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Subject: - extension of course completion period for v.T.U (Karnataka) of the scheme 2002.

To: the person who may put forward this matter to india govt./karnataka govt./ vtu/ human

We the student of v.T.U belgaum-2002 batch, have 8 years for course completion. Other wise we will be awarded with 'not fit for technical course"(Nftc). Most of us have alredy spent six or seven years of our golden period of life in vtu, and now we are said to be nftc.
Reason of nftc are;
Not passed in one subject of iind sem
One lab back
Due some 5-10 marks or one subject ,
The whole carrier is going to be ruined, just because of limited period of 8 years to complete the coures.

However we would like to bring this in light for person concerned that the period to complete the same course was ten(10)years for 1998 batch students of vtu.

But today we are the unfortunate who bill not be able to complete our enginering even after giving 6-7 years of golden period to vtu. Today after getting nftc we will come to a stage, where we were before 7 years i.E. A 12th pass candidate.

7 years is equivalent to 14 years of imprisonment i.E life term sentence.
If a student could nor passed in one subject , then is this crime so serious that he should be penalized with 14years of life imprisonment????

We are representing a small group of students. If we account all student who are suffering with same conditions in various 250 colleges under vtu then the figure will shock any sensible person.

In view of above we request vtu or the concerned person(Who may put forward this matter to karnataka govt/ india govt /human right or vtu) to extend the period to completet the engineering within ten(10) years similar to 1998 batch students.

If today 15,000-20,000 student will become nftc or will be sent 7 years back from their life, then tomorrow definitely it will going to affect india and india's future.

An action may be taken at the earliest, as examnination form has been issued for fill-up.

This forum is the last hope for us. Our future has come to the edge of end if we will get nftc.
Kindly do something .Today your one responsible step/suggestion will save carrier of thousands of students.

We will await your response!

We are giving aou usn no below:-
4ai02cs028 4ai03cs069 4ai04me071 4ai05cs118
4ai03ip012 4ai04cs021 4ai04cds049 4ai03cs111
4ai03cs031 4ai04cs026 4ai04cs048 4ai02ec026
4ai02ec078 4ai02is004 4ai03cs070 4ai03cs084
1ay04cs004 1bio4ec100 1bio4im027 1bt03ec060
1cg04ec055 1ds03ch007 1ds03ch010 1ds04cv044
1hk03is016 1ms04me135 1rl03me009 1sj03me090
1vk04ec074 1vk04ec056 2bl04is070 2bv04is027
2gi04me026 2kl04cv351 3rv03ch012 3bc004me351
4kv04me017 4kv04cs053 4vm04cs036:

Our contact details are
We belongs to a.I.T (Chickmaglur) .Contact no:- [protected]: [protected] : [protected]:

Thank & regards
V.T.U students
(A.I.T chickmaglur)

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Hi I am 2001 batch student.This year my last chance i m in nftc period.Guys is there any update?
Mr. A. Raja if u ve completed ur final year then u may still ve a chance to write d exams n clear the papers, provided you convince the VTU authorities tat u had some really genuine problem n tats y u failed. So its upto u how ur gonna convince those people we really cant do anything for y except giving suggestions. Good Luck
u asked said t for 7 years ... i lost 8 yrs and now i m in 8th sem... not coz of vtu marks but coz of internal marks ... i think some useless fellow come to vtu and thy provide money for checking our external papers... in some papers i didnt write for 20 marks but i gor 40 ... but in most of the papers i wrote for at least 60 to 80 marks and i score 12 or 28 (inbetween) . and never ask for internal marks its always less then 15 or better u say less thwen 10... i score 35 but i m failed... i m totally frustrated.. get me out ... or i asure u i ll destroy who ever is responsible for it... and at last i can proudlly say that i know much much better then our collage... u r from ati (swami ji) for me he is a parasite who is sucking my blood for 8 f***ing years... if this goes on i ll test her my dick... one day or the other... coz every dog has its day... now its there day. but i ll never forget my 8 sucking years...
Wtf Convincing VTU authorites and all they should have the Sense.. Students get no time to Roam Behind them and all Fk tis VTU.. Never Join such Universities., i am from 02 Batch and just cos of One subject in 4th sem i could not go to 7th Sem while all my 5th n 6th sem subjects were cleared.. Mechanical branch Applied Thermodynamic is a Retard Subject in 4th Sem which spoiled Many lives in VTU.. All comments were Amazing.. i joined BCA even after spoiling 8 years of Engi. Wtf VTU . Dickhead Balveer Reddy.,
vtu make their rules like they are the god...they dont want to give students true picture..of their rules.but after every year they will make some new rule so that their money collection should never go down..all the way i can say that vtu shouldnt ignore the students who are not performing well..but reconsider to make some effort to overcome the problem and show its good effects and message to others
my name is avinash and i have not attended the lab internal..and not submitted the record. so i have been given zero marks in LD lab of 3rd sem..now they are telling me to that i have to take readmission in 3rd sem itself paying the whole fees...i want to know is there any way to write that lab internal in 4th sem or susequent semesters
i taken admission for M.Tech in 2003, and passed 3 semester regularly. but i couldnot completed 4th sem still today due to my health and personel problems. so i want to complete now. what solution .please sir
i joined m.tech degree in 2003-05 . i completed 3sem regularly and passed all 3 sem within d time. but a cant completed 4th sem i, e project, due to my personel problems. now i wants complete my PG degree. so what is proceedure or mhat is d solution ? please reply sir. thank you
Of course the problem is with VTU, ...
Even we-students under VTU, agree with the above mentioned details...
"NO ONE" comes forward to help, , , wen sum one needs it...
One thing i'm still unable to understand- Is tat, We study Hard, But result is upside Down, can't expect avg. for our effort!!!
Paper correction is worst for some, best for some, , ,
Whom to blame? The management or paper correctors?
VTU 2001 batch who are in NFTC period...please mail me v-2amam@hotmail.com
is NFTC period for 1998 scheme 2001 batch students 10 years or 12 years ??
referring to this page http://www​.hindu.com​/2010/05/0​3/stories/​[protected]​520400.htm...

I am from 2003 batch BE.
Could someone please inform me till which year I can complete my Degree?

I am waiting for your reply.

I dropped my study due to some issues. Now I want to continue and complete my Degree as it is too necessary.

i hav yearout because of 1 paper . :( why can vtu pass a person who as 1 or 2 back paper :( of 1st year . what can i do sitting one year . plz help us . Atlest pass a person who gave it for challenge revaluation !!! :(.
onib please friend help me i am from 2002 batch i need one more year to complete my engg so please inform me shall i request registrar once again please replay me
friends please help me i am in trouble shall i request registrar once again to write exam i am 2002 batch i have one backlog in 3rd sem so please help me friends
Sir, my name is amaresh k, is-branch, 3pd06is042, p.d. a engg. college gulbarga.

Sir, i did not got provisional degree certificate. please help me sir.
Hi. I'm a from from 2002 scheme and joined vtu in 2004. I've already completed my 6th sem. But I still have a 3ed sem signal and system paper to clear to be eligible for 7th sem. I would like to know if VTU extended the 2002 scheme to 10 years and if I'll be eligiblible for 7th sem next year or I will be awarded an NFTC. How much time I have to complete my course?
Hi. I'm from 2004 batch.I have already completed my 6th sem but I could not be eligible to 7th due to a back subject in signals and systems 3rd sem.I would like to to know if I;ll get an NFTC or I'll be able to continue and appear for the exams this december and that will i be permitted to attend 7th sem next year? Pls answer I have looked everywhere and in the vtu website without any information.
hi guys. too all 2001 and 2000 batch students.VTU has given extension for 1 more year to clear off any pending subjects.this is for people who have completed all 4 yrs and left out with arrears subjects.Check with your college exam section.The new batch guys, just clear off your 4 yrs in the given time and incase if you are left with any arrears, just meet registrar . he will help you out.they will take extra money for giving extension.

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