[Resolved]  VIGOROUS ORGANIZATION — Vigorous organization fraud cheaters

Vigorous organization fraud

Guys plz don’t join cobra group which has vigourous organization its totally fake plz visit
For more details. . Be aware of everything before joining. . Dont go for money they talk big things. . Plz search on google about cobra group
This is the mail i receive…

This is with reference to your resume on times job. . .

Your resume has been shortlisted for the post of business development executive / team leader / management trainee in our company the vigorous organization. (As per qualification & experience)
*subject to positions available.

Venue: the vigorous organization
401, 4th floor,
Gulmohar towers,
Near cambridge showroom, opp. A k joshi school, above sharekhan office,
Mahatma phule road, naupada,
Thane (W)

Date : - 12th & 13th aug 09

Time:11. 00am to 5. 00pm

For appointment call (Only between 8:30 am to 6:00 pm)
Ms avani

If interested kindly contact us on the above mentioned number (Between 9:00 am 8:00 pm to fix up an appointment for your interview) .

You need to carry one hard copy of your resume and a passport size photograph along with print out of this email (Mandatory) .

We are looking for immediate starters
. Maximum 3 days will be given to join the company if selected.

We are a service providing company dealing in major sectors, i. E.

Finance, banking, insurance,
Food & hospitality
Security systems

We have our offices in 10 cities - mumbai, delhi, chennai, kolkata, nagpur, ahemdabad, banglore, pune, hyderabad, and chandigarh.

Job profile:

Level 1: - marketing executive
Level 2: - h. R. Trainer
Level 3: - team leader
Level 4: - assistant manager
Level 5: - business manager

Job specification:

Sales and marketing: (Level 1)
(Dealing with corporate businesses, companies and institutions on behalf of our client.)

Human resource development: (Level 2 + level 3)
(Team training and team development / training and developing new candidates recruited by the company) .

Client and office management: (Level 4 + level 5)
(Managing the office infrastructure, marketing teams and client)

Company profile:

The vigorous organization is one of the fastest growing marketing oraganizations in india. We are associated with cobra group plc with its head quarters in u. K (London) . The vigorous organization is involved in providing marketing solutions and strategies to the client and promote their products and brand image to increase their market share and improve their communication strategies and give them a competitive edge over their competitors. Our reach, our innovations and our success are unrivalled.

We require ambitious people with professional image, good attitude and with mentality to grow with the company.

Now we have our expansion plans in thane - mumbai.

Visit our website:

For more details plz have a look at
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Aug 14, 2020
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I got a mail from these guys...thanking my stars that I decided to google.
yes even i get such mails all the time & thanks to google, u guys & this website came to know bout all d fraud before going for any new/lesser known company i always check this website..Could u plz help me out..i need some info regarding indo asian buildcon pvt ltd..have an interview in this company so..need some reviews & feedback regarding indo asian build con pvt the employees are treated..the site has no details mentioned about the projects undertaken or the credentials, qualifications & experiences of its board of directors..
CZaveri's reply, Nov 24, 2017
Hi there,

Have you gone for the interview at the Indo Asian? Pls reply
Don't Ever join this place. The bosses like Kishore and R.Krishna sleep around with all women employes!! Thts about it. I had a horrible experience here for 2 months. I got out as soon as I realised how bad an environment and how much of a waste of time this company is.
CZaveri's reply, Nov 24, 2017

I read your comment in regards to Indo Asian company. What's the whole mess buddy, can you update me?
Thank you all of you. . . Evn i received such kind of fraud mails from marshall, pioneer, millenium, etc. . N was suppose to go for the interview, but taught of checking for any fraud, n i found it. . . Thank u
Dear all thanks for the blog, even i received such mail from emporis group india, and same crap was explained to me. . Thanks for saving my time and energy
And md of this company is like 22 yr old kid. . Wtf

Greetings. . !!

This mail is in reference with job openings in our organisation.

Position: bdm / strategic business unit / corporate trainee

Walk - in interviews:

Tuesday 20th november – 12pm to 2pm
Wednesday 21st november – 12pm

Contact: aditi kapur – [protected] / [protected]

Immediate starters apply

Location will be: block 6, shreepal complex, suren rd, opp dipti classic chakala. Behind cine magic theatre. Andheri east. Mumbai – 400093.

Earning potential: best in industry & as per your calibre and knowledge.

Exp: 'fresher’s can also apply'

Company profile:
Emporis group is a young and diversified company. It is a proud supporter of building leaders in the diverse and colourful indian market in the field of service and management. We provide client representation, customer acquisition, advertisement and business promotion services to major fortune 500 companies internationally.
We are a service providing company and we are dealing in these major sectors: finance / banking / telecom / charities / sports / energy / food & hospitality.

Job responsibility:
Level 1: marketing / sales / advertising / promotions
Level 2: human resource development
Level 3: team leading (Training, team development & people management)
Level 4: managing working capital & investment (Finance management)
Level 5: management of all the operations of newly opened sbus (Operations, client handling or brand handling)

Documents required for interview:
A passport size photograph
Updated resume

Dress code: you need to come for the interview in formal attire. If not, we will not proceed with your application.

At the time of interview detailed description of the job profile will be explained to you.

Note: incase you read this mail after given dates you can call us up and find out if interviews are still scheduled.

Aditi kapur – [protected] / [protected]
Hr manager
Thank you guys for all your inputs...
Hi guys thanks to you all ofcourse google...
I got call from them they schedule my intervies tommorrow and was preparing for interview... Really its a very bad time of my life strugling alot for job...
As I do everytime am looking for there web site for the question what do you know about this company?
And dint find there web site and that I look for wikipedia of that company its really I dint find there any information...
Its really fake company am planning to complaint in police station they are playin very game with our career...
Thanks to you all again...
I got a mail too regarding for the job openings for dadar branch...i guess i did a good thing by searching it on google...u guys r realy gr8 thank u guys for puttin up such an awareness n helpin needy peopl lyk me...
hey..i got a mail too..n was looking up the address on google maps but couldnt find it ...for a company which was so well recognised as per their website, it was weird that i couldnt find it then searched for the reviews n found this link..i got a mail too..two three times from this place ..the dadar branch..but gmail informed me during one such mail that this mail might not have been sent from pioneer org...thats the first time i felt something amiss..then next was the address not being registrered online on google maps..n also when i spoke to them, it seemed too good to b true that they were willing to take up anyone..gradute, mba, freshers etc without any limit as such...anyway was supposed to go today itself for the interview to the dadar branch..thank u so much for registering a complaint n also adding comments here to confirm that it is a fraud company!!! much appreciated
Why you people call it fraud or cheaters they never come to u and beg u all for job its u who goes there and even after that as well they dont tell u lie they tell on there 1st day itself that u require to go on the field and develop ur self its true and fair business i[censored] dont like it its fine but they are not frauds.

Let me make it very simple for u guys tell me if you want to start your own business what u guys will do for eg: - if you manufacture pencils what will u do??? Some o[censored] will say i vl advertise or give a add in paper but its not true if your product is not there out in market its of no use waste of money the only option a wise person can think is goin his / herself to retailer / distributors / customer for their product (Of course wastage of energy but not money) and in return your product is right their in market.

So u ppl out there who has job mentality will not like any of the cobra group. Those who are matured enough will understand that one has to rub there bumps on the field to start their own business.

Ask person who had worked in this company that hows the company management point of view professional point of view ??? I am not sayin the company is best but the the company trains u the best as compared to any other companies in terms of corporate professional.

So guys i[censored] see there is no such company to which one can say this is nice company someone o[censored]s will be havin some or the other problems its the way u think.

I Went for my first round of interview last week.
got through al the 4 rounds of interviews. but when i started woking i found the job to be really very boring!
Plus no base salary..You end up spending money from your own pocket.
I dont know if this company is fake or real ..but iv seen it myself that there are people who are earning about 50k per month (freshers)...
and ive also seen people who are hardly making ends meet!
It basically A Sales related gotta do door-to-door selling.. if you think youll be good at it..then you should definitely give it a try ..
i quit my job (with legion group) today! because i didnt find my passion in doing door-to-door sales!
further do lemy know if you have any queries and im sure il be able to help you out with it!
Great Day! Tc!
Why isnt some action taken on these cheaters. I too gt a call today, many people were present .
They have their second round tommorrow.Plot 36-A Mahal Industrial Estate, Opp Appollo Industrial Est, BMW workshop lane, Off Mahakali caves road, andheri east.

Someone please raise this issue.They should stop this.
Thank You so much for information.. I was supposed to submit my documents.. but bcas of All ts review truth abt ts company.. fraud bas**rds ...
Now I m not gonna do ts.. u guys r saved me.. Thanx alot for it, from next time I will definitely check this site abt company before going any interview !!
If they are an honest organisation, the definitely will mention that it is not on salary basis its purely on commission >thats the first fraud they commit, making young kids run to their organisation and get brain washed. I feel that all the job sites should take action against them for pilfering their websites with disgusting job offers. They dont even hesitate to ask for MBA graduates, look at the cheek. Total fraud company. An MBA himself can approach any bank or telecom company and be a direct selling agent. Why would anyone want to work for them . Are the owners even qualified to appoint MBAs from reputed colleges. Shame on the owners and the company. Make this known to as many people as possible, so they can be spared from this bogus organisation who keeps sending emails and literally begging ppl to come for interview. Guys watch out for names such as Nirvana, Pioneer, Millienium, Cobra, Dawn..god know what all
This company (The Millenium Organization - Part of APPCO Group which is again part of Cobra Company!!!) is just doing scams... In the name of Interview they call hundreds of candidates and give them big dreams. As an interview process, they take candidates along with them to peoples houses and ask them to beg for money (professional begging in the name of Donations). Their trick is to attract people who have just graduated and has no knowledge of corporate life by showing them girls in the office who are good looking and well dressed (to be precise - girls wearing very short dresses, body hugging and showing cleavage and play billiards in front of the candidates). Who does that in an office? Also, interview process does not say anywhere that the candidates should be taken on field and make them do the actual work and then judge them based on that. Worst part is, no one is told what the job profile is when called for the interview. All they mention is - Trainee Managers and talk about marketing and advertising responsibilities. My concern is, there are many such young people who have fallen for thier tricks and are struggling. People, be aware of such things around you. Ask for clarity before you go to any Company and what they do and what you are required to do. It is very frustrating to loose two days of your life running behind such Company and doing things that you do not want to do. One sad example of what they actually did during the BEGGING was, one old lady who said "I have no Husband or Kids, I stay alone and have no income. All i do is use my little savings and take help from my neighbours for my living", and the representative of this company says, "its okay, still you can give some money for the poor and needy right. we are not asking a lot but little is enough". Isn't this sad? There is a limit of asking for donations; but when someone who is already in need, how can you ever ask them to donate? Isn’t the goal should be to help the needy and not rip the needy?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
Grand marshall organization. . Its a fake company running under various names in goregoan (E) , nerul etc be aware of these organization guys

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