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[Resolved]  Titan Eye+ — Poor customer services, faulty and substandard material and cheating consumers

I sincerely thought that Titan Eye Care is run by a team of professionals who would certainly deal with their consumers in a very professional way. But I was proved quite wrong by your own dealers. I bought 2 pairs of spectacles, both of “Stepper” make from your store at Dadar, Mumbai. For one of the spectacles, At the time of purchase, the salesperson (Mr Pratik) had assured us that the height of the glass would be reduced by a value of 3 mm than the original glass, based on which we decided on purchasing the same. The delivery date promised was subsequently after 7 days. When I went to take the delivery of the specs, it was very much surprising to know that the height of the glass was reduced by a mere 1.5mm instead of 3 mm. When asked about the same, the salesman said that the height could not be reduced further than 1.5mm since the glass ordered were of verifocal type and it would hamper the vision. My question here is why wasn’t I not informed about this change in the design when the salesperson knows that my decision to buy the same pair of specs was solely on the basis of the height of the lenses. So, is it that the salesperson decides the kind and size of specs a person would wear??? Since, this was totally unacceptable to me I did not take and delivery on the assurance by Mr. Pratik that the same would be dealt with and the spectacles would be delivered the next week. After that day, even after repeatedly calling the showroom, there was nobody to respond and comment on the matter. When inquired they had different stories to tell- From the store manager not present, to the sales man being transferred to some other branch to the store manager and salesman being transferred to another branch. Finally, we got a call from the branch saying that the specs were ready. On reaching the place and looking at the specs, I was surprised to learn that the specs were in as- it is condition and nothing had been done on it so far. So, this was clearly a case of fooling the customer by saying that the required modifications have been done and the spectacles are ready for deliver, when nothing has been done on it so far. Again, when inquired about the manager, we learned that the manager wasn’t present as he was getting engaged. And since that day the spectacles have been lying with the showroom. Nearly after a week, the specs were hand delivered at my residence, but again, the lens had a peeled off antiglare coating on it and hence it was sent back again. Since that day, we haven’t received the specs. So, this is the story of one pair of specs.
Coming to another story of another pair of spectacles of a different index, the coating on the specs started peeling off within 7 days. Also, I was not comfortable wearing the glasses as there seemed to be a blurred vision when I tried to look from the corner of the eye. On showing the same to the concerned person at the showroom, I was asked to come the next day as the manager was not present. Again, when they checked the glass lenses, it was even more surprising to know that the lens were wrongly made and had wrong focal indexes. Then what about the certificate from your company which says that the lenses have been made according to standards and have been certified? If this is the quality of your lenses, one would certainly think twice before buying glasses from you people. My eyes were put at a stake as the indexes were different in the new pair as compared to the old ones which I was forced to wear. The date promised to me for a replacement of the same was in 4 working days. It’s been more than 12 days now. Each time a different story! Now they have a story that the courier hasn’t reached Bangalore, hence the delay.
So, in a nutshell, the services are 100% pathetic, the so called “trained staff” do not even have the expertise in making the right pair of lenses. The coating for the lenses and the frames are definitely substandard and they give false promises to the customer, which in other words is definitely cheating. This clearly forces me to choose a local roadside specs dealer against titan eyewear.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Poor customer services, faulty and substandard material and cheating consumers-
I purchased my glasses on 21.11.2008 from Dadar showroom. My invoice no is 11000209, Sales order no. TMDA000230 and Customer Code is CAM0000168. I spent Rs.8, 835/- for a very poor quality product. As a Ex-Tata Employee I had a great respect for Tata Brand & I sincerely thought that Titan Eye Care is run by a team of professionals who would certainly deal with their consumers in a very professional way. But I was proved quite wrong. I bought spectacles -“Stepper” make & Lens are XECTRCG - Lens RX TRAN ESSILOR, which the sales person told as they are best.
The coating on the specs started peeling off within six months. Also, I was not comfortable wearing the glasses as there seemed to be a blurred vision.On showing the same to the concerned person at the showroom, They promissed me that they will replace the faulty lens. After too much followup and 6-7 personal visit and fighting they gave me a replaced lens on 04.06.2009. They took almost 24 days for the replacement.
The worst part is now the same lens coating has again peeled off. I went to Dadar showroom, to my surprise, the showroom has been shut down. Now I am worried & very angry with my decision on buying this product from Tatas. I have got the same bad service and very careless attitude from the showroom staff like others.
Now the question is The certificate from your company which says that the lenses have been made according to standards and have been certified? So where is the quality of my lenses. My eyes were put at a stake as I am still wearing the peeled off coating lens. The coating for the lenses and the frames are definitely substandard, which in other words is definitely cheating.
I sincerely request Titan Eye + to look in my problem & help me in getting the right quality product ASAP.Please also let me know where can I visit as the Dadar showroom is shutdown.
I fully agree. The product and services are poor and the charges are exorbitant. I bought a reading glass on[protected] and every 4/5 days the glass becomes loose in the frame and I have to visit the showroom 15Km away to tighten the screws. In one month of purchase this has happened 4 times. My request to replace the frame has been turned down by the retailer. The persons in the outlet insists that all rimless frames require tightening on a weekly basis. I use the glasses only for reading newspaper in the morning. I am very much disheartened by this experience and feel absolutely cheated. I had great trust in Tata name and is a regular of both Titan and Tanisk. But after this incident my trust is shaken. Hope some senior Tata group executive read this post and make ammends. If some one can provide me with Ratan Tata's mail id I will mail him directly. If no one listens I fully intend to go to the consumer courts.
My Name: Suvendu Kumar Choudhury,
Address: Flat-18/1, Unit-8, SE Rly Coloney, Garden reach, Kolkata-700043
Purchased from: RTA Retailing Pvt Ltd, 7A, Elgin Road, Kolkata-700020
Invoice No: BHL0002748, date:[protected]
The brand name does not match with the services provided, very very disappointing. I went to the store, (at Raipur chattisgarh on 19/11/10), selected a frame, and finalised it to be made to my vision power, then i saw that the colour at two spots on the rim was lost. The store person gave me another frame of same design (but 1000rs costlier, and the store person was unaware of this fact) but in other colour. I then finalised that colour, made advance payment and left. I got a call from the store on evening (from no [protected] at 17.28hrs) and the person told me that the second frame, i had selected also had problem in spring. and to my horror that person said that if i get the colour defective piece made, they would replace me the frame if it loses more colour in six months. Such a statement was just horrifing, i wasted half an hour in the store just to hear that i should get damaged frame for my money!!! And how could he have asked me to get the second one made when he had tagged it 1000rs more, despite it being the same as 1st one.
I think Titan Eye + should shut their stores down if they cannot keep healthy stock, rather than asking a coustomer to buy a defective piece. I will recommend it to every body, not to visit the store.
I fully agree...
I am currently experiencing a very bitter and painful services while given my spectacles(Titan Vybes) for change of lenses from a showroom ( Metal Arts Creation Pvt Ltd, at Park Street & Camac Street crossing Kolkata - 700071 ).

When tested as change of power from this showroom I ordered a lens( FSV White Titan ) and paid the full amount ( 2000 + 2000) on 08 Jan 2011 and supposed to be delivered to me on 14 Jan 2011. I was told this lens is the best product from TITAN Eye as a scratch proo[censored]nbreakable.Sales Order No. TKCS006407

On 14 Jan 2011, after making several calls I came to know that it would be delivered on the day, but when I cam to receive, I found it having scratch on the lens.

Now they committed me the delivery after replacing, on 19 Jan 2011. I got no call yesterday( 19 Jan2011 ) and when I asked today, I was told they can tell me the delivery date today at 7PM.
Now I have the following impression from this whole story:

* Was this lens actually scratch proof or the sales persons are making false statement or I was actually not given the right product for my money or the product was mishandled terribly by their persons.
* Is this the delivery commitments TATA companies are giving?
* How the quality checking are done before delivery?

I am waiting for my spectacles delivery till today.
I purchased spectacle from Titan Eye show room at Basvanagudi. After using 3 months the frame became very loose and observed both screws rusted.( Being a branded product they can use Stainless screw ).When I approached the show room unable to replace the screw they made some juggad repair and returned.It took one week and needlessly I purchased another spectacle.Again after using one week the frame became loose and showroom persons told me to purchase another frame.I was not aware that branded Titan Eye will make such a cheap products and the prices are also high comparing to other brands.My Suggestion to all DO NOT BUY TITAN SPECTACLES.THEIR PRODUCT AND SERVICE IS VERY POOR.

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