money, no proper response. Please ask Mr. Rahul to call me. And also I request you people to transfer my money at the earliest. Don't waste anyone's time and money.

All are fraud. Before I trusted Naukri... Now Naukri Cheated...
People please don't trust it and don't waste it...
Can you tell me gulfmncnaukri consultancy, they are calling me and said pay 2750 amount, so they are attend interview

Suman sen
i am having a problem with naukri.com
i'm applying jobs on naukri.com from 2 years. but still i'm not getting any mail from recruiter. sometimes i'm getting fake mails of jobs from L&T, Bosch, TATA, etc. these mails says that first you have to pay security fees and after than we will arrange interview. anybody please help me on this.
please connect with me on mail


Keyur Patel
I Paid NowNauki.com of around Rs.8, 000/- in the month of May-2015 regarding my Canada Process. They never came back with any update nor any confirmation. When I started posting about Now NAurki.com, some person “X” call me and speak to me in filthy language. I was shocked when he spoke to me. Then I have decided to file and FIR in Cyber crime. I am in the process, I suggest all the victims to process that is the ultimate goal to get your amount refunded. Worst part is that they deduct the Taxes, I have no idea from where the hell it came into the picture. If someone from Now Naukri.com give an update on Tax deduction, first thing ask there IT registration#, Sales Tax. Moreover I am going to file a Criminal Case under IPC 420.

I Paid NowNauki.com of around Rs.8, 000/- in the month of May-2015 regarding my Canada Process. They never came back with any update nor any confirmation. When I started posting about Now NAurki.com, some person “X” call me and speak to me in filthy language. I was shocked when he spoke to me. Then I have decided to file and FIR in Cybercrime. I am in the process, I suggest all the victims to process that is the ultimate goal to get your amount refunded. Worst part is that they deduct the Taxes, I have no idea from where the hell it came into the picture. If someone from Now Naukri.com give an update on Tax deduction, first thing ask there IT registration#, Sales Tax. Moreover I am going to file a Criminal Case under IPC 420.

Hi All,
My present job was at stake and my situation was very bad, hence I had to find a new job which had become the most necessity to lead my life. I was seriously hunting for job and posted my resume in all the major online job portals. After few days, I received a call from Shivam stating that he is from Now Naukri and it’s a part of Naukri.com. He promised me to schedule interviews and also job offer from MNC stating that they have tie ups with MNC’s. Since finding an alternate job was more important for me, I agreed to pay the amount Rs.6799 through online. After I made the payment, there was no response from them, hence I tried calling the same phone numbers, each time phone was attended by different person and I had to narrate the entire story again and again. I was asked to make another Rs.8000 to get an offer letter, I disagreed to pay the amount and argued with them. Also I had asked for refund of Rs.6799 which I paid earlier. I was sending escalation emails to Now Naukri customer care, from whom I received initial emails and payment confirmation receipts. There was no response from them. I thought my Rs.6799 has been cheated by Now Naukri and left it. I was Jobless for 3 months struggling to manage my monthly expenses.

After 3 months, I received a call from Vikram (phone No. [protected]) stating that he is calling from Escalation Team of Now Naukri and my case has been escalated and he is processing my refund of Rs. 6799. I was happy that though I did not get a job, at least I’m getting the refund of money. He told that he is generating a system ID from their server and he told me to go to SBI ATM and key in the Corp ID (SBI card# [protected]) and it will be card to card transfer. As per his instructions I inserted my SBI card to the ATM machine and keyed in the number he gave me and the amount as Rs. 6799 following his instructions with a belief that I’m getting my refund. While he was on call, he told me to stay on call (not to disconnect) till he is processing my refund and he told that the transaction is not processed due to Technical issue and he asked me to repeat the same steps again and again (asking me to retry) I kept following his instructions and redoing the same steps for 4 times and finally I got a receipt stating ‘Unable to process’. He told me go home and wait for 15 mns and the refund will be completed. As soon as he ended the call and I see message alerts stating that my SBI account was getting debited for Rs. 6799 three times. I called back the same phone number, he did not answer my call, after half an hour, phone was switched off.

That’s when I realised that my SBI account was getting debited each time and was not aware of how Card to card transfer works. I lost Rs. 20400 (that was my SBI Account balance) Now Naukri is a fraud group cheating money not only by giving you a promise of getting jobs, even stating that they will refund your amount, they are trying to extract more money from your savings/current account. Please be aware of these frauds and do not entertain any calls from Now Naukri in the first place. They are cheating people’s heard earned money like this, but they are accountable to god and what they cheat like this, they should repay for this at one of time in life.
Feel cheated by naukri.com. took 4000 rupees for resume display etc. N not a single interview call . Frustrated.
Feel cheated by naukri.com. took 4000 rupees for resume display etc. N not a single interview call . Frustrated.
I have received a call from gulfmncnaukri.com for job and they are demanded me Rs.350/- for arranging interview, can I this is the right or fraud.

Details are :
A/c No - [protected]
Name : MNC Consultancy Services
IFSC : SBIN0012901
State Bank of India

Sir, I am requesting you to kindly help me as soon as possible on [protected]@rediffmail.com.
same is the case with me.. they didnt have any mail to me after taking the interview with the name of company interface technology zirakpur.. they took rs2500 as a security amount and rs500 for form filling charges.. from that day onward i never get any call either from them or from naukri.com.. i have clicked the photo of one of their assistance .. if i didnt get any call from them they will innocent kicking their off..

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