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[Resolved]  Zoom Car — False charges and harassment

Date: may 30, 2017.

Dear ashutosh singh,

Outstanding recovery notice

This e-mail is with reference to the booking made by you on 23 nov, 2016 11:50 pm using booking id jps6vv5xm through the companys webpage/mobile application. You had made initial payment of rs.840/- as initial rental charges for the aforementioned booking for car bearing registration number figo ka03ac2847 which was handed over to you by the company at j p nagar 7th phase (Santrupti nagar) on 01/12/16 07:30 pm. The car was returned by you on 02/12/16 02:00 am at j p nagar 7th phase (Santrupti nagar). It has come to our attention that the car has been used in excess of the paid rental amount and in accordance of the agreement duly verified and acknowledged by you, you are liable to make payment of rs.6000/- to the company. Please note that failure to make payment of the due amount will render you liable to civil proceedings and the company would be entitled to recover the due amount by attachment of your property (Movable/immovable) or otherwise. Further, willfully declining or making delay to pay the above said outstanding amount could also subject you to criminal proceedings.

We therefore request you to make payment of the aforementioned outstanding amount of rs.6000/- within 5 days of this mail, failing which we shall be constrained to
Initiate against you civil and criminal legal proceedings as are warranted by law for recovery of the due amount. Please note that in accordance with the member
Agreement displayed on, duly verified and acknowledged by you, the company is entitled to recover all costs incurred in initiation of legal

Thanking you

This was the e-mail i received from zoomcar. Following is my reply.


Firstly, please be a little more specific on how "the car has been used in excess of the paid rental amount".

Secondly, "in accordance of the agreement duly verified and acknowledged by you"- this acknowledgement was a result of the harassment that i was put through that late in the night (2 am) without any proper justification of the penalty being levied against my account.

Despite repeated denial of any damage been done to the car during the time it was under my usage, i was harassed for pre-existing issues with the car.

Also, i clearly remember mentioning all the scratch marks and dents (Including the one held against me that night) to the staff on duty before taking the car from the pick up point. There were so many of these damages on the car that there was no point taking so many pictures (To be used as proof against false charges).

Hence, i request you to provide me any proof against the fact that i was not responsible for whatever usage is being referred to in excess of the already paid rental amount.
As per my knowledge, there was no damage done to the car. Henceforth, please do not harass customers this way.

Complaint marked as Resolved 2017-07-03 08:04:10

Complaint Status

[May 31, 2017] Zoom Car customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Verified Support
Zoom Car Customer Care's response Jun 01, 2017
Hello Ashutosh, we are sorry to know that there is a discrepancy in the damage charges levied on the booking. We are having a recheck on the charges levied. We will revert with an update on the same at the earliest. Request you to kindly bear with us in the interim.
Updated by Ashu07 Jun 13, 2017
What is the status of your report? It has been quite long.
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Ashutosh ...

Don't be scared of Jese burgers and their legal notice threats. They have no rights to file any legal case against you or any customer. There are plenty of cases customers have filed against this cheating company Zoom Car.

So sit and relax, if you get hard copy of any notice .. use it as a napkin and throw away. I tell you this .. as per Indian norms and consumer protection laws .. it's you who can sue them in court. So relax and let these people run around you ...

Almost similar and other problems I have too faced. I am filling a legal complaint against Zoom car.

Lets fight it out. If you wish to join me, we can seek justice and compensation for the harassment we have gone through.There are hundreds of people getting cheated and fooled by Zoom Car. You may reach me at [protected]


They are big Coimbatore they dono how to talk with customers
Somayaji A's reply, Sep 24, 2017
I have rated 5 for their worst service...(5-worst)
I also have got similar threats by this company. I have taken their car and they charge with false damages. They also charge me with over speeding.

The cost of vehicle is 15700 and they have deducted my deposit of 5000 too and then they say there have been damages made worth 10000.

When I write to them they don't discuss on the issue raised where as send legal notices again and again.

They want to take over 30000 for a vehicle whose worth double of what they are charging.

This is pure blackmailing.

I have been a promoter of them so far but now I regret for using their service.
I also got similar threats from this company.
They are fraud. They are charging me 3000 unnecessarily providing a reason of false damage after two days.
We have to fight for it.
I too have been facing the similar issue.I am getting the legal notices.
Once their customer support called me and I told them just by mere saying you have damaged the car is not enough for me to take the blame.I asked for the proofs and they never reverted back. I need a legal advice as to what could be done in this case.

Thanks and Regards,
Zoom Car Customer Care's response, Aug 16, 2018
Verified Support

Hello Yogesh,


Please accept our apologies for any discrepancy in billing. Please share the booking details for us to have a check and do the needful.

Booking id:-JPS64UH7W

Hi Team,

Can you explain how can your parking executive end the trip when he has inspected the vehicle and also asked us to pay for extra kms.

The trip was ended and after a long time you are showing me there is a damage. I am not sure on what basis you are asking me to pay for the damage which I am not aware of.

I can also give you examples of your irresponsibility and bad service:

1) Any car before trip is started is water washed and serviced. But, please inspect the vehicle which they gave us and if you have any cctv footages, check the vehicle condition.

2) When we asked for clicking pictures of vehicle while starting the trip, your executive asked us not to take pictures as he also mentioned there are 70 cars in his garage, he is not able to check each and every vehicle. so we need not worry and insisted us not to take pictures.

3) When we returned the vehicle, it was totally inspected and payment for extra kms was also taken from our end and also the trip was ended.

4) After a long time, same executive is now saying there is a damage. How can you say the damage is caused by us, which I am unaware of? How are you sure it is not a mistake from your end or whatever damage you are talking about is happend on your end?

I want RCA for this and I want this to be cleared asap. I don't want to waste anymore time over this or if you are not able to clear this immediately, please do not disturb me on the same again.

Thank You
Zoom Car Customer Care's response, Aug 30, 2018
Verified Support

Hello Asif,


Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. We did review your comment and this is definitely not the experience we aim to provide to our customers.

We did investigate on the issue and we are sorry to inform you that we would not be able to waive off the damage charges applied on the booking as the damage occurred during your reservation. Also, we believe that our team reached out to you and have informed you the same. Appreciate your kind cooperation and understanding in this regard.

Well Looks like I am not the only one who is pissed off from their services.
I was a huge promoter of there services until this May 2018. Man what a nightmare it was.

I booked a Maruti swift for my trip in May. They have parked the vehicle inside a mall parking with almost no lighting. Since my earlier experience was quite good I didn’t bother much and I took a couple of photos and a casual video of the car.
I took the maruti swift for my trip which was never even serviced when given to me. Full of dust inside I guess it just came in from another trip and never was checked before handing it over to me. I realised this when I took the car and parked it in sunlight. I called the number of the guy who handed me the car and complained about it and he said that you should have checked this before taking it. He said you can complain about it to Zoomcar if you want. Well that was a surprise one.

The second surprise was when I was driving on a highway in a situation where I cannot drop my speed(I was in a situation where you are between vehicles and you just have to go with the flow). I got a message that I was charged for speed limiting. There was no speed limit buzzer in the car and almost 2300 something was charged for speed limit exceed. that was a surprise 2.

I came back from the trip and when I delivered the car the guy who has taken the delivery accused me of the side scratches which the car already had. I show him the video I made, luckily I got that scratch in the video and he said the video is blurred and is in the dark. He said that I should have taken care of it when I was taking the car. We had an argument for 30 minutes and its then I realised that that the trip is not ended. it was a surprise 3. When I asked him why didn’t you ended the trip, he said we need to clear it first.

Well after a good argument he ended the trip in front of me when my time was 30 minutes exceeded to the delivery time. I returned from there thinking that I will complain to zoomcar and Bang I got a messaged that I need to pay 7970 in total for the damages and speed exceding. Till that point I actually was ready to pay for the speed limit exceeding after complaining to the zoomcar about the buzzer.
I don’t know if its zoom car or some tricks these delivery boys have learned to play But I decided not to pay a penny and go with the law.

I tried to tell zoomcar via mail but they replied me with there policy link which really pissed me off.Luckily I have the scratches in the video for which he was accusing me.
Since then I am getting reminder and notices of money recovery. I am waiting when they will send me the notice and I’ll take them into the court.
I’ll suggest everyone to think twice before opting for them.
They have ### service with no proper trained staff.
I have actually booked cars from local players in the market after this incidence and I am now more satisfied from them then these burglars.
Zoom Car Customer Care's response, Sep 7, 2018
Verified Support

Hello Ishan,


We understand your frustration here, please accept our sincere apologies for the same. Kindly share your booking ID at [email protected], we will investigate on the issue and will take necessary action. Please rest assured, the matter will be taken up on priority and we will surely work on rectifying the issue.


I too have a very similar experience with Zoom car - had given the car back to them at Lucknow in the same time without any damage or excess kms.

The booking was completed with nil outstanding, to my shock i see a outstanding of Rs.10, 000 against my booking followed by two legal notices - in one they are claiming that i have excess driven their car and in the next they are stating as per agreement i am liable to pay them these charges - which are fake and incorrect.

I have already escalated this to national consumer forum and would move to court if they try to harass me further on this. I understand that they are trying to make this as a revenue generation platform.. this would not go long and customers cant be cheated and looted in this way.

I urge all suffering customers to file a PIL against Zoom car to teach them a lesson.


Zoom Car Customer Care's response, Nov 13, 2018
Verified Support

Hello Anirwala,


We are sorry if there is any discrepancy in the charges. Kindly share the booking ID to have a check with the issue and assist you accordingly.


Booking ID is JPS64E8TD, it is shocking that inspite of speaking to your customer service executives and writing
detailed emails - you are still sending me false legal notices.

Also, in legal notices you are claiming that i have driven excess kms and your executive says that charges levied are towards damages, both the claims are false and void.

I have already shared detailed emails regarding the same at your feedback email id ; kindly note that all your legal notices are false and not acceptable and hence ignored.


Zoom Car Customer Care's response, Nov 29, 2018
Verified Support

Hello Anirudh,

We understand your concern here and we did check the details shared from your end. Upon checking, we see that you have mentioned there are scratches on the front bumper, however, you are billed for the damage done on the front bumper during the reservation. Also, we see that there are no excess kilometer charges levied on the booking.

As the charges are valid, we will not be able to reverse the same.


The content of your mail is not correct, kindly note that I haven't done any damages to the car bumper - their were multiple scratches and damages on the bumper before I took the car - same has been mentioned on the pre checklist and I have also shared the video of the same wherein - bumper scratches and damages are clearly visible.

Also, in your above mail you have confirmed that I haven't driven any excess km - which is correct however your legal notice says the charges implied are towards excess kms driven - its clearly evident that you guys are not clear and pushing me to pay a wrong/false charge which I am not liable to.

Kindly have this sorted/ resolved at your end and stop sending me false/wrong legal notices.


Without my notice one of my friend took the car by managing to get a otp from my mobile.he don't even have a driving licence . How can they give a car to any one without even checking his driving licence . Now it is showing an out standing amount of 6000. And they are sending me notices.
How can they assure that their cars are not used for illegal purposes ..
Zoom Car Customer Care's response, Jan 15, 2019
Verified Support

Hello Durgaprasad,


We are sorry if there is any discrepancy in the charges. Kindly share the booking ID to have a check with the issue and assist you accordingly.

I have tried Zoomcar for the first time and the experience is that I'm never gonna use Zoomcar or refer anybody to do that in future. I booked a car in Bangalore for 4 hr after submitting deposit Rs 3500. After 4 hr I handed over the car without any issues and when I send the request to give me back the security deposit amount Rs 3000, the bill was showing I have to pay 4789 for car damage which hasn't done by me. That means they are not going to give me back the security deposit moreover I have to pay 1200 extra.

Kindly look into this complaint and help me out resolving this.

Shib Sankar Das
Zoom Car Customer Care's response, Mar 4, 2019
Verified Support

Hello Shibsankar,


We understand your concern here, and we are sorry if there is any discrepancy in the charges. Kindly share the booking ID to have a check and assist you with the same.


I hired Zoomcar services. Booking ID: JPS6FNC8J. I have been charged with over speeding for 2500.

I received no warning of any sort to reduce my speed. The only msg I received was that I got a penalty to my name for speeding. I immediately reduced my speed for the rest of my journey as soon as I received the msg. I mean, how can a penalty be levied without a warning? I was on a highway and not on regular roads. And even government doesn’t charge 2500 for over speeding.

I have been telling them that I am a middle class man and the amount is literally more than 10% of my monthly salary which is just INR 22000. But there’s absolutely no humanistic concern except for the policy talk. Yes, you’ve mentioned it in the mails that I didn’t check. Yes it’s on the policy section of your app. But I haven’t read any, before usage.

This makes me feel that these penalties are a surefire planned revenue sources for them. It’s as if like they are waiting for someone to commit a mistake. If you were so concerned about my safety, you would send me a msg to reduce speed as soon as I crossed 100 and notify that I will be charged if I crossed 125. I see no concern in your actions. Just pure money making intentions. That’s it!

Please understand my agony and at least reduce it to 500 Rs which I can afford to pay. Show some concern. Be human before being a business please! Don’t eat out of my plate.

Request you to attend to my cries.

have they ever taken actual legal action against anyone? like taken them to court ?

Hi Zoom Car,

This is Srinivasan from Chennai. I have booked Ford figo for my trip on 9th September 8.00AM to 8.00PM (Ref No. JPS6X0RZN). My Trip free KM is 180. I have paid Rs.1274/- for my car booking. While taking my car Trip meter shown as 71606 and at the time of ending my trip meter shown as 71788. So, my total travelling KM is 182 only. I have fueled for Rs.1000/- the copy also attached at the time of ending my trip. As per calculation for excess KM you have charge Rs.24/- only. You have to reimburse Rs.976/- after deducting excess KM travel. But you are asking me to pay Rs.2160/- for excess KM Fee and you are asking me to pay Rs.1160/- net after deducting my fueled amount of Rs.1000/- I don’t know how you arrived this amount and you are also not justified the charges. Hence, I request you to kindly recalculate the amount and repay the fueled amount of Rs.974/- accordingly.


Zoom Car Customer Care's response, Sep 11, 2019
Verified Support

Hello Srinivasan,


We are sorry to know about the discrepancy in the billing. We did go through the booking and see that the charge is reversed under the booking.

Ramya. S

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