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Karnataka, India
Yes, Qspiders is good Training institute but, it wont promises your job.
They will not give proper placements, unless you keep bucket.
Actually course is about complete within 2 months, but they simply extend as they want depending on the no of candidates. Its true that even they have made lot of money and help, but not for all who joins qspiders.
I[censored] r dedicated, determined u need not to go to these kinds institutions.
I hate Q-spiders...

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Well I never demanded for job. I did all the assignments and asked questions during the class. all the interactions I did was serious and true by nature. one day staff member themselves came to me and offered job. I accepted and am happy.

Guys. if you want job by giving money go to some job consultants. QSpiders is not a job consultant. they are training providers. Take your training and learn the subject to its best and the QSpiders will get u job.
same story with JSPIDERS.. jspider's KESHAV only boasts and no assurance of interviews will be given.. A lot of partiality is going on.
SELENIUM is not for freshers.. Pls guys do not join.. No jobs are available.. Dont believe KESHAV... They simply make money..
It's waste to join qspider and spend 16k.It's a fake institute.Don't go and join qspider's..

Qspiders — No placements cheating

Hi friends do not join qspiders they wont place u . Just a waste of money, they say 16000rupees is just giving tips to a waiter in bar. so dont ask placements , they wont respond properly after the course. wont pick your calls.
Here I would like to rate Qspider
1(low) to 5 (high)
Professionalism - 1
Training quality - 2
Job or Interview call guarantee - 0 (Don't believe of what they are saying)

In short, You will get OK level of training (not good / better), but you won't get 100% assured interview calls.
HAPPIEST MINDS---- this company had called for interview on selenium freshers. they had even put up on notice board, but they took mock and did not send any one to interview. when i asked GIRISH he said that he was not interested in sending us for interview.Because he was not having faith in us, that we will clear interview or not. But the fact is that he simply posts the jobs with big company names to fool us.In fact he has no better placements. CAN the guys who are praising the institute give answer to this...??????? I have a good MOCK RATING...
MR. KESHAV, GIRISH, CHANDRU, I SUGGEST you guys to take fees only for the subject you teach and not for fake promises, it might take TOLL on you.. dont play with students..
I think q spider is a great institute..Jst to there in search of knowledge not in search of placement..One day, definately you vl be placed.Have Patience.. Generally people vl be most bothered bt placement. Why the Institute should take whole responsibility for placement.Job is Luck!! So please Don't Giveup and do not pour your frustration to the Institute...Be Happy!!!
Hi can any one tel me ... how s the selenium (using java script) coaching in Q-Spider and also tel me which faculty is good !!! :)
Wen u come for an enquiry, counsellor s they ll say they give interview opportunities, k...

u dont have knowledge to clear the interview first of all blame urself, later blame institutes
hi all Am a student of QSpiders banaswadi Bangalore, actually Am from non it field, i just came along with my frnd attended demo class after seeing prakash sir class i decided to change my carrier, in such a way they trained students means no words to explain, its really excellent, For a kid how we will feed in a such way they will make subject to understand. I really from my heart to thankful to Prakash sir for giving me a great knowledge on Manual Testing. last one week onwards selenium batch started even raveesh sir is excellent in teaching java, we will not get anywhere such a good trainer for selenium.
SO friends my suggestion is don't listen anybody words even mine also, u go directly attend demo classes and decide by own, see one important say i want to say to u guys, For getting job we need some extra skills also, who ever does Eng all will not get job due lack of some knowledge etc.. keep this in yours mind.i[censored] have knowledge no one cant take from u. Where ever you will succeed. Qspiders will give you very good coaching.
Go head with Spiders all the best ...
HR Santosh ...just stop your nonsense...where from have you stolen your dialog "dude, never request for job instead demand for job" ??? you yourself are not eligible for joining any company and that is why you are in QSPIDER...and you are telling about spending 12-14 hours a day???? thieves and smugglers spends more than 12-14 hours a day for their jobs...but their jobs is not to help others instead its to loot from others...you are also like that...what quality are you talking about??? the trainers who are working in your institute could not get into a good reputed company then how they will teach others??you are telling that you will try to help the students...dude first just help yourself and get a good job...if you are having so much problem that you cannot meet your parents also, then why the hell are you still working with QSPIDER...this just proves only one thing and that is you are afraid of leaving QSPIDER...you know very well that you are not eligible to get the position of peon also in a company...so just cut the crap and stop posting nonsense...and this Lingaiah Hiremath must be another miserable employee of the same QSPIDER...that is why he/she is trying to hide their own faults...dudes first stop playing with the future of the students...if you cannot assure job then just tell the students directly...do you have the guts to tell them that you cannot assure any job???? if not them just shut your mouth and keep on cheating students...QSPIDER has also employed some people like honey1984, figtree, dhinkar to shower praises about QSPIDER and insult the true people who have been cheated by them...look at the english honey1984 has used...you can surely get what type of quality QSPIDER has...and somebody was telling about the demo classes...let me tell you the truth...demo classes are full of ...demo classes are just like advertisements that we see in television...every body will pretend that they are great...but the real picture will come into reality when they will not complete the course...dudes first stop playing with the future of the students...if you cannot assure job then just tell the students directly...do you have the guts to tell them that you cannot assure any job???? if not them just shut your mouth and keep on cheating students... may your soul rest in peace!!!
please tell me how much they are charging for course
If you want a basic knowledge in java, I suggest u go ahead, if your intention s job then this is not the right place, keshav sir is very partial regarding the placements, even though your technical ratings are good he will provide d oppurtunity for some 1 else, dont know on what basis he is doin that .. as a teacher he needs to motivate students not discourage .. and sir if you are reading this comment, my sincere request is DO NOT BE PARTIAL.. u r a teacher, keep in mind ..
hi, i am
hi, i am also a product of Qspiders, i did really well in presentations, mocks and i am a star student there, still they have failed me to place in any company.

its been almost 5 months i have completed the course but i have not job yet. Although i have good communication strong hold in subject nothing has worked.

Teaching is good, both SQL, Manual and QTP, i do no about Selenium but you know they will not guarantee any placement. All it matters is ur luck by end of it. Its really bad and i am frustrated by them. Yes they provide interview calls until you are in good terms with HR else thats also not there. If you have reference and damn sure that reference will fetch you job then join qspiders only to get job, dont ever rely on them for job, I HATE qspiders . But knowledge they provide is good but they are doing justice to many who join there, Think wise before joining.
i too scored 5/5 in mock, 5/5 in communication, no use . ... atleast they have to ake some steps to ensure star students are placed at the earliest say in am month or 2 but its been almost 5 months which is soo frustrating. we work soo hard and believe their words but at end of it nothing . . . . . jusst wait for ur turn to get job, n over the period of time we will be frustarted as we wnt be getting the right job we actually dreamt and they promised and then they dont even bother about us, i hate it

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