Dr Krupa Shankar, Dermatologist, Manipal Hospital — A money minded doctor who loves copy-paste on his computer than talk to the patient; The worst of the lot I have met so far.

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Karnataka, India
My advice to anyone would be NOT to consult Dr Krupa Shankar, Dermatologist, Manipal Hospital. This advice comes after my experience I am narrating here:
-I have spend 15K on endless tests and cross department consultations he recommended to rule out a condition just in its very initial stage.
-If you would ask him to explain the condition you are suffering from, he will hand over a leaflet to you and say "Go back home and read it for yourself" (which doctor on earth says that after charging 400/- for consultation). He will copy paste the treatment in his computer to be printed as prescription.
-His primary agenda is to mint money and NOT the well fare of the patient - he will push the treatment, like even recommending ointment for external application that need not depend on blood reports, for the next visit. He will NOT give you advice as a reliable doctor who would ideally suggest to wait before starting on advanced treatment for a problem in its early stage. Rather he can go on to recommend you to visit his clinic, if not Manipal, for 3 sessions per week on alternate days.
-And not the least, he will prescribe only the costliest of the medicines even if it is not doing well on drug counters.
Please beware of the doctors of this kind.
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Yes what your observation is quite true. He hardly spoke to us and was doing copy past job in his computer.
He refered us to a test which cost us RS.3500.
He didn't bother us to ask the history of symptom we had. A Jr. Doctor did better job thsn him.
A worthless doctor to go to. Looks like Manipal standard has drastically came down.
May be this Dr is learning computer now.

I had a worse experience too.I don't know why i went to him.JUST A WASTE OF MONEY. Money minded and attitude.He talks very fast, I couldnt follow what he was telling..Doesn't even care to explain about the infection.He just pass you a leaflet and ask you to read back home.Then he wrote Rs 4500/- in a piece of paper and asked me to pay directly to him . I was emotionally down to properly think anything and handed him the money. Now i think, you pay 4500 rupees to a doctor for just a consultation and he cant even spare 10 mintues to explain what the disease is or what are the symptoms or cure...WORST experience...Please friends, dont go to such doctors...And i guess one nurse who works with him does a better job !!
This is exactly what I went through. When you are taking your loved ones to a doctor you are anxious and want to know what is the outcome. But this doctor(so called) just told me that a biopsy is a must and just forced me to walk upto the ATM and draw Rs. 9500 for the biopsy. He told me thrice that there is an ATM nearby and I just could withdraw the amount and he will start the biopsy procedures. He is a fraud. Do not ever go to this doctor. Also, consultation of Rs. 1000 is ridiculous.
He is really a sick doctor I ever seen in my life. He only think about money. No doc charge 2000 ₹ for consultancy.
We have to complain in medical forum for such doctors . He only asking money and do test which is not required . in 3 days I have paid 15k for my mom small alergic issue ...
He asked the consultancy charge with in 3 days again to pay.. I have no option left ..
Please lets join hand to stop this kind of practice .
Wanted to share my agony with the rest of you and want to save others from getting fleezed from this unethical so called doctor. I visited him today with my dad. The internet says that Krupa Shankar is the founder director of Mallige hospital, cresant road.
He made us wait while I suspect he was having an afternoon seasta, here in his sleazy basement there were huge posters of his younger self and multiple posters of presumably his wife. I started to think that I was there for some photo shoot. There was no other patient and the staff were having a field day laughing loudly and creating a ruckess. So unprofessional. That my 70year dad was there i kept my cool still optimistic about the treatment itself.
We were called in to only be told that my dad has to have a biopsy which would cost Rs 9500 and insisted that there is an ATM right outside. Next was my turn where i did not need any diagnosis as i told i have some warts to be laser removed. He counted that i have 8 under the magifying glass where as i have 4. I was given another slip of Rs13500 hand written by his old wife showing her back to us all the time. I gulped and told him that i will get back for both o[censored]s after thinking. Now, he gave us two slips for Rs 2000 and Rs 1000 for my dad and I respectively for consultation. I felt so very disgusted that i paid without any argument and stormed out to write this.
I will look into forums to take all action to ban this doctor from any service. Would appreciate any help from people here to achieve the same.
Big cheat doctor, scams people, 2k consultation which is a joke and no remedy after all the numerous expensive tests!
I had taken my dad to this doctor when he was with Manipal. My dad has psoriasis which every other doctor could see at first instance. Just to confirm that it was nothing else, he put him on some allergic test where my dad had to carry something on his back for two days and charged some 4500 bucks for the test. After that he recognized that it was psoriasis and gave medicines for the same. My dad was so disgusted - having to face the pain of carrying that test pack on his back for two days for an obvious ailment - he just lost faith in doctors in Bangalore and said will get treated in his home town.
I had similar experience with this doctor. 5 minutes of examination end up paying Rs.2000 as consultation fee!! And I was asked to undergo biopsy worth Rs.9900, which I refused to do it. What surprised me is that the doctor never speak-up about his fee, just hand over a slip, where his assistant sitting next to him write on this slip based on the conversation that she overhear while talking to the doctor. The entire scene is very fishy you never feel you are sitting in front of an honest doctor. His assistants never mention about consultation fee unless you ask.
This is ridiculously priced and nothing less than a daylight robbery. Not sure how authorities keep mum about such people.
I have never seen such a worst doctor like him. I had few cuts in my fingers for which I went to him today. He asked couple of basic questions and then said that some test need to be done and handed over me a slip (which was actually handed over to him by his wife) which would cost Rs. 8000/- Though my wife who cares for me said we will go for it, I said we need some time and requested him to prescribe him some medicines. He agreed and then copy paste the treatment in his computer to be printed as prescription. He then handed over me another slip in which it was written Rs. 2000/ as consultation fee. I was shocked but I was not able to question or refuse him and politely gave him the fee and returned. In the prescription, he has given CANDID gel which I have used 15 years back for itching and then Bioline 400mg which the medical shop guy said it is something similar to vaseline. Dr. Krupa Shankar, if you happen to read this, one suggestion is you can include coconut oil in your prescription and charge additional Rs. 2000/. Guys beware of this doctor. When you enter his clinic, you will feel like you are in a studio. A high level drama husband and wife will play with you. Never ever go to him.
We came from Sri Lanka to consult the doctor. His consultation alone for both my parents and myself costed 30, 000 INR. Total bill came up to almost 100, 000 INR. Krupa Shankar is scamming people with atrocious amounts for "consultation" and "tests". But I have to say, the issue we went for, were treated. But this guy's charges are insane.

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    Dr Krupa Shankar, Dermatologist, Manipal Hospital - A money minded doctor who loves copy-paste on his computer than talk to the patient; The worst of the lot I have met so far.