[Resolved]  Zoom Car — zoom car a fraud company (legal case will be initiated against them)

I have very serious concern to share. Case ID:

I submitted the car 5-6 days before 45 mins (prior) to your executives. I was told that they saw a scratch on the car. I went to find that there was a very minor (very light) scratch on the left side bumper near the tyres. It was so light that they have to use the torch to take pictures.

After that, the person called his Supervisor on phone and spoke to him in Gujarati. Unfortunately he didn't knew that I can also understand Gujarati.

He told about this very light scratch to his Supervisor. His Supervisor asked him .. how is the customer ? He replied looks young and is educated.

The Supervisor replied, ok fine .. tell him it will cost 2, 500/- Rs. When I heared .. I was shocked. Just for a very minor scratch that too which is not properly visible unless light is not made, I am charged 2, 500/- Rs ..?

I immediately called up your customer care. I told all this story to your executive. He said sir, if it's normal scratch only then don't worry . There will not be any charges more than 500/- Rs.

He told that as I have not closed the trip, so I should do that first and then again call.

He also told that he will write all these things on the system .. so that next executive can understand the problem.

Thrusting on him ... I went and closed my trip.

Then starts the game. You company is a big time fraud ... I tried calling 20 times .. but no where in the IVR it gives an option to speak to your agent. Except number 6 (for any other issue). The moment I click 6th key .. the call will get disconnected.

This is intentially done by your company. Noether on your website and no where in the app you give your contact details. Except a place that says if you met with accident then call on this number.

If a customer faces a problem, you people are hiding behind the walls.

I have read 100's of reviews of your customer. Every single customer is blaming your company and the fraud and cheating done by your company in association with local vendors.

People are looted by your company and vendors ... When customers need help .. none are available to reach.

You have designed your toll free number such away that only those customers can talk who's ride is still ON or about to start.

Once there is a problem after returning the car .. you have smartly avoided that section.

If you guys charge me anything now, then I will not only file a legal case against your company. But will also start advertising and spreading the news about your company and the fraud/cheating .. to all people in facebook, Twitter and so on apart from legal case.

We all customers will fight the case and bring it in front of press & media.

You are doing unprofessional and unethical business. We will fight till our last end if you don't act now.

Please note I have all legal proofs, Phone recordings of yours etc to cover up my case.

After receiving a call from some one called Ms. Kiran S ... who herself was unable to find her companies contact number on the website and app (phone recording available) request for a time to respond. Its now over 2-3 days, she has not got back. She had no answer on the calls to my questions ... she herself kept surfing her company site keeping me on call ..

After all these troubles and harassment, I seek my full money refund with a compensation of 15, 000/- Rs for harassment made in different ways, including immediate resolution and contact not given by the company.

I request all customers of Zoom car to please email me at: [protected]

I am ready to file a case against the company in the court of law. More and more people can join me in this.


A Kumar
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Aug 27, 2017
Complaint marked as Resolved 
Zoomcar customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Jul 21, 2017
Updated by Snigdha01
To the above .. Ref: JPS6TPZEI (Booking ID)
Verified Support
Jul 27, 2017
Zoomcar Customer Care's response
Hello Ashish,


We did review your email. Based on the escalation raised, we did have a thorough check on the damage charges levied on the booking.

We do provide customers time to inspect the vehicle before they start the reservation, to inspect the vehicle and list down any damage or scratch on the vehicle in the start checklist. We also allow customers to take pictures of the vehicle for their reference.

We did review the checklist filled and found that no damage was reported at the time of pickup. We also checked the checklist filled by the previous customers and found that none had mentioned about the damage.

Validating these details, we reverted stating that the damage was caused during your reservation. We are sorry to let you know that we will be unable to reverse the charges levied on the booking.

Hoping for your kind understanding in this regard.

Oct 03, 2017
Updated by Snigdha01
Plz note that the check list is not submitted by me or by any customer. You le person takes our mobile into his hand saying that .. give it .. Let me quickly do the needful closing. And thus he concludes it with all positive remarks and then hands over the phone. Customers think that your person is trying to help. Rather he is cheating ..

Now you understand why you didn't get any damage remarks from previous or my bookings ???
Complaint comments 


I was a new user of your app and didn't knew properly how to start the trip. Your own executive asked my phone and he only did everything using my phone. So how can u blame me that I have not quote damages before.

Also you say that you have checked with last customer too. Can you name who is that last customer with contact. Do you think we are fools, to take your point.

Who fills the Fuel inside car ?? Does the petrol pump come to you walking to fill it ? Or does your staff take the car to pump for fueling. Can u guarantee that no scratches would have taken place the ???

We all are now going to file legal case. I have 5 customers who are joining me. We will shut your company within no time.

Just wait ...
Hi Snighda,

I have also been cheated by Zoomcar very recently. They have charged me whole booking amount and damage charges of 13, 000 rupees for the car driven for only 75 KM. Please let me know if we work together in filing a case against these cheaters.
Snigdha01's [Complaint's author] reply, Oct 3, 2017
What happen .. did you get take any actions ?
Hi Prateek,

You can email and discuss your issues faced with Zoom Car. Mail to [protected]

Definitely together we can sue them in court. We already have few other similar customers standby with us.

This company has to be closed down. Soon we will come up with Media meet also. The news will be flashed in all leading News Channels and Print Media.

Hi Snighda,

I also fell in this zoomcar trap. Here is the link to my complaint.

Please help me in fighting this fraudsters.

 I am Rajat Bansal

Me and my friends are your frequent customers which you can check through my registered phone no. [protected].

i have booked swift having no. DL1NA1086, from 11:30 to 6:30 in 924 ruppes which i paid partially by debit card and credits.

Last digits of meter readings are 5808 kms amd i ended it at 5962 kms

On the parking spot, they completed all formalities and checked up the car very properly and then completed the booking and told me to pay Rs. 12090 through online payment .When i told them about the situations they took opportunity of this situation and asked me to pay 5000 Rs. In cash and 12090 Rs. In online mode.

They said if i will not pay cash to them, they will put false charges on me which they have done 

They were three persons their, I am only 19 years old, so they are trying to threaten me while using abusive language for me and my parents.

They took test drive two times, first time they give me a clean chit and after the third person came they created the whole scenario amd again took test drive second time they told us that they are facing some problem in the engine. They didnt show me any photographs and video of interior and exterior. Instead i have showed them photos and video of exterior and proved some of their false blames wrong. 
I tried calling many times but no where in the IVR it gives an option to speak to zoomcar agent. If i choose number 6 for any other issue The moment I click 6th key the call gets disconnected.

I want to pay 12090 Rs. Which is right on my behalf, but these charges they have put on me is unreasonable. I am feeling very threatened, they took my picture and said to me that they will find me and take money in way or another.

Thanking you.

Rajat Bansal
Zoomcar is fraud company... I also want to screw them in court...they have harassed me and my female friends by taking their pictures... Plz check your email...

Don't know how they close cases and say resolved when I don't see a solution.
hey guys, can we all connect to each other and take an action over this fraudulent company? i am already planning to move to consumer court as i have all evidences to prove them guilty. We need to take this to public attention and make sure they get sued. we can catch up with each other over mail and then create a whatsapp group for smooth discussion thereafter. Kindly mail me at abhinaw.[protected]
Hi all,

I also have been framed by Zoomcar.
Here is my compliant

My booking id is: JPS6BLEYJ

Hey guys
Even I was cheated by this fraudulent company. Please help me find the solution. I am receiving recovery notices.
Ping me at [protected]
Relax.Don’t worry I have received more than 13 recovery Emails and still receiving it every month 😬
Zoomcar Customer Care's response, May 29, 2019
Verified Support
Hello Rishav,

We understand your concern here. Please share the booking ID for us to check and assist you accordingly.

Guru Kiran
Hi all,

I also have been faced same issue by Zoomcar. Fake damage charges.

Here is my compliant

I am ready to take it to any extent.I have all the live images and videos .we will all catch up and make it big. Will going to file a case soon.

My booking ID : JPS6XC88H
Zoomcar Customer Care's response, Jul 25, 2019
Verified Support
Hello Tarun,


We are sorry to know about the discrepancy in the billing. We did have a check and see that the levied charge is invalid. Hence, we have reversed the charge.

Ramya. S
Such a worst self drive car in India then that is zoom car firstly cars are in very bad condition and customer support very worst cant connect only n finally after some how trip ends they charge you unnecessary recently i took zoom car in chennai for two days after trip got over next day got a call saying 5000rs need to be paid finally after making enough calls one arrogant n illiterate executive took call and told me that RC card is missing and finally today sent me mail saying they are booking criminal case against me for doing nothing now i am not gonna spare them for sure gonna give police complaint and approach consumer forum wont spare them.
Zoomcar Customer Care's response, Nov 19, 2019
Verified Support
Hello Samson,

We are sorry to know about the discrepancy in the billing. Upon checking, we see that the charge is reversed under the booking.

Ramya. S
Such a worst self driving car. No proper service, no proper maintenance of car and only they are hungry for money.

Recent I have booked a Baleno and this fraud zoomcar service provided me a dirty and damaged baleno.
I have to pick that dircty car from a apartment with a automated process from the android app.
No zoomcar person available there.

For safety I have taken the pictures and videos of that dircty and damaged car.

After the trip zoomcar imposed me a damage charge of 4000/- rs. Then I wrote it to zoomcar customer care and they said the damages are valid. I asked them for proof and details of damaged part but they denied and just said vehicle damage fee of 4000/-
I shared the video taken before trip with time and date proof.
After asking so many times, they provide a picture of damaged part (attached - image 1) and said before my trip that damage was not there, then I again shared that video and ask them to see that the damages are already present.
They said they will contact me soon but when i got no reply from them i pinged them after 2 days of that and they said the damages are valid.

Even after providing the proof and everything ther are not bothered to see anything.
They knowing put this charges and playing a game.

They are finding a opportunity to steal money from customers.

Worst service ever.
I am not going to take these cheaters car again.

Booking id - JPS66U1O6
Case I'd - 1544556

Image 1: sent by zoomcar refering the damage
Image 2: pic with time, date and location denoting the damage was already there.
Video url -


This is KRISHAN KUMAR My registered mobile number is [protected] My registered email is SHIVA.[protected]@GMAIL.COM I booked MARUTI S-CROSS HYBRID MT DIESEL
UP14DW3308 From April 29, 2022 at 4:00pm Booking ID is (JPSN7LGFG) I paid all with UPI Wrong parking space I suffered for 2 hours in the wrong location at 45c degrees
Temperature I called the ZOOMCAR hotline number [protected] more than 40 times even though they were rude to me and once after 2 hours I didn't get a proper response
The exec gave me the wrong location again this location is 6km away from the zoom car location I can live with as I have some business meetings so I went 6km
Additional pick up location but the location was wrong again, I called Zoom car hotline again and explained to him 42 times what happened to me and him
Contact me S-Cross on the conference call The owner said I don't know it's a ZOOMCAR fault either they gave you the wrong location This is the wrong address I'm in Sector 63, Noida.
The first position is kosambi:- which is wrong
The second location is GHAZIPUR KONDLI, one of which is also wrong
The third car owner said I was in Noida 63, it was the Zoom car breakdown, the admin disconnected the call, I tried 20 more times but didn't get a proper response, sometimes they said the car engine was broken, this car accident and automatically change car without any permission or notice, they gave me HUNDAI Creta DL5CN7539, the first time I used this app for a business meeting and the meeting was cancelled this client is from Mumbai, now he's back, the worst Experience very unprofessional staff on call and very unprofessional customer support I am the owner of these 3 complaints of NOIDA TMS YINDU LLP/HONSENDE TECHNOLOGY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED/LISHTO TRUESELLER/LISHTO TRUESELLER/I know very well about consumer rights, now I want to get support from customer support.
1. Why this full analysis report with me corrective and preventive actions.
2. Refund my amount as this is a ZOOMCAR malfunction.
Supporting documents attached below

Please put me to rest asap or I will file a cybercrime complaint against them for scamming and file an online FIR on it or file a complaint at Legal action will also be taken against ZOOM CAR (due to mental physical contact with me)
Please get back to me as soon as possible, the deadline is February 5, 2022


Live for nation die for nation

Please consider the environment before printing this email

Always deliver more than expected.

Thanks & with reverence

Shiva 希瓦

(Indian Team Leader)


Regard Address: C-44, 2ND Floor,

Sector-57, Noida, Uttar Pradesh India

Mob No.: [protected]

Email:- Shiva.[protected]

shiva kinect
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to, zc.secretarial, upport, help

Live for nation die for nation

Please consider the environment before printing this email

Always deliver more than expected.

Thanks & with reverence

Shiva 希瓦

(Indian Team Leader)


Regard Address: C-44, 2ND Floor,

Sector-57, Noida, Uttar Pradesh India

Mob No.: [protected]

Email:- Shiva.[protected]

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