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Universal Infowiz — how this company cheats customer-step by step guide

For all those who are either still thinking of investing their hard earned money in universal infowiz’s projects, here is stepwise process describing how this guy cheats his customers:
1. When you enquire about data entry projects on indiamart, this information goes to him at his mail id regarding your interest along with your name and location. There is nothing wrong here, but the trap is laid now.
2. Based on your location, he will decide whether he should contact you or should wait for you to contact him. For ex., most of the people in karnataka know about his real character so if you are from karnataka, he may not contact you himself. He will wait for you to come. He may send you friend request on facebook.
3. Once you talk to him on phone, he will send his project details at your mail id. You will love the rates associated with the projects and become greedy. He puts t hese rates high because he knows that he is not going to pay even a rupee to anyone.
4. Now if you plan to visit his office to see if the company really exists; believe me, he wants you to come to him. Because once you go there, he will catch you anyhow. Now you call him and inform him that you are going to come on so-and-so date and surprise! He will say that he will arrange your stay (Not out of his pocket but can arrange for a budget hotel). You feel happy. He will also say that once you reach station, his cab will pick you up.
5. Now when you reach ahmedabad, as promised his cab picks you up and takes you to a hotel. From there it takes you to his office at signature-1. When you visit there, you see many cubicles and his luxurious room. When you meet him, you get impressed by his luxurious lifestyle, his i-watch, i-phone, his lavish expenses. Keep in mind that all the money you see around is made by making people like you fool.
6. He takes you to lunch, outing, dinner etc. He spends so much time with you that you start trusting him. He doesn’t talk much about projects as he knows that the impression he makes will automatically bring you in his trap. He will also show you some of his previous agreements. You cannot win him in arguments. He is so good at it. Trust me. I was cheated by another company before meeting him so i had many genuine doubts. He cleared all of them without showing me evidence.
7. Ask for his gumaashta. See the picture on it and compare with arpit’s face. When you ask for reason, he may say that light was insufficient.
8. Finally when you agree to take project, he calls you from time-to-time to ask for money. He also says as a genuine friend that even if you do something via software in background, let him know so that he can help you. Please please please, don’t tell everything to him. He will use it against you at the end. He also provides support regularly till he gets money. Once money gets transferred, now you see his real face. Now you don’t get much support. You get many queries but no response. Try calls, mails anything, no or delayed response.
9. He might have said at beginning of project that you need to complete only 3500 records but after you submit you work, after a week he will say that you need to complete the entire 5000 records and he never said that. This happened with mr. Islam, mr. Pawan and me. So this is his standard process.
10. If somehow you submit the entire work in next few days, he will generate a report by himself to show your mistakes. Till that time, your operators are so fed up as there is no report or payment that you will be busy facing them. Now so called arpit shah has put you in a difficult situation. Either take care of your operators or him. Because he gets as irritating as your operators. His tone, language everything changes and you can’t do anything.
11. Just keep one point in mind - he is very cunning. He knows how to fool people and what they can think. You can’t outsmart him. Just keep your money with you, don’t lose it. If you ask him about this comment, as far as i know him, he can have 2 replies. 1- he doesn’t know me or 2- i could not complete my work on time and it was my mistake.

Believe me, he doesn’t have projects. These are just tricks to loot your money.
If you still fall into his trap and take project from him, contact me at my gmail id shivjeet. [protected] and i will tell you how to get his projects done in time without error. I seriously wish i can help someone to extract money from him.
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Mar 28, 2018
Updated by Shivjeet Rajput
Well, its a pleasant surprise. I have been contacted by many people from various parts of India. Some are his victims and some were going to be his victimis.
Fortunately, I could save 4 people- Mr. Mani from Chennai, Mr. Anirban from Kolkata, Mr. Sarvesh from Chhattisgarh and Mr. Amitabh from Bangalore, from investing their money in his projects. Congratulations to all of you my friends.
So that is a net loss of 1.75 lacs*4= 7 lacs i.e. a minimum loss of 7 lacs to this fraud company and a huge saving for these 4 people not only in terms of their money but also their efforts and hopes.
I am so happy for this website Because of it, so many people could be saved. Thanks a lot to the site-owner.
Sep 16, 2018
Updated by Shivjeet Rajput
Just 2 points to add:
1. I have started working with an LPO. So I have got complete understanding of foreign projects. Foreign Companies do not give details of their customers as they are highly valuable. Customers, up on knowing from where the details have been leaked, can sue those companies and penalties are heavy. Just take the case of facebook. So a genuine BPO project will be the one where you get limited access to data i.e. the server will be outside India, you can only see data and work on it but under no circumstances copy that data. Moreover, forget that you can get data of a foreigner, his address, phone no. etc. for a genuine work like his data entry. Now it seems funny to me what I was doing. It is a complete non-sense work. When people ask me about a genuine BPO, I request them to invest that money somewhere else such as on their families, themselves or donate it to poor if they really want to throw it away.
I am not against a person or a company. I am against this culture of making people fool in the name of outsourcing and BPO work because I have been cheated thrice.

2. Regarding the authenticity o[censored]niversal Infowiz, I welcome you to get fooled like me and then share your experience.
Regarding a 'genuine' person in Karnataka who has been planted by this company (after reading my comments on this website), here is the method to verify his authenticity:
You will be welcomed to visit his center. When yo go there, the 'genuine' person will tell you that he receives regular payments from the company and project is genuine. Few things to notice- the amount which is credited in his account, which he will show you as the payment received, will be transferred back to the original or another account of the 'genuine' company in next few days but you will be able to only see the incoming amount. In simple words, it's money circulation process.
Look at the operators working there. If you have to invest 2-3 lacs somewhere, better to sit with some operators working on the 'genuine' project for 2-3 days at that center and see the quality of their work. Because the 'genuine' person (center head) knows that you can talk to operators only for some time and in that duration, in his presence, you will not be able to assess the quality of their output. Spend 2-3 days with some of these operators, especially the slow ones, see the no. of records done and their quality. You will get the answer.

That is all from my side on this thread. I know that the 'genuine' company will come up with other ways to loot people after reading my comments here but I am signing off as I have other things to do in my life. Thank you all and take care.
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Added to this list are Mr. Nishant Tripathi, Mr. Arun Dev, Mr. Zainul (all from India), Mr. Mujeeb from Dubai and a Mr. Le from Vietnam. Thanks to this wonderful site for saving so many people.
Vimleshkamat's reply, Oct 7, 2020
Hi shivjeet, need to talk to you as i feel am a victim too, please share email id.
Shivjeet Rajput's [Complaint's author] reply, Nov 26, 2020
Don't know if the site will allow displaying the email id
It is [email protected]

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