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 Paramesh123 on Apr 6, 2011
Yes, Qspiders is good Training institute but, it wont promises your job.
They will not give proper placements, unless you keep bucket.
Actually course is about complete within 2 months, but they simply extend as they want depending on the no of candidates. Its true that even they have made lot of money and help, but not for all who joins qspiders.
If u r dedicated, determined u need not to go to these kinds institutions.
I hate Q-spiders...

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rey JAFFA GIRISH...vatti en thinthigi.Software testing male train maadi unemployment create madthiga LOFFAR...APPLY APPLY BUT NOOOOOOOOOO REPLY antha elardu thele bolsthane. Bangalore & Mysore na haal madidu saaku... eega pune na haal madaka hogthadiga... leee BADDETHUDHE HUSHAAR IRU

minds n money — fake job interview

a consultancy near to poddar court at lal bazar is a big fraud consultancy.they will tell you to register in consultancy as soon as possible.
next day they will arrange telephonic interview which is totaly fake. along with there own assistant they act as hr of the concerned company.next day they will say you that you are not selected.they r just cheeters,
don't trust them,,,
i am not sure about this
may be
All Training institutes are giving fake promises at the time of joining and at the end they simply show their back...()
Yes..The above complaint is very True...!!!While joining, they will give fake promises like they have nearly 30-40 companies for placements.The people in Qspider will play good Drama.Friends don't believe them as well as don't waste your money and time..!!!
2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 passed out students looking for Experienced Job urgently contact Qspiders because they have an Automation tool that will calculate the Fake experience for all type of scenarios and prepare your resume automatically and that will take you to the success

keep in the mind before joining qspiders execute the following Test cases :

Q ------ (Quality assurance) ensure training should be provided with good quality
S ------- (Smoke testing) To ensure to join course or not
P ------- (Performance testing) how fast they are going to get you the job
I -------- (Installation/Uninstall) check this testing works in different platforms
D ------- (Dry testing) do dry testing To avoid complaints after joining the course
E -(EndtoEnd Testing)To ensure that training taken work in real environment condition
R ------ (Regeneration Testing) testing old students again and again before joining
S ------ (System testing) before joining navigate to all above resources and check
weather the end feature is working or not.
Following instructions below mentioned are the fraud test case of QSPIDERS...:(

Q ------ (Quality assurance) ensure training should be provided with good quality
S ------- (Smoke testing) To ensure to join course or not
P ------- (Performance testing) how fast they are going to get you the job
I -------- (Installation/Uninstall) check this testing works in different platforms
D ------- (Dry testing) do dry testing To avoid complaints after joining the course
E -(EndtoEnd Testing)To ensure that training taken work in real environment condition
R ------ (Regeneration Testing) testing old students again and again before joining
S ------ (System testing) before joining navigate to all above resources and check
i heard they have good training material...
can some one share it at sushmabhagat10@yahoo.com

Thanks for your help
people please dont go there its a big cheating institute. They took 16k and didnt get me a single interview for me rest all who are close to HR will get sms regarding interviews.
Dont waste money
hi Vijay Kulkarni..i must agree you that HR Santosh is worst among all..U knw why??bcz this HR spends 14-16hours in a day completely with qspiders's students..u knw, itz been more than 1year for him in banglore but the only road he knws in bangl. is from his room to institute bcz frm mrng. 10am to night 11pm he will be keep on doin all sorts of interviews schedulement for the welfare of students, itz bcz he really knws d meaning of frustation and he nvr wnts anyone else to undergo..Mr.Vijay, u must knw one thing...he has given his whole 24hrs. for u studnt's wrk, builded high confidence among u guys..dude, this is really true that he hardly gets time to spend with parents, family members, friends...he has got all proofs of record breaking placements in comparision to any consultancy or institution..nd nw, aftr doin all dese gud deeds and his compltly exhausted mental nd health conditon..jzt think nd imagine whn he reads these comments or rewards for his blood efforts, , , wht might be his state?????? HR Santosh(WORST)
heyy Vijay, one more thing..itz nothing like keeping bucket for me or anything..if u r a student of QSPIDERS thn u might have heard me saying to max. studnts tht "dude, never request for job instead demand for job"..Vijay, u knw why i say like tht?itz bcz we have got a placement strategy wherein studnts will have to undergo mock intrvws on the skill sets and on the basis of their ratings, they will be provided with interviews at our clients..Vijay, , i humbly request you to go through ur frns and let me knw if there is even a single candidate who has attended mocks and HR has not sent for any intrvw...plz, as far as my knowledge i hvn't left any1 and ready to accept if there is any thn be frank and send thm..im sure dude, i have tried to reach evry1...HR Santosh(WORST)
one more thing to all, , im neither boosting myself nor advertising my institution...i jzt..i realy jzt felt vry vry humilated whn i came across tht msg...dudes, , , , i knw vry well hw much efforts is been put up to hv placements done...if u can't appreciate or encourage the work thn plzz plzz dnt try to discourage..if sme1 is doin or tryin to do smething gud for studnts thn let him.. letz think abt carrer growth..whrevr u study, whtevr u study..utilise it, put in ur ideas, excute and hv fruitful carrer..("DO WELL" Santosh)..
HI SANTOSH...It's well and good that we shouldn't discourage anybody Even he could be enemy.Qspiders teaching is top class in the market. No more compromise in the Quality they give. Everybody will join the institute with an intention of being placed. Frustration of job will make students to comment in such a vulgar manner. I Had come along with my friend to institute a year back. A lady in the reception assured 500% placement.she also said, even a student with 45% will get placed here. My friend from a poor financial background felt as if he is working in a company with that high voltage talk from a lady. But everything went in vane after 4 months.(It's a different story now guy is working in tech support).Only Assure good training before any candidate joins course. Don't simply assure 500% placement.Even After assuring 500% placement if he don't get any interview/placement means normally he'll get frustrated. Anyway DO WELL, KEEP IT UP SANTOSH...
I agree... I Request all the IT companies to mark this QSPIDERS institute into black list
Doing the course there on all the modules That is
Manual Testing
Load Runner
Data Base Testing
NO job nothing even a interview for under 60% student its really worst.PLZ one thing they have to keep in mind money can been made in XYZ... Business's but not by cheating the student and miss guiding them and filling there family stomachs with our money. Here money is not mattered but time we spent we cannot get it back and really we will be depressed in the life if do no get the job and that had happened to N number of people. one thing why did they not suggest the students not join for those are 60% below on the joining day it self. After completing the course and then if we ask for the job N number of condition will come from there mouth.Here one more "MODERN MONKEY" is there by name " KARTHIK " waiting to grab money from the students 24 hours a day and he is the "SHANI MAHA DEVA" of that institute simply chatting to the girls 24 hours a day...
SO plz do not join qspiders...
Hi Anniyan,

This is Karthik. I don't know who you are? where are you from? If your a Real student of QSPIDERS you would have posted your name but i think you are from other institute spoiling the name which is #1 in South India.. Please i request if your a student please Approach so that we deffenetly help you its My Promise.. please contact me personally so that i will not disclose your details to anyone... i am like your brother i will help you in getting a job but one thing... you should come and meet me..and one thing i don't have a time to sit simply for 24hrs and chat with girls.. i have my own responsibilities to handle the branch. i may not be responded due to some work i apologies for that i will not repeat the same..And one more thing i am not the Fees Collector to Grab the Money from the students please understand Finally if you are true person please come and approach us.Fine Anniyan Thanks for treating like SHANI MAHA DEVA he is the Real God who doesnt tell Lie but i will not Chat with Girls for 24hrs a day i don't have time...
Hey guys, m just posting a comment for the people, who are speakin against QSPIDERS..i understand the frustration of all of u guys, but i just want to say my opinions, Initially Qspiders are not at all gonna give 100% promise that, they are goin to fetch u a job, its just that v need to struggled, should do hard work, then only v can survive, n main goal n intension of QSPIDERS is to help the students who are in a need of job, n they are working on this like anything, n every1 should keep dis in mind.N all teh faculty's in QSPIDERS are just awesome, they just treat evry student as thier child, especially GIRISH sir, he is a jem of a person, its just that u people hav to work hard n get a job, there are many people who succeed in life after getting job tro QSPIDERS, n again those who hav not got the job they are speaking rubbish things like this.. plz stop dis if don hav capabilty to get into a job u cant blame QSPIDERS ..

plz its a serious req from my side, who evr looking at this blog, don blive, its true that QSPIDERS is a gr8 instituitn wer in u get gud knowledge wer no other institute ll give.. n its YOU teh one who has to work hard to get a job..
and plz have a thirst towards the knowledge then only u'll succeed in life.. i understand the pain of not having job, even i hav come accross dis situation, but again QSPIDERS did not get a job, wid the knowledge from QSPIDERS i searched n fetched a job.. n QSPIDERS cant get a job to all teh 200 people in a batch.. like dis many batches are happenin daily..


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