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[Resolved]  Rail — deccan queen

while travelling by deccan queen it is found that coach c1 is having 1 to 23 seats reserved for passengers boarding at train comes from pune puneits seat on 23 seats and when lonavala passengers comes in at lonavala there is dispute on every day.can anybody may clear that by which order of ralil dept these and how many seats are reserved.also these instructions can be written in coach c1 and copy may be kept with TC also.this will reduce uncivilized activities in c1 coach of deccan queen.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Rail — Sub:- Corrupt practice, Misbehave and misconduct by TT/AC coach in charge Sh. Younis Khan on duty on train No 4520 on date 4-1-09.

The Cheif Vigilance officer,

Sub:- Corrupt practice, Misbehave and misconduct by TT/AC couch incharge Sh. Yunas Khan on duty on train No 4520 on date 4-1-09.
Respected Sir,
With due respect I submit that on 4-1-09 I was travelling with my husband and childs (Aged 3 & 8)from Sirsa to New Delhi in our journey from Sirsa to Jabalpur PNR [protected] (2AC booking done in Nov-08 for NDSL to Jabalpur). My husnad and son ( 3years old) were not felling well as they were ill. From ticket counter we asked for AC chair car Ticket in tatkal kota. The staffer issued us a ticket for Rs. 171 No-305G9GU11B/83035952 at 07:39 nearly 45 minutes before departer of train and told that AC charges can be paid to TT/Incharges in the couch. When train arrived the TT/Incharge was not there near door or couch of train. We waited for him and then boarded the couch when train was about to left.Soon Sh. Yunus khan TT come and asked rudely how we boarded the train. He asked my husband to immideltly shift to other general room. When we told him that almost 6-8 other have also boarded athe train with same condition and we are not without ticket. Moreover this a practice awhich we have also followed 5-6 times earlier and nearly 10 seats are vacant. We were also sitting on three seats with no one sanding or waiting. But without lisiting any of our problem for such a long journey of 1300 KM from Sirsa to Jabalpur with child and my husband being not well Mr. Yunus Khan forced us to leave the AC couch with in 150 min of departure of train. We asked him that we can ply any penaltity or charges as per railway rule he said railway does not need your money. When we told him that rail is our national property then he said this couch is mine and we have to obey him. Even fellow passangers request did not worked. On forcing by my husband TT Mr Yunus khan give in writting behind ticket that there is no room in train 4520 on dated 4-1-09. Due to rush in general room and fear of ditorating condition of child due to excessive cold, we were forced to left the train at Hisar station and we also cancelled on wards ticket with PNR [protected].
My request ans questions to yourgood self are as under:-
1. Do railway rules permit all this which happened to us.
2. If rules allow this, then please confirm if railway permits its officers to not have any human felling in them and do what they want with passangers.
3. What respect is there with Sh Khan for citizens charter of railway.
From my point of view even with spare seats in train Mr. Yunus Khan forced us (reason well known to him as he has himself said that he has allowed 5 others to board) to leave our jouney, failed to performe his duty by standind near couch or door, has no manners and has egoistick approch and unwanted mental and fancial harrasment has been forced on us by him. I request to your good self for proper enquire of the case and hardest punish for officer responsile if found gulity of this misconduct which resulted in loss to us and railways also. If he was right then too human felling should be tought to staffers for behaving better with customers.

With regards,

SDE Computers

TTC colony

Rail — Theft stand on track between mahim to bandra

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request that please take action against theft who are stand at raiway tracks between grant raod to bombay centra , mahim to bandra and maunga to sion. they always stand with stick on hand.


Meena Sharma

Rail — Absence of TC

I am daily travelling from pimpri-chinchwad to mumbai.for deccan queen i have to come lonavla by local reaching lonavla at 8.00 am.also i am going back by deccan queen and getting local to pune at lonavla leaving 7.35 pm.
I am travelling by I st class by local and in last one year i have seen that many beggers,mads,rail labours with their working tools like showels,etc.passengers without tickets,vendors with big luggage bags keeping in doors travel very comfortably and frankly in above locals. They are making tremondous trouble to Ist clsass ticket holders like playing with cards,playing loud songs on cell phones,occupying seats of ticket holders and disturbing peace by all possible means.I haven't remember that ticket checker is entered in Ist class and is checking the tickets and deporting/punishing defaulters at this odd times.
On the other hand i have seen group of ticket checkers in mumbai on each station like CST,Dadar,Bandra who are very prompt to check passengers.they are not in uniform nor showing their Id cards and famous for arrogancy while recovering fine.whether rail administration considers that only mumbai is their jurisdiction and rest of tracks like lonavla pune is not their resposibility?
Also there should be provision that after inspection TC should take signature of any passenger so that it will be clear that he has really visited and carried his job.also remark of passengers regarding the corrupt practices of TC should be entered in complaint book which should be made available with TC.
PLZ INFORM US::::DR.SANDEEP [protected]/MR.AZIZ SHAIKH::[protected]

Rail — useless employees

dear sir,i am sharing my experience with public so that citizen will learn more about democracy.

I was travelling from bandra to cst by harbour line in first class.when train came to sandhurst road one person came and started to check tickets.he was in civil dress with no name plate any sign of identity on his clothings.when he saw my pass he said it is wrong.i was confused because it was clearly written bandra to cst via dadar.he said it is not via vadala road.i told him that my origin and destination are same dont matter the via.he took me away from crowd and asked for settlement.i told that as per my knowledge i am not wrong as i have valid first class pass for going to cst.also i have told the woman on counter at dadar to issue the pass so that i can travel from dadar-bandra-cst.she gave it. (ticket no[protected]R4782-19.06.10-10:20 AM-DR-W-25) then what is wrong?when i told him that i am not wrong any way and if you insist i am ready to pay fine.when i insist for receipt he became furious and started to speak in non parliamentary language.i told him instead of talking nonsense you give me receipt of fine.then he gave a free lesson about british government was welfare state and my act might correct befor freedom to free india railway is not here to give such consessions.his speech was nonsense and was the part of frustration.i thought that he is not a railway employee, so asked for his id card he refused to show.when i refused to pay fine and told him that you are not rail employee and i will register complaint of cheating,he finally showed me.this fellow was BHUVENDRA TOMAR HEAD TTE COMMERCIAL DRM OFFICE MUMBAI CST ID NO [protected]. (recently Tomars became famous for illegal activities in common wealth game also) i dont know what is happened to rail employees so that they can say that british rule was for the people and presant govt is anti people.inspite of his public duties as a indian citizen he should not behave against principles of a democratic nation.also this is a maximum arrogat rail employee i have seen ever.i hope that administration will take necessary action for his anti social activities,bad conduct while carrying public duty,not presenting himself in uniform,not showing rail id card or other identity sign with him.if i am correct the fine of rs 291 DT 28.06.10 RECEIPT NO J272145 should be recovered from his salary and paid to me as well as other passengers who are suffered in same way.

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