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I am residing in B Block,Sector-30, Noida for the past 2 years.There are many stray dogs in Sector 30, Noida. 2 days back i was attacked by a stray dog leaving on nearby street,luckily i escaped its bite, but it torn my jeans. Its d second time with me only that same dog has attacked on me. Few weeks back my Flat mate was also attacked while he was riding his bike and fell down badly from the bike. I also witnessed some time ago when dat dog bite a tiffan wala who was passing by that street carring fews tiffans in hand. He was bleeding badly.Its becoming too dangerous day by day. Moreover these kind of dangerous dogs are there on almost every street in sector 30 and there number are increasing.Actually there are 3 dogs on the same street i mentioned ( B Block) Please get rid of these dangerous dogs and allow people to walk safely on the roads.I have also complained to the president of sector 30 but he said similiar incident has been happening with many people leaving in our sector and despite his complaints to the noida authority, nothing has been done till now.Please take action regarding this issue for the safety of the people.
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I am resident of sector 20 D block, there are a hell lot of stray dogs, which are biting people every day, its very tuff to come out from the house, because they started attack, they have bite almost every house maids who comes in this sector, i am kindly requesting you please do something and saves people's life .please please ...

D-85, Sector 20 D block, Noida
This is to inform the Noida Authority, not to taking care for the increasing the number of the Stray Dogs in Sector 30 noida. which is one one of the best sectors of Noida.Today each street has 5 to 10 dogs and which are effecting us all not come out from home in night even Kids & Elderly people are being attacked . You can;t even go for walk even to Market by walking . They should be removed from the sector and monitor monthly and these should be shifted different nimal Shelter homes...The same request are for Present R.W.A. President of Sector 30 too to take the initiate and help the all the residents of this Sector.

A Resident
Sector 30
I am staying at Noida sector 19 near Shani Bazar & Post office. The increased no of stray dogs have created following problems:

1. They scatter all the house hold garbages regularly.
2. Some times they attack when we walk on the roads.
3. My Car has got plenty of scratches since they play & sit on the car roofs. One of the dog also broke the Car antenna while chewing it. SThey are damaging our cars. Amit Saha #483, Sector 19 8860084644

Amit Saha
i am resresident of atta near vinayak hospital, there are 20 stray dogs. they are running at people and attack snatch things at are carrying...plz do concern towards dis matter before something goes wrong

Its a sincere request to help the residents of sector 41 noida living near gate no 7 to clear stray dogs...they r creating lot of nuisance and can be dangeruous to members of socieity especially young children ... pls take this seriously and prevent any mishap ...
Sector 52 block A and B are suffering from the problem of stray dogs on a daily basis. The dogs chase the local residents and bite them. Even the maids coming to work and many children are at danger . The problem is very severe . Please trap these dogs and place them in some shelter home As there breeding is increasing day by day .

Stray Animals

I am resident of Sector -49, Hindon Vihar and we are facing problems in daily routine travel because of stray aminals (Cow, Bulls & Dogs). Please visit once & check. Regards

Its a sincere request to help the residents of sector 19 noida living in C Block to clear stray dogs. They are creating lot of nuisance and can be dangeruous to members of socieity especially young children .. In the last 1 month these dogs had attacked 4-5 people. Recently 1 of the dog had bitten our maid also. pls take this seriously and prevent any mishap ...

Thanks & Regards
Ankur Goel
I live in d block sector 41, stray dogs have become a constant nuisance in the area and they constantly bark and cry during the wee hours of the morning and throughout the night. They chase pedestrians walking outside and usually try and snatch whatever they are carrying, and because of the breeding every season their population keeps on increasing. There are several members who have dogs as pets at their homes and they also feed the strays everyday including my family, until they became a menace and started coming inside the verandah and creating havoc and destroying the plants. So please help us by getting rid of these animals by taking them to a kenel and restoring order in our block.
Akka01's reply, Sep 26, 2016
It's sector 41 in Noida

I stay in Sector 92, Noida and the number of stray dogs here is increasing day by day. They attacked my father the other day. There are a lot of stray dogs in this sector which won't even let us sleep and live a peaceful life as they are always barking. Please do something about this situation. A lot of people from my sector and other sectors have already filed complaints and no action has been taken.

Akshat Pandey

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