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[Resolved]  My Flower Tree — incorrect time slot

I had placed a order fro wid order no 345037. While booking i was asked for time slot - where i selected 8am-12pm on 05 march. However, wen i chatted wid their agent sheena, she informs it was system glitch and order cannot be delivered between 8-12. Wen asked wer on website is it mentioned, she was unable to answer.

I asked her to cancel d booking, she denied and says its ur opinion about the website.

Here is the chat transcript:
Chat started on 05 mar 2018, 05:44 am (Gmt+0)
(05:44:21) * visitor 96071050 joined the chat *
(05:44:23) myflowertree: welcome to, do you need any help while placing the order online?
(05:44:36) visitor 96071050: hi
(05:44:49) * sheena joined the chat *
(05:44:53) sheena: hello how may i help you today?
(05:44:55) visitor 96071050: wanted to check whether order no order id: #345037 is confirmed
(05:45:19) sheena: please allow me a moment to check this for you
(05:45:52) visitor 96071050: i had placed order for today bt didnt get any call from the vendor still
(05:46:21) sheena: yes this order is in the process but since it is goa it will be delivered in evening by 5 p. M.
(05:47:12) visitor 96071050: bt i had placed d time slot as 8-12
(05:47:57) sheena: that is a system glitch that you selected 8am-12 p. M., whereas in goa we offer only 1 slot which is 11am-9 p. M.
(05:50:21) sheena: rest assured your order is in process.
(05:50:44) visitor 96071050: that was not informed to me at d time of booking
(05:50:56) visitor 96071050: its your system glitch
(05:51:22) visitor 96071050: the person will not be available at d given address after 2
(05:51:24) sheena: we can deliver in goa between 11-9 p. M. Which was also given on the time slots.
(05:51:52) sheena: we cannot commit about any particular time in goa's order
(05:52:07) sheena: in case recipient is not available we will coordinate and get it delivered.
(05:52:07) visitor 96071050: wher is it mentioned on d website
(05:52:09) visitor 96071050: i am akin
(05:52:41) visitor 96071050: wer on website it is mentioned that delivery is available only from 11-9 for goa
(05:52:49) visitor 96071050: i didnt get any such option
(05:53:17) visitor 96071050: and if it was mtnioned i shdnt have got 8-12 time slot
(05:55:59) sheena: i understand that it might not have been shown to you that is why i am saying it is a system glitch.
(05:56:20) sheena: i am giving you the information that for goa we have only 1 slot which is 11-9 p. M.
(05:56:28) sheena: and your order is already in process.
(06:01:10) visitor 96071050: pls give me d complaint id
(06:01:19) visitor 96071050: escalation mail id
(06:01:25) sheena: [protected]
(06:01:34) visitor 96071050: ths is customersupport id
(06:01:39) visitor 96071050: i want d escalation id
(06:01:59) sheena: escalations/support are handled by the same department.
(06:02:01) visitor 96071050: worst site to book
(06:02:10) sheena: that is your opinion.
(06:02:20) visitor 96071050: yes indeed
(06:02:27) sheena: we have given you the information
(06:02:29) sheena: already
(06:02:32) visitor 96071050: m pasting ur chat on fb
(06:02:34) sheena: about the time slots
(06:02:35) visitor 96071050: stating ths
(06:02:43) visitor 96071050: n ur system glitch]
(06:03:38) sheena: when you have chosen 8am-12 p. M. On top of that 11-9 p. M. Was clearly mentioned, but you have selected the earliest time slot which is not available in goa
(06:03:48) visitor 96071050: wer was it mentioned
(06:03:49) sheena: when i cleared it to you
(06:03:53) visitor 96071050: show me dat
(06:04:03) sheena: you are saying worst site
(06:04:08) visitor 96071050: y was preference given wen u dnt have d time slot
(06:04:40) visitor 96071050: n also u have clearly mentioned in ur chat
(06:04:45) visitor 96071050: its system glitch
(06:05:59) visitor 96071050: pls cancel d order and refund the amount
(06:06:03) sheena: i hope you understand when a system glitch occurs the information can only be clarified to the user. We cannot work under the system glitch that has happened.
(06:06:14) visitor 96071050: wat is ur tech doin den
(06:06:24) visitor 96071050: if they cannot sort d system glitch
(06:06:29) sheena: i have escalated the case to them, they will fix this up.
(06:06:38) visitor 96071050: pls refund my money
(06:06:42) visitor 96071050: cancel d order
(06:06:43) sheena: order is in process
(06:06:48) sheena: cannot be cancelled.
(06:06:53) visitor 96071050: y
(06:06:56) visitor 96071050: wen its ur error
(06:06:59) sheena: because it is in process
(06:07:11) visitor 96071050: check wid ur supervisor
(06:07:18) visitor 96071050: u have mentioned its ur erorr
(06:07:27) visitor 96071050: and if m not gettin d slot selcted
(06:07:33) visitor 96071050: i dnt want dat order
(06:07:51) sheena: earlier you wanted the delivery by 2 p. M.
(06:07:58) visitor 96071050: can u deliver by 2
(06:07:59) sheena: and now you want to cancel the order?
(06:08:09) visitor 96071050: are u commiting to deliver by 2
(06:08:12) visitor 96071050: den its ok
(06:08:17) visitor 96071050: otherwise cancel it
(06:08:20) sheena: i cannot give any time commitment for this order.
(06:08:27) visitor 96071050: den pls cancel
(06:08:31) sheena: and once the order is prepared it cannot be cancelled.
(06:08:36) sheena: it is already prepared.
(06:08:55) visitor 96071050: ur tracker dsnt say dat
(06:09:27) sheena: let me check what i can do to sort this issue for you.
(06:09:39) * visitor 96071050 left the chat *
Complaint marked as Resolved Apr 18, 2018

Complaint Status

[Mar 05, 2018] My Flower Tree customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Verified Support
My Flower Tree Customer Care's response Mar 05, 2018 Dear Customer,

Our sincere apologies in this regard. We are investigating the same issue and will get back to you at earliest.

Team MyFlowertree
Verified Support
My Flower Tree Customer Care's response Mar 05, 2018 Dear Customer,

We apologies for the delay in your order, your order has been delivered at 1:45 PM today, please note we take preference "Preferred Delivery Time" from customer, it is for your convenience and we make our best efforts to deliver your order within "preferred timeline" however this is not guaranteed and may not always be possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.

Best Regards
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