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Karnataka, India
I have seen one piece of Water purifier distributed by RMP infotech with my family friend. She just joined this company. I felt so bad after checking this water purifier.

1. First impression:

a. This filter works like an aquarium pump. Just pumping air through a flexible pipe (Same like the one used in aquarium shops)

b. Good white strong covering.

c. Light weight (hardly 250gms)

Since i have aquarium and RO-UV water filter at home, I got curious on this filter

2. Detailed Check:

a. It has a timer (0 to 30 mins)

b. Two LEDs (Green and Red color) showing the power and pump status

c. It’s just pumping ambient air through its outlet. Nothing other than this.

They (members of this business) claimed that this filter removes dirt, virus, and odour. Hard water can be converted to soft water.

These claims are so funny that even my RO-UV filter can’t do this much work efficiently even though it has so many stages of filtering.

What will happen if ambient air is pumped into water? Think yourself. Now tell me is it a water filter?

I didn’t open this so called equipment since she (my family friend) paid 7-8K for the same.

@RMP: Please rename this equipment as Aquarium PUMP.

If I am wrong please reply.
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I dont think so,

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there products are good and valuable

so personaly rated 5 out of 5 star

beware of people comments that RMP is a Fraud

Thank u very much

Mb. [protected]
[email protected]
RMP is totally fraud company, don't go for this to know pls see following reasons below:
1)They show the persons of getting higher cheques are there own persons on salary basis who lie abt there cheques..plsn ask them to show ther bank ac statement.
2) they have set the people among the public in different places to clap and shout in apraisal.
3) there so called higher ranking person tell that they got higher model of car then tell them to show the rc of that particular car in there own name.
4) they are superb mastermind they know vat question you should put, , they do home work ofr ur questions
5) they use poems and enthems, enthusiasic music with audio video mode to influence you.
6) they only vant u purchase one time so that u will be lure to fool one another person by default, i[censored] purchase ther product coupon then it will not reddem fully on particular item you want on the said store,
if you purchase the health policy then it will not give u the check-up that u want, i[censored] purchase the water purifier then it will be five time of market cost and u purchase other product easily then u will not get the repair in warranty period.
7)they show you differnt types of dummy persons who getting higher cheques they are: a) young age person/boy, b) doctors c) Engineers d) general managers e) police /civilservice person

these above person give u the speech of emotions, becuase u will see urself in them.

so all the persons who are reading this keep this that no body could be richer by less efforts
Before commenting on anything first you should know the in and out of it.For that you should study about it thoroughly. Then justify if it is correct or wrong or somewhat correct or any particular point is absurd and so on. Regarding RMP products (30 producs now) there is no fake, no duplicate . Only problem is the distributor mostly illitrate or low educated, or even highly educated unable to explain about the product correctly. But the clear instructions are available on net at www. rmpinfotec.biz, and if you are capable please go through it.

The ozanator is one of the best rmp product I feel. And surely you will not get such product in market till now. I do have seen its successful result. If you are interested you can contact me at [protected]@yahoo.com.

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