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[Resolved]  Sen Immigration — Crookedness of Sumit Sen

I was employee of Sen Consultancy Dubai a part of Sen Immigration. I was sacked from my job because I refused to tell lies to the clients as wanted by the CEO and president Sumit Sen. He has collected hundreds of thousands American Dollars from clients promising work Permits and job Offers to get people inside canada. all are fabricated and fixed by purchasing from companies acting as empoyers. I have now come to know that the canadian embassy in delhi is investigating the frauds of Sumit Sen. I warn all the truck drivers who have paid money to Sen to go to the Dubai police and get your money back. all job offers arranged by Sumit Sen are fixed. I have contacted a phillipina lawyer friend in canada and she has informed me that members of CSIC - canadian society of immigration consultants can not provide any service for which they can't charge a reasonable fee. It is illegal to charge money for getting a job offer from canadian employer. Sumit Sen has changed the original contract of all cliet after embassy in delhi started investigating his misdeeds. My advise to all is don't go near sen immigration. you will lose your money and application both.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I was working for Sumit Sen at the New Delhi office. I am hiding my name because of a little respect for the company (not the Boss) that gave me some bread at some time in my life. I devoted my best time to learn and perform the job. Our Boss was very greedy. There is always lies and cheating in all his offices (I know internally). Ask any employee and he or she will tell you. He made lots of Dollars by fake letters. He claimed he is a Lawyer which he is not. He is not a member of any Bar Council in India or Canada. I have signed on the letter sent to New Delhi High Commission by his ex-staff, because I believe he is wrong. I pray to God everyone gets justice and their hard earned money back.

This is inform everyone that SEN Immigration and Sumit Sen has been subject to a series of negetive comments by a former employee Surender Kumar Sood.

This is to inform that Surender Kumar Sood was terminated from the employment of SEN Immigration in January 2009 since he was:

(a) forcing clients to misrepresent on their immigration application,

(b) was excessively aggressive and abusive with staff and clientile,

(c) was condescending towards women staff in the office,

(d) would overcharge clients at the SEN Dubai office,

(e) would indulge in financial misappropriation and over-invoicing,

(f) play dirty politics in office,

(g) viewing objectionable material during office on his laptop.

(h) would never agree to follow CSIC Rules of Professional Conduct

All the above charges are well documented.

Since his termination and expulsion from SEN Immigration, he has been creating fictitious emails and writing slanderous emails to SEN staff and clients alike. He has made absolutely false and baseless allegations against the work of SEN Immigration.

If anyone receives any communication from Surender Kumar Sood, please forward to SEN HQ in Toronto, at [protected]

Upon the receipt of such information, SEN Immigration will commence to institute legal proceedings with a criminal intent to harm against Surender Kumar Sood in his county of nationality (India) and any country in which he currently resides in.
Notice how ho deftly sidestepped my comments and stated directing his allegations at Col. Sood, such a respected man !!! Sumit Sen operates his business like Satyam Computers did once.
PUBLIC NOTICE by MARY JOY ANIAR from Dubai, UAE (+[protected]

This to inform everyone that I, Mary Joy Aniar, have NEVER written any comment on this blog before. This is first time I am writing it, since my name is falsely used by Surender Kumar Sood.

The comment written 11 days ago has NOT been written by me. Surender Kumar Sood is writing these blogs from Inia and is false using my name. This is Identity theft.

I would like to further bring to your notice that my name has been subject to identity theft and that a slanderous blog has been posted on a website using my name.

I would like to inform you that I have not written the blog in a Indian website which is slandering the reputation of Sumit Sen, of Sen Consultancy/Sen Immigration.

Since I am a Filipino national, I would never write a slanderous blog against Sen Immigration in an Indian website (Indian consumer – nothing to do with any government agency in India). I have nothing to with India.

I firmly believe that reading the language which has been posted using my name, this is the work of Colonel Surender Kumar Sood, who was terminated from the employment of Sen Consultancy in January 2009. After his termination, he tried very hard to contact me and to get me on his side. I never agreed to it.

I wish to put it on record that the none of the contents of website has been written by me nor do I believe in any of the contents of the blog, that my name has been miused and subject to identity theft. I would like to sue Col Sood but since he was thrown out of all his jobs in Dubai, I cannot reach him.

I hope this solves the issue relating to the blog which is a total fraud committed by Col Sood.

Mr Sumit Sen, Mr Gaurav Sharma and all the member of staff of SEN Immigration are good people, who work in the best interest of clients.

Be Aware of Surender Kumar Sood.

Best wishes,

Mary Joy Aniar
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Thanks to Aries. My sister, who tried a lot for Australia immigration from everywhere. but she never got response... after all hard work, we went to Aries and filed our case to them. They took genuine fee and we gave all documents in proper manner. Guys u won’t believe, she got visa in months.

I was just searching where I can post this THANKS message, so posting here.
Another crook like Sumit Sen, ha ha

As if one was not enough, this Aries internationsl guy is also here
I suddenlycame to know that Sumit shut his office in India because of many police complaint against him.

even more shocking that he did not inform anyone of this. Many clients aere left cheated.
My friend money also gone, and he don't know where to ask for refund.

I am sure that the way Sumit ran away, he has n o intention to repay anyone.
say what you want to say on his wall & his friends.!/profile.php?id=[protected]&sk=wall
Illegal Business and most dishonest people I have ever seen
Mr Sen is not who he claims to be. he is not a rhodes scholar. He is not even a lawyer. He is a sleazy dishonest perosn posing as an immigration consultant who is as incompetent as the bunch of transient people he hires. DO NOT TRUST HIM WITH YOUR INFORMATION.

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