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Zoom Car — cancellation of booking just 2 hour before start of the trip

 shyam0119 on Nov 12, 2018
I have booked a Ford Figo for around 5 days to roam around Assam /Meghalaya (from 03 Nov 2018 to 08 Nov 2018). The booking was made prior 40 days to the trip (BOOKING ID # JPS64DHOG), with Zoom car Guwahati. Just 2 hours before the pickup time an executive called me and informed that the car I booked was not available because of maintenance issues. When asked about any other car availability they said they are extremely sorry and no other vehicles are available and the refund will be initiated. I was shocked to hear that as all my holidays were planned according to that. They didn’t give any consideration...
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Zoom Car — cancellation of booking just 13 hours before the trip

 Ayondeep Phukan on Nov 10, 2018
I had a very urgent trip and booked a scorpio for 10 hours (200 km free and without fuel), from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm with pick-up/drop-off at manipal. The earlier day at 6:30 pm, i got a call from customer support that the vehicle i had booked was not available because it was sent for servicing. They only offered me 5 seater hatchbacks while i was in dire need of a 7 seater. No other 7 seater was available except the fortuner (Pick-up/drop off 70 km away from manipal) for which i had to pay a huge amount extra, and even if i wanted a scorpio, i had to collect and drop the vehicle from forum fiza mall,...
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Zoomcar — fake customer service

 Sumit Mandhyan on Nov 10, 2018
I booked a car from zoomcar scorpio. While returning the car got punctured and we had to replace the tyre but the tools weren't good enuf so we weren't able to replace it. So we contacted zoomcar about it and this issue would delay while giving the car on call they forced me to do the extension while promising they will refund and when it came to refund they took their handsoff. That female santoshi told clearly on call that you will get refund for it once u pay the amount. Than i got a call from deepak regarding the same thing we had a long conversation on this and he promised to gave a credit...
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Zoom Car — misuse of driving licence

 Chetan Dil Nagrani on Nov 10, 2018
Someone is using my driving liscence and booking cars from your application, my name is chetan nagrani you should do something about it, otherwise i have to file an fir and i don't want that bcause i also want to use zoomcar service please take some actions asap you can contact me on [protected] i have uploaded my driving liscense may be it will help you to catch the fraud person thank you...
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Zoom Car — unable to end the trip of pedl.in and balance is continuously getting deducted

 gaurav.jade on Nov 10, 2018
Hi, i booked cycle 101302 from pedl station at cbg clubhouse, palava city, dombivli yesterday and within 15 minutes i end the trip. So i should charge only 9 rupees but still it is more than 15 hours passed and trip is not ended. It is showing more than 300 rupees outstanding from my paytm. Very bad app zoomcar. Very frustrating and very bad service so ridiculous. No customer care. You are making lots of people fool. I will go to consumer forum and complaint against you. Please end my trip and nil my total outstanding. Please do it asap....
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Zoom Car — unnecessary charges

 Moses_75 on Nov 10, 2018
My name is elisha chrisbel, the booking id: jps64xajb, i booked zoomcar on 8th nov, and i've been charged with missing documents and cleaning charges adding up to 3000 rupees. These are charged for something i didn't have nothing to do with. Why am i charged, and i'd like you to kindly check it through and exempt me from these false charges. Thank you!...
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Zoom Car — lost or missing item

 Rahil Dass on Nov 9, 2018
I had taken the zoom car for 12 hrs, but before completing my journey and submitting the car, my car was already unlocked from some other user as a result of which my speakers which were in the car were missing. I already had the car keys with me irrespective of that some other user was able to unlock the car and take my important valuables. Even after other journey i went to check the car, but it was missing. I want to complain regarding the fact that how can anyone else can unlock and take things from anywhere before you actually submitting the rented car....
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Zoom Car — unfair damage charges

 ShashankSD on Nov 9, 2018
This is zoomcar case 1040748 (Query discussion with zoom car) whereby it has been justified that damage of rs 4000 is as per the policy. I treat this as fleecing customers through threatening means. The vehicle provided had at least 20 different dents and scratches and when the car was returned, there was no way this additional scratch if it was, can be identified. So it seems it was a strategy to provide a car with dents so that you find it difficult to prove and the staff demanded that i as a customer can go wherever but i will have to pay come what may. So i paid out of risk to my life. But more...
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Zoom Car — unable to end pedl trip for more than 3 hours

 Umang Shukla on Nov 9, 2018
I have booked cycle no-102128. I tried ending the trip but it's saying pedl station is full, no empty slots even though there are only 2-3 cycles. It's been 3 hours and i am unable to end the trip. It's very frustrating and please end this trip. It's charging continuously. Moreover there is no contact number available so that we can do direct complaint, this is even more ridiculous. Fix this issue asap.

Name - umang shukla
Location - mahindra city (Chennai)
Cycle no - 102128...
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Zoom Car — enable to end trip [Resolved]

 Golu123@123 on Nov 8, 2018
Dear zoomcar/pedling
My cycle no.3255116
I started trip 8:48, from my room to hotel, when i'm reach there and trying to end trip from 9:04 pm, but it is enable to end trip, i'm trying many times to end trip, but not possible to end trip, right i'm also trying to end trip but it shows sending you request
Please do the needful, as soon as possible
And please refund my money...
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Zoom Car — pedl cycle end trip and pedl subscription

 psplendour on Nov 8, 2018
I have booked a cycle 3204918 and still not anable to end trip.I have traveled 1 km and for stopping it I have travelled aprox 2 km and 5 stations.Please improve your locking/unlocking mechanism.

Another issue is that I have a subscription of 49 recharged on 6 nov, I am not getting one hour free daily ride.

Please resolve these issue as soon as possible....
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Zoomcar — not paid refund and false accusation of car damage

 Jojijv on Nov 8, 2018
Zoomcar failed to reimburse the fuel charge which i filled during the trip. It comes to around 1500rs in total for two trips. Now they are asking me to charge 8000rs for damage which i dont even aware. Their parking lot was an open space and adjacent to a road. Why should i pay for the damage if someone else has caused it. I submitted the car with no damage and zoom car is doing false accusations. We need to teach them a lesson for these kind of easy money making tricks....
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Zoom Car — response not received from customer care team in emergency clause

 KI Machines on Nov 8, 2018
Dear team,

My name is rupesh k mishra
The concern is yesterday i went to a my one friend house who located in noida sector 62 a and the name of society is brickland residency and i reached about 1: 30 pm and after that i came down at about 3:30 and saw a red color i20 hyndai car stand / parked behind my car. The car number is dl1n-a-1611 and this car hired by zoomcar.com after that discovered / search whole society same car hired by which person but no anybody found in same society after that 3:49 pm start to first call zoomcar customer care and the number is [protected] and...
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Zoom Car — didn't receive my refund

 Shubham Kumar Sinha on Nov 7, 2018
They are cheaters, they will easily take your payment on the name of security deposit, but at the time of refund they will teach you their policies.. Now its been 20 days, i didn't received my refund. Every time they are giving me a new date.. My booking id is jps64tn3b. They have policy to refund the amount within 25 days as last time they told me. I have recording saved in my phone. Now they are requesting me to wait till 19th of november which will be the 31st day after booking, so will they provide me the penalty...
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Zoom Car — overspending fine

 NishiNair on Nov 6, 2018
There was no prior intimation given by the zoomcar people. Even when they came to drop the car they could have said this issue, just like their other basic policies of not drinking or smoking. This policy also was given in the mail in a very small font at the end of the mail which can be ignored very easily. And there is no warning system. The driver slowed the car the moment the beep was heard. This is a case of hidden fraudlency by the company. It was only when we had reached a certain distance we realised that there was a fine of 2500. How come even a warning was not issued. This is total cheating...
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Zoom Car — pedl cycle (3199189) chain issue midway trip; unable to end trip.

 abhineet kapil on Nov 6, 2018
The pedl cycle 3199189 that i booked had a faulty chain; it kept coming off time and again. I was able to put it back couple of times. But then it came off and got stuck. I wasn't able to put it back on. And the next cycle station is close to 1km away, so i can't carry the cycle manually to the next pedl station.

Also, there is no customer support in pedl app for such scenarios; how do you expect customers to reach out to you?

Please fix the cycle chain and close my trip....
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Zoom Car — misuse of license

 Raveen Kumar 26 on Nov 6, 2018
While booking a car, i uploaded my license to my friend's zoom car account! When i uploaded my driving license to my account, it says license already used! I m afraid that it might get misused and i want to remove my driving license from that account or at least delete that account!!
I dont want it to get misused and i want the team to do the needful asap!!...
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Zoom Car — zoom car -asks to pay penalty without any rationale

 palani arasu M on Nov 5, 2018
Dear Sir/Madam,

We have booked zoom car – KA03AF5881 on 7th Oct from 1 PM, till 5PM. (Booking ID : JPS64EJZF).

We took the car at 2:30 PM. While taking the vehicle from pick up zone, we found that the car front is damaged;Even the previous user also mentioned in the zoom car app about this damage.

We clearly mentioned those issues in the check list before taking the car. Also we have images of the car damages before we have taken the car from pickup location.

After we drove the vehicle for some time and found that car's gear was having...
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Zoom Car — refund of fuel bills

 Varun2607 on Nov 4, 2018
We made a booking with zoom car : booking id - jps64fc3p.
When we received the car it was in apathetic state with absolutely no fuel in the car. I refilled the car with 1500 rs fuel and as per policy i uploaded the bill for a refund. I now see that a refund of 889 only has been generated and 500 credits given.
It is absolutely not right to block someone's money as credits when you have already charged for a car with fuel.
Customer care does not entertain my concern and emails are not answered.
In a small way they are fooling around with consumers and we are helpless about...
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Zoom Car — pedl billing issue

 SiddharthaMukherjee on Nov 4, 2018
Date : 03-nov-2018
(1) i have booked pedl near koramangala. The moment its unlocked i found that the padel is missing in one side. Then and there i locked the cycle and reported it. But still now the rs.3 is not reverted to my paytm account.
(2) again i took one more pedl cycle. I did a ride for a short duration. Then the seat was coming down. So i stopped at a nearest zone. I faced a lot of problem while ending the trip in app. Actual bill should be of rs.3 but rs.9 is deducted.

In total rs.12 is deducted but actually it should rs.3. So basically i should get a refund...
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