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[Resolved]  Nokia — Problems with Nokia E72

Dear sir,

I bought Nokia E72 last month at the time of launch. From the very first day, it has several problems, a few is listed below.

1. WI-Fi could not be connected, either it gives system error or return back to home screen with no result.
2. E-mail could not be configured, it keep on searching Access Points endlessly.
3. Calendar entries messed up.
4. No Software can be installed.

I have reload the software through Nokia Software updater, but no gain.

My TWO visits to Nokia Care is also in vain as they could not fix the problems. I have called as well as written to Nokia several times but nothing materialisd.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Nokia E72 — not working

my nokia 72 is stopped working, it got hanged as i switch on takes long time to open.
it needs to be reinstalled the operating system
Is it under warranty?If yes, goto Nokia Care .If no, then they will charge about 250/-.You can get the upgrade the software at any Reputed shop too.
what the customer says is true.
i also own a nokia e72. the problem i face is with the one touch contacts key. a long press of the key should bring up the new contacts screen, but it does'nt.
my main grouse is with the build quality. this is the first time i see a badly built NOKIA.
have been a Nokia phone user for several years.
mails to nokia elicits only standard replies, like take it to the service centre.
i have very little confidence in Nokia service centres. they dont understand the customer nor they listen to them fully. they fail to understand that many customers are more knowledgeable than them.
one would expect a product to work 100% & also the build quality should be good.not running to the service point wasting time and money. such manufacturers should be made to compensate the customer for any such defects.

My Nokia E72 (topaz brown) front body screen was damage (having kreak on glass) so please confirm me how can i replace it.

Warm Regards:-
Ankur Nahar.
my 3 months old e-72's front panel glass portion has become black marked and its spreading even without usage.
hellow my name is Elvin Otieno, Nokia solution activator, from Kenya. If you have a
problem with your nokia device and you are in Kenya, kindly visit your nearest Safaricom Care center. There are solution activators deployed to help you be successful in whatever you want to acheive with your device. Alternatively visit Nokia Care situated @ The Hilton Hotel building.


my E72...shows blank screen and reebooting...when i try to browse, and also 3 of my friend' care fix nothing after 3 weeks...

cost me a lot...thanx to nokia

Dinan F Martalogawa
jakarta, Indonesia
my E72 has been to Nokia Care 4 times in the past 10 months, with all the problems, described above, cropping up at one time or the other during this period. Now its still with Nokia with its torch light and flash not working. Its a faulty product, which Nokia shud not have launched. And to top it up Nokia refuses to acknowledge its shortcomings and refuses to or is plain unable to anything about it. Its an expensive phone and its buyers deserve a better deal from the GIANT NOKIA. The most that Nokia does is give a aggrieved customer a refurbished phone which has been used by who knows and for how one knows. RAW DEAL IS WHAT WE ALL ARE GETTING.

Vivek Kumar

NOKIA / E 72 — Small defect in the hinge of Panel


Very recently I purchased NOKIA E72 from the NOIKA Priority show room (Fone City) located at Velachery in Chennai (India). I purchased this handset on 12th Sep 2010. After purchase I noticed a small defect in my handset in between the Selection Key and Silver Hinge. There is an opening in between them so the Circuit board is visible because of this and this defect is not very evident which we can see through at the time of purchase. I was able to notice only when I used my phone inside the dark room where keypad backlight was more prominent from that gap which made me to notice the issue. To double check this defect I went ahead and checked the handset of my friends who also owning the same model there it is completely closed and there is no gap likes this.
To get this rectified I rushed to the nearest NOKIA Care centre (Vee Tee Communications, Chennai, India) they checked my hand set and said this comes under cosmetic issue and guarantee will not be covered under this and you should have checked the defect at the time of purchase. How come a customer can check these kinds of defects at the time of purchase if something is not very evident this completely doesn’t sounds to be logical? If I dropped the Mobile and if that caused the damage fine I can accept, the defect is there in hand piece from the time of manufacturing so how can the customer be blamed on this.

They asked me to call the NOKIA customer care and check with them on this and I did the same. But I never even dreamed that I would have such a worst customer care experience in my life. A person named Kavitha (not sure whether this is her real name or pseudo name) she picked the phone and listened to the issue and after some time she said this will not be covered under warranty since its comes under Cosmetic and the she given me a statement saying “Sorry sir we cannot help you” you can go and check with the NOKIA Care or the NOKIA Priority Showroom from were you purchased. I told her fine let me do that could you please transfer the call to some once who can address this issue or to the higher authority there she first said No and then asked me to wait for some time and put the call on Hold. After some time she resumed the call and said that she checked and it is not a manufacturing defect in few handsets it comes like this. I said fine let me talk to the higher authority please transfer this call for which she literally refused and said No I cannot transfer this call you have to talk to me only. Doesn’t this sound to be very arrogant for you guys??? And she refused to transfer the call and I got info that if I want to do something I can change the panel and I should pay from my pocket to do that. What kind of Justice NOKIA is doing to its customer? handset with defect is sold to the customer and when he comes up with that he is getting nagged in the so called Customer Care for the fault which he is no were related or responsible and asked to pay if that has to be rectified. Please tell me is this Customer Experience you would like to give to me. The customer care executive is so harsh and Arrogant and just talking to me like an answering machine and repeatedly saying the same thing sorry sir we cannot help you. Just talking to me like the answering machine I understand that she cannot help me I just asked her to transfer the call to higher authority for which she refused to do that and told me sorry I cannot help you and I won’t transfer this call. I really got irritated with this sort of a behavior from the customer care executive so I asked her to give me her name and employee code details to lodge the complaint for which she said sorry I cannot give any of my personal details. I hope name and employee code are not the personal details of any individual. To the height of it when I asked her to give the complaint number she said I will not give u the complaint number and will book this problem as a complaint when I keep insisted for the complaint number I got a shocking reply I will give u a number for the sake but it is not the complaint number. I was really taken back by that reply is this the way NOKIA would treat its business class customer?
I told her that I won’t drop the call without the complaint number for which again another shocker came to me she said fine sir you can stay on the call it’s your wish. I was waiting in the call for more than 45 minutes without any reply from their end and at last I disconnected the call.

This is the worst customer experience one could ever come across in their life and I was under a big impression that NOKIA is the best service provider and they take care of the customer very well but those thoughts got shattered from today and I would never and ever recommend any of my friends or groups to buy NOKIA products and land up in a mess. What harm I did in buying the NOKIA product now for this defect I am being shuttled from one place to another place and when I call customer care for help I am literally humiliated.

My questions here are
1) Why the customer care team is refusing to give me the complaint number which is the basic thing?
2) If its a defect at time of manufacturing why they are not bothered to listen to customer issues and sort this out?
3) i have sent a mailer to nokia customer care id but till now there is no reply and not even an acknowlegment mail for the same?
4) being a big mobile company we never expected this from NOKIA??????

Nokia-E 72 — Nokia E72 is still not working after 2 services by Nokia Care

My name is Amit Maheshwari.
I bought newly launched Nokia E-72 series mobile from Priya Communication, Gurgaon (who is a Nokia Priority Dealer) on[protected] at 01-06 PM.

My Bill No.- NPD/5883
IMEI- [protected]

From the start I was facing following 2 major problems in my mobile which could result in something very harmful-
1. Mobile vibrates whie recieving calls at least for 40 secs
2. While talking to some person on phone, another person can't hear my voice. Voice goes automatically.

I went twice to Nokia Care for services. Details of both are below-
Service 1- 14/07/2010
Job Num[protected]/1007141/22
time taken- 1 day

Service 2- 17/09/2010
Job Num[protected]/100917/18
Time Taken- 7 days (Sent to Nokia)

I told both problems in my service request to Nokia Care. I told them that there are problem in Hardware and modulator but they din't listen to me.

But I had very bad experience in Nokia services now after this and frustated that after spending INR 20,400/-, I dint get the right phone.

I sent a formal mail for complaint to nokia care and they said that I need to submit the phone again. I can't submit the phone again as i know again they will provide the temporary solution.

I want my phone to be changed and INR 20000/- for mental frustation and life risk due to this phone..

Amit Maheshwari
Dear Sir,

I have bought a Nokia E-72 Mobile in November-11-2010 from Gwlior-MP (I have valid bill) and from last one month I am facing lot of problems in my mobile as:

1. Hanging during massaging & other work too.
2. Very less battery-backup.
3. Ringing tone automatically going silent after one ring (Sometimes everyday).
4. Keypad is mismatched (many keys are typing wrong symbols).

Many times I have visit at Nokia-priority at Indergunj-Gwalior in MP[protected] its number of Nokia priority) but still problems not solved. Ones they have tried to solve it but same problem is still remaining. Before approx 10 days they have promised me to solve it after 2-3 days & personally they will call me for the same but sill I have not received any call.

We are requested you to please give me some attention, I am your good customer. Its my 5 Nokia mobile, till date I have not buy any other company’s mobile, but now due to your very poor service and un-attending my complaint, I am planning for other mobile. Also I am requesting you to resolve it at the earliest possible please otherwise I have to go through consumer court.

Vipin Tiwari

I have been with Nokia for almost 8 years now. I was once very proud of it.
After E72 i am extremely ashamed.
What a sick, dirty useless piece of has Nokia conned us for a very high price.
Nokia care all over sucks. I have tried in Bangalore( Indiranagar, Koramangala etc) its all the same.

Guess what they even managed to downgrade my phone version to 41. where as the latest version is 71.
Plus the don't repair any other problems.
This by far the worst Nokia phone ever.

I am moving out to blackberry, at-least it has a good professional smartphone reputation.


[protected]- Call me to get abused.
I have always had great respect for Nokia but was very disappointed with the Nokia E72. Since I have had the phone I have had endless problems with the phone flashing on and off. It needs to be switch off for about 20 minutes and then it goes away only to come back again. My other problem was that the charging board was faulty and I then utilised the charging unit via the PC connection only to be disappointed once again as this also decided to give in.

The phone only been connected since 15 February 2011 I thought it was time to t send it back to the supplier and what wonderful news I received from them was that the damaged had been caused physically. I do not believe that this is fair as one would not physically damage a phone when you know that this in not covered by any form of insurance. I am totally disgusted, NEEDLESS TO SAY the cost of the repairs is R5400 and to replace the handset R4261.14 - rather strange that repairs cost more than what the phone is worth. Is this not saying something?

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