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 Theoneandonly on Oct 2, 2018
Rohini mundra's website ( says that she is a mindshift coach, speaker and entrepreneur. However in her seminar she creates an image of business coach. There is a big line of difference between mindshift coach and business coach. I realized this when i attended her 3 day workshop in goa. Mindshift or personality development coaches talks about motivation, subconscious mind, life in general, relationship etc. However business coach would talk about business only. Personality development coach would never talk about numbers, business formulas, practical hurdles, new ideas, etc. This is because its not their primary skills. On the other hand, business coach would talk about only business, numbers, business environment, effect of govt policies etc. Rohini's oratory skill sets are quite good. However i could not figure out business skills. Therefore i would recommend freshers, people with emotional problems, people who need motivation to live a normal life should definitely attend her workshop.
However those who are looking for help on business related topics, should look elsewhere. Before you sign up for the workshop, consider following points.

1. Workshop charges are very high and differs from one region to another. Ideally you should negotiate with them. Ideally price of the course should be around rs. 30, 000 considering the value it delivers.

2. The resort in goa was quite good. However they put 3 people in the same room leaving no room to even walk around in the room. This was done just to save the cost.

3. After collecting they will not issue receipt. Therefore money taken for gst would go directly in their pocket.

4. They will make lot of tall claims but will not deliver.
E. G. Content of the workshop is tailor made to the requirements.

5. They will claim to provide an access to an app which has 50, 000 members. There is no such app.

6. 3 day workshop is just an opportunity to engage you in futile conversation and thereby pitching another year long course which is quite costly. Again, that course is nothing but email/call helpline.

7. Course agenda is never adhered to. Needless to say, workshop never starts on time.

8. Print material that they provide is of very little value. It is made to look classy but it isn't.
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Not worth rating... the whole thing is a
Complete sham. Could smell a rat at the preview itself hence didn't attend.
Totally unprofessional.
Program started late.
[censored] treatment.
Arrogance to the T.
Fake fake fake... She is fake !!
Unprofessional conduct, no respect for time, misleading and half baked information, disgusting attitude !!
An Expensive Goan holiday !!
Better platforms are available to showcase your singing, dancing talents and
for play antakshari.
Not worth for a seasoned and successful professional, for people with already a huge circle of influence and for an empowered globe trotter with immense experiences on diverse fronts.
Rest can join !!
Choose your coaches wisely !!
Rohini Mundra and Rajesh Damble are in for making more money for themselves. They had called people from across the country to Goa for a program called Xtraordinary You for 3 days, from 27 Sept to 30 Sept.

Rohini Mundra had stated a promise at the preview workshop that they will give a toolkit and a 30 day plan for starting your business, with an explanation in detail. This was a false promise.

On day 2 of the workshop, she asked people to pay Rs.1 Lakh as a deposit within half an hour to receive the bonuses of getting a start up plan. By day 3, the deposit was reduced to Rs.50, 000 because they had not received many people for projects.

On Day 1 and 2, the program started extremely late after breakfast, after lunch, and after evening tea. Then by day 3, participants became habitual to the Rohini Mundra late arrival, hence many people arrived at their own time. Many people were shocked that Rohini had been so rude and shouted at the audience for being late, and closed the doors for any more late comers. The late comers were not allowed to enter the room until after lunch.
Hi everyone, it is sad to see that you all are cribbing here on social media. You may have disliked the event, its content and even Rohini. Maybe, it wasn't right for you, maybe you weren't right fit the program. But as educated adults, don't you think you should be fair.

1. If you had concerns why not raise it with the trainers or the event company? I'm sure they'd listen to you.

2. Have your facts straight before you accuse others. Is the GST amount really going into their pockets, did they not have any intentions of providing invoices, could it be a delay or lost in transit, did no one receive invoices, etc.?

3. Just because you have a voice doesn't mean you use the highest volume to abuse it and others. Sure, you do have the right to voice your opinions and concerns, but wouldn't it have been prudent to get things sorted before taking this low position of trolls?

4. Did you even contact any one from Rohini's team with your concerns? Did they not listen to you or act in response? Did you send repeated reminders (or even one)? Did they, apart from not meeting your expectation, not act ethically or legally?

Stop being intolerant and use your education and intelligence wisely. Stop being the trolls that everyone hates on the internet. You guys disgust me.

Facts have been stated here. I completely resonate with the complain.this is a platform for consumer complains and they cant be called trolls. People have taken loans to come to the workshop. some sold gold for it. with so much hope and faith people came to the course and they didn't get what was promised.there was so much immodesty.trainer didn't care and respect the participants. so many fillers were used. no major content.only focus on selling the one year plan for looked like a glorified sales job and not a coaching service at all.
pillai surekha's reply, Oct 5, 2018
Bandnaja, I am one of those who has taken a loan:) and i can tell you this from my personal experience that I have gotten 10 times more than what i have invested. My suggestion is reach out to her team if you truly have a concern and if they do not help you then you can use this forum. As far as you are talking about "people" there are loads of people who have gains multifold from her program so generalising is not fair.

All the best to you. My experience: she is one of the most fantastic coaches who delivers more than she has promised.
I was a part of her workshop and commenting on this thread out of my own experience.

I have been promised a of things from Rohini and her team and i have at every step received more than what i was promised. Her coaching has changed my life. I have learnt to rise above my own limitation and negativity and have seen immense growth in my self, my personal life and my business along with finances.

Does her program cost, ofcourse yes, but at-least she isn't wasting my time and the 100 others (who i have personally seen grow) by sugar coating things. She has been absolutely committed o helping me get what i want. Her entire structure of the program is designed in a way that makes it very experiential and whats more is post program she has kept all of us connected and given us all the help we have wanted.

I have also met people on the program who have spent all their time complaining about things that has very little impact on her coaching and needless to say i have seen them remain BROKE!!!

What's interesting is these people above have attended her entire program and i am sure have not voiced out their concern about this to her or her tea and have used this forum to lash out.

I have met enough people who claim to help but done. And then i have met Rohini who claims to help and goes overboard with what she has to offer.

A few rotten apples spoil the whole broth... If you truly want to know how the experience was then ask me and i will (with their permission ofcourse) will share the email ids of all those people you can write to and ask how much has Rohini impacted their life. You can also go on her youtube channel to see the testimonials of those hwo have benefitted.

I have personally seen her change my life 360 degree and will recommend those who are beyond the pettiness of life and are seeking real change to witness this yourself.

Hope the above comment does not stop you from discovering your own destiny.


I have personally attended her program and she gives more than anyone I have met. Operational expectations aside, her coaching is one that has stood apart from all the people I have personally attended the programs of and received coaching from. She adds so much value to not just me but all the participants who are a art of the program.

1.Her program starts at 10am and she goes on till 2am and must later a lot of times, in the night every single day because audience wants to learn more and take away more. I do not know of people who push themselves just so that they can contribute to someone else's life.

2. She is personally available throughout the workshop and even after that just because she wants us to grow.

3. There are enough testimonials of her's online which is proof of all her work

4. I am a part of the app that has 50k member.. (clearly the person above is speaking without any basis)

5. The preview talks about the program being a business program as well as one that strengthens your psychology and your potential.. I have gained this and a lot more as promised by her in the intensive which is a great blend for one to be successful..

6. The price of the program is obviously different based on the time one has enrolled into the program.(common sense)

7. I have personally received an invoice which I will be happy to share if anyone wants. (again the above statement just sounds childish clearly)

8. The success of every program is highly dependent on the intentions of the participants and from the above rant it's clear that these people are just here to abuse the platform which shows the Value of their opinion.

9. Is there coaching she offers post 3 days...the answer is Yes. And people who have wanted to have moved ahead with her on the journey. But one cannot label them as FRAUDS just because they offer a service or use a strategy that is needed.

The fact that there are so many people gotten coached by her and have benefitted from her is proof that the above people are clearly here not to seek a solution (which i am very sure her team or her will provide if reached out to) but are only using a public forum to lash out which shows the value they bring in.

I would say, attend this yourself and form your own judgements. You will know what a huge impact this has on your growth.

It's always easy to pull someone down but to build someone up calls for a different strength and intention which I have seen Rohini possess.

I am merely stating my opinion because it disgusts me to see how the world is so busy trying to break all the good there is and throw the negativity around and stop others from growing too.

I am in love with Rohini Mundra. Sure there are going to be good and bad reviews but my take is there is a right forum to do so if you truly are looking at solutions and i know for a fact that if someone has reached out to her team then they would definitely help and find solution to what is it that you seek that you haven't gotten.

I had taken a loan for her program because i had met enough people who promised but not delivered. She was someone who had ensured that i get returns in every-way and has given so much more than she promises.

Do you have to invest, sure you do (where have we ever gotten anything worthy for free) but is it worth every penny? More than i can vouch for.

Someone said singing and dancing :)…. taking a break from a 3 full day intensive and engaging in a little bit of break post the workshop doesn't mean we did just that.

All i am saying is that she was fantastic and i can vouch for her work and her contribution in my life and my business. I have found the purpose of my life, made more money and am happy with my relationships like never before.

generally a service provider tries to resolve complains put up by the consumers to whom they sold a product which didn't satisfy him/her. COMPLAINS are put so that they get ADDRESSED. why attempt to cover them up by writing or asking a few of their clients to write in support.very weird isn't it??some of the participants i know have been removed from the whatsapp group by Rohini Mundra.ever wondered why?think about it.
don't complain, if you do you go out. wow! what an attitude !! that itself shows how much substance is there within.
every business person knows consumer has a right to express any dissatisfaction.where is the promised 30day post program support?if there is one in place, are they not eligible for it even after having paid the course fees?

People, understand no "satisfied consumer" takes the matter to consumer complaints unless not happy with what was delivered.close to 1lac was paid which is a huge amount to invest for a workshop, what about he returns?
If there could be "ONE" reason to talk negative about the program it will be nothing but failure of oneself, I see in the above comments one name Dwarkesh who didn't even attend the program and yet wanted to have his say, its so funny, you are welcome to share your opinion based on "your" experience. Last thing, you are never forced by any one to join or attend programs like this, it is purely out of your own interest and your decision to be there or not. When things go wrong be matured enough to get clarity with them rather than cribbing and complaining on social medias which makes no sense to me. Always remember these words from Benjamin Franklin - Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.
This is an absolute false complaint from the Mr. Unknown who has not even revealed his true identity. I have personally attended her program and will continue to attend in the future because of the content and the genuine approach, there is nothing that is over promised or unfulfilled in the program rather its more what we ( at least I )have personally taken back from the program. We will see these kind of spoilt apples everywhere!! Beaware!! Let your thoughts or opinions be to build yourself and others.
The below given steps are my actual experience with Rohini Mundra, as I paid huge amount for her 3 day session, where she takes our money and advertises her own business to us instead of providing business solution to us for taking so much money as fees:

Steps of Cheating(Everyone who saw her ad would fall prey in any of the below steps):

1)She massively advertises online(especially facebook), saying that she will coach us and mentor use to
develop our business, something related to our development(not her development)

2) We get attracted to the ad and give our name and phone number in the form shown in the ad

3) From that we start getting emails and messages (giving some motivation examples about celebrities, saying that see how they developed in their life and how Rohini can help us develop in similar way etc)

4) We again get attracted to her emails and sms

5) Then she will schedule her “Free” session on one day in the metro city where she collected the leads and give some sort of tickets, without which we may not be able to attend her session.
Believe me when I attended her session in July 2018 in Chennai, more than 100 people cam without registration and they allowed them into the session after registering there.

6) There is a catch, along with free registration, there is also a paid registration around Rs.3500, where she will give the person a VIP tag who pays for that session and give front row in the session and will spend 15-20 minutes with the person during lunch etc etc. Believe, only one person paid for the VIP seat during Chennai session in July 2018

7) Everything seems really good, till we attend the “Free” session, where she promises to run free session from morning 9 am to evening 6 pm, but the session will only start at 11 am. Till lunch she plays all kinds of marketing tactics to ensure we fall into her trap, and even shows some photos with a few authors, and also shows one photo saying that she is with Tony Blair’s wife, but Tony Blair will not be in that photo (Why????). Then she tells the story that she hosted IIFA awards with Salman khan, but in the whole internet you cannot find any video of Rohini mundra with Salman khan, in this way she runs the marketing show smoothly till lunch around 1.30 pm

8) Now before closing for lunch, she says that her show is invaluable and ask few only 10 people to buy a VIP pass, immediately like a magic, in the post lunch session, 8 to 10 people will come and sit in the front row and her manager pradip, will ask the free members sitting in the front row to go back to other rows.

9) Now the real game starts, she says someone of her old client whom she mentored previously will come and vouch for her, then suddenly a guy called Rajesh dempla will come on to the stage and start giving business gyaan for about 30 -40 minutes and says that ROhini mundra is his Mentor and she helped him setup many companies and grown his business many folds etc. And also says that money is nothing, you just opt for Rohini’s 3 day session she will change your life, your business will be taken to next level, like that he convinces people to go for the 3 day session of Rohini mundra.

10) Thats it, then she takes over the stage and starts marketing her 3 days show, by showing videos of few old people who are just crying, rolling on floor etc in her previous 3 days session and says the session costs 1 lakh, but a company is sponsoring the session per each person and they are giving discount of 40 thousand, and immediately asks to deposit at least Rs.25K to get the scholarship.

11) She promised that the session will be in end of September, and says there is a 2 month gap because “we will study your profile after you make payment and will be ready with custom solution for your business during the 3 day session”, but in this 2 month gap nothing happens, they collect all the money and will be travelling to all major cities in India to trap innocent people. We will be in hopes, that in that 3 days session, they would actually help by providing a custom solution to our business problem.

12) Now comes the twist, she says she has to do “justice” to the people who paid Rs.3500 for her discussion and the session which was supposed to go on till 6pm will be stopped around 3 pm, so totally her sessions about marketing her own service will go on for around 3.5 hours.

13) After she steps down of the stage immediately, the people who were appointed by to attend the session just surround her and start asking questions about th 3 days session, and a few innocent people will also pay advance of 20 to 25k.

14) Then a week before the 3 days session starts, they will send details of hotel, plane tickets etc, and say that we have to come by our own from the airport to hotel, then after entering the hotel, they push 3 people into a hotel room and ask us to adjust, where as during the free session they say that they will take care of everything from the point we leave our city to return home, and also say that the hotel rooms are 2 sharing.

15) Then starts the actual marketing game, the first day introduction of all participating members happen, we will be waiting when she will actually give our custom tailor made solution for our business problem as we paid huge money and time for this session, but nothing happens.

16) Day 2, a few sessions and mind training activities will be done(we can find these types of 100s of activities in you tube and the internet) and only a few case studies will be discussed briefly, we will be again waiting when she will provide value to our hard earned money?

17) Day 3, the real fun begins, after wasting our time for few hours, she takes the whole day to market her service to us, by taking our money to sit before us. Rajesh dempla and Rohini mundra, reveal the truth that they are partners in business(aha, then we clearly understand that from the “Free” session they are cheating us). They pitch for business solution which is for 1 year and we need to pay Rs.8.5 lakhs to her no matter what, even though we need to take a loan for 18% interest and pay her.

18) In this way she takes the whole Day 3, by marketing her service, for the time which we paid huge money to get some business value.

I tried to cover as many points as I can remember from the September 2018 3 days session of Rohini Mundra, if anyone would like to add any points, please feel free to comment on this post and save other innocent people from getting trapped and wasting their time and money.

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