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[Resolved]  Trai — new rule must be withdrawn..(100 sms/day)

TRAI has implemented a new regulation, which allows the mobile users to send only 100 sms/day...

100sms/day is not at all enough...atleast 300 or 500 sms/day will be reasonable.....

we pay for our sms boosters but limiting sms like this hurts us badly...

please ask them to withdraw the rule which was implemented for limiting the messages ..
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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The restriction for sending 100 SMS per day is really a foolish one...This is against a common man's rights in our country...It must be revised...
the limit should be increased to atleast 300 sms/day.or the rule changed to 100 numbers a day.
stupid rule by stupid people who do not even know how to send a SMS
the limit should be increased to atleast 500 sms/day.
the good for nothing TRAI committee really does not how to handle the telemarketers problem, making us suffer like anything.

revert your law and make good to us. . we students should do something about this. even the basic things like change in class timings cannot be shared with our friends now due to this goddamn restriction. The TRAI people being so rich does not know that we middle class students communicate mostly through SMS.
Please remove this rules, let Indians live freely.. i thought we had independence. Dont take it back from INDIANS
guys we have to do something as soon as possible...

TRAI — Unrealistic TRAI regulation of 100 SMS/day


The new rule released by TRAI is so absurd. The money lost in the 2G scam due to the bloody corrupt politicians is being taken from us. Why should we suffer for the wrong doings of some bloody politicians who are greedy? This was disguised as for checking the amount of scam sms but, listen you TRAI, "First you give them license to send so many sms and then restrict the mass of india?" This is unfare.

We call india a democracy where the power belongs to the citizens of th country, but i ask all the people reading this message, do we have any power other than voting? After they get voted all they do is earn money for themselves!

Truly speaking, we shouldn't even be charged for an SMS, it just travels like Electromagnetic waves in the spectrum. To rub salt in the wounds, each SMS is priced at Re.1!

We want justice, we want our right back, we want TRAI to take back their regulations! This is so not fare!
Are you even listening, TRAI?

Kalpak Khemka.
hey guyzz i[censored] have facebook accounts then join this page "[p... we will oppose the rule...
contact TRAI and make a complaint regarding limiting the sms...
2323 3466, 2322 0534, 2321 3223
I totally agree with u! Send this message on the following link :
Itz a very unreasonable rule . Pl revert it back as soon as possible . We students are the most affected ones. .
callar tune se pale computa kyu bolta hai jab pase hamare lagte or aad campani ki hoti hai
Bothering the common public just because it is the easiest way out is unreasonable. This is by far the most outlandish rule that the Indian Government has come up with. This HAS to be revised immediately. Texting is practically the only lifeline that students grab onto. Don't take that away from them.
My money, my choice! Who is TRAI to put a block? Tomorrow they will block the minutes of calling also on some pretext. Now does the government decide how much we communicate with each other?
The restriction for sending 100 SMS per day is really a stupid one... The limit should be increased to atleast 300 sms/day...
i support d majority here...this 100sms stuff isd a rather foolish stategy to deprive d generel ppl frm wor dy deserve fr d amouynt dy pay...its ridiculous!!! TRAI should thnk of it agn n take back thr decision...if they wnt to stop d marketting ppl..thn get sm othr dt specifically...not at d cost of d general public!!! we hope to get d positive outcome soon..!!!
we are the citizens of independent India and no one has the damn right to restrict us from sending texts...foolish decision by TRAI
stupid rule by TRAI...these rules must not be applicable for personal messages ...if they want stop the tele marketers...TRAI have 2 widen the limits of DO NOT DISTUB calls from costumer care...If they continue this rule there is no meaning to say 'INDIA IS DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY"...we r paying the money and we have rights to message...pls cancel this rule...
its sucks...pls chnge dis, , , y d hell r v payng for sms pck den???wen v cnt utilise it fully...

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