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[Resolved]  Radiant Structures — Fraud company

Hi All,

Don't buy any flats from Radiant Structures, they are not proper in the documents and they are violating the govt. norms and finally they are not going to provide you any such completion or occupancy certificate and khata transfer.

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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The above compliant was absolutely wrong.I have seen the flats of a reputated company Radiant Structures Pvt.Ltd.They are so good and offering the 2Bhk and 1 bk at affordable prices.I came to know that this company has grown very fast in a short time.And also the Management Team from this company all are high professionals.I recently took one flat and also advised some of my friends to take from Radiant Structures.


I had bought an aprt with radiant, i feel in big projects some compliants may delay,
i had leakage problem in my bath room i informed them within a week time it was solved so i dont think there is any problem with radiant its worth buying

i am planning to buy a flat from radiant at sadarmangala near ITPL. Project name is silver bell. Please suggebt if the builder is trustworthy to put in life long hard earned money!!!

i bought an apartment from Radiant structures and its still under construction phase. my experience with them is not so good. they dont provide good aminities and even the tiles and bathroom accessories they first say as Jaquar and good company names and later provide the worst accessories. U dont even see them in a cheap hotels. the floor models they provided last month were horrible including tiles for the kitchen... keeping my fingers crossed. I[censored] want to be in my situation and get worried all the time with there behaviour then only buy apartments from Radiant structures.
Let me know people who write good review about it are definitely from that company. only people who have complaints write true stuffs.
i want to buy flat in radiant lake view. kindly suggest me its trustworthiness of radiant group...
Top end builders offer flats @ higher price, the price offered by Radiant is afforable & they have 8-10 projects in hand & are operating for years.I think they are better than one off project builders who are unreliable.

i saw a flat in radiant enclave thinking of buying it so kindly suggest me, i don't want go to bad builder to fight for all small issue.

I wish to book a flat in Radiant Red Wood.

Is there any one who had booked a falt in this project?

Is the builder reliable?

Does he finish the project in time?

How about documentation?

Does he provide clear title?

Does he maintain quality?
I plan to buy appartment in Radiant Daffodils, plseas suggest, me if its worth buying from them. can they be trusted?? I have to put in all my hard earn money..

email me [protected]
i am planning to buy a apartment in Radiant sunshine, please suggest me . As i have gone through all the complaints i am little worried about the authenticity of the land document . please suggest .The project is in Begur road beside DLF

Hi all i am planning to book a 2bhk flat in the radiant structures lae view apt kindly suggest me with strong points if i am oing wrong...thx guys
Hi, even I am planning to book a 2BHK with Radiant in Begur road. Please give your feedback positive/negative
Radiant structures will promise you many things at the time of booking. But while making agreement they don’t mention anything those they agreed at the time of booking. If you send any mail regarding the agreement or lapses, they never reply your mail, instead they will ask you to come to their office for discussion, you think how clever they are.(The intention is to ensure nothing should go in writing). They collude with the bankers arrange for the loans. The bankers never go through what the agreement says. Do you think any bankers give you loan when the agreement does not show anything on

No Time frame for construction completion
Only 3 months defect liability period which is min 12 months with other builders.
Penalty if the construction is delayed much.
Do not show the common amenities promised at the time of booking.
Bad experience with Radiant Structures.
I bought a flat from the Radiant Structures team and here are my observations.

1. The price is competitive and comparitively lesser than very big builders. Radiant group is not that big company though.
2. They are taking up alternations of the flat if you need any, if it can be accomodated based which phase of the construction the alteration requested.
I donot really see anything other than this in Pros:

1. Same as any other builder, the flat prices are different for different customers independent of what time you are booking it. If you are smart enough, you may get a slightly better rate than others.
2. The Sq. Ft. rates are low, but they charge heavily for other charges. Let it be parking, water, electricity, sewage etc. And they charge additional money [may be same as any other builder] towards, taxes, legal charges and aminities charges. These charges are sufficient enough to cover the low Sq. Ft rate whatever quoted.
3. They are so nice and soft spoken, till the booking is made [Money is paid] and acts rough once the first installment is paid. You left with no choice than be at the mercy of the builder.
4. None of the documents or agreement copy will be shared till the money is paid and once you pay the money, you have no other option than signing the agreement with what ever clauses they say.
5. All the agreements, they have a clause that says "I have read and understood all the documents related to the flat and land and would not request for any other document what ever case in future.". This is really a trap. If something is wrong with any of the land document, regarding ownership or any other kind, radiant doesn't hold any responsibility as per the agreement. Be careful to read the agreement before signing. The agreement comes only after paying the initial minimum amount and you will not have any other choice than signing this agreement. They wont remove this clause from agreement even if you request.
6. I have booked the flat in the month of Jan 2010, it was nearing completion and they promised that by September 2010, it will be ready to occupy. Today is May 7th 2011, almost one month past the committed date and still its not complete. Not just that, the way the work is progressing, it may complete by end of 2011 if everything goes good.
7. Some of the people who bought the flat has been behind the builder to complete the work of their flat and somehow hot their flat's work complete and moved in. But staying in dust and dirt. Parking line is not properly done. The next door flat cement/sand work is going on. Corridoors are full of mud, water and dirt. Its a horrible place to live. Common lighting, lifts, power backups, nothing is done. The reason for delay is that as soon as majority of the flats are sold, they moved workers to the new work location [the other new projects] to show the work progress of those flats and sell them.
8. The work is progressing at snail pace because the workers are not available [moved to the new project] and even small things like, but white washing the walls would take one and half months. They have left with a bunch of workers and it would take ages to complete.
9. They would not give any commitment during agreement on the date of occupancy as it will be legal. Even if they give it [A few o[censored]s insisted to put that clause in the agreement], they will make sure that there are other points which give enough loopholes for them to escape. Those points are legally difficult to proove for the customers favour and you have no choices left.
10. All the alterations would be charged HEAVILY. For a sample of an AC Plug Point or Fridge plug point, they will charge Rs1500/-. You are left with no choice to pay them. Because to put an extra plug point or light point, you have to break the switch board and put a new one which would spoil the walls and difficult regain the same finish as before. You will be left with no bargaining power. They will give you 2 -3 choices for tiles. If you dont like any and wish to buy your own tiles [or simply anything], they are not willing to adjust that amount from the payment. The only option is that they will reduce ~25% of the actual cost of that material from payment.
11. Alterations are a nightmare. They would do at their own choice and they might not listen carefully on what change you need and if you need to get it corrected, you are going to see the other face of the site engineer. They will give all kinds of bulllS**t response lilke, that material is not available in the market. We cannot get it on time now. If you need this only, then wait for another 4 months. It will take time to order it get it back. But no guaretee that you will get it after 4 months, we will try. What we will do. :-)
12.The quality of the work is not that good, as we had an issue and requested to change the poor quality bricks used for the construction. As one of the buyer had scores of years of experience in cement industry, we were able to assess the quality. If not we have to just belive that they are using good quality material.
13. Its so difficult to get the owners of the Radiant group to discuss any matters. Even if they come, nothing is going to change. Just for the sake of argument, they will keep on arguing.
14. Worst thing is the approach and behaviour of the site engineers. They are so rude and cannot get anything done without raising your voice.
15. I can keep on writing such points. The other apartmenet owners from here may have 20 more points own their own. What ever I wrote here are the common experiences. I am not sure how other builders are. May be of the same kind. But not sure. One last thing I would like to add. They have not yet given the possession certificate for those who moved in. No convincing answers. Not sure what the challenges are. Not sure of any legal complication exist or not.
I'm planning to buy a flat in Radiant Lake View. Just want to understand how good this decision is?
i was planing to buy flat in radiant silver bell. but after checking few thing i cam to know that the property is KHATA B (which is used for agriculter not for residiantial purpose) they didn't converted to KHATA A (KHATA A is used for residential purpose). they didn't paid any development fee for that place. they not show the document before agreeemnt. but i confirmed that Silver bell is not a legal property for residetial. SO BE AWARE OF THAT
@Radiantkatriel: Can i know if the appartment bought by you is built on KHATA-A ?
I am planning to buy Radiant Silver bell which is in Sadarmangala, Hoodi. I have seen the Documents and could find that the land is Converted for non-agricultural purpose. I am almost planned to give the token advance, but then when I saw the complaints I am little hesitate to go for this apartment. Please can anyone tell me who is owning the Radiant apartment that whether quality is good. Also, for the windows they are giving aluminium sliding doors instead of Wooden doors. They were telling now a days all apartments are giving only aluminium sliding doors. Please advice me whether to go for radiant or not.

I booked a flat in Radiant Lake View. At the time of second disbursement, the bank sent the cheque amount to the builders twice.
They cashed both the cheques, however, provided me the receipt of 1 cheque only. I came to know that bank has disbursed teh amount twice in teh annual bank statement of my loan a/c.

After that I reached the builders asking about the second cheque, they kept on denying about cashing the second cheque. It was only when bank officials interfered and said that they would press charges against the builders for committing fraud and showed all the transaction details from bank side, the builders agreed upon cashing both the cheques and provided me the receipt.

The experience was horrible, and I had to run from builders to bank to RACPC for 1 month to get the matter resolved.

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