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[Resolved]  Nokia N85 — NOKIA N85 - Hardware/Sound/Shock Problems: COMPLAINT ON NOKIA CUSTOMER CARE

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Vivek, work in Mphasis Bangalore. I had brought a new NOKIA N85 mobile from THE MOBILE STORE on 26th December 2008. I spent RS 24, 200/- for this phone.

The very next day, I went to my native, Kerala, taking 1 week vacation. In 3 days, the phone started behaving wired. Sometimes it heets up more and feels hot on the body. From the begining itself it had problem with sound quality and control. After 1 week, exactly on 08/12/2008 it powered OFF completly. Then I took that to a Nokia Customer Care (1st time), nearby Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore. Please find the details,

Job Sheet Number[protected]/081208/120
ASC - 285_343506
Contact Number[protected]
Email - [protected]

[protected]-- Handset Details[protected]

ESN/IMEI Number - [protected]
Product Code - 0573729
Model name - N85
Warranty Ref Number - APAINY[protected]


There I told them about all the problems - which are,

1. Not powering ON at all - They said, its a hardware problem and need 2-3 days to rectify it and kept the mobile with them. I lost all my important contacts in the phone, they had formatted it!

2. Ringer problem - It was producing a nonsense sound when it rings on incoming call. The perosn at the Care said, its a hardware problem and they replaced the ringer section!!!

3. Poor sound Quality - Less volume for music, talking, etc

4. New message simbal always blinks - The person said its a SIM problem.

They informed me to go there after 2 days to collect the set. I went on the second day eve (2nd time), but the person told me, they couldn't fix the problem, and keeping the phone under observation for one more day, and informed me to go one day afterwards.

5. After these fixes (only 1 & 2 problems), they gave me the mobile after 3 days. Afterwards, I noticed at times while I answer incoming calls, I can't hear other persons sound for 5-10 seconds (through the ear points), then it comes!!! But, by the time, other perosn would have disconnetcd the call!!! I went back to Nokia Care (3rd time), and informed about it. While they tested, it was not happening. I sure them it was giving me that problem, and requested to send that to their next escallation center. They didn't agree and even disagreed to provide me their escallation center contacts... Even they refused to give me the jobsheet back, for which I requested/shouted a lot, finally I went outside and took a photo copy of the same for my references. Then onwards, I tried to be satisfied with the phone, but...


5+++ . The problem number- 5 become very very serious. For most of the calls, I can't hear anything out through the ear piease. I missed/missing many business/official calls for this stupid problem! I have to use either speaker phone or hands free!!! This is highly impractical most of the times!!!

6. Yesterday it gave electrical shocks to one of my colleagues while he was traying to take a snap clicking on the photo capture button. He almost dropped it down, and It was just luck that he could recatch it before it falls on the floor!!! He warned/adviced me not to use this phone anymore...

Now I need to go to the Nikia Care again, but time is the problem. I will have to take leaves to go there and wait long for their response. More over I don't have a standby phone with me to use, or then I will have to buy one more for that... I don't know what to do now, I need an immediate replacement for the phone, I invested big money on this phone - and its killing all my pleasure and my time. I written to Nokia to the ID, support.[protected], but they also denied me getting a replacement, and adviced to go to a Nokia care again!!!

What can I do, could someone guid me to get a replacement please? I would like to know if I will get any leagal support from the Govt or so?

Thanks and Regards,
Vivek KC
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Updates On the above mentioned problems:

The N85 is a big tragedy for me. Last week (03/01/09) when I approached Nokia Care, it was my 4th visit with these issues. Problem is the 5th one (No sound comes to ear pieces). They had taken 1.5 hours to inspect the problem and told me they are sending it to their main center as they can't fix it. The person told me, the ear piece section needs to be replaced, and it takes 10 to 15 days!!!

My new Sheet Number is[protected]/090103/146
Contact Number[protected]
Email - [protected]

A good thing is they gave me a stand by phone (It's an old mobile. I asked as I will be mobileless for next 2 weeks). I don't know if my problem will be fixed! Lots of problems are peeping up, and I need a replacement for the set at any cost and I'm planning to file a case against NOKIA in consumer court!!!

Yours truly,

With Best Regards,

Nokia N85 — Improper Service

I bought new nokia set N85 on 20th nov 2009 from mobile store (ansal plaza) bearing IMEI [protected] since the very first day it is getting hanged and the small slider is not having the back lights. Next day I went to the shop and asked them to change the set they said I should have brought the set in the hanged position. Gradually even keys numbered 1, 3, 5, * stopped working. Since then the cell has gone for repair twice (8 Dec-30 Dec and 27 Feb-23 march). I have not got satisfactory service. Even after the first repair cell keys were not working but I had to take the cell because it was urgent. The problem is still there. Kindly replace the cell and give me a new model as due to repair processes the cell body has got damaged.
Service Centre-
Nokia repair centre
Malviya nagar near chic fish, New Delhi - 110017
Key pad is out of its position
Small second sliders back lights are still not working
keys numbered 1, 3, 5, * are not working
memory card door is out of its position
Garima Sharma
Phone # [protected]
Update on the same problem:

I'm planing to file a case against Nokia/Nokia Care in Consumer Court.

Belore that there are given a notice to settle the issue:

Here is a copy of the same:


Dated: 09 - February - 2009

Mr. Muniraja,
Centre manager
Nokia Regional Office,
C/O Samvaradhi Technologies (near Airtel Office),
Bangalore – 560095


Dear Mr. Muniraja,

I purchased a Nokia mobile phone device, N85, from The Mobilestore, Yeshwanthpur on 26th November 2008. Total value of the phone was Rs.24, 199/- and I paid the amount, Rs.24, 199/-, using my citibank credit card (Ref No:[protected], TID: 47317498, APPR.CODE: 09983). Product & the bill information is as given below,

Model Name: N85
Product Code: 0573729
ESN/IMEI Number: [protected]

Customer No:[protected], Invoice No: KN8847, dated: 26th November 2008

Since the 2nd day after the purchase, I’m being troubled heavily by the phone. The phone doesn’t function properly. Five times I had taken the phone to your Nokia Care center at Koramanagala with one or other errors (all the times I was not given/raised a jobsheet). All the problems were related to the hardware and you had replaced/repaired the corresponding parts taking 3 to 15 days of my time, for each attempt. Given below are the job sheets numbers for your reference.


I could never use the phone as the problems were sequential. I had requested and demanded for replacement, oral and written, as all the problems were repetitive and related to hardware. But you never agreed forgetting the expensive phone was purchased for a purpose. You, Nokia, added only problems to my peaceful life in the form of the N85 and its poor service thereafter.

On 21/02/2009, I had submitted the phone with the whole set of box, with all the accessories, at your center when it stopped working again (but you denied accepting the box, which will be submitted again on demand by Nokia). I had communicated my concerns, with you in person, over phone, and via emails. Here I’m letting you know that I’m very much disappointed on Nokia, and the service offered. I do not want to use the phone, N85, any more. I can purchase another working brand/phone for my purpose. You are given a time limit of 15 days i.e. until 23rd March 2009 to settle my grievance by giving me refund amount with suitable interest as per the credit card rates (since the date of purchase), and with compensation amount of Rs.50, 000/- for huge business and call lose happened to me during the period; else I will file a complaint with the Consumer Court against YOU and NOKIA, under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 or similar, if any.

The consumer court complaint will be at your cost and expenses; I was mobile less for all these times and hence I will also be seeking high compensation for value of my time (3.5 months), business lose, personal/official call lose and the mental agony caused by your inefficient and defrauded service. You will shortly receive hard copy of this complaint by post.

Yours truly,

Vivek KC

Address for Communication:
#05, Shekhar Nilaya,
10th Cross, Rajivgandhi Nagar,
7th Sector, HSR Layout,
Bangalore – 560068
Karnataka, INDIA
Mobile: [protected]
FYI: My friend also experiences the same issue...



On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 6:54 AM, <suresh.[protected]> wrote:

E-Mail from "suresh kumar" to "Vivek KC" at [protected] on
Wed, 25 Mar 2009 01:54:25 -0500
I fully aggree with Mr. Vivek problem, the same problem i am experiencing with my new N85 and its under repair in Nokia Care for 3rd time. Its seems to be basic problem with N85, voice cant be heard for 10-12 sec and again it become normal.

Can i know my freind, whether this problem is rectified in your mobile or not ? as i am also suffering since last 1 month and its with still Nokia care, how abt filling a case against Nokia?? please guide me or advice...
Kindly spare some time and reply me.

Many thanks and Regards,
Suresh Kumar, Chandigarh
If you think that you received this email by mistake, please report it to consumercomplaints.[protected]
Hi Vivek,

I advise you to just file a case in consumer court against Nokia and Nokia Care Center with the help of any advocate.
Hi, i agree to the problem you stated with N85. It's driving me wild too. Initially thought i messed up with some software installation/uninstallation. Doesn't seem so. Plus, earpiece sounds low and quality is bad i felt. Unfortunately, i'm stepping on these issues barely a week later i got this phone. No point worrying, all my phones Nokia 6230, Nokia N91, HTC Touch and now N85 have their own stories. Best is/are the good old phones which we were using long back. No doubt N85 has whole lot of features, but as instruments go hi-fi, their stability is not really looked into. We people suffer. Waiting for some more bad experiences from this dear N85.

N85 — not workig properly

dear sir/madam
I bought the nokia n85 from nokia dealer but, the cell phone was getting hang and the switched off but every time they gave it back and said ur cell phone is ok, i have send my phone nolia care 3 it"s not working properly...i req u plz take action...

Nokia N85 — phone gets restarts

Hi sir
This is Removivian From Bangalore i Recently Nokia N85 Purchased Dated July 8th 2009 my IMEI no is [protected] phone was absolutely fine for one Weak after that it gets restarts continesly i had visted Nokia Care through out Bangalore there are telling they dont have new Version to Reinstall the Software, I need Replacement of the Handset pls Consider this Request .

Nokia N85 — its not working properly

dear, sir/madam
maine 21 june 2009 ko PLANET M se nokia N85 mobile liya tha imei no is [protected] do mhine main 3 baar main sahi karne ke liye diya hai maine do mahine mai sirf 5 din wo ph use kiya hai baki nokia care main hi raha hai jab first time maine diya to planet m ke managerne kaha sir agar aage bhi koi problemayi to hum yeh mobile replace kar denge lekin uske 2 din baad main bhi wohi problem aayi main do mahine se kitni tension main hoon mujhe hi pata hai mushkil se 23000 jama kare thee aur aab mere money to waste ho gayi hai nokia care ke manager SARABJEET hai wo ulta seedha bolte hai meri money to waste ho gayi hai par agr aap mujhe naya phone replace karde please meri samashya ka samadhan kare main purana mobile nahi loonga other wise main consumer court main case karoonga meri money waste to ho ho gayi hai soch longa ke money chori ho gayi hai please help kijiye

Nokia N85 — Set not working

I have purchased NOKIA N85 worth RS.22990 from Nokia Priority dealer named LIMTON PRIVATE LIMITED on 03/07/09.This mobile after working for around 40 days got completely blackened.On inspection it was found to be having a cracked display which is not visible very clearly.On tilting it the crack is visible.It looks to be a manufacturing defect as nobody checks a mobile in that particular fashion so as to see the crack.There is no further external damage.When we apprached the Nokia Priority dealer he outrightly told to go to Nokia Care.On visiting the Nokia care -Hazra, he said it is not a manufacturing defect and I need to get it repaired for Rs.3400 approx.

This is somewhere greatly hitting my sentiments since the mobile did not fall from my hand nor was there any external pressure exerted on it.I want a replacement of the set along with the cause of such a failure.


The Senior Manager (Customer Care)


Re:- Replacement of Nokia N85 set Colour BLACK IMEI NO.[protected]

I was shocked to bring to your knowledge that I have recently[protected] purchased the above-noted set which is infested with certain technical problems. When I attend calls or make calls my perceperation through contact with my ears comes inside the screen which can seen clearly through eyes, but it is working properly with no problem. When I went to nokia care at MICRONAS TELECOM C-4, Sector-4, NOIDA, I had a conversation with NEHA madam about this issue she had talked very badly & after that without opening my handset she said that she will deposit phone as dead phone, but then i told her it is working 100% ok & you can go through it. She had not listen
me after that and asked me to leave that store. The phone also hangs. I had already deposit this set earlier on 23/9/2009 at this store with job sheet number[protected]/090923/117, with these complaints but when they had returned me, it is same as previous. I ONLY WANTS TO KNOW THAT WHY PERCEPERATION IS GOING IN TO MY HANDSET & FROM WHERE IT IS GOING BECAUSE IT IS DANGEROUS FOR MY HANDSET & IT IS PROBLEM WITH YOUR DESIGNSince we have purchased the phone at a very dear price, we expect full value for our money and ask you to replace the set at the earliest. Also ensure that such problems do not creep up in future and that our faith in Nokia remains undaunted.

In anticipation of your prompt response,

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


N85 — service not carried out return the product

My cellphone Nokia N85 suddenly developed a complaint that it is not charging and it is completely dead. I took the cellphone to the Nokia care centre at Peters Road, Royapettah, Chennai-600014 on 4th July, 2010 . The person incharge of the service centre verified phone and taken the phone for service and stated to me that it will take two to three to setright the mistake and also told me that I will receive SMS from the service centre. I have not received any sms or message from the service centre for more than five days. I have made a call to the service centre, they told me the same message that I will receive sms. But after tens without repairing the cell phone they simply return to me without asigning any reason. Please look into the matter and do the needful.
No.3, Yahiya Ali Street, Teynampet, Chennai-600006

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