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Dual GSM mobile Handset (Z-line brand)
Vishal Retail Limited
Head Office - Plot No. 332, Near Telco Work Shop Behind Shokeen Farmlands Rangpuri, NewDelhi

Registered Office - RZ/A-95,96, Road No-4, Street No-9, Mahilpalpur, New Delhi-110037
Delhi, De

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Anuj Jain from Delhi but currently leaving in Ahmedabad from past 3 months.

I gave my mobile for repairing to store but even after 45 days I am struggling to get it back. I am writing this mail to you hoping that I would get the justice against the harassment which Vishal Megamart is giving to me.

Let me explain you the whole incident.

I purchased the Dual GSM mobile Handset (Z-line brand) from Vishal Megamart, Pitampura (Delhi) on 1/10/2007 the same month when it was newly launched across the Vishal Megamart Stores and I bought it for Rs. 10,995 /-.

IMEL No. - [protected]

Bill no. - [protected]

I was experiencing some problem related to voice on the mobile from past so many days during November end, that time I was in Delhi for one day so I went to Vishal Megamart Store in Pitampura and explained them the problem, they told me that checking the problem might take 2-3 days, as I was in Delhi for one day and returning to the Ahmedabad so I told them the same, they asked me to get the mobile repaired from Vishal Megamart (Ahmedabad).

I didnt got the time for a week after returning to Ahmedabad as I was quite busy with the work, during the time I also encountered the problem with Mobile Charging Jack which got damaged due to which I was not able to connect the mobile charger on mobile charging jack. On 7/12/2007, I went to Vishal Megamart (Ahmedabad) store for getting mobile repaired as the mobile was under warranty period.

This was the day when my worst experience in life started, and which I had it with Vishal Megamart, which is still continuing till this date and today I am in such a situation that where I can think about how far they can go to harass the customers after selling the product.

I meet Mr. Vikas (Store Incharge) and explained them the problems I am facing with the mobile, after seeing the mobile they told me that this mobile was not launched in Western region of India, so they need to contact the concerned persons in Head office (Delhi) to find out procedure to get this mobile repaired and told me that we will get back to me the very next day after confirming with the Head office. I waited for 2 days but didnt got any call from Mr. Vikas, I went to store to meet him but again he asked for 2 more days to confirm the same from HO. He told me that they are not able to find the right person so thats why its taking time to provide the solution. I thought, they are saying right so I gave then 2 more days but even after giving more time they didnt called me.

Again after 2 days, I went straight away to Mr. Vikas and asked him to give me the solution right now, again I heard the same answer from him. Again he told me that we are not able to contact the correct person who handles the mobile department, Somehow I managed to provide them the contact number of Vishal Megamart, Pitampura (Delhi) i.e. [protected]. Mr. Vikas Spoke to Vishal Megamart, Pitampura (Delhi) Store Incharge. After his discussion with Delhi People, he told me that we need to send the mobile to Delhi by courier and they will repair the mobile and will send it back to us within week. As I already wasted the complete week doing the daily follow ups with them, each and every time I was standing for 2 -3 in the store for getting the responses, so I agreed for another week and asked them not to delay any further.

After a completion of week, I went to Vishal Megamart (Ahmedabad) again on 23/12/2007 thinking that today Ill get my mobile back, but again I was informed that it will take another 2 - 3 days to receive the courier. As I was going back to Delhi for a week, I asked them that Ill pick my repaired mobile from Vishal Megamart, Pitampura (Delhi) and also asked them to inform same to the Delhis store. Mr. Kinjal Desai (Store Incharge), colleague of Mr. Vikas, was also aware of this complete problem from the first day.

I went to Vishal Megamart, Pitampura (Delhi) after Christmas for picking my mobile. I meet Mr. Amit (Store Incharge) and asked them for the mobile, he told me that we are not aware of any such mobile and there is no one who sent the mobile to us from Ahmedabad. I was totally shocked and the same moment I called Mr. Vikas on his mobile [protected] and explained the situation to him, he told me that Ill be going to speak to concerned persons about such confusion. I again called him but this time he didnt picked even a single call.

I spoke to Mr. Amit again and asked for the solution to my problem. Mr. Vikas told me that mobile was sent by the courier and is already been repaired in the Delhis store but Mr. Amit wordings were stating some different story, He said mobile is yet to reached Delhi as person who was bringing the mobile to Delhi from Ahmedabad took halt in the middle. It was like a shocking moment for me and I was not able to understand who was right and who was wrong. I was feeling like cheated by one of the Major Retail Brand called Vishal Megamart.

Mr. Amit asked me to come after 2 days and told me that during the time they will coordinate with Ahmedabad Store and Head office to provide the mobile to me. I went to Store again on 30/12/2007, that day Mr. Amit was not in the office, so I spoke to some other Store Incharge (Forgot the name) and he informed me that tomorrow by 8 PM Ill receive either my mobile or the new mobile as replacement. This time again, I went back to my home without having my mobile in my hand. At 8 PM On 31/12/2007 (on new year eve) again I went to Store thought that this time today Ill be out of the panic which I am facing from past 1 month. After meeting the concerned person, I was provided with a second hand used mobile instead of my mobile and he informed me that we cant help you further in this regard and this was the maximum effort we can do it for you. I asked them for something in written for the replacement which I have received against my mobile, but they were not agreeing in providing anything in written on Vishals Megamart Letter pad. After insisting, they provided me in written on rough page that Pitampura Branch is providing the replacement for Ahmedabad Branch.

Later on when I checked after coming back to my home, the mobile was having lot of scratches all around the body and found the memory card slot was also not working, even mobile was not getting charged.

I was totally shattered with the way I was getting the responses from each and every one in Vishal, somehow I kept my patience and called Mr. Kinjal on [protected] to explain the problems. I told him that Ill be coming back to Ahmedabad on 1/1/2008 and wanted to sort out the issue at this moment. He said, at the time there is no one available in HO to take action for this request but well get this problem resolved after my return to Ahmedabad.

I flied to Ahmedabad on 1/1/2008 and meet Mr. Vikas on 4/1/2008 but he told me that now Mr. Kinjal is looking into the matter and I need to speak to him. I spoken to Mr. Kinjal and provided him the replacement mobile and I was being assured by him that they are escalating this issue to Mr. Manish (Head, Western region, Mumbai). Mr. Kinjal asked me to come tomorrow so that he can ask Mr. Manish to speak to me directly.

I went again the very next morning on 5/1/2008 and spoke to Mr. Kinjal and Mr. Manish. Mr. Manish assured me that either Ill get my mobile or new mobile as replacement within 3 days and Mr. Kinjal assured me that if It wont happen then he will arrange for the refund for my mobile. I told them Ill be lodging the case against you all in Customer court but straight away they said I can go ahead and it wont make any difference to us.

I called them after 3 days, but again both of them told me that give us 1 day and we will give you the final solution. After 2 days, I received the call from Mr. Manish and he told me that we have identified the issue with my mobile and now Charger jack needs to be replaced. He also told me that after getting the mobile repaired, warranty will be void and I need to pay the repairing charges as well. And the complete procedure will take another 10 days.

Now at this point of time, I am totally tired visiting the stores and speaking to no. of people. Now I purchased a new mobile just because of this problem and I am really losing my Hope to get my mobile back even after spending lot of money in making calls to each and every individual person in Vishal Megamart and visiting their stores.

I would request you to please assist me in getting my complete money back and the mental stress I faced during the last 1.5 months.

Yours truly,

Anuj Jain

Network & Security Consultant

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Aug 13, 2020
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I have some acre of land at kapurthala Punjab (india) if you want to open Vishal Mega Mart at kapurthala Please contact with us
I am Bindu Saxena from Bhilwara(Raj.).I have a complaint against vishal mega mart staff of bhilwara city in situated in heera panna market.On 25/04/08 the timing was 8'O clock.There was mistake of cleaning staff that there is no proper cleaning on the floor of the mall and when i was leaving the mall the tag of your retail outlet was sticked on my sandels and without knowing any reason the gatekeeper blames me that i m a thief and afetr sometime he himself found his mistake.The thing which shocked me is that no one came too me to tell me sorry.I want to tell you that i m reputed person in the city and i m regular customer of mega mart and it will not good for you to blame such a reputed person without knowing any reason.It was me who doesn't took any serious action but if you don't took any serious reason against my complaint then it will not good for you and your compay reputation.I hope that you will take some serious action against my complaint.
I came here to lodge similar complaints but surprisingly there are many similar complaints already.

I have shopped over 5000+ Rs. goods at Vishal Mega Mart, CP-1 Aashiana Lucknow. While billing, I have asked not to pack one of a 50 Rs. cream and that was given to my hand by the billing person. By mistake he forgot to bill it and handed over to me. While checking out the buzzer sounded and the security person asked to put off my dupatta. Since the cream was in my hands openly along with bill, I have handed over to him. Because it was not listed in bill, the security person taken away all my 5000+ goods without listening me and abused me in front of the crowd then he pulled me to get inside the store to some meet some admin forcefully leaving all my purchased goods with his colleges. Mean while my brother who was in the car parking came back and interfered and then only it was clarified that what has actually happened. I request all of people epically ladies who shop at this outlet to be aware as the security might also run away with your purchased goods when you are alone by creating such fake drama or even could misbehave with you being lady as there is no leady checking staff and gents security person could misbehave with you taking advantage of situation.

I would like to request all of you that Stand Up with me and make some serious things against them because this seems like Vishal culture and taught to Vishal Security Staff.
Dear madam,

iam surprised that you have purchased more than Rs, 5000 & as a educated women you dont have common sense that, you have to bill above mentioned issiue product.

for EX: CASHIER AS BILLED ALL YOUR PRODUCTS OFF WORTH Rs. 5000, why he will miscummunicate about the issue product.

just think?????????????????????????

thanks with regards
good morning sir,

actually i am doing MBA in odisha, and my residence is in Jeypore, odisha. actually i am not complaining any thing about vishal mega mart because i know that it is good retail store and growing day by the day. the only thing i want to say is why one branch of vishal mega mart is not opened till yet in koraput district, odisha. because most of the persons from this places are going to either raipur or vizianagaram or bhubaneswar for shopping. this year relaiance fresh decided to open its one branch in jeypore but it didn't opened. so i want to know your comment specially on this matter.

send me your response as soon as possile to my mail

thank you sir
Some how behavior of sales persons is very suspicious psychologically they are not trained enough to treat well with their consumers at Vishal megha mart (bhilwara) so many times they are intentionally miss behaving with their consumer just imagining why this organization is gaining the huge losses ? When the concept is awesome? Answer is lack of planning of size, place of stores as per target market & futuristic competition & its need. Selection of inventories are very poor always create cost burden, electronic item’s & its repairing take too much time customer need to take the help of consumer court if its require its not a matter of shame just a matter of rights so dear all don’t need to feel depressed just fight for your rights whether it’s a small thing or big thing or it’s a matter of pride if you find something wrong you all can go ahead with right source of selection.
respected sir/mam
i want to compalaint for your tilak nagar store is that, about days ago i had buy a trauser on which the size is mention is 30 and it is also vary large in length according to my hight .the salesman said me, we can adjust the length by cutting some portion from bellow.iam aggree then day done this .when i go to home and wheare it seems to be not fit in my sacro lumbar because its size is 28 which i seend inside on tag. than back to go for same store today but they reject it and say they cant accept . so what will i do now .this is not my mistake from which i suffer.

my self gian chand i am from rohtak haryana my contact no-[protected]

i have complain regarding ur staff and the way of dialling ur company.

i have purchase one gas stove(burner 3 face) from ur rohtak branch around 26th feb 2014.worth rs-2699/-

that same day of purchase that gas stove not working properly when we start using at home on the same day.
and we drop complain 27th feb to ur same rohtak branch they are saying give it back and it will take some time to repair it same after 10 days they give it to me back and when we start using at home the same problem again we are facing.

then we give that same back to ur branch on next day they commetted us they replace it soon and give us new one same.

but now after 3 days we recived one call from branch manager

he told me that we can not give you that product same

you can purchase any other product worth rs same aprt from that.

i feel this is a cheating and harasment for customer

i want my full money back as soon as possible.

if you people resolve this issue as soon as possible otherwise i take legal action against you.


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