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[Resolved]  Tortilla Roti Maker — after sales service

I purchased a Rotimaker - through Basic Associates, Malemar road, derebail, konchady, behind shree durga medical, mangalore on 7/10/2007 and the sales executive came to my residence on 10/10/2007 and gave a demo of the product. After two we used the roti maker and it worked fine. and the second time on 17/10/2007 when we tried to use the Roti maker it was not switching on. So, i lodged a complaint with the Sales Executive mr. Johnraj, who has promised to send the person for servicing the product. But, despite several phone calls the person never turned up till today. I again lodged a complaint with Mr. Mohan Kumar, who is located at Bangalore, but he too told me that he would be able to send his person only on 17th of December 2007. Is this the way the customers are treated by the co. Moreover the product was purchased by me by paying Rs.1875/- and when i searched in the website it was priced at $USD - why this difference for indian customers.
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Aug 13, 2020
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I was about to pay for the piece and in an attempt to get address at B'lore found this one and avoided buying it. The sales person after demo and 2 times running around had to go empty handed.

I basically did not want to take risk. Also my wife told many people's pieces are lying idle since it worked for only 2-3 months. But though not sure whether its Tortilla make.

But the product was excellent at the time of demo and Pulkas were so perfect. Ended it all in confusion.
My sisterinlaw bought a tortilla roti maker for around Rs.2000/- plus. But It is lying idle for past one year. The service for the same is not satisfied and also no response for the complaints. The service persons over phone told that they come and will do the service but till now no response. The problem is it worked well for the first time and not on the consecutive time. she got for her dieabetic parents but it seems to be a dead investment. Can anybody help in finding a solution for the same?
i am also having the same problem. I bought this before few months back and its worked for few days only..i tried to reach all the contact numbers i have ..But NO use ..Im not recommend any one to buy this
I saw the demo of this product outside a textile showroom at Hyderabad and was desparate to buy this product. I was very much impressed by the demo.

But before buying, I just wanted to search on the internet about the feedback from existing customers and now I have decided not to buy. No one from the above customers list are satisfied.

I do not want to take risk!!
Even i was thinking of buying a Tortilla roti maker for my mom who has just had her shoulder operation. But after coming to know that all customers have the same problem cos of the roti maker, i have now decided that i am not going to buy this product at all! I'd rather pay extra to our servant and tell her to make rotis rather than purchasing the roti maker. I am sad for all you people who had so much problems with the roti maker after buying ti for such a high price. But i am thankful too that through you guys we came to know which product to buy and which not to buy. Thanks.
I have read all the comments/complaints about this product. It very well seems to be a third rate product and the consumers are being taken for a ride in the name of technology. I was also attracted by the demo in one of the consumer exhibition in my city and paid token advance (which they told will be refunded to me after the demo at my house, if I am not buying the product). However, after enquiring with neighbours who had bought other makes of rotimaker and the price, I bargained for a lesser price when they made the demo, but the representative did not come down to my price and hence I did not buy the product. But when I asked him for the refund of the token advance of Rs.100/- which they promised will be paid back even if I did not purchase the rotimaker, the representative was smart enough to escape telling that it will be paid by another representative positively the next day at my house. But the representative has not turned up till date. These unscrupulous traders must not be left like this to cheat the public of their hard earned money. This also reinforces the need to check and buy products with BIS marking/specifications so that we are assured of their reasonably good performance.
Today i went to Secunderabad to make shopping. On the way we have seen the demo of tortilla rotimaker demo. I imperssed to buy.After reading the comments/complaints i have decided not to buy this product when there is no customer satisfaction. Thanks for sharing the experience of rotimaker product. Therefore it is a good lesson to look for comments before buying any product.
I have brought this product after seeing the demo at Big Bazaar, Mysore road, Bangalore. I have bought this in June 2008 and initially it was working fine. After 1 month it is not functioning and after repeated complaints they are not sending any service person. I asked them If I can bring the product to Ulsoor office they said no person will be available there but promised to send the person to home. Finally I again called and asked if they are going to send the person, mr.Mohan kumar talked to me and said they will send the peson. Not sure what sort of company they are running and not sure how they are being allowed to showcase stalls in branded shopping places(like Big Bazaar, Total etc., ) such a 3rd rated companies.
Hi alll...thank you all for helping me save 1975 bugs...Hats off to you all ppl.
Thanks all,
today I called the person of tortilla for demonstration but because o[censored] all i will not buy the product. Thanks a lot
The component inside roti maker they are using are of the inferior quality.means all low grade quality delibrately they have made like run their business of repairing eventhough they are getting huge profit around 1000 rs.

they have given name of "tortilla" to lure more people of middle class for loot.

i have used tortila of my neighbour which is extreamly slow though it didnt give me problem even thogh used it several times but i notices it has became slower for heating and one more even, if you cook roti on tortill after 1 hour it tends to become hard compared with cooked on tawa on direct heat.rotis cooked on tawa i found extreamly soft and delicious.because of electric wave heating it removes water moistures from rotis and make taste less.

Looking wise technology wise it is good or to present somebody older aged family gives amazing round shape of rotis very easily.But eating wise no test guys compared with direct heated.If you want roti maker kind of facility just buy the device which just press the dough and make round shape of roti.and cook it on some small gas devices, direct on tawa on fire, or induction heater(electric one).

this was about the technology but abt company dont ask they are bunch of liars and gundas in their sales person.they give demonstrate in every shpping mall every body has said abt them above no need to say more.
Thanks all,
I called the person of tortilla for demonstration on Tuesday. Thanks a lot for the feedback on this roti maker. I'll not buy this. I need to plan to refund my amount Rs 200/- on Tuesday which I paid as an advance...
I wanted to buy this product for my mom.I have seen this product at two exhibition stalls in Bangalore.The sales people told the company is in Chennai.By reading these comments, i have dropped the idea of buying it.Thank u all for saving my 2000 rupees.I think this is a bogus company making fake products with ultra cheap components.
I purchased Tortialla Roti Maker after seeing demo several times at Big Bazaar, Vijayawada. I found the product working for me excellent. It is my repeated experience with many of our family members, they do not learn how to use rotimaker. There is a small technique involved in handling the rotimaker. Every Product has its own merits and demerits. However, I found Tortilla Roti Maker is quite OKay for me.
The Manager,
Andhra Pradesh.


In connection to the purchase of Tortilla Roti maker effected by me on 16/11/2008, bearing with, for the same we found the said Roti maker is not working properly in sense of heating mode and against our complaints made to the dealer from whom we purchased, the concerned executive came for demo purpose where your authorised excutive found /detected failure of functioning or operation of said Rotimaker on 18/11/2008, and thereby the concerned dealer as assured us for replacing the Equipment with new Rotimaker, in relating to this we phoned them reqularily for replacing the same which was purchased on 16/11/2008, but the concerned dealer is postponed the matter and delaying in replacement, since the day of our purchase to till date no of our concerned authorities have taken any action and they are wantedly postponing the same for the best of the reasons known to them.

Every time when we approached or phoned you all making a deaf ear towards us and even after communicated with the Chennai Head office they too neglecting to replace the said Rotimaker purchased by us and it is very clear to us that you are not selling the genuine equipments and cheating the consumers for the best reasons know to you.

we in supporting to your issued guarented card and invoice copy we intends/decided to approach the "CONSUMER FORUM" in our respective jurisdiction i.e.NTR Nagar Court, Saroornagar, if further action is not taken from your side at the earliest, for replacement of New Rotimaker Equipment which is covering with in the guarnteed period.

From :

Thanks all,
It's worth reading this complaint box towards saving 2000 bugs.
9o-=I too purchased tortillaroti maker from Basic Associates in Bombay...but to my regreat it didn't work at all. The machine never shut off . I have made several calls to get the machine fixed but they didn't respond. PLEASE PLEASE do not buy this product and waste your money on this product.

Whoever is incharge of the scam in tortilla maker - Please do not rip people off.

Very disappointed!!!


Sub: worst service by Tortilla Rotimaker and their product.

I have perchaged tortilla Roti maker in chennai, after I come for Hyderabad made complaint several times that, the Rotimaker is not working to their customer care center in Hyderabad. Some times they lift the phone and keep it aside without answering, some times they say will send the persons, but they don't send any body for servicing. The product is kept idle and of no use for want of servicing.


Software Engineer
Mob: [protected]
I purchased one these roti makers while on my first ever holiday in India. Having seen the demo in one of the malls and with 110% gurantee that it will work in UK, I got sucked into parting with over Rs2000 and carried the machine back home like a baby. Not got even one roti out of this machine that is eatable, dispite the fact having wasted nearly 10kg of atta. Have tried different attas and after watching the video demo have made the dough every possible way. I would never trust another gaget from India ever again, will stick to my rolling pin and tawa!
On 7th March 2009 at HICC beside Novotel there was a stall of this TORTOLLA RotiMaker.
I saw the demo and gave Rs.100 as advance but till date no one visited my residence for product demo and delivery. The number given is going to some dealer who asks us to contact head office.

what a shame being an Indian company!!!

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