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Zoom Car — Stealing and hidden charges.

 shobit2914 on Mar 27, 2017
I booked a car on zoomcar.com for 25-26th March 2017 for 2 days. The pickup was in Meenaxi mall bangalore.I returned the car next day same place and thought everything was fine till I got this hefty bill of 9000 which included a fraudulent charge of 2500 for overspeeding.

Fraudulent charge of 2500 posted in my final bill as overspeeding fees while its clearly not mentioned anywhere during booking. On contacting the company they say its embedded in there policy documents.

Clearly this is a hidden fee fraudulently imposed on consumers.

When I went to return...
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Zoom Car — Confirmed Booking canceled without proper reason.

 Janaki raman R on Mar 26, 2017
I have booked a maruti swift for rent with Zoom car, bangalore through zoomcar android mobile app vide booking ref JPS6TKPYZ around 9pm on 25th march 2017. The booked car has been canceled by zoom around 3.15am without proper information. When i called them regarding this, they have provided the improper information stating the online payment was delayed. so the booking of the car was canceled automatically by the system. Where i have debit confirmation from pay-u-online....
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Zoom Car — Invalid Damage charges levied on my account

 Anant Yash on Mar 23, 2017
Referring to the booking ID JPS6TOQF4
Hereby, I Anant Yash, would like to draw your attention to a matter where I am in a situation which shall require your kind help.
As you may be able to retrieve the data using the booking ID, a Scorpio was booked on 16th March, 17, at 21:00 hours and was due to return on 17th March, 17, at 06:00 hours. So when I arrived at the pick up location in Mayur Vihar on 16th, I found the associate from zoom car very easily. He took me to the car which was booked for me. He informed me about a check list and the other formalities to be completed but he seemed...
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Zoom Car — Regarding one way drive booking

 Mahesh Khaire on Mar 22, 2017
Hello Team,

My registered mobile number is 8698053200.

Today I booked a ecosport from 1pm to 11.30. While searching zoomcar offers I found a one way offer attached is screenshot. While booking you zoomcar application has taken the promocode.

Then at zoomcar office i come to know this offer is expire. Same confirmed by your call center yashaswini agent.

When I ask for cancellation agent said unable to cancel and no refund.

My complain is
1. If the offer is not there then why it is showing under zoomcar offers section.
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Zoom Car — Clutch plate damage even before we got the car

 Chetan Kini on Mar 21, 2017
I booked a Zoomcar on the 18th of March from 7:00 am till 1:00 am of 19th morning( booking reference -JPS6TOPYG) . The car had a large number of dents and damages and we were told by the executive that these were minor damages . We dint bother much for the damages and accepted the car after completing the check list . When we were about to leave, I noticed that the clutch of the car was not working properly and informed the same to the executive who handed us the car . He told me that this was normal wear and tear and this would not be much of an issue . Right when we returned the car, the clutch...
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Zoom Car — Damage repairing cost

 Nirmesh1234 on Mar 16, 2017
Dear sir

This is in reference to charged that you have levied for damage. The damage repairing cost will be maximum of 1k-2k which you will get it claimed from insurance company . However you have levied the mazimum charges which was stated in the policy of 10k . The 10k is maximum charges and not the minimum charges that we need to pay . Hence for the damage i am not liable for maximum amount that you are claiming. I trusted the brand name ZOOMamd booked the car. But this kind of hidden thing that you will do by stating maximum charged and recovering that for small damages even was...
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Zoom Car — Faulty speedometer showing incorrect speed and charges for overspeeding

 pranjal1988 on Mar 15, 2017
I have rented a swift ka51c6810 for my bangalore to mysore trip. On the trip i noticed that even when the speedometer was showing 90 kmph i got a message from zoom car for charges of 2500 for overspeeding (Crossing speed of 125kmph). I immediately called up the customer support and informed them of the issue. Subsequently i used gps based app to track the speed and clicked few evidence pics where odometer showed way less speed and faulty swings in the speed. On finish the trip, while handing back the car i informed the site person about the issue and offered him a demo ride to show the issue as...
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Zoom Car — Bank charges deducted but booking not confirmed

 Hrishikesh Basak on Mar 14, 2017
I tried to book online but after the bank charges were deducted I got a message that the booking is failed. Tried to call the customer care numbers several times but could not contact any representative. Poor service and pathetic experience. Let me know the steps I should take now to get my money back.

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Zoom Car — Zoomcar cheating & unethnic way of bribing 10000

 Jatinlamba21 on Mar 11, 2017
I just want to bring in to notice how zoom car is cheating people and bribing money from peoples.

I booked a ford figo on 4th march 2017.

The condition of car is worst ..car already driven already 1 lakh kms..anoying sound is coming ...I also have video which shows annoying sounds.

I drive only 60 kms. At the time of returning the supervisor start saying for underbody damage that silencer got broken...

How it's possible by driving on smooth roads silencer will broke...it means their cars are is not in good condition will broke anytime and...
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Zoom Car — Cheating and poor service

 Stinson Stephen on Mar 10, 2017
Cheating and Fraud
I wanted to bring to you notice the case of cheating and fraud by Zoomcar executive. I have handed over the car yesterday (09.03.2017) after my trip (My booking no. JPS6TJR8J) and the executive who has arrived late by 45min inspected it thoroughly and confirmed that all is clear and then we left from that place. Few later hours later i found that, damage charge of 2000 has been deducted from the deposit. This is case of pure cheating and fraud. Firstly, i have driven the car very carefully and throughout the journey there was no instance of any damage of scratch on the...
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Zoom Car — Delay in processing of refund and inappropriate response from customer care

 Pulkit0058 on Mar 6, 2017
I had completed a booking on 2nd Feb and initiated for liable refund from the online Car Rental service. The team has sent me an IMPS link for money transfer but that link is not working with my login id password. I had requested numerous times for a different mode for refund, but inadequate response from customer care, on call and email did not provide any solution. I have escalated the matter to their team and they have confirmed they would be sending me NEFT link for money refund. The link which they have sent is not of full refund as mentioned but partial amount. The customer care team acknowledges...
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Zoom Car — Fine without any warning

 debu.moon on Mar 4, 2017
Booking Id-JPS6TIMV1
Mail id-debu.moon@gmail.com

I had booked a car for 1st March, 2017.
When I completed my trip I was imposed a fine of 2500 for over speeding. Before imposing fine I should get a warning for over speeding. Without any warning how can you impose a fine. On 1st March around 11:30pm when I reached back and handed over the vehicle, after travelling for 18hous it was very disappointing to call customer care n lodge a complaint. Still there is a fine on me. I agreed to pay the extra km travelled but won't be paying the fine for over speeding because there...
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Zoom Car — JPs6tifho booking number

 Speedy Thakur on Mar 4, 2017
I had made a booking yesterday on the 03/03/2017 for 18th march till 20th march
Payment was made, I then uploaded my IDP LICENCE, with both photos address and driving licence number and also my uk driving licence both sides, shortly after my driving licence was approved then I added a co driver to be added on as a additional driver then I got a email saying his licence has been declined then I saw that my licence was also declined, I spoke to a advisor on Facebook messenger and he told me the pictures have been edited this can not be as the Idp has been stamped and been verified and payed...
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Zoom Car — Exorbitant, unfair charges applied

 PranavBB on Mar 2, 2017
Booking ID - JPS6TC3KJ
Will never use Zoom Car's services again. (Exorbitant, unknown charges)
Drop center - Sony Signal - Kormangala- Bangalore.

Firstly I didn't know when I crossed the speed limit, secondly should I concentrate on the road or on the speed ?

As I spoke to the Team Leader - Kamal from the call center he said the over speed was 127KMPH
I'm charged Rs. 2500 for overpseding at 2KMPH?

Also I might have crossed the 125KMPH mark because I was overtaking a car and there was a car coming from front, I had to cross that...
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Zoom Car — Last moment cancelled

 DC TechY on Feb 28, 2017
Ridiculous & not trustworthy zoomcar.
Dont book car from zoom ever because there is no surety of car.
as i booked the car with complete booking amount given even they approved my Driving licence n they have asked me to cancel it now just 4 days before my booking date with stupid reason.

Incase of uber if any driver doesn't want to come or cab unexpectedly break down.. uber would offer to book another cab but zoomcar left me with no choice... i will definitely file a case because i have to face insult now in front of everyone where booked this car for special occasions
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Zoom Car — Had a zoom car booking for 8 pm and i was told no car is present at 6:30pm.

 Samiiran Handique on Feb 25, 2017
Had a zoom car booking for 8pm and i was told no car is present at 6:30Pm. I am being given the open to either delay my ride by 2 hrs and that too pick it up 20 kms away from me.. or get it now by going 35kms away. Seriouslyyy??? is this your hassle free service? What am i supposed to do now ?? next can cannot be booked untill 2 hrs from now and even not even a single car is close to me.

I was given a compensation of 500 credit points becouse of this but do you think that will resolve my issue ??? Why cant get a replacent car driven to me instead even if there is gonna be a delay...
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Zoom Car — Unethical behaviour and charging fines unnecessarily [Resolved]

 Megha Kayal on Feb 23, 2017
Reference booking id: jps6tclcr
Customer: anurag jain
Car : honda amaze
Date : 18th feb, 2017
City : bengaluru

The tag of ‘zoom car’ is so true, it do “zoom” upon the customers with all their reveries that customer is the only predator for all their “good car conditions” (P. S. The sarcasm). Something similar happened with us on 19.02.2016, sunday. We, a group of five, booked a car (Honda amaze) on saturday night when the odometer already read 93295 kms at 11.05 pm. Ganpati bappa morya! Yeah, we started our drive at 11.20 pm. It went smooth,...
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Zoom Car — Vehicle not given on time and no proactive update [Resolved]

 Ganesh Varatharajan on Feb 19, 2017
This is very frustrating... I have sucessfuly booked an XUV vehicle through Zoom car app from Dwarka, new Delhi. Since it was said that I need to pick the vehicle from their pickup point in Dwarka, sector 18, when I reached it said that the vehicle is not available and will only be provide after 4hours. While contacting their customer care, they reverted that they had tried to contact me but I didn't picked up third call. My question is- if I haven't picked the cal (due to any reason) then why didn't they send a text MSG or email informing this. Anyways, after struggling to contact them, they said...
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Zoom Car — Vehicle Breakdown | Stranded for 6 hours without assistance

 SauravKS12345 on Feb 14, 2017
Alright, after being a regular Zoom Car Customer and a series of mixed experiences, this issue has puzzled me to the core and is keeping me sleepless for the past few nights.

I booked Ford Ecosport from 10:00 PM 04 Feb 2017 to 12:00 PM 05 Feb 2017. My BOOKING ID is JPS6V9G8Y. I paid a total of 2200 INR as the booking fees over the app.An hour before the pickup time at around 9PM I get a call that the booked car (Ecosport) is unavailable but an alternative (Mahindra Scorpio )is available.Perplexed by the response, right at the brink of collecting time, we decided to go forward and...
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Zoom Car — Complaint against zoomcar breakdown , replacement and refund

 Bhupiap1 on Feb 14, 2017
I booked zommcar with booking id - JPS6T7MJA, Mahindra XUV 5oo from time 13 feb 2017 11:00AM to 15 feb 2017 10:00AM With amount 7195 . First of all i booked car at 11 feb . At 12 feb 8:00PM i got call from zoomcar that u can not get car from that site because car has been accidented . So they change my delivery location . When i go to take car fleet member took my phone and started to fill checklist . Thenafter when i start to drive after 20 meter i stopped because a light on meter was blinking that light was of ajar warning hood open . I told to the fleet member who delivered car to me . He said...
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