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[Resolved]  Reader's Digest — complaind about sweepstakes

Reader's Digest has been conducting sweepstakes for Rs.22, 00, 000/= for almost a year now. They keep sending mailers advising readers that they are just a couple of stages away from winning Rs.22 lacs. with each response they send two envelopes for replies and with each of these mails, they ask you to purchase a product from them. If you agree to buy the product, one must use the envelope marked YES, for which postage is paid by addressee. if you choose not to buy their product, you must use the NO envelope, for which postage is to be paid by sender not the addressee.

If a lottery is meant to be fair, such distinguishing marks or references should not be made on the envelopes. They send such letters to people all over India, but the results are published only in Mumbai newspapers. their explanation is if you are a winner, you would have been notified by post.

Actually courtesy demands that the results be declared in all newspapers in all major cities. This sweepstakes is a cleverly concealed fraud aimed at marketing their other products.

Their sweepstakes procedure should be validated by a proper authority before they are permitted to carry on the current sweepstakes. when the readers digest result of sweepstakes 2008 will be drawn
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Aug 14, 2020
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What you will also notice is that there are various kind of letters that come. With each they ask you to respond back with some kind of choice. And you are also supposed to enlcose another letter that according to them will arrive in 14 days or so (which never comes). It is like you get one letter, wait for another one and then you have to post back something from both together. This clear shows that it is to unnecessarily fool people and invalidate their chance to enter the draw.

While on the other hand the letter where they ask you to renew subscription and send check, does not ask you to wait for another letter before sending the check.

Quite a fraud the whole thing!!
Comments appeared above are very very true. I have been misguided by readers digest publications that i have been selected for the prize. even they send me the invitation such like banner in the hand. All are silly promotions of their journal. I have met with a loss of Rs.20000/- towards the book cost which they may levy on me. I am very shameful about readers digest.
i completely agree with article. they have been sending me those letters..and they just keep coming one after another..and in each letter im supposedly just a step away from winning the big prize.and i seem to have miraculously completed two stages successfully..just need to get thru the last stage to win. but the "last stage" never seem to be happening.
and those two envelops they sent along with he "yes" or "no" to there some promotional offer is such a rip off, coz i[censored] chose "no" and we end up paying for the postage charge.
shouldn't there be some action taken against RD for this sorta thing?
When announced the Sweeptakes 2008 results...
Inform about RD 0051911 is it Winner Number is there Chance for SuperPrimere Prize Draw for
Please sent E-mail to me.
i want to enquire about the result of sweepstake 2008, my number is - 041
I totally agree with the above comments. It is a fooling strategy of theirs to promote their products. In which repeatedly in every letter of theirs, they keep printing sentences as though meaning nobody else can win except you, which is not going to happen. Most people are lured into it because of the way they overemphasize the part stating that the person is going to win the prize for sure, to plan a holiday, get ready etc. This has to be hauled into court. In 2001 readers digest had paid a settlement of approximately 5+ million USD in the United States against a lawsuit filed against them because of them fooling the people there stating that they will win. Please check this link

Which shows how they have paid the 5 million settlement.
readersdigestsweepstakesauthority done excellent thingsand authority satisfies all
i want to know the results of sweepstakes 2008
At the outset I feel that the comments posted are genuine. Frankly, I do not buy any product mentioned in the envelopes. I always, return the letters sent by them in NO envelope. I always think why should Reader's Digest part with such huge sums of money. Hence it may not be genuine and the readers are taken for a ride. Infact this is my 2nd year of subscription. The results should be published in all main papers in the respective STATES/ CITIES.
This is a systamtic cheating of the reader through many lucrative language and showing as if you are the next winner.The intelligence behind this is they do not keep any record with the contestant so that he can not go to the court of law.Their system is legally safe and that is why they can escape through all the legal suits.One day someone will put them behind the bar.The huge prize monney is all bogus and they delete the so called finalists by putting them in default, like you fail to respond the coloured envelop ( chich you never receive ) along with the cmmitted doccuments.
I sometimes wonder if this sweepstakes deal is a fraud or a reliable source. I am a subscriber for nearly 25 years & have bought so many products...which you can find out yourselves in your catalogues.

Till date I have never got a prize, etc...for all the purchases which have been expensive.

If you are true to yourself dear people continue with this gamble or just stop it and do not frustrate especially your long time customers.

Your letters to us are so enticing frilled with such beautiful & captivating sayings of the english language.

I have looked deep into this ...& sometime wonder if this is all a facade or a playground for the benefits of READERS DIGEST.

Thank you but this is my honest criticism. I will not stop subscribing to the magazine because I enjoy it but definetely will stop purchasing any products henceforth.
It is completely fradable. never comes last stage. pls pls pls be careful.
Sir, kindly send me all the complaints against Readers Digest specially sweepstakes
I too is a big victim of Readers Digest sweep stakes and feeling very shame on me

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