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Subject: - extension of course completion period for v.T.U (Karnataka) of the scheme 2002.

To: the person who may put forward this matter to india govt./karnataka govt./ vtu/ human

We the student of v.T.U belgaum-2002 batch, have 8 years for course completion. Other wise we will be awarded with 'not fit for technical course"(Nftc). Most of us have alredy spent six or seven years of our golden period of life in vtu, and now we are said to be nftc.
Reason of nftc are;
Not passed in one subject of iind sem
One lab back
Due some 5-10 marks or one subject ,
The whole carrier is going to be ruined, just because of limited period of 8 years to complete the coures.

However we would like to bring this in light for person concerned that the period to complete the same course was ten(10)years for 1998 batch students of vtu.

But today we are the unfortunate who bill not be able to complete our enginering even after giving 6-7 years of golden period to vtu. Today after getting nftc we will come to a stage, where we were before 7 years i.E. A 12th pass candidate.

7 years is equivalent to 14 years of imprisonment i.E life term sentence.
If a student could nor passed in one subject , then is this crime so serious that he should be penalized with 14years of life imprisonment????

We are representing a small group of students. If we account all student who are suffering with same conditions in various 250 colleges under vtu then the figure will shock any sensible person.

In view of above we request vtu or the concerned person(Who may put forward this matter to karnataka govt/ india govt /human right or vtu) to extend the period to completet the engineering within ten(10) years similar to 1998 batch students.

If today 15,000-20,000 student will become nftc or will be sent 7 years back from their life, then tomorrow definitely it will going to affect india and india's future.

An action may be taken at the earliest, as examnination form has been issued for fill-up.

This forum is the last hope for us. Our future has come to the edge of end if we will get nftc.
Kindly do something .Today your one responsible step/suggestion will save carrier of thousands of students.

We will await your response!

We are giving aou usn no below:-
4ai02cs028 4ai03cs069 4ai04me071 4ai05cs118
4ai03ip012 4ai04cs021 4ai04cds049 4ai03cs111
4ai03cs031 4ai04cs026 4ai04cs048 4ai02ec026
4ai02ec078 4ai02is004 4ai03cs070 4ai03cs084
1ay04cs004 1bio4ec100 1bio4im027 1bt03ec060
1cg04ec055 1ds03ch007 1ds03ch010 1ds04cv044
1hk03is016 1ms04me135 1rl03me009 1sj03me090
1vk04ec074 1vk04ec056 2bl04is070 2bv04is027
2gi04me026 2kl04cv351 3rv03ch012 3bc004me351
4kv04me017 4kv04cs053 4vm04cs036:

Our contact details are
We belongs to a.I.T (Chickmaglur) .Contact no:- [protected]: [protected] : [protected]:

Thank & regards
V.T.U students
(A.I.T chickmaglur)

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bloody vtu, one day i will spoil MIT MYSORE and vtu shortly, bloody college
hi tis is roshan my usn is 1bt04ec405 iam from 2004-05 diploma our maximum course completion is 6 years i seen ur blog today is ours also extended i hav finished my engg course in 2009 but only one back in 8th sem this time also i got failed is there any chance i ll get grace period pls help me
Hey Mr. Guruaks u think we r here for social service? its ur duty to get the information that whats going on. anyways where were u n people like u when we were dying in Bangalore to get extension? tab to kisi ko hamari yaad nahi aayi ab jab pichwade par aag lagi hai to sabhi pooch rahe hain ki EC meeting kab hai decision kab lenge? n let me tell u frankly even u would ve got extension but just u guys were not there during the protest the VTU neglected entire 03 batch n now ur asking what to do. First decide what u want to do. if u want an extension then get ready for a bitter battle with VTU Good Luck
hi im with u all my usn 3pd04ee034 my mob num [protected]
the students suffering with this problem is seen allover, but now vtu university must think about it, also due to internal ie: (if 10+40=50) we are suffered a lot.we/i study but due to hard checking or shortcut checking done by examiners to finish the answer sheet at the earliest we get 35 then comes revaluation Rs400 & photocopy Rs500.one must understand and give extra 5 marks so that we can prove ourselves & our carrier will be secuered. otherwise only one thing remains ie sucide because after wasting so many years and money only due 5marks. is it correct, vtu pls think don't spoile us, & our carrier too.weknow we lag little bit but we work hard on the particular subject but 5mrk, wat to do.
hello to whom so ever it may concern...
my name is vinod naik and my university seat no is 1ga03ec405 i joined VTU in the year 2003-04 from diploma quota i had a back log in Feild theory but i cleared it in january 2010 now i dont have any back logs and im eligible to join seventh sem but when i went to my college for admission they rejected saying im not eligible..i just had one more year to complete my graduation but they say im not eligible...somebody please help me im totally shattered
one of my friend is also facing the same problem... they r ruining students' life by fixing a period for completion... what should students do who have spent 7 years in this career? more over all vtu students know the heights of ignorance in evaluating answer papers... i think somebody in the vtu should seriously think about 100s of students' who are facing the problems and give some solution to it... i hope somebody in vtu takes some effort to knw whats happening to students apart from their intentional money making business...
i have a doubt am astudent from kerala i failed in 7 subjects in 1st year so i got yb again this year also i couldnt pas more than one subject .what i will do now am about to suicide . do i have a chance to atend the class this year only
am sunil .in first year only i failed in 7 subjects so i got year back .again i couldnt pass the exams .now i have to under go one more year back continuesly am about to suicide any chances are ther to atend the classes this year only otherwise i will have to suicide
I am in threat of nftc, in a situation neither live nor commit suicide, PPLEASE help .my USN:1ss03cs071.
i saw the last comment which is such a horrible that, the new students even think of to take admission in vtu, i dnt know how vtu management spoiling there dearest students life. please take some humanity decision on 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 taking in mind, its my humble request to vtu
hey am frm 05 batch am realy worrying abt my carrier n also came frm poor family ... hey dnt worry around 10 guys with me frm 05 batch lets fight n get justice man...
hey guys from 2005 batch wake up get together, today if v keep quite next its our turn if v dont get included in d protest the vtu wil exclude whole 05 batch get together this time v dont want extension year wise vtu must do one rule for d whole 2006 scheme for us not only our's but also out frnd's carrier's equally important,
unity is strength get together for this cause..
these vtu people r using one simply technique i.e; divide and rule..so tat v loose unity, so guys from 2002 batch v need ur help this time stand by us so tat v solve this whole problem at once, extension for all students of 2002 scheme(02, 03, 04, 05) students nothing else v want from vtu, one rule for everybody tat's it..
Hiii to every student of vtu. this is from north karnataka (Gulbarga), We from this region are bringing notice to all students, to unite and make a strong decision about the extension for 03, 04 and 05 batch ( COMPLETE 2002 SCHEME ). Now here we are making a strike within a week. so please encourage and escort for all the students who are not alert of this notice in bringing notice to their responsibility.please encourage our motivation about extension of 2002 scheme.(03, 04, 05)
Further contact: Sandeep Mishra: Mob. No..: [protected], Vishu: [protected].
yes, vtu has cheated us. we are from 2003batch of 2002scheme.why university only extends for 02 batch, not for 2002scheme as done for 98scheme
please collect the notice copy of extension of 98 scheme from ur respective college.
by that u will get the strong evidence about extension scheme and contact all students as soon as possible. conatact: [protected], [protected].
Check this link guys... http://vtu.ac.in/pdf/circulars/m.pdf. I suppose they have extented the courses for 10 years..
hi, am from mysore, actually i needed some information bout pgcet entrance exam, i called around 30-40 times but the pgcet cell is not receiving the call..if we need some info's whom should we ask...?

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