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[Resolved]  Nepal Pilgrim Travel — POOR SERVICE

We opted to travel to MUKTHINATH. The lady at NPT(Nepal Pilgrim Travel) , who proclaims as a Managing Director of NEPAL TOURISM (Direct Appointment by the King) boasted of the AC bus service, Delux hotels, Advance Flight bookings, excellent south indian food, etc etc. But to our surprise, nothing was provided. Not even ONE of the aforesaid thing ws provided. The 60 Passengers, who were together were broken into small groups of 5 to 2 and made to fly in seperate flights to Jomsom. The wrst part was 10 o[censored]s didnot get flight boarding pass. Amidst this a co-passenger, died on the way to Jomsom. The lady and husband, the TOUR OPERATORS went into their hide out making the young NEPALI chaps to loook after us. Till we left Kathmandu after 4 days we were not able to see her. What a beautiful co-ordinator. The hotels, wow!!! a thrilling exp .... doesnt have locks from inside (both on the main door and bathroom)... just a 40 W bulb .. Tube lite patti remains vacant.... stinking toilets,.... The excellent part was SOUTHINDIAN food.... cooked just a day b4, put in small "DAVARA" sized containers for afternoon... Forturnately, unlike the organisers, their boys were bit co-operative (may be they were forced to be). OUR HUMBLE REQUEST ....DO NOT PREFER THEM FOR NEPAL TOUR.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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This great Travel Company in Nepal You Should trek one time for travel service
[protected]@ Nepal Planet Treks

I fully agree with the views . what we coudnt understand was why she really went underground with various alibis and also was not courteous. many times i thought why did we opt and it was because of ad in jaya tv. jaya tv should discourage these ads.
after third day she disappeared. that too after one person died we never saw her.
The lady who boaster herself to be a direct employee in Nepal tourism is actually not a direct employee.
And she not even kept her words even in one among the number of services she promised.
Food, accomodation, transportation are very very poor.

Over the trip for us was a spoilt game. This is posted for other's welfare
it is true that the lady is fraud and fooling people.Beware she has taken 13000/- per head and not spent even 1000/- on food and accomadation per head, she claimed delux acomadation but we were made to stay in ashrams or hotels with no proper toilets, she has not even bothered to book tickets from Pokra to Jomsom and played fool and we could not make darshan of Mukthinath and we all the priligrims were disappointed by her attitude and planning and cheating.

Public beware of the said lady and never go by replies on her emails and reply back to her, she is not worth trusting "BEWARE".

yes, , the worst tour operator i have seen, , being a women the way she treated the passengers like slaves, , talked harsh words, , shouted, , , as tamil knowing guide only such words we heard from her, , nothing about the places, , , ddnt accompanied to mukthinath, , with hotel agent at jomsom without proper guidence suffered a lot, , walked about 26 kms, the way senior citizen citizens were handled, , onthe way one person died..were held up in jomsom without cloths, , 23 were separated from the group, , missed katmandu, , janakapuri..the food was also not good, , the lady before the tour was with sweet words was not available after that.---on behalf of other passengers, , ----nirupa
i was in the same group. Lady fell sick and she was hospitalized. Nepal pilgrim travel is very good with the services..
my family members travelled with them in sept 2010 tour.. they were really happy.
WE JOINED THEIR AUGUST 2010 TOUR. WE ARE OF AGE 74 AND 70 YEARS.I very well remember
when we asked the lady incharge in chennai Mrs. Deepa. She told us very frankly, that Mukthinath temple is in the altitude of 3100 metres above the sea level. so passengers with asthma, heart dieseases etc are not adviced to visit Mukthinath.She also told that there is no medical facility in Mukthinath. As IT IS A REMOTE AREA.
As we can come across altitude sickness. eventhough we have BP, we thought of going to Mukthinath.
The tour went on very well. Nepal Pilgrim Travel provided us twin sharing accomodation, AC bus and South Indian brahmin cooked food...there was no big variety by food was homely and healthy...
Mrs. Deepa and her husband along with their staff took care of everything. main plus point was they did not hand over us to anyone but all arrangements in all cities where directly done by them..
On our flight to a Mukthinath, deepa was suppose to join us in mukthinath. But unfortunately she had miscarrage on the sameday. In the airport itself she started bleeding..and was hospitalized ..
but any way their Jomsom guide and agent took care o[censored]s. It was jeep strike in jomsom. we need to walk few kms. but the jomsom trekking guide arranged by Nepal Pilgrim Travel, told us people who cannot walk they can stay behind in the hotel. We must understand certain unaccepted things might happen. Jeep strike was not in the hands of organiser or the passengers. we thought that mukthinath wants us to come to him by walk.. so we decided to walk and we dont regrett for that. we had fantastic darshan of we need to stay 1 more day in jomsom hotel. the food in jomsom hotels is very costly. As our cooks stay behind in pokhara with the passengers who decided not to walk.. Nepal pilgrim travel did not take a even a singly penny from us for extra cost food in jomsom.
mrs. deepa ’s husband and staff were there till last destination gorakhpur. I can very well understand the position of Mrs. deepa’s family. Losing the first child is a great loss. but they did their duty.
i can see the pain in her husban’d eyes. he left his wife in the hands of doctors in pokhara and was accopanying us. Iam really greatful for them.
we are use to travel alone generally. but for nepal tour we approached Nepal pilgrim travel, as it is a new country for us.But to travel in group as both plus and minus points. we came across few co passengers LIKE YOU PEOPLE who were misbehaving with the organisers and not at all cooperationg. Nepal Pilgrim Travel for their dedicated service. We were treated like a family..It was memorable sweet family tour!
I wonder how you people can digrace a lady who was in the hospital? We all must fear god. We also have children. if you daughter or son will fall sick you will make them compuslory dance or work?
it ia against humanity..I personally went to the airlines office in jomsom and the station manager Mr.sujan Told that flight is cancelled due to poort weather. Nepal pilgrim travel had booked our tickets. Weather is not in their hand.
I request the public not give importance to such people who dont know how to bahave in public and especially with a lady...
I can witness Mrs. Deepa never told us that she is the M.D of Nepal Tourism. She is the Director of Nepal Pilgrim Travel. first of you must realize what you are writing? M.D. MEANS managind Director. Managing Director designation is only possible in private sectors but not in Government sectors...If you have any personal issue with the lady..It doesnt mean that you say about the organisation is very childish.
Hey mr and mrs. Mohan. How are you? i read u r message and got surprised.
when we all decided that we will talk to was not 26 kms.. I personally spoke Mrs. deepa's husband . He told if you start walk, then there is no possibility to return back to jomsom same day! I remember his words. we told him that we dont want to miss mukthinath in any case. We all agreed to take risk..Dont be ungrateful! The AC coaster was waiting for us in Pokhara. Mrs. Deepa's Husband was with us. in the end of the tour i remember you standing in the bus and giving thanks notes to Deepa's Husband and NPT. what happend to you? They told us that they are ready to take to jankapur. But we all decided that we would take rest rather than travelling!
we were in the same bus, i cant remember when AC was switched off. it was very cooling and comfortable. Rooms were decent. I agree THERE WAS NO BAR FACILITY IN THE HOTELS.
All rooms had attached bathrooms, and they keep up the word 2 persons in 1 room. Food was OK.
That Senior man died because he was very old. He was unable to pass urine. He had so many complications. inspite MR. anil Stopped, him 100 times, the old age passenger was stubborn.
We cant blame NPT for him. when i came back to chennai i met his son, he even did not blame NPT.He told that doctor not advised to go Mukthinath because he has undergone heart surgery twice..and at lasr
These guys, i dont remember them kesri and rajshekhar, but they are not true. we flew and came back? how u can agree with them that NPT did not book flight tickets for us? be practical. To manage 60 passengers, specially senior citizens is not a easy deal. i have come across certain travel agencies who sell their customers to some other local agent and just sit. But these NPT people are far much better.
Because of NPT we had Good Darshan!
Very good service
I was one of the pilgrims in your recently concluded Mukthinath yatra that began from Allahabad on 8th Sep 2013 and concluded on 19th sept 2013 at Gorakhpur.
Following are my comments.
1. The tour was too hectic, too much of travel, sometimes ten to twelve hours every day. You must remember that usually it is elderly people who take these tours and to expect them to sit in a crowded bus for long hours is too tiresome. You should prolong such tours by 2 or 3 days; it may increase the cost marginally but it is worth. On any day bus travel should not exceed five to six hours
2. At many places the rooms allotted are not on the ground floor, which meant that very often the pilgrims had to carry their luggage themselves to their rooms over staircase and carry them back to the bus themselves. This puts lot of strain on them. . The tour guides were of no help. You must have in every tour at least two persons whose primary responsibility is to help passengers with sundry tasks like helping them with their luggage. This is important. Elderly pilgrims do need help and they should not be left high and dry. Your so-called “international guide’, who does not speak a word of English can be dispensed with .
3. About food served while it is conceded that it is not easy to provide full meals on such a tour the quality of food served at many places left much to be desired
4. You must bear in mind that these tours are not sight-seeing tours; they are pilgrimages and that calls for a different state of mind. There were instances some of them were rude. In one instances a woman passenger, who was overheard saying to her friend that that in her view she was not getting her money’s worth but was forced to render a written apology on plain paper of failing which she would be dropped from the tour midway. She pleaded that it was a casual comment and some other passengers also intervened not to precipitate the matter but the ‘guide’ did not relent but forced a written apology. This is completely unacceptable and extremely offensive. Such things should never happen under any circumstances. The guide should be reprimanded for his high-handed behavior. There were other ugly incidents concerning a driver who could not find his way to the hotel at kathmandu and could not contact the tour guide as he was not given a mobile phone.

5. My personal impression based on participating with the tour arranged, is that the accompanying Manager/Owner of the company ought to exercise good courtesy and politeness towards the pilgrims (especially towards the elderly ) at all times. Arrogance or dictating type of behavior from the tour operator is a serious negative factor impacting on the morale of the entire group of participants. I would think twice before recommending Nepal Pilgrim Travel to others, where good courtesy towards pilgrims is lacking and also their in sensitiveness to putting elderly pilgrims on long strenuous bus journeys.

CB Rau, Hyderabad
13 Oct 2013
Dear Sir,

I am able to agree with Mr.CB Rau, with whose company I traveled as a pilgrim between Allahabad and Gorakhpur recently.

My impression about the Nepal Pilgrim Travel is that they are too hasty in conducting the tour regardless of the strenuousness felt by elderly pilgrims. They have not even forewarned of such long arduous travel by bus without suitable breaks or re freshening. When new pilgrims joined us arriving at Allahabad around 02;30 AM, after nearly 40 hours of train journey, the tour operator did not consider it important to give them a break by taking them to hotel. Many of the pilgrims wished to use toilets and freshen up, have a cup of tea, or stretch themselves for a few hours. But the pilgrims were all put in the bust to further travel by poor roads for another 4.5 hours to reach Chitrakoot.

The tour operator owner lady who also took part with the group overseeing the tour was seen arrogant with the use of her rude language to pilgrims often. Though I could understand that they were anxious to fulfill their schedule of tour, they were not prepared to listen to the woes of the pilgrims around who have put themselves in their care, paying the entire tour costs. Since the tour was pursued with religious goals, no one wished to create a scene or argument with the tour operator with whom there was hardly any hold.
Mr.C.B.Rau's narrative that a pilgrim was even forced to tender a letter of apology being threatened with the risk of dropping out, comes not as a great surprise, with the kind of demeanor seen often.

Trust there will be some rectification of their attitude in the future tours. As of now, I will not recommend their services to my friends.

i completely disagree with both Mr. C.b. Rao and Mr. Govindarajan.
i along with my friends we were in same tour.
This govindarjan gentle man's room mate did not follow the instructions given to him well in advance, that he must carry his plate for food. Govindarjan's roommate was ordering and dictating the young staff and even slapped him and ordered him to bring plate for him, as if he his his slave.
if we as passengers did not follow the instructions how a tour operator can manage?.
when the young boy was slapped by the rude room mate of mr. govindarajan the organisers definitely objected not to do so. and explained that is the passengers fault and he has to buy his own plate. Mr. Govindarajan use to act as advocate for all the passengers and use to pass vulgur comments on everyone! .As if he is very perfect.
Govindarajan use to advice as he is Ramanujar.passengers like govindarajan are ungratitude.
Nepal pilgrim travel has fully filled their tour schedule keeping up all thier promises. People like Govindarajan do not come for tours for darshan they come single leaving their wives at home and searching for new companions, single ladies.
i have around 100 pictures of govindarjan in 12 days amongs 90 are when he is with other single lady co passenger
Mr. govindarjan should feel shameful.The lady organiser did not allow him to come near so he is complaining...
by wearing Namam he will not Become Ramanujar.
these people are only show off vaishnavites thats all! No devotion, only want to point out mistakes
Govindarajan must travel with velukudi krishnan once! Then he will be shown a good way!
No Complaints. Best service provider!
Following points of feedback are offered, as a measure of constructive approach to enhance your quality of service to your customers undertaking yatra through your esteemed service. 1. Quality of food served by you to the yatris under exacting conditions of travel schedules deserve all my applause. The varying change of menus with simplicity of food choice generally was quite appealing, and seems to have been devised with careful thought. 2. Personal attention through their physical presence by Geetha madam, Mr.Suneel and young Pankaj and accessible to yatris deserves all my praise. 3. The all air-conditioned bus as customised to serve meeting the various itineraries of the trip is excellent and shows that your management having personal care for the comfort of the passengers. Even while waiting at some points for prolonged periods, the driver was running the engine to provide the air conditioned comfort for the passengers appear to be a lot thoughtful on the part of the driver. The driver deserves my special commendation for having been quite steady with his display of skills, while his assistant been quite cooperative in handling the stowage of personal effects in the boot space. As the roads in part of the highways have not been quite upto the mark, perhaps, he could not see to the comfort ride of the passengers, which is beyond his control. 4. The travel organisation made a good tie up with Pandiths at various places, with good understanding of significances towards performing the various tharpana/srartha rituals. This deserves a good praise. 5. Care taken by Mr. Suneel in seeing to my night accommodation at the hotel and with night meal at Gorakhpur on 12th sept shows that he personally cares for the welfare of his customer, even after the conclusion of the tour at outstation. Points where you need to be critical to bring about improvements: 1. While the quality of food was more than acceptable, sometimes there had been feelings from some that quantity food for second helping was not adequate. Secondly, there is a scope for your team to improve on the hospitality, in particular to the senior citizens, as a special gesture, which may go a long way to speak of your service. 2. The bus though was an air conditioned one, it had no air cushion as suspension, which caused serious effects on the backbones, particularly for yatris seated at the back. There was quite a few occasions the jolt raised the passengers from their seats almost by a foot, quite unexpectedly. Please look for a Volvo bus for a better passenger comfort. 3. The itineraries of the places of pilgrimage are indeed far from each other, which entailed very long stretch of road journeys, and senior citizens/ women-folks found this very tedious. The discomfort after road travel was further compounded by short night stays in the rooms, with early morning departures, packing and quitting from rooms. The physical health of senior citizens and women must be respected and well regarded while planning these road journeys. Perhaps most passengers may not mind extra days at a cost, as a result of stopping en route for night halts. I feel that senior citizens and women require a lot more consideration on this issue, as good health is paramount for sustained travel. In any case, in my opinion road journeys should not stretch longer than 5 to 6 hours. 4. Upon arrival of passengers by train after almost 40 hours, and at odd time of the night, they expect to be sheltered in a hotel for using toilet and freshening up. This point does not seem to have met your consideration when around 25 passengers arriving at Allahabad station around 2 am. They were quite taken aback when they heard the announcement by Mr.Suneel that there is another 4 hours of road journey ahead to reach Chitrakoot, without facility/time to freshen up for the travel. This may please be avoided. Kindly well inform the passengers through your general instructions that this might sometimes be inevitable to meet with schedule and that they may mentally be prepared to face this and use the toilets in the train. 5. Bus trip to Nimisaranyam from Chitrakoot took much longer time, for reasons unknown, guessing that the driver wished to avoid toll charges. We felt that he could have taken the national highway between Alllahabad and Lucknow rendering the journey as pleasant travel and better speed would have resulted in diesel economy, offsetting the toll charges. 6. For this stretch of kasi-Gaya-Ayodhya yatra, an extra two days and extra cost would have been well justified, giving more comfortable travel time followed by rest at the hotels. 7. Lastly, I appeal to the organisers that an effective communication is established through periodical interactions both ways, particularly closely LISTENING to the woes of the customers, and you must be guided with firm principle that CUSTOMERS ARE RIGHT, while you do your utmost part as service providers. 8.Rude language or harsh behaviour on the part of organisers (tour operator) must be totally avoided if they should go forward to establish a good reputation. Regardless of past laurels, what matters is the present performance ALWAYS! Trust the above points may be well taken to ensure that your customers continue to patronise and further recommend you to others that you are indeed a wonderful and most reliable travel agency, who pays close care to the customers. The above notes are offered without prejudice. Kind regards S.Govindarajan Yatri (03-15th sept 13)
best tour operator i have experienced.
One of the worst experiences ever! Don't ever go on a tour to Nepal with a lady called 'Geetha' as a tour operator!
Best tour operator for Kailash Manasarovar tour.
very poor and pathetic organisation
never will travel with them
poor quality of food and hotels
saddistic tour manager
tell all not to take ant tour with these people

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